Tai Lopez Book List Review 2024– Top 10 Recommendations

In this post, I am going to discuss Tai Lopez Book List Review 2024.

”The right books always give you a great ROI”. Rightly quoted by Tai Lopez. Books are the greatest teachers, friends, philosophers, and mentors. 

The right book will never guide you down the wrong path.

Now, if you are an avid reader or a bibliophile, then you must have heard about Tai Lopez. He is prominent for being a guy you see in the ads, sparking hope for you to make millions.

Bottom Line: Tai Lopez is a book maniac, he loves reading books and also recommends numerous books to everyone. Here is a list of top 10 Books recommended by Tai Lopez that can entirely change your life.

If you want to be successful and rich in life, then in this article I have summarized some considerable books suggested by Tai Lopez. So let us have a look at Tai Lopez Book List.

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Tai Lopez Book List

Tai Lopez Book List Review 2024– 10 Best Recommendations

About Tai Lopez Book List

Tai Lopez is a top online media influencer. He is a speculator, entrepreneur, and business visionary with over +12m supporters and fans across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.In 2015, he turned into an online sensation by investing a huge number of dollars in Youtube promotions. Through the advancement of his items, he immediately rose to get one of the most notable tech improvement masters on the web. He was the first to deliver an online course to use AdWords on Google and made an individual brand by working with other significant business people in the advertising business. This was all about Tai Lopez, but how did he reach this position?The only answer to this question is by reading books. The more books you read, the more successful you will be. Because everything in the world will terminate but the only thing that will last forever is knowledge.tai lopez book list recommendations

List of Top 10 Tai Lopez Book List Recommendations

  1. Contagious: Why things catch on- by Jonah Berger
  2. The old man and the sea- by Ernest Hemmingway
  3. The 4-hour workweek- by Timothy Ferriss 
  4. Gandhi: An Autobiography- by Mahatma Gandhi and Mahadev Desai
  5. The magic of thinking big- by David J. Schwartz
  6. Seriously… I’m kidding
  7. Think and Grow Rich
  8. Awaken the giant within
  9. Life without Limits
  10. Influence- the psychology of persuasion                                 

how to sell onlineSo, go through the article and decide which book you should read:

1. Contagious: Why things catch on- by Jonah Berger.

Jonah Berger is a specialist in vocal and viral marketing. His aptitude lies in enlightening the ways in which ideas and behaviors catch on in society.The biggest thing about the book is that it elucidates what makes a product go viral and what it is that lies behind the idea of being distinguished, be it a commodity or an idea.What did I learn from this book?Nowadays online media has become as influential as offline channels. The one thing to work for online media is its widespread composure and speed. Data can go from one corner of the world to the next within a microsecond.Nobody desires to be a dolt today, especially the people on the internet. If you wish your content goes viral on the internet, then you have to develop it so that the people who scour it feel good about themselves.Never undervalue the capability of the narrator of a  story. A story is competent enough to make a bond with the people quickly, and most people like to share exhilarating tales with their family and friends. You can always find ways to make things go viral. No content is viral since birth. It is up to me. All that you gotta do is to do is appraise the zest of the populace and create your content that best serves their taste. Then, back it up with contentious promotion. Invest time in planning and you will discover that the efficiency of your execution has been enhanced. Getting inspired is for free. You do not have to actually spend on any courses or webinars to feel incited to accomplish great things.  It is the struggle that mandates to have a price paid in terms of handwork. If you are interested in marketing, then this book is a blessing for you.

2. The old man and the sea- by Ernest Hemmingway.

Generously, it’s a masterwork by Ernest Hemingway which cultivates a lot of qualities.I have noted down the values that I have learned from this book. These are-

  1. A man can be annihilated but can’t be defeated: The old man’s sanguinity in his awful days of life very well shows his determination. He continued his voyage and it doesn’t matter how excruciatingly his entire body was anguished!
  2. Perseverance: Every solitary page of the fable beautifully characterizes the man’s perseverance…How swiftly he shrugs off hostile feelings and stays concentrated on his goal.
  3. Friendship and humanity: The small boy who used to labor with the man earlier, is still attending to care for him every single time. He appears to be the man’s only friend. The falling of tears from the boy’s eyes on perceiving the condition of the old man( at the end)shows that some relations are beyond the ties of blood, and the little boy demonstrated it each time…His assurance of coming along with him next time to capture fish really made me the sense that humanity exists and yes, generous people do prevail!
  4. Optimism: Despite the disappointment for 84 days, the man never happened to tumble into depression but he remains optimistic enough to commence another day with tons of hope..!!
  5. Enjoying your own company: In the entire journey, the man was alone, talking to himself, motivating himself..all alone… Isn’t that what our lives are all about..we have to fight our obstacles all alone..not every time we can have someone with us!

This fable is a stunning display of endless hope, endurance, positiveness, and affection, rationalizing the Nobel prize that the writer acquired!

3. The 4-hour workweek- by Timothy Ferriss: 

The main takeaway from The 4-hour workweek according to me is delegation. Tim Ferris’ notion is to complete all the endeavors but not on your own. That is we need to focus on our strengths or core and then delegate the rest. I totally concede with his concept of hiring a virtual assistant to take vigilance of our work. This is my favorite book of all time. If I had to pick one book to preserve, this would be it.And at the core, this book is a productive book. It’ll teach you how you could automate or delegate, how to eradicate, how to outsource, how to pertain to the 80-20 rule to your business, how to be more fruitful, and get more stuff done. So then you can go live the esprit of your dreams.It tutors you a lot about productivity, and since reading this book, I’ve evolved as a productivity nut and have applied a lot of the techniques that Tim suggests in this book in my life, to my business. And it’s had a sensational impact.This book strongly believes that we can measure the success of people by the volume of uncomfortable conversations they are daring to take up. That’s what this book helps you do. The number one book for all entrepreneurs, you must read it.

tai lopez book list- best books recommended by tai lopez

4. Gandhi: An Autobiography- by Mahatma Gandhi and Mahadev Desai.

It is one of the great books I had the delight to read and re-read. It is the story of Mahatma Gandhi recited by himself.Let me confide in you one thing. This is not about a national movement for liberty. This is not about a political account of modern events. It is not boasting about power or privilege as some biographies are. It practically revolves around ethics, which is the most crucial thing Mahatma Gandhi cared about.The autobiography stops at about 1929. Gandhiji never returned to make it up to date. The portions covering his student days, his relationship with his father, his marriage at 16 years of age, his travel to England, his studies there, his return to India, his relocation to South Africa, his parallelism with Leo Tolstoy, his prepping the Tolstoy farm, his crusade for the rights of indentured Indian laborers, the birth of his children, his trials at inducting brahmacharya in his life, his camaraderie with General Jon Smuts – well, all these are poignantly portrayed. His participation in the Boer war is touchingly illustrated.Gandhi and his family returned to India in 1915. He met Gopalakrishna Gokhale, whom he considered his mentor. There was then the Champaran struggle. Mahatma converted Congress, which was the debating society of upper-middle-class professionals into a weapon of mass struggle against the British.Rarely do we come across a book of this honesty, this scintillating clarity.For anyone who is eager to learn about Mahatma, it is a must-read.

5. The magic of thinking big- by David J. Schwartz:

I wish I had perused this book before, it had filled in so much certain vitality in me. Here are the synopsis and key takeaway: Achievement is resolved less by the size of one’s cerebrum or IQ all things considered by the size of ‘One’s reasoning’. Case history after case history demonstrated that the size of one’s ledger, the size of the joy record, and the size of one’s overall fulfillment accounts rely on the “size of one’s reasoning”. The most prominent human shortcoming is – undercutting oneself. Thinking I am bad enough for something. Pointing low. Lucrative positions, top posts are less packed with applications. Individuals think they are not fit/qualified for it. They belittle. Keep in mind, that more responsible options are typically uncrowded. prepare to stun the world. Feeling that directs your insight is significantly more significant than how much knowledge you have. Not so much as a Ph.D. degree can abrogate this achievement rule. With a positive, hopeful, and helpful mentality, an individual with an IQ of 100 will gain more cash, win more regard and make more progress than a negative, skeptical, uncooperative individual with an IQ of 120.

Seriously… I’m kidding:

All our lives we are taught to take life seriously, be punctual, and avoid too much entertainment but can a person survive a life with no humorous riffs? Tai Lopez’s recommendation of seriously… I’m kidding is just what you need in tough times that challenge you to give up. This book is authored by my favorite American stand-up comedian and actress, Ellen Degeneres. When I was first recommended this book I was almost certain that I would give up since humor in the form of literature isn’t my cup of tea but guess what? Ellen actually had me hooked with her wittiness till the end. It is her journey of a lifetime of realizations that covered diverse topics that most of us don’t really pay attention to, a few fictional stories, a chapter entirely dedicated to her making weird sounds, but most are her thoughts that suddenly hit in between the most random chores. To me, this has been the most honestly written book where the author offers the aspiring wisdom behind being astute, technology, social etiquettes that we have long since forgotten, and much more.   


7. Think and Grow Rich: 

Every man who tries to taste success through books starts off with this one. Published originally in 1937 by Napoleon Hills, it is a book that revolves around the idea of living a rich life by successfully fulfilling your dreams. The year around which it was published was called the great depression due to the severe worldwide economic decline that has affected the majority of the countries. When I first read this book, I had no doubt rated it a five star because of how it has shaped my thinking. The principles that were shared in this book were not just to say that you can be rich, it was a convincingly outlined journey that has shown me the steps to take and the steps to avoid in order to grow rich. Most people have reviewed it to be a boring and non-appalling book, but honestly speaking, I think these people are those who don’t like taking risks and taking action on getting the right advice. People who seek success on a silver platter without moving a limb. If I have to recommend one book that could help you in your personal development and show you the ways to think economically, then Think and Grow Rich would be my first priority. 

8. Awaken the giant within:

Psychology expert Tony Robbins has brought a lifetime of treasure in the form of his best-selling book, Awaken the giant within, which is constituted with the fundamental lessons of self-development. Be it your mental well-being, your physical issues, emotional connections, or your finances, basically, your life needs to be sought to excel in the mastery of living. Robbins showed us that a person living in denial regarding any of the aspects of himself cannot prevail longer and it is a must for them to learn and understand what actually these parts of their lives are before it appears in the dark. The power this book holds is just so magical that it has completely made me practical regarding my mindset, how it needs to be dealt with, and whatnot. In the earlier years of my adult life, I had a naive belief that success is important and if not achieved then am I just a worthless human, but is it true? Absolutely no! This has taught me that when life throws you lemons you cannot always catch them to relish their taste. Rather you need to let go of them, let go of things that disturb your well-being without letting them affect your emotional state. And I’d be forever grateful to Tai Lopez for adding this gem of a book to this recommendation list.            

9. Life without Limits: 

Have you ever thought about how blessed you are to have been born with all the luxuries of life? No, I am not talking about owning a bungalow, hefty bank balance, or such rather the luxury of being born with healthy internal organs, with two hands and legs without hindrances. You might not be grateful but Nick Vujicic is, a man born without arms and legs who has not only defeated his disabilities but has become a slap to the faces of those who constantly complain regarding life, or not being rich and fulfilling their goals. An inspirational autobiography that I came across on Tai Lopez’s recommendations, where Nick shares with us his journey on how he has managed to survive all these years of childhood, teen, and now an adult. The trauma he has been in for the longest has failed to defeat his faith in God which has kept him going all his life. He inspires us that if a miracle does not hit you in life then you need to become one.Very often, many of us get stuck in thoughts like we aren’t enough. Nick here has so beautifully articulated the insights of his personal life that shows us how he has dealt with his breakdowns and picked himself up to be better than last time. It has won the CALEB award for non, fiction, 2011 It has taught me not to be dejected in times of calamities and to lose hope while facing failure, rather inspire this man who has grown in a way all of us just dream of. Each chapter, although written from his perspective, suits just as much in our lives where he explored the topics of trusting heart, hunger for opportunities, strong hope, courageous spirit and attitude, and most importantly self-acceptance which comes in contradiction with self-doubt. The only thing I would suggest to you all here is, just go with it, grab this book, and make the most of it by implementing it in your life.       

10. Influence- the psychology of persuasion:


If you would ask me to suggest a book that could help you in shaping your mental well-being in accordance with the circle you are surrounded with, then this is the best no fiction by Robert B.

Cialdini to pick up on the go. It is so well penned with a vast content library that you would probably get lost in it. 

Tai Lopez might have sensed our insecurities that he has brought this one before us, to recognize who holds the authority, to value the commitments and carry on the consistency, to know the art of how to not get influenced by others either by good or bad companies. 

There are many psychologists who have named this book for the tricks and explanations presented by Robert Cialdini for being very impressive and intriguing that might look like this was written for the young adult audience.

The lucid manner in which Cialdini has pointed out the fundamentals is where I gave in, the emphasized manner that is used to write and repeatedly brought before the reader so that they could keep in mind what has been written to be ingrained is just exceptional.

Recommended? Hell yes!

total recall- buy on amazon kindle

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FAQs | Tai Lopez Book List

👉 Are there any beneficial books in Tai Lopez’s book list?

Over 150+ books have been added by Tai in his book recommendations that are beneficial in one way or the other to every human being.

👍 Are Lopez’s booklist reliable?

Tai Lopez is known for finishing a book in a day, and an estimate of 8,401 books have been read by him. He chooses the best among them and adds to the booklist which has helped students in picking up books for their courses as well since he mainly focuses on personal development.

🤔 How is Tai Lopez as a mentor?

Since, Tai offers a number of beneficial courses along with top listed book recommendations that have helped a lot of people, especially those who find it difficult to settle on a career, Tai has helped many such people and Hence is a mentor.

Conclusion | Tai Lopez Book List Review 2024

Now that we have chosen the top 10 out of the 150+ recommendations by Tai Lopez, it is most definitely trouble-free for you to pick any one of these books (not gonna lie, every book is the best in its own genre). Any person, from what I know of, tends to refer to people who have more knowledge regarding the aspects they are curiously willing to know about and Tai Lopez is one of them. He has been in this field for years now, and always stands out in his progress. Being an author himself, he has handpicked books written decades ago to the recently published ones, just know that if the book is beneficial, then it is most likely to be on the Tai Lopez book list.

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