Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Review 2024– Should You Invest In This Course?

In this post, I have shared Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Review 2024.

If you are looking for amazing opportunities involving social media and business development in those applications, Tai Lopez has brought another one of his amazing courses for you.

The social media marketing agency will help you understand business on social media platforms and make huge amounts of profits.

Tai Lopez has an amazing set of content available for all of his fans and students. Every single person can learn and profit from his courses.

Everybody wants to be rich and have a successful career, but everybody doesn’t know that this is not just a dream but can be your life.

What if I told you that this article can help you make a decision that can lead you to have a strong business online and a very safe and happy future ahead. 

As we all know he is a young entrepreneur who acquired a lot at a small age, learning from him about his experiences and techniques can get you to achieve the business you have been constantly dreaming about. Making your dream into a reality? Isn’t that what every human wants these days?

The SMMA course, as in the social media marketing agency course will help you figure out all that you need to know to run a perfect and successful business on social media platforms.

Bottom Line: Tai Lopez had started a social media marketing agency course before and this is the second version of it called SMMA 2.0 this course will help you bring better and maybe the best results one could even think of. 

Get this SMMA 2.0 here

We also reviewed Tai Lopez Courses in-depth, which you should check out. Here we covered all the aspects of the course that will help you make the right decision before purchasing any of Tai Lopez Courses.

Social media platforms have billions of users and thus they provide great reach and will, in turn, help your business to grow and prosper, social media is being used by many people, therefore, it has more opportunities than traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing will help you get reach from a specific area and your reach will not even be targeted according to interest, distance, gender, age, etc. But on social media, all this is possible you can select the audience that you want. 

Tai Lopez had started a social media marketing agency course before and this is the second version of it called SMMA 2.0 this course will help you bring better and maybe the best results one could even think of. 

Keep on reading to know more about this amazing course that Tai Lopez himself has to offer.

Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0

About Tai Lopez

If you are wondering who Tai Lopez is, let me tell you he is one of the best online business holders, and using his tricks and techniques he has built successful businesses on platforms like youtube, Facebook, and many other social media platforms.

He understands the importance and significance of the number of people using social media platforms daily and taking that as a benefit he developed great businesses and accumulated amazing profits. 

He is an expert in what he does if he were not he would not have become so successful and he would not have such a loyal following. His YouTube has crossed 1 million subscribers and that shows how many people are following his path and the number of people who are loyal to him.

Like every businessman, he gets many negative comments and he gets to hear and read demotivating things but the main thing is that he doesn’t give up even after hearing all the negative comments about him.

Usually, people throw negative comments at him because he shows off his money and the things he has bought using it. He is regularly featured on many platforms and has been interviewed by many famous personalities.

About SMMA 2.0 Course

social media marketing agency 2.0His SMMA program, the social media marketing agency program is for the duration of 4 months. He teaches using many videos and similar content.

The main objective of the program is to help every small business acquire amazing levels of profits and earn a fortune in a short period of time. There are many teachers teaching this program which is designed and developed solely by Tai Lopez and is one of the teachers that teach in the program.

10 things that are great about this course

  1. He will teach you techniques and tricks using which you will be able to get your first client within 4 months, and that client will at least pay a thousand dollars.
  2. He will explain ways that will help you in selecting a perfect niche for your business.
  3. Many people are not aware of this, but he has got minor details covered too like the correct ways to use videos to assist businesses, which are at a small level.
  4. Techniques to automate the social media you are using so that your business can scale.
  5. He will also explain the ways using which you can select a model for your social media platforms and for your business with which you are comfortable.
  6. The best thing is that he will explain techniques that will help you start a business from nothing but scratch.
  7. He believes that the happiness of the client is also an important factor to grow, therefore he teaches how to make plans and packages of the services you provide so that you can provide premium offers to your clients.
  8. Without the necessary equipment, social media marketing is nearly impossible, so he also teaches and explains the perfect equipment that one will require to achieve the perfect social media marketing strategy and fulfill goals. 
  9. Another important aspect of business and a question that arises in front of almost every person is how to get clients, he has covered that too, he will teach techniques to get clients and receive payments from them.
  10. After all this, you need to track your improvement and your social media marketing, he will explain aspects of that too.

He also offers a 100 percent guarantee of returning the course fees.

Division of the 4 Months

  1. In the first month, the main focus is on deciding on a specific niche.
  2. In the second month, he will explain and make you a master in social media algorithms and how to use them for your benefit.
  3. The third month includes the techniques of getting customers and clients to trust and buy your services
  4. The fourth month is all about profits, he will help you acquire the most out of the potential of your business.

At the end of the program, he also offers a certificate of completion and expertise in social media marketing. tai lopez social media course

Bonuses In the Program

Tai Lopez has been making some special bonuses to which you will get access and then can easily jump on the Social Media Marketing Agency Program. The three bonuses offered are as follows:-

Bonus 1

In this, you will be getting a free 1 ticket for a limited time to any of the live events. You can avail of this ticket for about an entire 1 year. $1200-$1400 is the price of this bonus.

Bonus 2

You will be exposed to one of the latest lessons that will teach you how to create a cool lifestyle. This will prove vital to you. The reason behind this is that you are just starting your business and trying to make money using social media platforms. To this, you will be curious to know how to match the life most people dreamed about. $497 is the value of this bonus.

Bonus 3

By the end of 4 months, you will complete your course and will receive the certification for the same, your name and contact information will be added to a site dedicated to the experts of social media to get trained along with the program. In this way, whenever someone is searching for a social media expert your name will directly be featured on the site that will automatically be supported by our brands. As of now, these are the 3 bonuses offered by Social Media Marketing Agency after you purchased this program. These programs have active teaching for the limited topics and bringing the one who knows more about the areas specifically that ought to come will get you insights and help in teaching those things that are inside the course.

Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0

Key Features Of Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Program

1) Highly Comprehensive

You will be getting a total of 64 hours of training via video of this program which includes 130+ lessons in the aspects of building your business on social media and will teach you to go far and how to name and scale your business.

 2) Professionals take lessons

SMMA 2.0 is purely run by Tai Lopez and a professional team working side by side, each of whom is recruited by Tai as per their expertise. In the divisions of 4, there are about 34 distinguished teachers providing different lessons and some of them also appear on live calls or sections of bonus in order to help you in teaching and understanding the concepts.

 3) Has An Active Facebook Group

Social Media Marketing Agency’s group on Facebook contains 22,000 active members and puts plenty of posts each day, and by reading them, you can really enlighten yourself. It could be possible that the discussions are quite basic but the community here is very supportive and gives an additional learning to everyone.

 4) Enlightening Stories

It is a fact that anyone can make up the testimonials or the success stories but it cannot be denied that many people are actually putting up their reporting and success stories and how they are doing so great in the private Facebook group of SMMA.

Pricing of Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Program

Tai Lopez smma pricing planDo you wish to know what is the most surprising element about the program?It just costs a one-time of $497 or $197 in just 3 installments. Hence, Tai made this program very accessible to all. After paying, you will have access to the whole program and can come back anytime and watch the videos again.You will also get access to the Facebook Secret group which has about 20,000 active members and made-up scripts that will help in closing the deals with the clients.

Pros and Cons of Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Program

In order to have a better understanding of the course, you run along with some pros and cons of the same.


  1. There are many courses that are very stagnant but one it comes to Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 you will find very active members nearly about 22,000 who will always be there to help you if you are facing any problems. Hence, they are very supportive and it gets established as a useful community too.
  2. Here, the content of the video is very systematic and highly organized and has very easy steps to follow up. You will be enjoying most of the content here and they have a gathering of groups of most interesting people in order to present the exciting lessons. It is important for you to feel energetic and engaged while you are studying for about 4 months. The people who will be teaching you are immensely enthusiastic too.
  3. The business of Social Media Marketing agencies is likely to be grown as a competitive industry and hence it is the right time to get involved with this course. As the other opportunities for businesses online have grown to be more saturated and therefore, it has become too competitive. So, here lies the opportunity to get involved with these relative sectors lately.
  4. On Tai Lopez, you will be getting an excessive amount of free material with the inclusion of this course also, in order to note the training style of his teaching. It is recommended to have a look at his YouTube channel and you will be able to take many overviews of their products.
  5. Social Media Marketing Agency is particularly strong and powerful in giving you lessons on how to improve and change your mindset and encouraging you to take up mentorship and use it. Although, he is a very inspiring character and his success of him is evidence that he grows out as the best industry leader and his lessons and lectures are worth listening for.


We have a look through all the advantages, sop just now geared up looking for the cons too.

  1. Among the online community, this is a high criticism that most of the topic and information available on Social Media Marketing Agency is found free of cost if you have a look at the messages and the YouTube channel. This comes out to be the most common criticism for the courses like this, but it does not factor in the fact that it is a comprehensive program that has everything gathered in one place to give you an easy and accessible manner. Hence, it should be considered how vital is the mentorship and supporting the aspects of these courses that have studied.
  2. The price of this course can be considered quite high. If you are just initially starting your business, then it can be involving a lot of money to pay. But alternatively, as this course offers you a wealth of information then it is worth the price to pay by making a wise investment.
  3.  Tai Lopez will make everything sound so easy and offers an ample amount of good advice. But on the contrary Social Media Marketing Agency requires specialization in skills for which hard work is required in order to utilize the things correctly.
  4. To have successful online businesses, there are no shortcuts and it is important to have ample time for studying this program and get right to the marketing key.


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FAQs | Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Program

🤔 What is the duration of the course?

The course is of four months and each month offers different opportunities for knowledge.

👉 How can this course be used?

The social media marketing course by Tai Lopez can be used by several people for various purposes as it teaches an extensive collection of information and provides a huge abundance of knowledge. It can be used to achieve the perfect business, learn about social media marketing, understand the techniques of getting clients that pay well. And most importantly it will give you the motivation and confidence to overcome all obstacles.

👍 Is this course good to invest in?

If you are worried about the pricing of the course, let me tell you that he offers a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

Conclusion | Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Program 2024

The SMMA course by Tai Lopez is great and can help young entrepreneurs to build their businesses and achieve great success in it. The training which he provides is very vast and helps everyone acquire a wealth of knowledge. It keeps every attendee to stay enthusiastic about the course that he makes. This course is full of opportunities for everybody and it will help you build a strong business. The confidence that Tai Lopez has is exceptional and it motivates every attendee to work hard. He makes everything look very simple even though the journey towards a successful business is difficult, he will make it as easy as heating water. If you start in a specific local area that does not have much competition you will be able to grow at a much faster pace. If you are willing to put effort into achieving a successful business this course is meant for you and will guide you towards the top of the market industry in your niche. He believes that everybody has the potential to build a successful business but people don’t have the right motivation to do so. So he wants to take out every part of their potential and lead their way towards a flourishing business. 

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