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Keeper Password Manager Review 2023: Best For Password & Secrets Management?

In this article, we are going to discuss our thoughts and experiences with Keeper Password Manager Review.

A password manager is the best way to keep track of all your passwords and keep them safe. But the number of data breaches shows that a lot of people don’t do that.

53% of them keep track of their passwords by remembering them, and 51% use the same password for their personal and business accounts.

When broken passwords are looked at closely, we often find that the vast majority of them aren’t unique or made at random. Now that you know this, it makes sense to choose one of the many ways to keep track of passwords.

In our Keeper password manager review, we take a closer look at one of these options and talk about its most important features, pricing plans, and security measures.

Keeper Password Manager Review: What is a Keeper Password Manager?

Keeper is an app for managing passwords and other sensitive information. It protects its users from data breaches by storing and managing passwords, financial information, and other sensitive information in a safe way.

It came out in 2009 and has since grown into a powerful tool that can be used on any device and even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Keeper Password Manager Review

Keeper encrypts all of your passwords from start to finish and doesn’t let anyone else see them, not even Keeper employees. Here’s a closer look at a few of these features that help keep your online information safe.

Keeper Password Manager Features

Keeper is a lot more than just a password wallet. It protects the private information of millions of users. It is easy to set up and has advanced security features in its infrastructure.

Keeper Best Features

1. Zero-Trust and Zero-Knowledge

The zero-trust and zero-knowledge policy is an important part of Keeper. This means that everyone in the organization needs permission before they can use any software functions.

After you set up your Keeper account, you’ll only need to remember the master password. If you forget your master password, you can recover your account by going to Keeper and clicking “Forgot Password” on the login screen.

The software will then walk you through a few easy steps to help you get back into your account.

2. Secure Password Generator

This is a free tool that makes strong, random passwords for users with just one click.  All you have to do is choose the number of characters, and the software will come up with long, complicated passwords that are hard to remember.

All of Keeper’s features are meant to make its users safer, and a strong password is the first step.

But Keeper is different from some of its competitors because it gives you a safe place to store all of your passwords and makes sure you can always get to them quickly and easily.

3. Autofill Service

KeeperFill is another great feature that lets you automatically log in to your favorite websites with your username and password.

You can log into your accounts from an app or through a web browser since it automatically fills in your username, password, and other relevant information.

So, whether you use Keeper as a browser extension or on your phone, you can use KeeperFill for everything from your passwords to your payment information.

4. Business Password Sharing

This tool can protect businesses as well as manage passwords for personal accounts. The more employees a company has, the more likely it is that their passwords are weak or have been broken into.

Hacking statistics show that 65 percent of large companies have more than 500 employees who have never changed their passwords. This is a very scary number.

The Keeper vault gives each employee a safe and encrypted place to store their work-related passwords, so they don’t have to send them through text messages, emails, or Slack.

The vault has an admin account that lets you control who can see which passwords. This means that only people who are allowed to can get in.

5. Password BreachWatch

We all think that our passwords are unique and can’t be cracked, but that’s not true. Cybercriminals steal and sell passwords all the time, and if you use any of your passwords on websites that aren’t secure, you could be a victim.

So, BreachWatch is another important part of Keeper that checks your passwords and lets you know if it finds any matches on the dark web.

6. Emergency Access

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your money if you pass away? When someone dies, family members often can’t get to important financial files and other important information that was stored in digital vaults.

You can give up to five trusted family members or friends access to your Keeper account through the Emergency Access feature. You can set a certain amount of time to wait before giving access, and you can add or remove people from the Emergency Access list.

7. Secure Messaging

Keeper is a secure messaging app available on laptops, tablets, desktops, and smartphones. Your messages are encrypted and stored in a safe vault with multiple layers of security with KeeperChat.

It’s easy to use and quick, and you can set sensitive attachments and messages to delete themselves after a certain amount of time. You can also delete messages and make private chats for small groups.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This password management tool has a wide range of multi-factor authentication options in addition to the Keeper security features already mentioned. On the list are:

  • Authentication using two factors
  • Sending one-time SMS codes
  • Logging in using biometrics
  • Compatibility with smartwatches
  • Business users have advanced options

Using Keeper, it’s quick and easy to set up two-factor authentication. You can scan the QR code that Keeper gives you with Google Authenticator, enter the code, and you’re all set.

KeeperDNA lets you send two-factor authentication codes to your Apple Watch or Wear OS smartwatch (formally known as Android Wear).

Face ID and Touch ID are two types of biometric logins that add an extra level of security to your Keeper account.

Keeper Pricing

Keeper offers a variety of price levels to accommodate users with varying needs. All options include a 30-day risk-free trial, allowing you to evaluate the program at no cost.

Because Keeper does not offer a money-back guarantee, you should take advantage of the free trial. All premium features are accessible during the trial.

If you opt not to upgrade to a subscription plan, however, you can continue to use the free version of the app on one device.

The following are the paid Keeper plans:

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Student

Personal Plans

You would pay $2.91/month for Keeper Unlimited’s personal plan, which costs $34.99 per year. Among the features are:

Keeper Security Personal Pricing Plans

  • Storage of unlimited passwords
  • Identity and payments are unlimited
  • Sync with unlimited devices
  • Logging in with fingerprints and face ID
  • Record sharing that is secure
  • Access to emergency services
  • Web application
  • Support available 24/7

Keeper Plus Bundle costs 58.47 dollars a year or $4.87 per month. In addition, it provides 10GB of secure file storage and the BreachWatch dark web monitoring feature.

Family Plans

You can share five vaults with your family members in the Keeper Family plan, which includes 10GB of secure file storage. The cost of the service is $74.99 per year or $6.24 per month.

BreachWatch is a feature added to the Keeper Family Plus Bundle for monitoring the dark web. The annual plan costs $103.48 at a 10% discount or $8.62 per month.

Keeper Family Plans Pricing

The discount is only available to yearly subscribers, not those signing up for a two-year or three-year contract.

Business Plan

If you have an unlimited number of employees and need Keeper apps for your business, the Keeper Business plan is an ideal solution.

Keeper Security Business Plans Pricing

Among the features are:

  • Folders shared by the team
  • Subfolders and folders
  • Access from any device
  • Each user has an encrypted vault
  • Audit of security
  • Management of teams
  • Engines for enforcing policy
  • Reporting of activities
  • FIDO U2F, smartwatch, SMS, TOTP, and basic two-factor authentication

For just $45 per year, you get all these features, which means it’s one of the most affordable password managers available.

Enterprise Plan

There is a better option available if you don’t like the business plan, which includes all the features mentioned earlier while adding a few more benefits.

According to our review of Keeper’s password manager, the Enterprise plan impresses with the following features:

  • Automated management of teams
  • DUO & RSA advanced two-factor authentication
  • Active Directory and LDAP synchronization
  • Provisioning Azure AD with SCIM
  • Authentication using SAML 2.0 (Single Sign-On)
  • Provisioning via the command line
  • Automated provisioning of emails
  • APIs for backend integration and password rotation for developers

The best thing about this plan is that it can be changed and that it lets you see how private your business is. Since the enterprise plan is made to fit the needs of each business, there is no price listed on the website. But you can ask for a demo or get a quote from Keeper’s customer service.

Student Plan

If you are a student and are interested in the Keeper password manager, you can look at its special offer for students. Students can save a lot of money on a package that helps them protect their private information and passwords.

Installation Process and User Interface

Setting up a Keeper account is a simple process that you can start by choosing the plan you want and clicking on Start Free Trial or Buy Now. If you choose the free trial, you only have to give your email address and remember the master password.

Once you do that and agree to the terms of service, you’ll be taken to the next page where you can enter the verification code you received by email.

Keeper Security Platforms & Apps

The interface of Keeper is simple and easy to use. As soon as you sign up for an account, the software will show you all the parts and features of your vault.

On the modern dashboard, all of the features are neatly laid out. On the left, you’ll see the menu. With just one click, you can get to all of your vault’s features.

You can install Keeper as a desktop application (Mac or PC) or as a browser extension. If you wish to take it with you wherever you go, there is a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Have Keeper’s Characteristics Changed Over Time?

A keeper is a reliable tool for managing passwords. It has a large number of users and is always trying to find new ways to meet their needs. During our review of the Keeper password manager, we also looked at the blog.

There, we learned that active and retired military members, their families, and first responders can get a 30% discount on the Keeper Unlimited and Family plans. Through the ID.me platform, you can check to see if you are eligible.

Keeper also puts out reports on data breach trends and the effects of ransomware, in addition to news about sales and deals. This can help people recognize patterns and protect themselves better from possible cyberattacks.

Keeper Customer Support

Keeper knows how important it is to have more than one way to help customers. Start by looking at different user guides and video tutorials to learn how to use the software.

Keeper Security Customer Support

And if you want to talk to a company representative, you can call, fill out a contact form, or send an email. There is also a chatbot called Sherlock that can answer some simple questions.

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Conclusion: Keeper Password Manager Review [Year]

Keeper is not just another way to keep track of passwords. It’s a strong tool that keeps your personal information safe by preventing leaks and hacking attempts on all of your devices.

Some of the things that make this one of the best options on the market are the Keeper Security Audit feature, the zero-knowledge policy, the secure password generator, and the monitoring of the dark web.

Its pricing plans and extra features are made to meet the needs of single users, families, and large businesses.

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