Mindvalley Becoming Limitless Review 2024: Is This Course Worth The Hype?

Mindvalley Becoming Limitless Review


Mindvalley Becoming Limitless course can help shape your mind and give you a whole new perspective on how you perceive your life. It teaches you how to visualize your goals more creatively and hold the power of your mind to shape the future precisely how you want it to be.

Out of 10


  • Mindvalley offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The course is worth the money.
  • Great investment for the future
  • You will get the secrets behind success directly from Vishen Lakhiani.
  • You’re almost all limitations will get dropped till level 3.


  • You can not directly speak to Vishen as the modules are pre-recorded.


Price: $ 349

In this post, you will read about our detailed Mindvalley Becoming Limitless Review and decide if this course is worth the hype.

The MindValley platform is known for its popular courses, which are transformation-centric.

With many reputed coaches like Sri Kumar Rao, Jeffrey Allen, Donna Eden, Jim Kwik, Marisa Peers, Christie Marie Sheldon, and a lot more on board, MindValley has always focused on delivering courses that hold high-valuation.

If you’re wondering about Mindvalley and want to know more about it, check out our detailed Mindvalley Review. 


This course has been updated to Mindvalley Be Extraordinary. I have already done a dedicated review of the new course here. Check it now to find out if it is worth your money. To get all the benefits of Mindvalley Becoming Limitless, Join Right Now.

So, before I get into the course details, let us know more about Vishen Lakhiani. 

Reasons Why Vishen Lakhiani Is Qualified To Train You:

If you were to look into the domain of personal growth in current times, then, in that case, Vishen Lakhiani is one of the top influential people.

Along with being an entrepreneur in education technology and a computer engineer, he is the CEO and founder of MindValley.

This company specializes in creating digital apps and platforms that empower the revolution in education. Mindvalley’s curriculum focuses on mindfulness, productivity, personal growth, well-being, and more.

Mindvalley Becoming Limitless Review

Vishen, who serves on the XPRIZE Foundation’s Innovation Board and is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, aspires to revolutionize the global education system by implementing new modules that can enhance human potential.

Vishen’s primary goal with Mindvalley is to shape lives in the arena of personal transformation.

He led Mindvalley to get into and train companies of Fortune 500, governments, and many other people around the globe to make the most out of their lives.

Vishen also works as an activist to evolve core systems influencing our lives, like work culture, well-being, politics, and education.

His book ‘ The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind’ is the New York Times Bestselling book. It has been translated into more than 25 languages.

Now that I know about Vishen, let us get into the details of this course.

Mindvalley Becoming Limitless Review

Mindvalley Becoming Limitless Review 2024

Becoming limitless is a program based on the framework of 4 levels of consciousness. It enables you to level up consciousness to level up your life. The four levels of consciousness are:

  1. Level 1: Modern Man 
  2. Level 2: Culture Hacker
  3. Level 3: State Of Limitless
  4. Level 4: The God Mind

Mindvalley course- Becoming Limitless Review

The course is designed in such a way that it assists humans in operating at the highest levels of consciousness, allowing them to begin to “bend reality.”

The course consists of eight modules available on the online learning platform of Mindvalley, which are accessible on Android and iOS via the Mindvalley app and also through the browser. 

The following are the core modules that constitute this course:

  1. Becoming Limitless (Module 1)
  2. Total Inner Peace (Module 2)
  3. Blissipline (Module 3)
  4. A Vision For the Future (Module 4)
  5. Expanding Your Intuition (Module 5)
  6. Bending Reality (Module 6)
  7. Merging (Module 7)
  8. How To Build Companies And Mass Influence (Module 8)

Along with the core modules, you also get bonus questions and answers sessions and a mini-course on Envisioning Your Perfect Day. The training videos are designed so that each module lasts an hour or more. Lakhiani conducts these himself in a relatively informal setting.

These lessons are simple to follow. This is due to Lakhiani’s expertise in, to put it simply, abstract topics. He also uses diagrams, quotes, and charts to clarify his ideas throughout the course.

In addition to videos, there is an option to download the course in audio format. Each module of Becoming Limitless includes an on-group coaching session. Lakhiani answers questions from the course’s first students.

Minvalley Limitless Review- course structure

You’ll also find some helpful information in the resource section of each module. These videos feature renowned coaches and speakers Lakhiani refers to in his lessons.

Module 1: Becoming Limitless

This module will introduce you to more profound techniques, concepts, and lessons that will appear later in Becoming Limitless. Assume you are already familiar with Lakhiani’s work.

In that case, you will already know that his modules include incredible concepts like the State of Flow, models of reality, and ‘Brules.’

If you’ve read Vishen Lakhiani’s book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind,” you’ll be familiar with these ideas. Vishen, on the other hand, has already mentioned many ideas on other platforms.

Nonetheless, these concepts are brought together in this module and serve as the foundation for what follows. Lakhiani discusses why most people worldwide fail to achieve their goals and highlights general issues in goal-setting.

As a result, it is critical to thoroughly review Module 1 because it serves as the foundation for the entire course.

The module also emphasizes what goes into creating the state of mind, which is only known to a few people worldwide. Vishen also has an intriguing perspective on limiting beliefs.

He coined the term bullshit rules or Brules. Bullshit rules are those that prevent us from progressing. It’s fantastic to see how a mind empowered by Brules can create realities that reflect the limited potential of what we have in our minds.

Module 2: Total Inner Peace

Total Inner Peace is the title of Module 2, and it contains the first critical transformational technique. In this module, Lakhiani discusses the importance of freeing ourselves from anger, hurt, regret, grudge, and all other emotions that harm us by pulling us back.

These negative emotions become a barrier to achieving one’s full potential. They are deeply embedded in our subconscious mind.

They have an impact on how we think and react. In this module, Vishen discusses the forgiveness exercise. This exercise is performed while you are in your alpha brainwave.

The alpha-brainwave reflects the mind state of monks or meditation practitioners after decades of practice.

However, Lakhiani teaches a unique technique in this module that will allow you to shift into the alpha-brainwave whenever you want. It can also be exhausting because our brain is not used to functioning like this.

The forgiveness exercise aids in the immediate release of negative emotions. It enables you to forgive past mistakes that unknowingly hold you back from moving forward.

Module 3: Blissipline

The third module, Blissipline, discusses the art of being happy. According to Lakhiani, happiness is essential to improving a person’s mental state.

Lakhiani presented his points about joy and its importance, citing studies that show how staying happy can improve your health and productivity.

In this module, Lakhiani discusses techniques for increasing our happiness based on our desires. He also considers what other coaches, such as Marisa Peers, have to say.

Most of the techniques covered in the Blissipline module are simple yet effective and practical. These techniques provide deep satisfaction and joy while also reducing frustration.

Module 4: A Vision For the Future

Module 4, titled A Vision For The Future, discusses goal-setting issues, including well-known methods many organizations use.

Simply put, this module will teach you about the most important aspects of goal setting that are often overlooked and how most successful people set their goals.

Not only that, but you also learn not to be affected by failures that occur. You also know more about the Brules and their incredible abilities.

Module 5: Expanding Your Intuitions

Module 5, titled Expanding Your Intuitions, is where Lakhiani profoundly delves into the concept of intuition. Science has been paying close attention to intuition in recent years. Vishen discussed his intuition training and how he used intuition to advance his career in this module.

Studying exciting things will also be eye-opening because, contrary to popular belief, intuitions are not just a background process.

According to Vishen, intuitions result from your mind’s mighty working. By the end of the module, you will have been exposed to many powerful techniques for tapping your intuition and making it work for you.

Because they are presented very clearly, you can easily apply these techniques almost immediately.

It works mainly for people who have difficulty making decisions, and these techniques will assist in identifying answers to any questions that were previously obvious.

Module 6: Bending Reality 

Vishen delves deeper into the evolution of consciousness in module 6, titled Bending Reality. Lakhiani describes our mental states and needs to begin “bending reality.”

He discusses other people’s experiences and studies and how your thoughts can influence your reality. You’ll also learn about advanced techniques for his well-known 6-phase meditation.

This meditation can be found on YouTube. The meditation methods taught are intended to accelerate your progress toward your goals.

If you have difficulty manifesting when using creative visualization, you will be surprised to learn that most people misuse it. Lakhiani provides correct techniques that have yielded consistent results for him and those who follow him.

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Module 7: Merging

Merging is unlike any other activity. ‘Merging’ cannot be explained in a few words. Vishen explains the technique of merging in Module 7.

Merging is something that you have to go through on your own. However, before understanding Merging, you must first understand the previous activities and techniques.

Compared to the other techniques in this module, merging is a little more complicated to grasp. Vishen’s instructions must be carefully recorded for Merging to be understood.

Furthermore, before proceeding with Merging, you must be thoroughly familiar with the other techniques covered in this course.

Apart from Vishen, other coaches, such as Joe Vitale and Christie Marie Sheldon, will be present to train you in this module.

They will assist you in making efforts to make your dreams a reality. This module also includes a Lofty Question, which provides an immediate shift in mental resistance.

Merging is a profound mental experience. Merging prepares you for whatever happens in the future and removes all doubts from your mind.

Merging will significantly assist you in avoiding any bad decisions in your life that may lead to a setback or failure in the future.

Module 8: How To Build Companies, Movements, and Mass Influences

This module is a must-see for anyone who runs a business, plans a startup, or manages a team. In this module, Vishen explains how he built his company and the philosophy behind it.

Furthermore, he instructs the user on approaching others and finding people who share their core values. This is all highly beneficial to you and your business.

This module isn’t just a bunch of flimsy theories and write-ups; it tells you how to move forward professionally. This module discusses the same model that saved Mindvalley during its financial crisis and helped Mindvalley become what it is today.

Becoming Limitless Review: Is It Worth The Money?

A 14-day money-back guarantee backs the course. You can quickly request a refund if you feel the course is a little disconnected or not worth enough to you after 14 days. However, taking those 14 days will demonstrate the value of this course.


However, this is still dependent on your personal preferences. So, who is this course appropriate for? Let’s take a look at who might benefit from this program.

The course is a must-see for you if:

  • You are facing disillusioned beliefs that are imposed by others.
  • You want to become happy.
  • You are facing a wall in your career, relationship, or life.
  • You failed in relationships even though you tried hard.
  • You get easily frustrated.
  • You think that you are not using your full potential.
  • You feel that you are in a victim state
  • You are not able to enjoy your life
  • You wish to become more intuitive
  • You wish to expand in life 
  • You want to find the ultimate purpose of your life
  • You are stuck in the past or the future. 
  • You wish to make the most out of your life. 

However, there are several other reasons why you should try MindValley’s Becoming Limitless program and see the course’s potential for yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that the course is useless if you only listen to it. Implementing the teachings in your daily life is also required to realize the full potential of this course.

This program will help you to change your mindset and attitude. Furthermore, it will assist you in increasing the likelihood of making the right decisions in your life.

I found the course a worthy choice to take up and go for.

Details Of The Course

  • Total Hours Of Training: 8.2 Hours
  • Number Of Days: 30 Days

Becoming Limitless Pricing:

Mindvalley Limitless Review course structure

Digital Access: $399 or pay three installments of $149 to $447.

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👉 What if I do not like the Becoming Limitless course and want to opt-out of it?

You can easily opt-out of the course if you feel like it. This course has 14 days money-back guarantee to ensure that your money is not wasted.

👉 I want to have prosperity in my business and expand it. Can Becoming Limitless course help me with that?

This course has a special module dedicated to improving your professional mindset and helping you in your work. It is worth seeing if you want to improve your business or job atmosphere.

👉 Why should I take Becoming Limitless course over any other course on Mindvalley?

Vishen Lakhiani is a well-renowned person with multiple years of experience and skills in this field. Unlike many others, he does not talk just about assumptions. He tells you what he did and how he employed his learnings in his own life.

Becoming Limitless Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

The Mindvalley Becoming Limitless program will find you a motive in your life. It will make you more confident and intuitive and will boost your presence in the right direction. You will gain experiences and benefits from this program that will facilitate your growth further.

This program contains many concepts that will significantly impact your life. It will assist you in recognizing your life’s needs and desires. It will help you in thinking clearly about your objectives.

This course has a specific structure with various techniques. You can read the concept more clearly and enroll in the course to become a more upbeat version of yourself.

I hope our Becoming Limitless Review has given you a lot of ideas about this Mindvalley master course and whether you should choose it or not.

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