Tai Lopez Scam Review 2024– What Are Facts & Myths?

You have heard a man called Tai Lopez talking about ways you could get immensely wealthy and successful, well, wondering if this is true or a Tai Lopez Scam?

So, I am bringing this review to you because I have participated in his programs and have paid for them for a while. 

That is also why this review is brutally honest and I will try my best to not make this look like I am influenced by Tai Lopez or his team in any way. 

We also did a complete review of Tai Lopez courses, which has all the details and insights about various Tai Lopez courses. Make sure to check it out.

But want to know if the programs are for you or not? Well, you will relate to some of the situations I am going to mention. 

Bottom Line: Tai Lopez is an online social media influencer. He and the courses that he offers are 100% legit.

  • Case 1: You are looking for ways to achieve a life where you have your dream job and are in a good position, have a loving family and trustworthy friends with a few trips now and then.
  • Although you are not in a really bad state in the course of life right now, you do wish things were better. 
  • Case 2: You have had this stressed mind for months, you are fired and had a heartbreaking split up with your significant other and have a disease, now, that sounds bad, right?
  • And now you hope for things to get better and are looking for them to get better but have no clue where to start cleaning the mess from. 
  • Case 3: You have a proper job that pays well, and lives in a bearable environment with bearable people. But all of sudden, you are worried if you are just wasting your life away because this is nothing close to what you want. 

Well, felt relatable to any of the cases above?

Then, congratulations, this article is a go-to for you, and keep reading! If not, don’t worry about it because Tai Lopez opens up ways one could get victorious and rich but in the business stream. 

tai lopez scam?

Tai Lopez Scam Review 2024– Is It A Truth?

About Tai Lopez

When you look at it, the main factors that define a good life are love, happiness, health, and wealth. And this is exactly what one achieves when he chooses a course offered by Tai Lopez. 

It is important to have these factors straightened out in your life because they are the ones that kind of matter at all costs. And having them together is what would make a difference. 

You cannot have perfect health but no money because then, it would start affecting your eating habits which would slowly lead to a decrease in your happiness levels.

After all, you would be starving half of the time and if you aren’t happy in general, it would affect your partner’s emotions too because as we all know, feelings are contagious. 

What I mean is, all these factors are correlated and the rest won’t make a huge difference if one of them isn’t up to the mark, the rest start collapsing too. This is exactly why one who isn’t satisfied with any of the factors has to reach out and take the help offered by Tai Lopez and the education company that he runs online. 

Programs and Courses Offered by Tai Lopez

Now, I have told you about all the ways this man’s courses can help but want a glance at what kind of courses they offer?

Well, let’s take a look at some of my all-time favorite courses!These are the programs I would agree to complete in a heartbeat! Why? Because they have helped me significantly to get through a dark time in my life. 

1. The 67 Steps

tai lopez scam?- the 67 steps programThis course consists of 67 lessons, as the name suggests, about all the life experiences that teach important lessons. Although, the important thing about this course is that it requires commitment.

I’ve spoken to a few other people who chose this course and left it halfway through or after a few lessons because they believed that all of these things said in the lessons aren’t new or it is common sense. 

That isn’t true, at least, according to my knowledge. I say this because if it were, people would follow their “common sense” and a majority of the population would be successful by now but is it so? No, leaving us with the conclusion that it isn’t all that true, after all.

The ultimate result of this program is that once you are finished with all 67 lessons, you find yourself engaged in a new and different thought process. Not only that, the lessons help you procrastinate a lot less or even stop if followed properly and reduce all the whining you get associated with sometimes. 

Now, for those of you who are wondering how much this program costs, it is $1 for each video, that is, a lesson, which would make the entire course $67. For me, it was worth the price. This is because I learned something new from every video and I bet that you will too! 

And I have a note you should keep in mind: once you get the course, you have access to them for a lifetime, so, guess who got the perfect gift to give to their 28-year-old future grandkids? Yup, thank me later! 

2. The Social Media Marketing Agency Course

social media marketing agency 2.0- tai lopez scamDo you wish that you could travel around the planet, watch new lifestyles and eat different food every single day and sleep in a new bed every night while making a fortune to help you do all that? 

Well, I haven’t tried out this particular course but yes, I have someone important who did and he loves the course! That is because he is someone who enjoys walking on a new street every hour of the day and drinking water that tastes funny in some places and using different modes of transport to travel around an area!

 He says that it teaches you how to begin and manage an agency regarding marketing on social media. Other than this, also they provide you with a certification. Along with that, you also learn strategies regarding gaining traffic, paid or free of cost, doesn’t matter! 

This enables you to work virtually and hop on your journey to explore a new place! What I think is that this program is ideal for you if you want to make some short-term job for instant cash.

 Now, the important question is here, how much does this SMMA course charge you? Oh, well, nothing at all! Yup, it is a free ride! So, why not just check the program out if you are way into adventures and flights and different cuisine?! 

3. The 5-Minute Mentor Program 

5 minute mentor programWell, wouldn’t it be wonderful if it took you the same amount of time as preparing Maggi to get a general but thoughtful message or… a lesson, perhaps? Yes, it would!

 That is because it doesn’t require a lot of your thought and you can insert this new task anywhere in your schedule for the day! If anything, listening to a lesson every night can make a difference too! 

Now, it would be a waste of time if you cannot devote it to the programs you pay for, which would make them almost useless but for this course, you do not invest anything and get some life tutoring every day! Tai Lopez could be your paid consultant, sure but I prefer him as my 5-minute free daily teacher and I am sure you would too!

Oh, and the best part about the program is that it is to the point and easily consumable, which makes it super easy to understand. My favorite time to play the lesson for the day was when I drove myself to work and back home.

In a few weeks, my confidence in myself and everything that was happening in my life increased vastly. Now, all the videos you watch are archived, this means that you get to look at the lessons again and replay them if you seem to have forgotten the message or need advice urgently. 

Is The Tai Lopez Scam Really A Scam? 

Some of you might be wondering if this guy is actually a scam and then, some of you are wondering why his name pops up with the word “scam” next to it.

Well, whatever it is that fascinates you here, I will tell you why Tai Lopez is rumored to be a scam and why the rumor is just a rumor and not the truth. For one, Tai Lopez is one of the most successful people on the planet who started with nothing. This makes him a valuable mentor and his advice is genuinely useful too. As for his courses, they are legit too.

 If you haven’t gotten it yet, what I mean is that Tai Lopez isn’t a scam and he genuinely wants to help people build the ideal life for themselves for the sole reason that everyone deserves such a perfect life. Now, as for why people think he is a scam and why you are here, the marketing tactics he uses and talks about are quite questionable.

Of course, that isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a little different from your usual tactics which makes it all the more questionable. 

Other than that, he tends to bend the truth sometimes, making people think that he is covering a different side you would not approve of, which, by the way, is not the case. He just tends to do so which is okay because no man is perfect and he is a man.  

Pros and Cons of Tai Lopez Courses


Pros Cons
  • Their program offers over 130 lessons in a 64-hour video course for developing an online media market, covering topics such as branding and niche identification.
  • The course needs significant organizational improvements.
  • A website is essential for starting an organization. It helps establish an online presence on social media and create ads for Google and Facebook.
  • Questions have been raised about outdated videos on the page
  • Learn to write copy for online media with our program. Get essential tips and success stories from former students.
  • One course offers exposure to multiple perspectives from professors.
  • Former students credit the course for their success.
  • Good discussions during meeting. Valuable resource for course.
  • The course has a reputation for not selling courses at high costs.


Quick Links

FAQs | Tai Lopez Scam Review

👉 What is Inner Circle about?

This is a book written by Tai Lopez. It talks about a society people don’t know about which makes society secret where everyone is living a wonderful life while everyone else has trouble with the life they are living.

👍 How do you know if Tai’s lessons are legit?

Well, you would do well to remember that Tai Lopez was someone just like you and I. He had his own set of failures and dark times in his life which lead him to form the educational company he runs today. Also the reason behind why he insists on helping people who aren’t exactly the most wealthy ones on the planet.

🤔 What is the procedure for a refund?

The best way to register for a refund would be at the company’s official email. The period between which you can receive your refund in about 2-30 days. This depends on your bank account. To know more, check the refund and cancellation policy for the company.

Conclusion | Tai Lopez Scam Review 2024

The courses provided by Tai Lopez have always helped me get through my worst. Even when I was contemplating not continuing, the variety of professors they had gave me a different perspective on things and I learned to study the material through different approaches.

I told myself that I would focus on the videos and not get distracted by anything else and that is exactly how I finished my courses. I made sure that I paid attention to each professor.

The prices didn’t rocket high and the material and information they provide are worth it all. With the help of multiple professors, we got much more exposure.

Although there were rumors about this course becoming a scam, I would still trust that they will be able to uphold the honor of this community. 

They helped me work through my most difficult times and they even provided enough information to let me know that I will be getting through. The trust they had in me alone helped me cruise easily through the entire course.

When I was still a new student to this course, there was much confusion but as the course proceeded onto the higher stages, I was able to grasp the technique and manner of teaching very quickly and go ahead and learn from it.

To contact Tai Lopez, click on Support.

To Buy the Books written by Tai Lopez, click here.

Also, connect them on their social pages- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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