12 Foundations Of Wealth Book By Tai Lopez Review 2024

In this post, I am going to discuss 12 Foundations Of Wealth Book By Tai Lopez Review 2024

I will tell you about the 12 Foundations of Wealth Book by Tai Lopez, which will be very helpful. These are the 12 things that you should have been taught in your school.

There are rare cases people teach these things in school. In general, they teach children like a memory machine. If you are struggling you must learn these 12 things. 

There are just 2 ways either you follow these foundations and be successful or ruin your life. Everyone successful is following these 12 foundations whether he does not knows about them.

Bottom Line: The 12 foundations are taken from the book of Tai Lopez.

If you follow the 12 foundations you will get the following benefits in your life 

  • Confidence
  • Security
  • A feeling of prosperity
  • The capacity to contribute at a more prominent level
  • Hope
  • Leadership
  • A good life

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It is like a fruit seller selling his fruits. He is using marketing techniques but most of them do not know about even marketing. They just think marketing is only advertising and selling. 

You can’t restrict it to just 12 foundations; it may be more than 12. But these 12 are essential to be successful in life.

Before going into the details of the 12 foundations, let’s have a look at the life and details of the author.

12 Foundations Of Wealth Book By Tai Lopez

About Tai Lopez

The 12 foundations are taken from the book of Tai Lopez. The famous writer of various motivational books like 67 Steps, Stock Picking, and many more.Tai Lopez (conceived on April 11, 1977) is an American business visionary, financial specialist, Motivational Speaker, and online personality situated in Los Angeles, California. He puts stock in the idea that information takes into account more open doors in creativity and economic freedom to accomplish what he accepts to be a “Good Life”. Tai presently goes about as a consultant and accomplice to more than 20 multi-million organizations. He made a book club assist individuals with accomplishing their own “Good Life”. Starting in 2024, Tai Lopez’s total assets are $60 million.

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Detailed 12 Foundations Of Wealth Book

1. Selecting the right occupation

This is the most fundamental foundation of all the 12 Foundations. You have to select the right occupation. This is the most important thing if you want to be successful. There are thousands of examples of people who do not select the right career even sometimes entrepreneurs are also included in this list.Normally, People start their careers by seeing others for what they do. If a friend is selling clothes, you also start the same business that the friend is doing. This is the wrong way that we select our profession. You have to select your careers carefully. There are different circles of our background like life, environment, education, interest, and so on. Sometimes, you have to do cognitive quizzes. You have to combine all of them at a point. Then, you have to select your occupation very carefully.Sometimes it happens, that you think you are good at something but you are not. This is because you just see others doing some other work. You see he is doing well in his profession. I start to compare myself and imagine I could do it better than him. I see he is worse than me and I start realizing that I could do better. But at this point, I don’t even think every person has some skills in which he is an expert. Maybe he is worse than you in an aspect but He has expertise in another field.Here is an example: my own elder brother had done a bundle of different businesses. He flopped in every business he had done. He bears losses in the end and quits the business. Here is a question, why does he face losing all the time? This is because whenever he started a business, he used to see his surroundings and what the others were doing. This is not the right job for me, you have to search for a job profession where you are eager to go on Monday. This will be the right profession for you. The thing I experienced during the period was that you just have to choose the right profession. It is a universal rule that if you select the right way you will reach your goal. After all the losses, my brother came back on track. The first time he chooses the career of his choice. He started a construction company. Now he had all the luxury in his life.

master the 12 key things for living a better life

There are four main things in 12 foundations. Each of them has three heads in it and makes 12 foundations to live a good life. The First 3 things lead to the 4th. These are the most important for the life of a person.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Health

Making progress isn’t simple, you need to give your greatest day in and day out for a long time to turn into a Successful personality. If you don’t take care of your health, at that point life won’t be simple for us. I need to adjust my physical, mental, and enthusiastic body. Better health implies better execution in each aspect of your life. There are 3 things in well-being: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

2. Body

“Body image” is a term that can be used to portray how I think about my body.Since these musings and emotions can be perplexing, ways to deal with characterizing and comprehending body image are different and can include: how I see my body, and how precise this recognition is? How fulfilled You are with your bodies and appearance? How do you experience your bodies in our condition? the amount I esteem what others think about my body and appearance? What’s more, how much others’ sentiments about our appearance influence our emotions about ourselves. Frequently, when you talk about helpless body image, I am suggesting a sentiment of being unsatisfied with my body either in light of appearance, or how it capacities. This is portrayed as ‘body disappointment’. Interestingly, a positive body image can be portrayed as being happy with our body, holding admiration, thankfulness, and acknowledgment of its capacities, and having a solid harmony between esteeming our body and esteeming different parts of ourselves that make us ‘us’. Feeling discontent with our appearance is a generally basic encounter. The Mental Health Foundation directed an overview with YouGov in March 2019 of 4,505 UK grown-ups. Their overview found that while 21% of grown-ups felt ‘fulfilled’ in light of their body image, in the previous year, one of every five individuals (20%) have felt ‘shame’ and a little more than 33% (34%) have felt ‘down or low’ in the previous year due to their body image. Our overview proposes higher numbers contrasted with the 2013 British Social Attitudes Survey, where one of every twenty men and one out of ten ladies announced being disappointed with their appearance.

3. Mind

Anyway, you may be thinking, precisely how does my mental health influence my physical health? Indeed, poor mental health can influence your capacity to make solid choices and enable you to fight chronic diseases. Most of us don’t know about how regular mental instability is? Around one out of five grown-ups had a mental illness at a random year of life. Mental illness is something more than just being depressed. It covers a large number of issues, traversing from ones that influence mindset to those that influence thinking or behavior. Models consist: 

  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating disorder
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Bipolar depression
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders

Also, dismissing your Mental illness can prompt more genuine health diseases, for example,

  • Obesity
  • Premature death
  • High Blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • Heart Diseases
  • Gastronomical problems
  • Weekend immune system

Chronic fatigue can be caused by depression, a sleeping disorder, and expanded affectability pains because of the abnormal function of neurotransmitters in the brain.

4. Spirituality:

Nobody truly knows without a doubt how spirituality is attached to health. Moreover, it appears to be the body, brain, and soul associated. The health of any of these components appears to influence the others. Some research shows a link between beliefs and the feeling of well-being. Positive belief, relaxation, and power coming up through religion, meditation, and prayer can contribute to a complete person. It helps in Improving spiritual health it will fix sickness and it assists in feeling healthy and good. It also may help to prevent a few medical problems and give the stamina to adapt sooner to disease, stress, or death.

5. Wealth

Regularly, individuals state that they can live without money, yet it isn’t reasonable. money plays an immense part in the general public in different ways, for example, in business, at individuals’ work, and even in training. Money assists individuals with accomplishing a superior nature of instruction, a bigger possibility of business achievement, and higher work yield. Money is a fundamental item that causes you to run your life. Trading products for merchandise is a more seasoned practice and with no money, you can’t buy anything you wish. Money has picked up its worth since individuals are attempting to spare riches for their future needs.

6. Active income

Active income means the income we received from playing out help, providing service, and incorporates compensation, tips, pay rates, commissions, and pay from organizations where a material investment is present.  For example, A bookkeeper keeping a regularly scheduled check-in at a company gets an Active income. I had a 50 percent interest in one online business. As I do most day to day activities and work in the business. Hence, Mine is an Active income according to the IRS.

  • Have a lower risk compared to other types of income
  • More predictable than other types of income
  • Makes it easy to plan a monthly budget
  • May make individuals complacent and/or adverse to risk
  • Can limit earning potential

7. Passive income:

Passive income can be considered one of the most significant that the rich get more money. It’s how you withdraw your capacity to procure from the restricted time that you have in a day. With Passive income, you bring in cash while you rest. You likewise bring in cash while you’re wakeful. It could help proceed with your lifestyle, and it could give you that extra money you need to buy something you have reliably required. Above all, it could give you a budgetary pad to count on amid hardship, for example, the present monetary destruction because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ways to earn passively

  • Interest earned from investments/lending
  • Rental income
  • Investing in stock markets
  • Precious metals
  • Insurances

8. Donations:

One of the significant beneficial outcomes of giving money to a noble cause is essentially liking giving. Having the alternative to offer back to those in need energizes you to achieve a more imperative sentiment of individual satisfaction and advancement; it feels extraordinary to support others.Donating to charity is a major source of relaxation. The information that you’re helping other people is tremendously engaging and, thus, can make you feel happier and more Satisfied. Research had distinguished a connection between donating to a good cause and expanded movement in the region of the mind where you feel delighted – proving that as the recognizable precept goes, “it genuinely is far better to offer than to get.”Moreover, not many individuals can demonstrate that giving donations gets you more riches. Think about it, it doesn’t make sense from a financial outlook yet research has undoubtedly indicated that giving expands riches.

9. Love

No Individual has the ability to flourish altogether begins alone. We all need our loved ones always to be our backbone to tackle any troublesome situations and in need of help.Having a solid organization of steady loved ones always improves our mental and psychical states and to be happy and feel loved. It’s really important for us to always live among our loved ones for feeling loved and happy and also to tackle any kind of depression. It is a known truth that having close and solid relations with loved ones has a solid effect to go up against our mental instabilities and be happy.

10. Friends:

Friends can greatly influence your choices. Research has found that friends, provide moral support and help in resisting many unwanted temptations. If you battle to oppose allurement, encircling yourself with individuals who have a serious extent of self-restraint can help. According to research published in general, friends can influence friends to a great extent. So, be careful while choosing your friends. Being in a self-controlled way is very important to achieve all kinds of ever-lasting goals, be friends with individuals with self-control, good willpower, and it would be a little-known technique as well.

11. Family

The family impact is a significant power in getting ready youth for their functions as workers. Youngsters structure a significant number of their mentalities about work and vocations because of collaborations with the family. Family foundation gives the premise from which their vocation arranging and dynamic advance. My family esteems an impression of what our identity is and how I parent. At the point when I understand and live those qualities, my kids learn life exercises. They figure out how to communicate, take care of issues, develop from botches, and create different aptitudes and capacities that lead to satisfying lives.

12. Romance:

Romance is the crucial fuel that keeps a relationship pushing ahead. It keeps a relationship energetic, beautiful, and significant. Romantic gestures by your partner cause you to feel loved, desired, and care about. They advise you that your partner has picked you as well as values your essence in their life. At the point when your home life is steady, cheerful, and strong, you are massively more powerful and energetic at work.

  1. Pick somebody who’s steady, upright, and has their coexistence
  2. Pick somebody who acknowledges uniqueness in his/herself as well as other people.
  3. Pick somebody who you feel great with and can trust in and trust.

13. Happiness

The major motivation behind why Happiness is so significant is that it’s very imperative to your objectives throughout everyday life and can assist you with accomplishing numerous other valued individual desires and goals. Additionally, by being happy, I can change numerous different lives just by living my own life. At the end of the day, Happiness is our feeling of being satisfied and everything fulfilled. It is a nice feeling of satisfaction, that life is similarly as it ought to be. 

14. Freedom:

Freedom is a condition wherein individuals have the chance to talk, act, and seek happiness without unnecessary limitations. Freedom is significant because it leads to improving expressions of creativity and unique ideas, increases productivity, and overall high quality of life.Freedom signifies ‘the power or option to act, talk, or think as one needs without prevention or limitation. Real Happiness is linked with the inclination toward freedom. You experience the freedom of decision when you live from the back to front, not permitting your happiness to be characterized by the conventional benchmarks, yet making your own. listening to your inward voice and believing your decisions will lead you to real happiness.

15. Achieving goals:

Happiness doesn’t simply occur – it originates from thinking, planning, and seeking after things that are important to us. Scientific research shows that defining and moving in the direction of goals can add happiness in different manners, including Being a source of interest, commitment, or joy. At the point when you set goals, you naturally focus on the results. On the off chance that you focus on the ideal accomplishment, you will find the way to arrive. Moreover, the worth you gain from accomplishing the objective isn’t just about the prize of achievement. 

16. Finding the purpose of life:

Living with reason gives you a repetitive standard or goal, which leads to feeling less anxious about your direction in everyday life. That hidden quiet about your life can deliver enormous well-being dividends. Also, get this. Being more settled about your life bearing and reason normally leads to being more organized. Live by your belief and values. People who live a life of purpose have core beliefs and values that impact their choices, shape their everyday activities, and decide their short-and long- term priorities.video tuorials 12 Foundations of Wealth Book

Benefits of 12 Foundations of Wealth Book

 Some people don’t know about this book, this book saved multiple life who are going suicide. It gives you the motivation how to be successful and live a healthy life. You want to be successful in your life and if you want to live a happy life follow these 12 foundations. There are 4 things you should focus on and each of them has two aspects. (I) The right (ii) The wrong. And I never have seen a person who has right in all the 4 things. Everyone has a problem like money, health, love, and happiness. Someone has all the other things but he has no happiness in life. You may have some good health but not enough money. 

  • Focus on the positive side.
  • Discover your Stress meditation.
  • Don’t be hesitate to set aside effort for yourself
  • Take full responsibility for your activities
  • Must have a smart understanding
  • Reassess your connections.
  • Live your best life

why 12 Foundations of Wealth Book by tai lopez?

Pros & Cons of 12 Foundations of Wealth Book Review


If you follow the 12 foundations you will get the following benefits in your life 

  • Confidence
  • Security
  • A feeling of prosperity
  • The capacity to contribute at a more prominent level
  • Hope
  • Leadership
  • A good life


  • Depression
  • Failure
  • Disturbed Social Life
  • No Satisfac
  • Financial crisis

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FAQs | 12 Foundations of Wealth Book Review

🤔 Why are 12 foundations important in life?

12 foundations are really important in modern life. We must have taught this in our schools. Everyone needs direction in his life. He wants to make the right decision. Everyone faces a problem in this world. This problem may relate to Health, Wealth, love, or Happiness. These 4 factors contain 3 sub-factors each which makes 12 foundations to love a good life. It has all the solutions related to life, work, social set up, and your personality as well.

👉 How does this book guide us to live a good life?

This book contains almost all aspects of life. Like, if you face money problems in life the author's experience in work will give you motivation. The author had a group of more than 300 people who are now a millionaire. They all are trained by Tai Lopez.

👍 What will be changed in us after reading the book?

I am challenging you that if you will follow the 12 foundations your personality will be changed. You will know the real meaning of life. You will be more productive in your work life. Your relationships will be stable. You will feel real happiness and this will reduce your stress, depression, tension, and anxiety as well. You will have perfect health and a really good life.

Conclusion | 12 Foundations of Wealth Book Review 2024

If you are living a depressed life this book is for you. It has all the solutions related to living a good life. Should be there for students in High school. It will give you a direction in all aspects of life. Whether you have money or health but you are still unhappy. This book will tell you what problem you are facing. It will give you a solution on how to overcome the problem in your life. It also contains video lectures which are around 12 hours in duration. If you manage to watch all the videos you will feel the change in yourself. These 3 factors lead you to 4th- Happiness. You can’t be a perfect man but you can achieve perfection in every aspect of life. If you invest in yourself then You will gain perfection. Regularly invest in yourself. I believe if you will follow the foundation you will be successful in your life in every aspect.

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