Tai Lopez Personality Test Review 2024– Is It Worth Your Time?

We are talking about the Tai Lopez Personality Test here! Wondering why? 

Well, because when it comes to homo sapiens, aka, humans, the most interesting and important factor that differentiate one person from another is personality. Also, personality plays a very important role in your love life too. 

That is because some prefer outgoing chatterboxes they can stare at and get lost in while others prefer the silent, holding your hand even though it is sweaty and not result in feeling disgusted. 

Of course, these are not the only type of personalities you find, you can find people with similar personalities but never the same. There is a little science behind that now. 

Bottom Line:

The personality test gives you a result of how you can handle the entire course structure which is very important for your education.

It tests you on a different basis, on your ability to cope with different professors, your ability to study from different teachers, your concentration skills, your dedication, and much more. 

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You see, when you were a baby, you have been developing your personality since then, maybe you were the one who liked throwing a tantrum to sleep in your mommy’s arms, while your sibling was comfortable falling asleep in any human’s arms. 

Yup, you guys are siblings and not strangers, which says that you have a blood relation that is said to link the both of you in the closest way possible. But you are still so different, why? Of course, the traits you received from your ancestors play a role here but what else? 

Intrigued yet? Well, let me tell you about the test then!

Tai Lopez Personality Test

Tai Lopez Personality Test Review 2024– Is It Reliable?

About Tai Lopez Personality Test Review

We all are familiar with letting our ears grab the pleasant wordings of people when they compliment you, aren’t we? Or are you like my mom who gets all flustered and awkward when someone takes the opportunity to put their admiration of your outfit into words?Well, no matter what you are like, it is important to know how we are because it reflects on many of the predominant factors our life constantly depends on. But if you look at it up close, you will notice that anyone can describe your personality based on your behavior except you. Why? Well, think about it, most of your personality questions are based on what other people tell you and not what you think about what other people think. What does this tell you? Yup, this means that when it comes to knowing yourself, you have to take a test so that you are clear about your life, it helps, of course, to have a better perspective about the way you behave and the way you live and the reason behind why you do certain things that you do. 

What is the Personality Test?

Alright, to understand this question better, let’s take an example. Suppose you have met a group of people for the first time at a diner. Now, you are waiting at the counter for your morning 7 am coffee and a member from that group is waiting right beside you. Your phone rings and the ringtone is a song you like. A lot although it isn’t all that famous. The person next to you straight away asks you if that’s the kind of music you like and tells you about another band that they think you might like. So, from this specific scenario, what can you say about the person who is waiting next to you? If you look at it closely, first of all, you can say that this person is somewhat outgoing and easy to talk to. Also, you can tell by the way he is dressed if he is a morning person or not. What I mean is, if he is dressed properly and smartly right in the morning, he must’ve woken up pretty early, making him a morning person, assuming he doesn’t look all that groggy. Now, if he is a morning person and not all that groggy the morning you met, that would mean he sleeps pretty early which would mean he has his dinner pretty quick in the evening too and is someone who isn’t used to partying at night until the sun rises. And if he is from a group of people, it could be his colleagues or his friends, you can’t exactly say but if you noticed him away from the crowd for a long while, you could say that he likes to keep to himself. But like I said at the start, he initiated a conversation, so, he probably is an ambivert who isn’t afraid to speak up but does not enjoy crowds in particular either. Do you see how much we got from one person who is waiting for coffee beside you? Well, yup, personality tests are kind of the procedure version of this example. Instead of going to a diner for a coffee every morning, just take the personality tests in your free time and learn more about yourself! 

What is Tai Lopez Personality Test?

tai lopez personality test- life compass testNow that we have discussed what personality tests are, let’s talk about the Tai Lopez Personality Test. It is another test available online and is popular all around the land! If you are wondering how Tai Lopez came to create this personality test, let’s just say that personality is an essential factor in your life and he is someone who looks forward to bringing betterment to your life. So, let’s see what this test is all about. Have you heard about the D3- Short quiz? Well, if yes, then you would know that it is a quiz that is associated with three tests specifically, the first one talks about the amount of narcissism one possesses, the second test is about the Machiavellianism levels in a person, and lastly, the psychopathy an individual is capable of, all of which are the triads of dark personality. For those of you who have no clue what the D3 Short quiz is, it is the same as what I said before. As for the time it takes to complete this personality test, it is estimated to be 18 minutes. And the Tai Lopez Personality test uses the concept of the D3 Short quiz. This means that along with all the qualities that will probably help you naturally in the course of life, you will also be able to understand some traits and habits that will probably harm your choices in your life, which is curable, although, the effort required is massive. But that is exactly what Tai is here to help you with. To contribute to the ways you could make yourself better and achieve a better life, as close to perfect as possible. And this is just one of the ways he is helping you do it! 

How Can Tai Lopez Personality Test Help You?

You know that personality is the combination of characteristics one person possesses that makes him different from the crowd, now that could mean his reaction to something or his behavior around a specific person or people or crowd in general. Now, that might not seem important but let me tell you how it is. This person’s interaction skills, which is a personality trait, are very important when it comes to job placements. Why? Because you cannot give someone a placement in the company where he would have to talk to a large crowd of people and expect him to do it comfortably when he isn’t. This just proves that he isn’t giving his best and that it can be better. But he would appreciate a job where he manages the PPT making and things that won’t involve much communication but there are not a lot of placements like that in a working company, making a person’s communication skills extremely valuable to both him and the company he plans on working for. Of course, that isn’t the only place where personality is essential. When you look at another personality trait, say, a person’s ability to feel. Now, some are the softies who cry at every sad scene of a movie, and then, there are the ones who hardly shed a tear after the death of a lovely wife who died from cancer after spending all her time with her lover or the separation of a dog owner and his dog at a musical festival. Why is the magic of empathy important in a person’s life, you ask? Well, love is an essential part you come across in the journey of life. And if you cannot relate to another person or feel the way your partner does, you are bound to break up after a while. Sure, finding a partner isn’t necessary to be happy but it does contribute a lot to the subjective aspect of a person’s life. Also, you do not want someone who cannot control his emotions. Or maybe you do but that’s the thing! It all depends on you and these traits are the ones that separate a being from one another which is also why some of us are compatible and others aren’t. So, as you can see, the whole point of these tests is to know more about yourself because they help you in every aspect of life. Whether it is to pay your bills or find a partner with whom you can share a home or a group of friends who are ready to cry with you at titanic, yeah, this kind of information sorts things down for you so you can choose the most suitable ones for you! 

What Does Tai Lopez Personality Test Include?

The test consists of questions that mostly revolve around a person’s take on several aspects of life. This ranges from something as basic as lying to agreeing with somebody on something that could be wrong for the sake of ignoring a fight that could break out. It basically tests your character and how it works around people. It is not something that one should be stressed about because there are no right or wrong answers. It is one’s personal take on life aspects. It lasts for almost a range of 18 minutes and it tests you on a range of aspects of life. It may seem silly but it gives you assurance in the end as to what kind of a person you actually are. You are able to understand yourself more and reciprocate emotions in life.life compass test

Pros And Cons of Tai Lopez Personality Test 


  • The training that is conducted for each of the courses is through videos that are an hour each. A personality test helps you build yourself for a situation such as this.
  • There are more than 130 lessons for the users to study from. The main topics revolve around the social media markets and help you build a name and create your company. 
  • It tells you what’s most important when starting a company. For instance, it is absolutely necessary to build a website to kick off your business. It further helps you build a social media platform and increase your presence on a platform like this to give more exposure to your company.
  • The various platforms that they look toward influencing are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. It also helps you learn copywriting in order to use it on social media for further exposure.
  • The course also informs you about their alumni and their success stories. This is quite an eye-opener and the test that you take tells you as the result how prepared you are to face this.
  • Tai Lopez teaches the core subject of each course, however, there are multiple other professors that handle the other lectures. There are easily 34 – 40 teachers for the main 4 core modules.
  • This count is including the lecturers that come in for the bonus or extra classes. The bonus teachers come in for guest lectures and live calls to help give the students a more subjective view of a few topics to help them think better.
  • A personality test helps you prepare yourself for a change such as this. When we were in smaller grades, we never had a ton of teachers load us with their opinions but here, the styles of teaching are different.
  • They try to move you around in a realm of ideas to let you decide what fits in best and where.
  • The Facebook community is an asset to this course. They work tirelessly toward setting a good example for the students and introducing the various courses that they have to offer.
  • The personality test further assesses whether a change like this, that is from a more solid environment to one that expects you to work around your peers.
  • The students that have previously used the Tai Lopez courses consider themselves lucky to have had the opportunity to study under him and under his guidance.
  • The responses that come in about the courses might make you feel a little overwhelmed because it’s a very powerful feeling. The test further checks if you’re one who can handle situations that are overwhelming and of course a little confusing.
  • It takes effort to understand that as long as you put your mind to something nothing should get into your head let alone bother you.
  • Since the course is not sold off at some high price unlike most others and this gives a reason to reduce the pressure on oneself and concentrate entirely on their education which is what this wants you to focus on therefore the cheap prices.


  • The course is said to be very disorganized and that is one of the major concerns of the users of the course now. The team working behind this course is looking into this and they have made quite the progress.
  • A few videos that are released by the page are said to be outdated and that is very careless. Tai Lopez himself is said to be talking about these products while they are actually outdated.
  • The massive number of teachers involved in this course is also one of the main reasons why people face a lot of confusion. It mustn’t be this difficult for the students but they claim that it is difficult to concentrate on the perspectives of different professors at the same time. But what they don’t see is that this is a different approach to teaching and that it gives the students the liberty to choose from a variable number of teaching styles and understand their concepts the best through the ones that they prefer.
  • The course introductory videos are two. These are both orientation videos and they claim that both of these videos give out different information and that it is very confusing for anyone to keep up with their changes.
  • If you are somebody who doesn’t get distracted watching videos and can still concentrate on her work, you are somebody who can handle the study efforts of this course. The personality assessment test checks if you’re somebody who can readily handle your education although it is only through the internet and not through any physical classes.

tai lopez personality test review

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FAQs | Tai Lopez Personality Test 

🤔 Are the personality tests worth the time?

The personality tests are tests that are devised to test one’s mental ability in different aspects and they are very helpful to those that are unsure about a particular situation. Although they are used to check for psychological problems, in such a situation they are devised for other purposes

👉 What are they looking for personality tests?

They look at how you can handle study-related issues and how you deal with situations. They look at how you deal with stress and your confidence when put in different situations from which you can’t cut loose.

👍 What is the most reliable personality test?

The big five is considered the most reliable personality test and it works well in most situations and it gives the most accurate results about the person who has taken the test. It tests one’s personality and it is also very reliable. It is commercially used by psychologists, career counselors, and other professionals in various other fields.

Conclusion | Tai Lopez Personality Test 2024

The personality test gives you a result of how you can handle the entire course structure which is very important for your education. It tests you on a different basis, on your ability to cope with different professors, your ability to study from different teachers, your concentration skills, your dedication, and much more. This test has also helped me understand the importance of a different kind of approach and it further molded me a lot.

I promised myself that I would focus on the videos and not get distracted by anything else and that I  know how I finished my courses. I made sure that I paid attention to each professor. The prices aren’t rocket high and the material and information they provide are worth it all. With the help of multiple professors, we got much more exposure. Their perspective on things was very different compared to how we were taught in earlier grades. I could pose questions and the bonus lecturers that they brought in were very insightful and helpful. The multiple professor system did confuse most of us in the beginning but it got better after planning a timetable.  I would recommend anybody looking for a wider perspective on things or the ones who definitely want to pursue a career in social media marketing to take up this course and study under these professors who provide nothing but the knowledge to our young minds.

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