BestMyTest Review 2024: Best TOEFL Preparation Courses?

I have to admit, BestMyTest offers the best way to study for TOEFL and excel in it.

Universities in English-speaking countries have widely accepted language skills: TOEFL and IELTS. The two exams are the same, but you must consider them and prepare no matter which exam you write.

Fortunately, there are many TOEFL courses and IELTS exam courses. However, if you have already decided to take the TOEFL test, one of the best options is to check the TOEFL for that test.

BestMyTest Review

If you want to get a higher TOEFL score, BestMyTest courses can provide high-quality education, effective teaching tools, and many other resources to help you get a higher score. This is what it represents.

Bottom Line Upfront:

BestMyTest is one of the platforms where you can prepare for TOFEL. It provides you all the course-related materials like videos and tutors for speaking and listening practice. It also provides you practice sheet for your exam preparation.

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What is the best way to prepare for TOEFL?

BestMyTest TOEFL- Overview

1. Test Training Guide

Most students prepare for the TOEFL test using the TOEFL First textbook. Although this method has limitations, a high-quality TOEFL practice book will include a TOEFL practice test.

Test BestMyTest Guide

But I believe you will be better than a TOEFL course like BestTest TOEFL, which includes everything you will find in the previous order.

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2. Practice Oral English

Since one of the most challenging things is said during the TOEFL test, it is wise to practice speaking English as much as possible. Most importantly, you must use oral English skills to imitate the oral part of the TOEFL test.

An excellent way to find this unit is through online learning, such as BestMyTest. Not only will you get used to answering questions in the “spoken” part of the TOEFL test, but you will also have the opportunity to get customized answers about your performance from actual TOEFL scoring experts.

3. Exercise More

Taking as many TOEFL practice tests as possible would be best to increase your chances of getting TOEFL scores. Doing so will determine the nature of the exam, the types of questions you should ask, and best practices on the exam day.

An excellent way to take the TOEFL practice test is to use TOEFL online courses, such as BestMyst TOEFL, which includes 20 complete TOEFL tests.

How does BestMyTest TOEFL help improve your TOEFL score?

As an online course, BestMyTest TOEFL has its advantages and disadvantages. When deciding which TOEFL course you should choose, you will find a list of the most capable course coaches and other challenges.

1. Tracking and analyzing the progress of the BestMyTest TOEFL test

One very effective BestMyTest TOEFL device is its analytical progress tracking function. BestMyTest will provide real-time status reports as you complete courses, practice exams, and practice TOEFL questions.

2. Extensive classes for each TOEFL section

BestMyTest TOEFL gives you access to stepwise instructions for every TOEFL section.

The lessons are straightforward to understand, cover all aspects of the test, and provide helpful clues, tips, and advice about how to pass the TOEFL test successfully.

3. Flexible pricing and availability options

One of the exciting aspects of the TOEFL BestMyTest course is its multiple subscription prices and access options from where you can choose your best.

These conditions will later be covered in this TOEFL BestMyTest review, depending on how much time you need to prepare, how many more resources you need, and how much you wish to spend on your TOEFL training course.

4. Virtual tutor BestMyTest TOEFL

The BestMyTest TOEFL course provides so much helpful content that getting your way can be intimidating. Fortunately, BestMyTest offers a virtual guide that walks you through the entire program. This is the most concrete system.

5. TOEFL tool for vocabulary

One of the key aspects of language learning and TOEFL training is a solid understanding of important vocabulary. BestMyTest TOEFL gives you access to approx 40 Flashcard packs that contain frequently used TOEFL test words.

6. Lots of TOEFL test and practice questions

The essential aspect of an online TOEFL training course is the many practice exams and TOEFL questions. There is no better way to get geared for a standard exam than to obtain experience and knowledge.

This is an area where the BestMyTest TOEFL is far superior to its competitors and offers 20 complete TOEFL tests and tons of practice questions.

7. The simple user interface inculcated the TOEFL curriculum in detail.

As discussed above, BestMyTest TOEFL has virtual study guides to help you go through your course’s vast array of TOEFL training materials.

However, some excellent features make the course’s user-friendly interface more intuitive, such as the overview of the TOEFL course.

The curriculum can be viewed on a map as a curriculum. In any case, BestMyTest offers the perfect way to work confidently throughout the course.

8. Personalized review of writing, grammar, and speaking.

One of the most significant aspects of the TOEFL  course by  BestMyTest is that you can access a specific number of personalized reviews on your progress in the TOEFL Speaking & Writing section.

When you submit a review request, you will receive feedback on your work from an expert by BestMyTest TOEFL.

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Why BestMyTest TOEFL might not be for you?

1. BestMyTest TOEFL is amongst the pricey TOEFL course options.

It is not false that the BestMyTest TOEFL subscription price is one of the best in the test training price scale, but you should consider what you get for that price.

First, you will receive instructions for numerous TOEFL classes. Also, you have access to amazing vocabulary sources. And last but most importantly, you get through tons of TOEFL practice exams and 20 TOEFL practice tests.

2. Restricted Video Training

Some instruction videos are included in the BestMyTest TOEFL course, but the length and number of these videos are a little limited, especially compared to the rest of the TOEFL courses, such as Magoosh.

However, with numerous TOEFL practice exams and questions and the varied TOEFL training equipment BestMyTest provides, TOEFL can still be one of the greatest online TOEFL training courses.

Plans and Pricing of BestMyTest TOEFL

As discussed above, numerous flexible plans and get-through options are available for the BestMyTest TOEFL course.

You may check out the different plans in the table below and see how many resources you can get with every option. With such a wide range of plans available for subscription, it won’t be difficult for you to find the best plan for your TOEFL training objectives.

BestMyTest TOEFL Pricing

1. Custom-made ($69)

This package is apt for students who hold confidence in their English and their ability to self-learn. The package includes the following:

  • 1000+ TOEFL questions to practice
  • 2000+ TOEFL Vocabulary
  • TOEFL 200 Course Study Guide Composition
  • 20 TOEFL mock exams for 3 hours
  • It also possesses:
  • 5 grammatical-content
  • 10 questions on Ask-An-Instructor based
  • 4 TOEFL Spoken Reviews and comments
  • 2 written Reviews
  • 7+ enhanced money-back guarantee points

2. Premium ($189)

The premium package is apt for students who want more tutor support and guidance.

Gives you access to :

  • 1000+ TOEFL practice exams
  • 2000+ TOEFL vocabulary words
  • 200 TOEFL lessons comprehended into a study guide
  • 20 exhaustive 3-hour TOEFL test simulations

The package also consists of

  • 25 simple grammar corrections
  • 25 questions based on Ask-An-instructor 
  • 20 TOEFL spoken reviews
  • 10 TOEFL written reviews
  • money-back guarantee 15+ score improvement points

3. LAST MINUTE ($39)

The last-minute package is for students who are seeking last-minute guidance and studying.

Provides access to

  • 1000+ TOEFL practice queries
  • 2000+ TOEFL words for vocabulary
  • 200 TOEFL lessons comprehended into a guide form
  • 20 full-length exhaustive 3-hour TOEFL test simulations

This also consists of:

  • 1 simple grammar correction
  • 5 Ask-An-instructor queries

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Who should use BestMyTest TOEFL?

BestMyTest’s TOEFL training course is ideal for everyone looking for a holistic approach to TOEFL training. BestMyTest offers detailed stepwise lessons for each TOEFL section and lessons in General English proficiency, leaving nothing behind.

In addition, you will have access to numerous full-length TOEFL practice exams to be fully prepared for the day before the real exam.

The only reason why BestMyTest TOEFL may not be the best choice for TOEFL training is that it puts video training above other factors. BestMyTest TOEFL offers some excellent quality video tutorials, but few compared to the other options like Magoosh.

However, BestMyTest TOEFL has multiple other sources and equipment, and the restricted number of video tutorials will not be a problem for most students.

BestMyTest vs. Magoosh: What is better for TOEFL Training?

If you’ve already read our in-depth guide about the best TOEFL training courses, you might wonder what makes Magoosh TOEFL courses better than BestMyTest and what makes them different.

There is fierce competition between these two high-level courses, although there are two major factors that differentiate them in particular.

First of all, Magoosh is a TOEFL course that is more video-focused. BestMyTest TOEFL provides several video tutorials, but Magoosh offers more. Therefore, if you’re learning more efficiently with instructional videos, you can look closely at what Magoosh offers.

However, it’s not just great video tutorials that make Magoosh ahead of BestMyTest. The price went down for us. Magoosh, TOEFL test training is much more affordable than BestMyTest but still guarantees a high score. BestMyTest offers more practice tests than Magoosh, but it’s slightly misleading.

That said, BestMyTest claims to offer 20 complete TOEFL practice tests, but 18 of these tests consist of reusable practice questions you’ve already encountered in the course. That doesn’t mean the revised practice test isn’t worth it.

More frequent exposure to similar material might be beneficial for your TOEFL training.

The conclusion is that both  BestMyTest and Mangoosh offer two of the most complete and rewarding TOEFL training courses, with some daylight in between; that is why Magoosh’s cheaper TOEFL subscription prices are our top picks.

Pros and Cons of BestMyTest


  • This will help you identify areas that need improvement so that you can focus more on TOEFL training. This way, you won’t have to spend much time studying while preparing for the part of the test that you have mastered.
  • Virtual tutors make sure you are on the right way in every lesson.
  • Virtual Tutors provide lesson guidance in every TOEFL section and help you look around the course platform to navigate the course and not miss out on what’s important.
  • The smart digital flashcards are easy to use, and you can expand your vocabulary whenever you have free time. It’s an awesome way to learn TOEFL on the go, queue up, or break from other activities.
  • For the writing section in TOEFL, reviewers will grade and validate their submissions according to the current TOEFL assessment guidelines and make personal suggestions to help you improve your English writing.
  • You will receive grades, written reviews, and audio recordings from BestMyTest TOEFL reviewers to review the TOEFL section. This will allow you to listen to native speakers as they give helpful advice on improving your verbal response and suggestions to improve your pronunciation, grammar, content, etc.


  • This alone costs more than the entrance ticket. 
  • Should you wish to prepare for the exam by watching many informative and informative videos, the BestMyTest TOEFL course might not be your cup of tea.

Customer Reviews For BestMyTest

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👉 What is the best training institute for TOEFL preparation?

BestMytest TOEFL is a comprehensive TOEFL research method. You need to be one of the best TOEFL courses, including all the best courses and courses here, first of all, this is the best TOEFL course,

🤟 Does BestMyTest include video training?

BestMyTest offers some educational videos. Although the length of the videos is not big, especially about others like Magoosh. BestMyTest is not video-centric.

🙋‍♀️ What is the cost of the BestMyTest TOEFL course?

You can see the different plans in the list above and see how many resources you can get with each option. With so many subscription plans available, it's not hard for you to find the best plan for your TOEFL training needs. Don't spend more than you should spend on training. Save with our exclusive BestMost TOEFL coupon code!

Conclusion: BestMyTest Review 2024

Without a doubt, BestMyTest TOEFL provides one of the most comprehended approaches to TOEFL training.

Add all the fine course equipment and features, plus versatile pricing options here, and it’s one of the best TOEFL training courses online. This is an excellent TOEFL training course.

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