Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review 2024– Is This Course Worth?

Well, we will be talking about the Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review today. But are you sure if you are reading the correct article? Well, let’s see! 

The easiest way to identify if you are looking at the right content, you will relate to any one of these situations: 

Case 1- If you drift away, listening to some soulful piano music, thinking about ways you could convince your customer to purchase your product, and feel the energy when you have to select the background color for your poster but just then the reality comes crashing down, saying “oh, don’t go that high.

You’ll fall harder when I am back! Now, get back to work.” and you have to get back to your mundane job?  

Case 2- If you run a business, you are the owner, you have people working under you and you are the one responsible for the production of items but all of those things or a few of them or even one of them is just not the way it should be for you, then this article is super helpful for you!  

Are you excited about it? Well, do not waste another second because things are about to get interesting! So, dive in! 

Bottom Line: I would recommend anybody looking for a wider perspective on things or the ones who definitely want to pursue a career in social media marketing to take up this Tai Lopez course and study under these professors who provide nothing but knowledge to our young minds.

Get Tai Lopez Accelerator Program here.

We also did a complete review of the Tai Lopez Course, where you’d find all the insights that you may need before buying any Tail Lopez courses. Make sure to check it out here: https://jitendra.co/tai-lopez-review/

Tai Lopez Accelerator Program

Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review 2024– Is It Worth The Hype?

About Tai Lopez Accelerator Programs

1. About Money program

  • Mastering the three-bucket money technique.
  • Strategies for making investments in the stock market.
  • A way to become the owner of many properties.
  • The strategy of investing money in insurance.
  • Searching for suitable business mentors.
  • What business should one do to become a millionaire?
  • Diversification of the useful assets.
  • The secrets to stocks and bonds.
  • The merit of time in fundamental money concepts.
  • The perfect retirement plan.

money program- tai lopez accelerator program

2. About Entrepreneur Plan

  • Raising capital for your business.
  • Having a strategy for social media.
  • Having an idea of the current trends in the market.
  • Ideologies for maximum profits.
  • The concept of marketing through emails to promote your business.
  • Writing down the best-suited business model.
  • Scaling your business.
  • Generating leads for your company.
  • Identification of markets that must be targeted.
  • Business strategy for the front load.

entrepreneur program

3. About Persuasion Program

  • A clear understanding of the different personality types (The PASE system)
  • The psychology of the investors and how to persuade them to invest in your plan.
  • Closing of the sales.
  • Overcoming any objections while closing.
  • The concepts of neuromarketing and advanced copywriting.
  • An advanced way of negotiation.
  • Getting things sold by advanced networking.
  • Making a pitch to the investors.
  • Mastering sales.
  • These were some of the valuable lessons that you would get to learn from the Tai Lopez accelerator program.

persuasion program

Pricing of Tai Lopez Accelerator Program

There are many types of courses under the Tai Lopez accelerator program considering the different needs and desires of different people. One of the many programs is the Tai Lopez accelerator program whose price and features are given below. Price : Usual price – $3998 (one time payment)            Promotional price – $997×4 months= $3988 (monthly payment)This program provides the following facilities :

  • One-on-one calls with some of Tai’s top consultants who have been attending the most successful clients. These goals will help you by guiding you to better understand your goals and the things that you need to learn. The consultants would analyze the situation and then figure out the best program for you.
  • You will get access to Tai’s Advanced business live calls which have over 50 hours of content on it. It starts by telling you how you can get investors to the best-suited profit maximization model for you. 
  • Live calls and private interaction with the one and only, Tai Lopez, in small groups. Here one can ask questions and Tai would answer them. Tai also discusses the best business books and some high-level concepts.
  • You will be provided with an annual pass that grants you access to Tai’s events that are organized throughout the year. The best thing about these events is that you would get to meet many other budding entrepreneurs just like you and get to know their ideas and thoughts as well. Along with Tai, there are many other consultants and top entrepreneurs present at the event to guide you and answer some of your queries. If you purchase the accelerator program then all this will be available to you free of cost!

Tai Lopez Accelerator Program- promotional price

Some of you might find the plan quite expensive and must be confused about whether to invest your hard-earned money in it.

What if you don’t get profitable results? Your money will be fully wasted. But don’t worry as the 60-day money-back guarantee can prove to be your ultimate savior here.

If after starting the course you realize within 60 days that you are not getting what you wanted then your money will be refunded and that too without any questions asked! 

I would suggest you go through the course as I myself had purchased this very course and found it very useful and knowledgeable.

Even after you don’t get the desired results at least you would gain knowledge and a chance to interact with some of the top entrepreneurs and be guided by them.

About Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review

This accelerator program is a place you learn. Now, what you learn depends on the type of course you choose. But want to know something? Tai Lopez is such a critical thinker that he makes sure to mention all the necessary points one should know when it comes to business. The information he gives you is everything you’ve asked for and more! Knowledge is something everyone should have access to and is also something we enjoy. Giving out some deep matters regarding all the business you’ll ever study or should I say, listen to, like the MBA books a few of you possess or the other courses some of you have tried out.Not only that, but you also find plenty of tips on how could you find the perfect people to hire, sometimes self-improvement, development in your products, establishing your own business, etc. You will find one of the finest pieces of advice and a ton of ideas and methods you can put to use to get a brushed up business line constructed from a scratch by you! Now, all that’s left is taking a lungful of air and jumping right into the ocean filled with information about the accelerator program! Tai Lopez Accelerator Program- buy now

Who Is The Tai Lopez Accelerator Program For?

The Tai Lopez accelerator program is for the ones who are looking to start a business but lack guidance and want a consultant. It is perfect for the ones who already know what they want to sell in the market, what business they want to do but don’t have a clear understanding of creating an effective marketing strategy, and how to actually achieve their goal. It is for the serious ones and not for those who think that the program will make them rich but are not willing to work hard. This program gives you an ideal path and tells you about the steps that one must follow to get rich and that too within the least amount of time. You will have to read a lot, study very hard and start from a mere scratch and then put the foundation of a business and keep it growing. So if and only if you are ready to pull out all the stops then this program is the way to your success. The lessons are very informative but one can face a little difficulty coping with them as every lesson holds a different topic from the other. It is recommended to keep yourself focused on one lesson at a time and shift to the next one only after taking a small break. If you are ready to learn something new every day then go for it!

What Can You Learn From Tai Lopez Accelerator Program?

I see that you have decided that the Accelerator Program by Tai Lopez is right up your alley. That’s great! You might be wondering what exactly you can learn from this program, that will help you become the next face on the cover of Forbes Business magazine. Here’s a breakdown of everything that the Accelerator Program has to offer.

1. Managing Finances 

We all know that in school, no one taught us how to manage our finances! In fact a lot of us, I included, had I not taken up the Program, still shudder at the prospect of having to figure out what to do with our salaries and incomes! Worry not! The Accelerator Program has got your back and will make you an expert in managing finances, in no time. 

2. Business Growth 

I barely see you behind that pile of business books on your table! While being a successful business person may come naturally to a few people, the fact remains that it is quite an uncertain world. The Accelerator Program is like a beacon of light along the dark path and will guide you not only towards growing your business but also help you stay at the top of the ladder, right where I am at present.

3. Business Scaling 

What’s my best takeaway from the Accelerator Program? The lessons they gave me helped scale my business. Don’t let your business stagnate, right where it is! Scale it. Get more customers, build your brand, and most importantly, never settle! 

4. Business Etiquette 

Nobody wants to work with a boss who doesn’t know how to deliver his ideas, or conduct themselves! The Accelerator Program is great because, in addition to all the business and marketing tips and tricks, you are also groomed into the perfect calm, cool, and steely business person, whose interactions with customers and investors are clear and direct.

5. Email Marketing

If you ask me about email marketing, I would say that it is the best way to increase your customer base and business reach. You don’t have to hire a person to sit by phones and market through the landlines, I mean who even has a landline these days? But reach customers through their email, and you will hit that jackpot alright! You don’t even need to hire someone, you can do it yourself through various platforms dedicated to email marketing. The Accelerator Program discusses these tools and lends a helping hand toward using and understanding them.

6. Attracting Investors

So you’ve grown your business to great heights and you have managed to scale it, like you never imagined before, all with the help of various tools such as email marketing. You are the best business person around, with a commanding presence and your employees are in awe of you. What’s missing in this scenario? Yes, you are right! More investors. Who is going to teach you how to campaign your business and attract the big guns? No, you don’t have to go to Shark Tank to get the investors everyone dreams of! Tai Lopez is willing to teach you through his Accelerator Program, right in the comfort of your office, or your office, or both! Aren’t you intrigued to try out this remarkable Program now? 

7. Closing Sales

If someone asks me what are the most cringe-worthy moments in my business, I don’t need any time to think. I will directly grace them with a prompt response- working so hard on a sale, almost going through with it, and then failing to close it. It surely is a shattering moment for most business people. So what do you do? Learn from it and move on? Yes, that’s one way of looking at it, but what if I told you that the Accelerator Program hands the secret behind closing sales, right to you? Yes, it does and boy am I  glad! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t close a sale! These seven learnings are not the end of the list, which is actually quite exhaustive. They are the most valuable things that I learned during the course, and I carry this closely guarded secret with me, to this very day. What I realized is that you don’t need any fancy MBA degree from a prestigious university. All you have to do is light the marketing spark in you, trust your instincts, as well as Tai Lopez’s wisdom, and you, are ready to paint the town with money! 

How Does The Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Work?

Tai Lopez Accelerator Program- how it works?After looking at all those invaluable lessons that you can learn through the Accelerator Program, you will surely be intrigued as to its working. There are three broad levels, in which you will be shown 67 videos, totaling up to whopping 201 videos. The videos are packed to the brim with detailed information, tips, and tricks on business and marketing and are based on Tai Lopez’s own experience.The program structure is as follows:

1. The Money Program

The world of finance is a complex web and is quite difficult to get the grasp of without a dedicated mentor, or a course. The Accelerator Program gives you just that. At this level, you get to know about the workings of the financial world, and everything from business terms to financial freedom and investments is covered. I found that the courses were easy to follow and not too difficult to understand, but don’t rush through the 67 videos! Take your time and understand the information being imparted and you will be an expert in no time.

2. The Entrepreneur Program

Now that you are equipped with the financial know-how of the world of business, thanks to level one, you can suit up for the next step. At this level of the Program, you will be guided through the process of setting up a business from scratch, and how to climb to the top of the ladder and become the best of the best. Not only will this level open up your eyes to the steps towards becoming a great entrepreneur, but you will also be taught how to stay at the top, and not fail. Are you as motivated as I was when I first took up the course? I sure hope so!

3. The Persuasion Program

Influence, contacts, and marketing campaigns. The golden words you will hear whenever you read or ask about the process of bagging great investors for your business. But surely, you would want to know more about this process right? Stop your search, and look no further than the Accelerator Program! Why do you ask?This final level, which draws to a close the Accelerator Program, teaches you to close sales (no pun intended!), influence the greats, to invest in your business. The level even teaches you to read personalities to hire the best in the field, so that you won’t be left with a dud in a team. With all the practical know-how from this level, you won’t look back on your career choice as a business person! If you feel like the amount of information thrown at you is overwhelming, you are not alone! I too felt giddy after zooming through all those videos in one go. But the important thing is, and I cannot stress this enough, take your time! Get your post-its, flashcards, highlighters, and notebooks out, and get to jotting down the valuable information imparted! 

Features of Tai Lopez Accelerator Program 

Now that you have gone through the course plans and had an overview of the information imparted, let us have a look at what you get once you subscribe to the Accelerator Program.

1. Accelerator Program Application

Using this app, you not only get access to the 201 videos across the Program’s three levels, but you also get a one-on-one consultation with Tai Lopez’s own team, who have worked to help him land and manage many of his successful clients.What does the consultation team do? They listen to your goals and business model and personally guide you towards achieving them and help you out with prioritizing course content according to your needs. And to answer the next question on your mind, it works! I could only successfully land my first client through their guidance.

2. Premium Vault Access

No, this doesn’t mean access to a secret, hidden stash of money! You get access to something invaluable for entrepreneurs across the world- live business calls with none other than Tai himself!You get access to seminars on how you shall attract investors, his experiences in the field, and tons more. It is not an opportunity to miss out on!  

3. Private Interaction

Apart from the live seminars, which reach out to a large number of viewers, you are also given the opportunity to privately interact with Tai. No, this is not just another question and answer session. It takes place among a smaller group, and you will get turns to ask Tai anything. He will answer your queries and put all your doubts to rest. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It really is.These private interactions take place twice a month, so it is not a once-in-a-blue moon event, that you have to mark your calendar for. Your chance will definitely come.

4. Event Passes

Alright, this is for all the skeptics out there, who don’t believe that study-at-home courses can do anyone any good. Tai, along with his remarkable team, organizes annual events where you get in-person training through all the mentors that you saw on your screen. If you are already a part of the Accelerator Program, then you get free passes and do not have to splurge on those expensive, fast-selling tickets. As you are a valuable member of the Program, you get access to those tickets before anyone else.At these annual events, you can build your contacts and interact with like-minded entrepreneurs. The best part is, there is no limit to the number of free passes that you can avail of for a year! If you want to attend all of Tai Lopez’s events, then go for it! It won’t cost you an extra penny. 

5. Social Media Access

If you are an introvert like me and want to shy away from attending those annual events, the Accelerator Program has got you covered! When you get accepted into the Program, you are given access to a private Facebook group, where you can reap the benefits of attending a social gathering of entrepreneurs, from the comfort of your couch.If you want to interact with your peers and learn from the experiences of successful customers of the Program, you can directly chat with them. It’s a great opportunity to network and build your contacts!

6. Motivational Minutes

Sometimes, you happen to find yourself in a slump, and there is no way to get out. You have great resources at your beck and call, but you just don’t feel up to it. Want motivation? The Program understands the driving force of motivation behind excellent work, and lets you view short, motivational videos by Tai, to give you the boost you need. Though short and sweet, these videos never failed to motivate me beyond measure, whenever I was in need of it. 

7. Personal Trainer 

What benefit can up the edge offered by the private interactions with Tai? A personal trainer! Yes, you also get access to your very own trainer from Tai’s refined team, to polish your marketing skills, and get you going on the path to success, thrice a week. You even get to interact with Tai, one-on-one, should you be lucky!

8. Behind the Scenes Videos

As a budding entrepreneur, it was always my dream to see what went on behind the building of great products while the entrepreneurs were building them. Imagine getting to see Elon Musk hard at work behind making Tesla a success! This dream came true, with behind-the-scenes videos offered through the Accelerator Program. I got to see and learn from Tai Lopez’s personal experiences. If these candid videos, directly from the entrepreneur behind the Accelerator Program, do not motivate you, I don’t know what will!

9. 67 Mini-Lessons 

Each and every program has 67 mini lessons for you. As we know the accelerator program has three levels of programs under it. Below is the list of the programs and some of the lessons that you would get to learn from them.

The Inner Circle Book

You are aware of the fact that before a book comes to you, it has gone through many checkups to give you the best! So, you know what you read is what is true. Just like that, the book Inner Circle is a piece of information you will appreciate!But before we talk about the book, let us take a minute to imagine the way things would be if our lives were perfect. For you, you had your dream job, you’re super healthy, have a real nice body, you wake up at any time you like with a partner you are deeply in love with, have real nice colleagues and a friendly boss, or maybe you are the boss and have a very efficient team working under you or whatever you want from life and you are wishing for, comes true. Just imagine that it has been growing that way, your life has been growing in that direction. Now, that just seems the perfect reason to live but way too far-fetched, right? Well, what if I told you that there is someone on this planet who has the perfect life? The first check that was written to him was worth eight hundred million dollars. Want a clue? He was the one to start Snapchat. Oh, yes, I am talking about none other than Evan Spiegel. Well, wondering what he has got to do with us? So, he was someone just like you and me. He is highly successful, had rich parents, went to a good ivy league school, started Snapchat, and is married to a supermodel. Perfect, no? Well, guess what? Life is unfair! Many of us aren’t as lucky as Evan. It is just the same unfair life for me too! But that is exactly why we are here, talking about one of the best courses offered by Tai Lopez. Well, to give you a better understanding of this book called Inner Circle, let me tell you about my experience with it. Before I knew about a secret society, as some like to call it, let’s say, I made about $150 a day. And now, it has grown up to $10,000,0 a day, hypothetically. It takes a lot of effort, doesn’t matter if it is hypothetical or not. We have people talking about how the rich get richer and the poor end up getting poorer which is absolutely the truth. But, if you are someone who has been stuck right now, your life isn’t anywhere close to the track you’re supposed to be following, you can either take some time out and pay attention to what I am going to say or go back to your hectic life. If you are still reading this, thank you! You won’t regret investing your time here and let’s get to it! So, let me tell you something, you cannot keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome, that is the definition of insanity. If you want to receive a different outcome, you have to change the way you’ve been doing things. Growing connected in the content? Well, that is exactly what Inner Circle is about! The things I talked about above are what I found in the book and the course of the emergence of the book. About the years between your birth and depth and how to make all the difference in the world to you and much more. I personally enjoyed this type of book on my shelf. And trust me, I don’t read a lot. But this is one book I will read again and again, several times because every time I read this book, I realize something new or meaning I’ve missed and never get bored because it is just so inspiring and one of the truest things you’ll find on the planet! 

Alternatives to Tai Lopez Accelerator Program

Like most software that the internet has to offer today, there are various other alternatives that can be used to replace it in case an issue comes with the former software.

Instead of using the Tai Lopez podcast, you can substitute it with

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

This is one of the best business podcasts to be launched on Apple podcasts. It is ranked number 1 out of almost 500,000  podcasts on several occasions. In each of its episodes, it shows off performers from all over the world who work around investing, sports, and business that go unrecognized. These performers also put to use different tactics, tools, and routines that you can use like reading books, practice routines, doing some specific exercises and time-management skills, and others.

2. The Knowledge Project

This podcast helps you become more advanced in areas that most people have already figured out and how they can essentially help you. The host of this show talks about the big ideas, principles, and other lessons that can help you perform much better in different fields. It focuses on the life and not on a particular discipline. It is very good to multiply your thinking skills. This further helps you remove blind spots and become much better at your thinking skills.

Instead of using Tai’s Youtube Channel, you can try

1. The Futur

This is an online platform where the intention is education to help students build a creative mind. They speak to the most imaginative intellects, technologists, and specialists to develop the student’s skills from the 21st century which include entrepreneurship, ordeal design, communication, marketing of content, and design.

2. Ramit Seth

He is an American personal finance advisor and entrepreneur who is the author of several best-selling books.  He has also launched several multiple online courses like earnable, success triggers, the finisher’s formula,50 proven email scripts, etc.  His content has proved to be very helpful to most students

Instead of Tai’s Social Media Marketing Program, try 

1. Skillshare 

This helps you discover a variety of new skills, it helps you deepen existing passions, and it helps increase creativity. With the help of membership, you can explore multiple projects to create and support fellow content creatives. The developers of this program help you accomplish much more in your life.

2. Udemy

This software helps you learn at your own pace through videos and books. The website helps provide a lifetime of educational videos. You can also select top instructors from around the world who can help you change your life.

Pros and Cons of Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review


1. Comprehensive

The training inside this is almost up to 64 hours of video and it has over 130 lessons for its users. The topic for these lessons is multiple different aspects that work towards building a social media market like the name and the creation of your company. Figuring out the niche of your company. To start a company, it is also important to have a website. It also gives you advice on how you would build a social media reputation on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It helps you work on forming advertisements for google and Facebook. It teaches you copywriting in order to use it for social media. These are only a handful of the main aspects that are focused on. The program also gives you insider information about previous students and their success stories. 

2. Taught by multiple experts

The core of every lesson is taught by the legendary Tai Lopez himself. All courses are taught by multiple expert teachers to get a wider aspect of things. Within the count 4 core modules alone, there was a minimum of 34 teachers and multiple more who teach the students when they are called on for bonus sessions and guest lectures during live calls. Although the fact that multiple teachers are teaching does have its drawbacks, the bigger picture gives you much exposure to different expertise and perspective of things through expert professors in one single course.

3. Active Facebook Community

Most discussions in the group remain very basic and there’s not much moderation during the conversations. It is mostly a very supportive and encouraging community that is also an asset to this course.

4. Real success stories

The experiences of the previous students are never left unsaid. They make it a point to acknowledge the students who look back at this society to credit them for how far they have reached in their lives. Most information and comments regarding the good old days are normally posted on the private page of the group therefore only the students who have already registered with the program. Following previous accusations of using fake students to respond, the new comments that are coming are all checked for credibility. 

5. Excellent value for money

The course has a reputation for not selling courses at rocket high prices. They are always a comprehensive type of training session that is held within a very successful private community that has helped dozens of others achieve their dreams.


1. Poorly organized

There have been multiple people calling out the course for being organized in a very poor manner. But they had the advantage of being a good developers team to fix their wrongs right then.

2. Outdated in places

The videos on the course have been claimed to be outdated, in the sense that there have been videos of Tai talking about products that have been released a year or so before they were introduced on the page.

3. Some teachers are much better than the others

The ongoing issue works around the situation that since there are multiple teachers, students prefer only the ones they particularly like. Some teachers go to take lectures looking very shabby and unprepared. Students naturally don’t prefer them. They prefer the ones that give them pointers and are genuinely interested in the entire lecture.

  • The course is said to provide two types of videos to welcome the students and those sometimes contradict themselves this causes confusion among students themselves.
  • Only if you are somebody who genuinely watches videos and does have the habit of learning from them can take up this course. Since there are no physical classes for these courses, it is difficult to schedule classes in any other way than through the internet.


Quick Links

FAQs | Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review

🤔 Are Tai Lopez’s videos any good?

The videos they provide are very worthy of a watch. They are very cheap and they cover the maximum portions of the course for the basic charge. According to my personal experience, I would say that the courses are definitely worthwhile and the best lectures from the best professional teachers.

👉 Is Tai Lopez’s social media marketing worth it?

This course has taken all it's got to argue that they teach each of their students how to start their own company through social media and to get people to hire you from small businesses. These courses will support your ideas and help you mold them into better and more efficient movements.

👍 How do I get my first social media client for marketing?

You have to start by checking for freelancing openings and then further network online. You’d have to work for free as well before being good enough to take up clients. To get my first client, I had to get a lot of exposure and let people know that I was looking for clients through emails and phone calls and other means if that’s possible for you.

Conclusion | Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review 2024

The courses provided by Tai Lopez in his Accelerator Program have always helped me through my hard times. Even when I was contemplating not continuing, the variety of professors gave me a different perspective on things and I learned to focus through other mediums. I promised myself that I would focus on the videos and not get distracted by anything else and that is exactly how I finished my courses. I made sure that I paid attention to each professor. The prices aren’t rocket high and the material and information they provide are worth it all. With the help of multiple professors, we got much more exposure. Their perspective on things was very different compared to how we were taught in earlier grades. I could pose questions and the bonus lecturers that they brought in were very insightful and helpful. The multiple professor system did confuse most of us in the beginning but it got better after appointment time.  I would recommend anybody looking for a wider perspective on things or the ones who definitely want to pursue a career in social media marketing to take up this course and study under these professors who provide nothing but the knowledge to our young minds.

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