Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program Review 2024– Everything You Need To Know

In this post, I am going to share my honest Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review 2024.

There are many young as well as inquisitive minds who demand something new every time and require a number of online courses. 

Therefore, the 67-step Tai Lopez review is most needed here.

Bottom Line: 67 Steps Tai Lopez is a wholesome course of 67 videos with each video having Tai’s personal guidance. Each video is approximately 30 minutes with Tai Lopez’s direct mentoring and guidance. Get all the secrets of life from the 67 Steps. Try out the 67 Steps Program here.

Interests, as well as courses, may vary from learner to teacher and most importantly the course that covers all such aspects of life becomes more important. 

These days of modernization have made people forcefully grow into individual beings of the modern 21st century which requires focusing largely on the big mindsets and luxuries of life.

When generations demand more, when especially the youth demand more, it becomes necessary that great people and experience-holders guide people through online courses. 

For learners, it then becomes easy to sit, learn, and explore things in any corner of the world, anytime.

Tai Lopez 67 steps

67 Steps Tai Lopez Review 2024– Is This Course Worth?

About Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review

The 67 Steps, by a professional and popular internet marketer ‘Tai Lopez,  is basically an online course that ensures you get anything you can ever desire to lead a healthy and wealthy lifestyle’. What is a life without love and happiness, get all the secrets of life from the 67 Steps.All the 67 lessons are majority explained and conducted via a video format.Each video is approximately 30 minutes with Tai Lopez’s direct mentoring and guidance. According to a sales page review of the course, 200000+ people have signed up to date. It is also known as one of the best platforms for e-commerce lessons.tai lopez courses

Who is Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program For? 

Great achievers are those who not only read books but also who believe in self-learning and analyzing things on a deeper level.67 Steps Tai Lopez is a wholesome course of 67 videos with each video having Tai’s personal guidance.In today’s era, probably the modernized and globalized 21st century, most of the population always thinks of having a number of income sources as well as owning assets.On a personal level, I feel that a 9 am to 5 pm job would probably satisfy your daily needs and assure you a salary that is worthwhile. Around 5% of the population holds 70% of world wealth, so the choice is obviously yours, whether you wish to still continue existing in the 95% population which only holds 30% of world wealth, or be in the 5%.So for who is 67 Steps, Tai Lopez? Entrepreneurs!Industrialists!Normal people!Wish you stand out from the crowd by achieving something great?Want to do something unique? Want to balance work-life?Do you think big? Have high goals and genius mindsets?Then surely, you are at the best decision of your life: 67 Steps Tai Lopez.Congratulations!!join tai lopez 67 steps program

Some Of The Steps From Tai’s 67 Steps: 

Step 1. Practice – The Billionaire’s brain and Jennifer Lopez’s voice.

Step 2. Adaption- Blue-footed Booby birds, ESS, and the 500-year-old mind.

Step 3. Humility- Sam Walton’s Night in a Brazilian Jail, Stealing from McDonald’s, Michael Jordan’s humility.

Step 4. Mentors- Picasso’s rising tide and The Law of 33%.

Step 5. Patterns- My poor friends and Cameron Diaz’s parrot.

Step 6. Lies- Sculpture vs. The lottery and the Anthropic Media Bias.

Step 7. Jungle- Martin Seligman’s Salary Slave and Learned Helplessness.

Step 8. Integration-The integrated Good Life and the Four Pillars of Eudaimonia.

Step 9. Simulation- Warren Buffet’s Book – A Day diet and making war with a Multitude of Counsellors. 

Step 10. Toughness-  Stoic vs Epicurean Arnolds 1000 Reps Apache Cold Showers and the Spartan Whipping post.

Step 11. Evolution-  The Whispers of 10000 Generations, Dunbar’s 150, and Evolutionary Mismatch. 

Step 12. Destiny- Mike’s Stack of Resumes,  My 96-Year-old Grandma & Your Eulerian Destiny.

Step 13. Dichotomy- The Amish Vacation, Tap Dancing to Work, and Avoiding What you love.

Step 14. Preparation-  The Shaolin Monk & touching an Electric Fence.

Step 15. Math- Descartes and Solving problems with a Calculator.

Step 16. Renaissance- Rousseau: The Renaissance Man & Iron Sharpening Iron. 

Step 17. Hours- Elon Musk’s 14 Hour Workday vs The 4-hour Workweek.

Step 18. Perspective-  Man on the Moon Contrast Keeping Easy Things Easy. 

Step 19. Money- Amazon.com and the  $32000 Brain Budget.

Step 20 Imagination- Richard Branson’s Hurricane & The Imaginary World of Kanye West.

Step 21. P.A.S.E.- Mastering The Four P.A.S.E. Energies & Casanovas Chameleon. 

Step 22. Results- The seven-fold path to the obvious signs.

Step 23. Walls- Landing Your Plane On the Great Wall.

Step 24. Endgame- Gandhi’s Funeral, Stephen Convey’s Wars,& Flurries of Activity.

Step 25. Seasons- Joel Salatin on Nature Laughing Last, The Respect of Seasons, and The Terrible Twos.

Step 26. Mistakes- Belts, Suspenders, Failing To Fail, The Six Sigma Heartbeat, and How to not crash your F-22. 

Step 27. Trench mates- The Frontman & The two ways to pick your trench mate.

Step 28. Rain- Lao -Tzu’s and John Wooden’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

Step 29. Entropy- Stephen Hawking,  Entropy & Remembering the Future.

Step 30. Convictions- Peter Drucker, The Cluttered Attic And The Invention of Rules.

Step 31. Management- Delegating to Shalini & Sam Walton’s over the shoulder style. 

Step 32. Probability- Slot machine probability &Chasing the Mirage.

Step 33. Teachability- Teaching pigs to fly and push on strings.

Step 34. Duration-  Bill Gates & The Dark Ten Years.

Step 35. Modeling-  Ignoring the ninety- nine & the one-tenth rule. 

Step 36. Lollapalooza- The sucker in the room & The Lollapalooza Effect.

Step 37. Why restaurants fail.

Step 38. Throwing Idiots to the Crocodiles.

Here were some of the steps of 67 steps. In this way by converting life lessons into stories and thereby sharing personal experiences, Tai gives the most knowledgeable content as well as ethics to crack the code for a better stable life.

My personal interpretations of 67 steps: From last month, I have taken up the course and I am already seeing a lot of changes in my personal as well as professional growth.

how to sell online?

However, conclusions may be different from each one’s point of view.

1. Be Worth:

To live the life you want, you will have to take the necessary important actions and decisions. We somehow hope for a good life without actually putting in the effort.

It is well-advised that one should develop an attitude by virtue of which they take the responsibility for their own lives entirely.

In order to live a life you desire, you will have to do some new things and there will be some things you will have to give up.

This made me analyze myself and look into my life and my habits to live a life I desire and compile them and take baby steps little by little to implement them for improving and leading a better lifestyle.

2. Be Humble:

Being humble has become an integral characteristic that everyone should follow. Listen to a person who is more experienced and knows more than you.Many people are not humble thinking they know all and refuse to listen to those who even know more than them. Look for people with deep knowledge and references. Spend your time learning from the ones who came before you and less from the mistakes that you make. This will help you to avoid a lot of mistakes thereby relying on the shoulders of giant minds having great wisdom. Always listen and respect people who tend to help you.

3. Be Adaptable: 

It Is said that ‘ Change is the law of nature ‘. And even though relying on this thought, in the theory of evolution, it is explained that only the fittest survive. Being adaptable means you should be able to quickly change yourself according to your environment and adapt to it. A person with an astringent and rigid attitude or approach won’t be able to survive in a dynamic environment. Look for changes and make choices on a long-term basis. Beware of your current habits and surroundings. Checkup your decisions and priorities in life.Focus and thrive more on needs first and then luxuries.Take a check If:

  • A 9-5 job without an added business would provide you with everything?
  • Is eating at McDonald’s economically feasible for you?
  • Is spending on clothes and food a necessity or a flex?
  • Should I save money for a car or invest in stocks?

And Constantly you have to beware of the social trends, economic conditions, political status, and technological advancements. You can do it by reading newspapers or subscribing to different websites. 

4. Choose a Mentor:

Mentors have always added value to my life right from childhood until now.In the process, someone can be mentored by you too.Tai talks about the law of 33% which states that you should spend 1/3rd of the time with the people below you (the ones you mentor)1/3rd of the time with people on your level. (friends, colleagues, classmates )1/3rd of the time with the people who mentor you (your mentors)Find people who are non-judgmental and are no full-time teachers but are actually making money with the thoughts they preach.Keep in mind that :Good mentors are busy.Build the relationship slowly.Test their thought processes and question them.Interview people on the basis of your self-created criteria.Provide value with the process of reciprocating kindness.Once you find your mentor, obey them.And learn from the great people and help others in need as teaching is also the process of strengthening self memory.

5. Ignore 99%:

Look for references and signs of expertise before taking advice Remember:

  1. Never take a diet plan from a nutritionist who is overweight. 
  2. Never take advice for love from a friend who has never been in a relationship.
  3. Never take financial advice from a person who is struggling financially.
  4.  Observe People who are emotionally and financially stable. Observe people with great mindsets. Learn from their struggles. Observe the people who are happy in all situations. Learn from the top and cut the average. Learn their behaviors and see how it pays off but choose people wisely.

6. Grind it Out And Make a Beautiful Sculpture of Yourself:

It is said that success doesn’t come in abundance by doing things at once, it is a result of efforts that you put in daily.Many people see great successes as a result of great fortune, great destiny but what they don’t see is the pain, hard work, and patience evolved in the process.Imagine yourself as a big piece of marble and every day you grind away some pieces of imperfection. Tai calls this the ‘sculpture approach’. Make decisions for the long term and choose proper directions further working accordingly.Health, wealth, and life do not come in events, they are results of how you work every day. They are not based on events of hope or beliefs of destiny.

7. Be Tough:

Tai advises everyone to have a more stoic view of life which means sacrificing today for a better tomorrow. We as a society take things very lightly. To achieve something, we should know that we don’t have a lifetime to do it, we should do it in a stipulated time.Here’s something I have changed in my habits : 

  • Wake up at 5 am daily.
  • Prefer to walk and exercise instead of social media scrolling early in the morning.
  • Taking healthy diets rather than craving fast foods.
  • Start working for dreams rather than sitting and dreaming.

8. Build On Strengths:

It is often observed that our strengths and weaknesses play a great role in our lives not only in careers but an acknowledgment of them is also necessary in order to achieve great things.People usually leave schools and universities without actually knowing what they excel at. But skipping from jobs to jobs actually helps to develop deep domain expertise which is much needed to make it big.However, you can find your strengths by questioning yourself like this :

  • In what environment and system have you grown around? 
  • What do strangers mostly compliment you on? 
  • What did you think of becoming when you grew up as a child? 
  • What is most important for you or how do you prioritize things? 
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are the things that make you energetic when you do them?
  • Which things can you do effortlessly without losing drive?
  • How do you deal with the stressful and hard situations of your life?
  • How thoroughly do you believe and follow the principles of life?

9. Be Prepared:

Life and situations are unpredictable. Our life is a combined result of our knowledge and our ignorance and an attitude toward anything. We achieve what we understand deeply and lose what we ignore. Ask yourself how many tools or what backup you have for problems that life can throw you. Are you strong enough? Imagine yourself in the worst scenarios and question yourself. For e.g.

  • Basic nutrition: Do I  have enough to eat well?
  • Psychology: How to improve the mindset? 
  • Social skills to maintain and build relationships? 
  • Accounting:  Saving money or investing it?

10. Become a Social Chameleon:

There are many types of people with different types of mindsets and personalities. Tai instructs us to be one type of social Chameleon. And shift to the communication style that would suit the person we are speaking to.He has categorized personalities into 4 different types which are called P. A. S. E (Practical,  Action Taker,  Social and Emotional), and further describes them as:  PRACTICAL – They are mostly slow. They work according to plans.ACTION TAKERS– They are people who usually get into many tasks but never finish them. They burn through stuff.SOCIAL – These types of people mostly go with the flow. They are mostly people-oriented.EMOTIONAL- They can be compared to deep oceans. They are much more sensitive and intuitive.I liked Tai’s concept but I think being yourself is more important than being suitable to different people.

11. Seek The Truth:

It’s not always good to see the world from your eyes, rather ‘truths eyes’.What does it mean? It means never trust chemistry equations before experimenting. It means never trust words more than actions.It means don’t be blinded by others rather experiment with things by yourself and then document realities by some signs such as:

  • Health: Check whether your fats have burnt? Are you healthy?  How has your health improved over the last few days?
  • Wealth:  How much is your bank balance? How much is your financial strength? 

Are you working towards developing them? 

  • Social: Lastly, check the things on your phone, do you want quality or quantity?

Do you want 1000 friends with no reach outs or do you want 2 friends always by your side?And most importantly, be honest with yourself.The closer you get to the truth, The more clear your path will be.

12. Choose Relationship Wisely:

The world is a competitive place and from childhood, we are taught to be a part of a rat race. Not everyone here has their best interests at heart. We all are selfish animals by instinct, working on survival. Not everyone here has the same moral values as you may have. Don’t be fooled by outward appearance.  People aren’t always as they show on the outer side. Overall be careful and don’t trust anyone easily especially when it comes to money. Set high standards for the people you allow in your life. Choose people who are principle-based. Choose people whose intentions are true for you. Don’t prejudge anyone but also beware. 

13. Spend Time Wisely:

Life is better if you know how to use it. Most people waste their time on useless stuff.Here are some of the things: 

  • Laziness
  • What other people will think of you
  • Serving others before serving yourself
  • Wasting time on social media
  • Being dedicated to useless tasks.
  • Having no clear direction or vision.

When it comes to career, love, or relations the quote I have always followed is “If you never fought for what you wanted, don’t cry for it when it is gone. 14. Set Priorities:Not everything is equally important. When you try to do many things at a time, none of them gets completed. There are 6 big lies when it comes to productive results  (by Gary Keller)

  • All things are important equally: No, everything may seem important but not equally.  Only one of the tasks had to be more important than the others and which matters.
  • Multitasking is good: For some people, doing many tasks at a time would be interesting but not all tasks get completed. It’s just switching from one task to another rapidly. Don’t let yourself get distracted between work because restarting and reengaging a task requires more effort and time.
  • Discipline in everything is important:  You have to be disciplined for important tasks .i.e being selectively disciplined. It is all about doing the right things right, not everything right. Develop good habits and maintain them.
  • Will power always works:  Will power is like a battery, with time it drains too. Think of it as the power bar of your mobile phone and do important tasks first.
  • Big is bad: No, thinking big is not bad. How big we think is probably the first step towards great heights and what will we be achieving in the future. Our results are always related to the intensity of thinking big. So think big. 
  • Significance of balance: To achieve something, to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, you must choose what matters the most and give all of your efforts to it leaving the rest. You may have to sacrifice things, habits, or people but it is going to be worth it

What you can do and what I have done is:

  • Make a to-do list every day 
  • List 3-4 most important things.
  • Decide things one day earlier.
  • If the task is much more important and not completed,  do it, whatever it takes, and don’t leave things on the next day.
  • Don’t procrastinate

15. Do Something:

It’s often seen and observed that nothing in this world but only your mind is something that holds you back, the fear that you have or the one that you have created. Who needs enemies when you have yourself?Try things instead of thinking what If I failed?Be courageous enough to follow paths people shy away from. Doing nothing, fearing, and doubting yourself would lead you nowhere. You can be wrong but you will always learn and become wise.Take your pick.Take every chance you get.Be strong enough to face your fears and turn them into your strengths.It may cost you doubt, pain, and sacrifices but these things are temporary prices that you pay.Therefore I mostly rely on the quote “I would choose to try 100 times when if I failed the 99th time rather than fearing failure and not trying regretting later.”

16. Staying Thick and Thin:

Don’t let people’s opinions matter. You should not take everything people say to your heart. Take criticisms in a positive way.

How to Get the most out of Tai Lopez 67 Steps?

Once you decide to buy the course, these tips will help get ensured knowledge in bundles. 

  • Start the damn things. Tai says that 10% of people who buy his course never log in. Don’t be one of them.
  • There are 130+ hour videos.  We can get through them faster watching them at 2.3x speed 
  • Take notes. Pay attention even to the minute details.  Answer questions, they even test your knowledge and concentration on the steps. You can also refer back to some part of a course if you specifically jot down things on a piece of paper or in a diary. 

I believe that some of them might not have liked it but I personally feel that it is something worth trying out and if you still believe that this is not the course for you, you can always take your money back.On a personal level, it has taught me the most exquisite ethics, morals, principles, and survival using them for it are said that it takes great efforts for a man to reach great heights but it requires character and principles to stay there. It also provided me with strategies that have incredibly increased my sales by 60% more than the previous year. Moreover, it is much appreciable and filled with abundant knowledge.The content and mentoring are done in informal ways but Tai’s shared stories and experiences have definitely struck my mind to follow newer directions, big goals, and an urge for a much-worthy good life. Some of the important mentionable things that I learned from 67 Steps:

  • Start as if you were to die tomorrow and stick to it as if you are going to live with it for 20 years.
  • Seek out people more successful than you and observe them carefully.
  • Stay humble.
  • Take the knowledge and never think that you know everything. 
  • 20$ could become 200$ in a week. Risks are worth taking.

customer reviews

Pricing of 67 Steps Tai Lopez

Signup at 67 steps at multiple prices and with varying conditions are as follows: 

  • $67 for lifetime access –This is the standard offer firstly available on Tai’s website. With this option, we are automatically enrolled in a free trial for VIP membership and have to contact the support team to cancel.
  • $37 for lifetime access – We were offered a 30$ discount immediately after we abandoned our cart on the above offer. Once again you will be enrolled in VIP membership.
  • Free for 3 days then $67/year(automatic enrollment in VIP membership)
  • Free for 3 days then $9.99/month. (automatic enrollment in VIP membership)

(After the 15 to 30 days of free trial, the membership is charged for over a month If continued.)

Customer Supporttai lopez customer support

The customer support service is available on a good level. Live chats in the help section are mostly preferred.However, the number and mail ids and all-important links of social media groups of Tai Lopez 67 Steps are available on the websites. 

How to use 67 Steps, Tai Lopez?

Many of the students earn online and make profits using Tai’s strategies of sales and tactics, marketing, etc. It also has lessons related to stock and investments. It also gives an overall boom to the career of an individual and a new dawn to an entrepreneur. Many people also have achieved the skill of side earning including students.  This is the result of Tai’s important lessons on social media marketing and managing finances. 

Pros and Cons of Tai Lopez 67 Steps

Like each and everything in this world has two sides, similarly, every program does have pros and cons. So here I am to share my personal review on 67 Steps, its pros, and cons. Let’s have a look.


  • You get exposed to many new things, new ideas, new thinking processes, new books, and much more. Tai reads a book per day as it is claimed, he is also a very well-experienced entrepreneur.
  • He shares all that information in a very rapid and unique manner throughout 67 steps. It is much more common for him to talk about the richest millionaires and then just change to speak about normal average people of the 19th century.
  • Well, the amount of information may be sometimes way too much more but it surely makes an impression on our minds to explore further. 
  • The availability of unending content and extra bonuses has always cheered a considerable amount of knowledge leaving heaps of books behind sorting things.
  • The 67 Steps consist of at least 30 hours of videos and there are 100+hours of video content included in the bonus section. So your paid money has certainly been of good use providing you with the knowledge over a lifetime.
  • Tai’s way of conveying things has always left an unforgettable mark on reviewers’ minds.
  • His way of telling and explaining things, especially in a storytelling format and informal style of presentation surely help the learners to grasp more and recall them easily later.
  • Also, learners are up listening to his videos 20 hours a day.
  • People genuinely get a lot through these videos. The comment section mostly sharing positive comments with all the benefits they have received is actually hard to disbelieve.
  • Below each video, are a set of questions that have to be answered to mark the completion of a lesson. Once the answers are submitted, they are publicly visible. 


  • Many times, if you are a follower of Tai Lopez on YouTube and are a regular listener of his videos, there will be very little left in 67 Steps that will be new to you. And people would mostly prefer free sessions available on his YouTube and podcast channels freely.
  • Much time-consuming, long, and repetitive: Tai always puts in 100 episodes of his podcast every year and has scored for videos posted publicly, and does even free seminars which sometimes take a 4hour long time.
  • He produces large content and shares it voluntarily, which is great. 
  • Unfortunately, the premium content in 67 steps doesn’t offer more than what Tai had already made available for free. It would be perfectly good if the premium content was well organized, well structured, and sharp on points. 
  • The majority of videos of 67 steps feature Tai talking about a particular topic casually, without any notes to keep on track. Therefore, he takes up 30 minutes for a video that could be ended in 10 minutes if precisely spoken on point and on track.
  • There is a repetition of a story at least 4 times in 4 separate videos. Sometimes even the questions below some videos are identical.
  • The sellings never stop which is clearly shown by offers bumping up to Tai’s another session as soon as we submit the payment details showing regular encouragement.
  • The first upsell was his Mini MBA program which was at a discounted rate of $ 297 and as soon as ‘no thanks’ was clicked, the same course was offered at $197.
  • After rejecting Tai’s second offer for the mini MBA program, a $95 upsell was presented to us probably named ‘The Entrepreneur Code’. Only after we’d passed it, we would have been able to access the 67 Steps.
  • Tai has made sure to encourage us to join other programs frequently, if we wanted to go deeper, leaving us with the distinct impression that 67 steps alone would not be enough to fulfill promises we elongate for and saw on the sales page.
  • Customer care service mostly functions at a slower rate clearly not backing assurance of refunds if subscription plans needed to be canceled.
  • No doubt, the 67 Steps support team is generally responsive and helpful until it came to the refund process. Here’s what happened:  A girl signed up for a new course that provided a 3day free trial and was charged  $49  per year.
  • She kept waiting for 4 days and kept looking for ways to cancel her account. She could not cancel the account herself as there was no such option available.
  • She had to ask the support team to cancel the account on her behalf. She called the telephone number provided quite several times and always found it unanswered.  Even no responses were given to the emails sent by her.
  • Her card had already been charged 49$. She then found a live chat in the help section of the website and the account was canceled and money was refunded thereby apologizing for the inconvenience caused.
  • It has a too low-value Facebook group which is most of the time inactive.
  • We requested access as soon as I had purchased the 67 Steps, but to our astonishment, our request wasn’t even approved 2 weeks later.
  • After contacting the support team, we were quickly approved. The members mostly posted usual informal texts making the group sound less like a learner group.  7 weeks later, a post was finally approved by the admin.
  • No texts and only video content.  Though we didn’t expect a whole written text paragraph in the video, as it was an audiovisual video. Some key features, summaries, and important points could have been surely added so that it becomes easy for a learner to link to resources. 

Things to Keep in Mind About Tai Lopez 67 Steps

  • In case you want to cancel a free trial of 67 Steps, there’s no other option than to contact the support team which is available via live chat.
  • Depending on how you purchase 67 Steps, you could get automatically enrolled In a free trial of Tai’s ‘ VIP membership ‘program which provides access to 2 live group video calls each month and an archive list of calls for 15 to 30 days, after that, you may be charged for continued access.  To cancel, contact the support team.
  • There is a 30-day refund policy also sometimes it’s 60 days,  but beware to check all the information carefully before purchase. Also if you download the course material, your request for a refund will be denied. 

Alternatives To Tai Lopez 67 Steps

While choosing courses, don’t we compare things and look for additional values in each one, so here is a list of alternatives I would personally suggest.

1. 7 habits of highly effective people:  

Some lessons from these classics self-help books are repeated in 67 Steps. (also available in audiobook).

2. The Farnam Street Latticework of Mental Models :

Through 67 steps, Tai emphasizes more on overcoming cognitive biases. This free source explains dozens of cognitive biases and how to handle them in the best way possible.

3. Tai’s YouTube and Podcast Channel: 

There’s very little in the 67 steps that Tai hasn’t already shared in a similar fashion on his free channel.

4. Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors: 

These are two books by Tim Ferris that share similar wisdom with less stuff.

Quick Links

FAQs | Tai Lopez Review 67 Steps

🤔 What are 67 Steps, Tai Lopez?

An online certified course by Tai Lopez fulfilling the promise of ensuring everything best out of courses.

👉 How do I cancel my account?

You contact the support team via live chat.

👍 Should I prefer 67 Steps, Tai Lopez?

A big yes !! This will become the best decision if your life ever once you join the course. It would help you reach new heights and teach you the importance of self-learning. The 67 steps are only coming as plagiarism

Conclusion | Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review 2024

Summing up things, I would personally suggest everyone take this course for a lifetime. It is the most useful program and a decision you would take to change your mind and life.A one-time Turner opportunity always awaits. People should take it to change their lives. 

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