Sellerboard Review 2024: Best Profit Analytics Tools For Amazon Sellers?

If you are an Amazon seller who has not heard about Sellerboard, allow me to explain what it is and how it operates.

First, Sellerboard is an all-in-one tool that will assist you in expanding your company by analyzing current trends, obtaining insight into the most recent online arbitrage transactions, and optimizing your profit potential.

Sellerboard is an analytics solution for Amazon merchants that accurately evaluates anticipated earnings and margins.

Let us checkout Sellerboard in a little more detail.

Sellerboard Review 2024: What Is Sellerboard?

Sellerboard is a tool for tracking Amazon seller profits. It improves conversion rates, search engine rankings, and client satisfaction.

The reason why Jack Bosch, the founder of Sellerboard, started the company was that he had a hard time increasing his sales on Amazon.

Sellerboard Review

He tried a number of different strategies in an effort to enhance the rating of his goods, but nothing worked until he built Sellerboard!

Now, thousands of Amazon merchants all over the world use Sellerboard, and they are achieving remarkable levels of success as a result of doing so.

How Does a SellerBoard Control Panel Look Like?

Let us check out the Sellerboard dashboard.This is what you will see when you first open Sellerboard.Open Sellerboard DashboardYou can copy specific product details, talk to their live support, set filters and choose data accordingly, and download the table in your system.

You will get all the product information you may need here. If you click on ‘More,’ you will also see additional information.

This part is for you if you are a fan of charts, just like me. Just set the filters and check out the charts. Simply hover your mouse on one of these bars, and you will see more information.Open Charts SectionAll your profit and loss information monthly or per your filters will be calculated and given to you in the P&L section.Go To P&L SectionThe ‘Trends’ section is my personal favorite. The whole row of ‘Sales,’ ‘Units,’ ‘Orders,’ and ‘Promos’ are the parameters you can find information on. The more the data is, the more accurate your predictions will be.‘Trends’ section personal favoriteThere are a lot more sections that you can look into as well.

Sellerboard Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

As you can see, the pricing plans of Sellerboard start from as low as $15. For most beginner businesses, the Sellerboard Standard Plan is more than enough. You can later upgrade to better plans.Sellerboard PricingThe best part about Sellerboard is they offer a 1-month free trial. That is a lot of time to understand the platform. Also, they don’t ask you for any of your credit card details.

Sellerboard Review: Reasons To Choose Sellerboard

There are so many reasons to choose Sellerboard.

1. 24/7 Customer Care Service:

The live chat box is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and seven days a week in the bottom right corner. Responses will be sent as soon as feasible.Their crew prioritizes client satisfaction and strives to meet all needs.

2. Cashflow Tool:

This Sellerboard tool facilitates cash flow management. By selecting “add,” you may specify your further investment in the company, the cost of the items, dividends, and VAT. Amazon payments and expenses are automatically populated.Sellerboard Cashflow Tool

3. AI Hidden Costs Tracking:

Sellerboard is an expert at calculating up to seventy (70) secret Amazon commissions and fees, and it reveals this information to the seller in a clear and well-organized format.

It assists sellers in comprehending the complexities of their commercial connection with Amazon and how it operates.This enables merchants to obtain information on each product, variant, and the price at any moment and for any time (day, week, or month).

4. Tracking Trends:

This Sellerboard feature was built to monitor the relevant KPIs and protect sellers from falling victim to negative trends.

If one of these indications exhibits a poor trend, the seller will be alerted promptly and prepared to take action (e.g., run ads, check the quality, decrease price, etc.).Sellerboard Tracking Trends FeaturesYou may pick KPIs (such as return rates) and periods to get a spreadsheet with the monthly performance of all of your goods.  Sorting the table will reveal all problematic SKUs immediately.

5. World Wide Market

Every firm eventually hits its boundaries and has a propensity to integrate and grow into new areas instead of stagnating and being trapped in one spot.

Therefore, a list of the major markets on Sellerboard may assist you in entering multiple big and impactful markets. It has extensive worldwide coverage.

6. Accessibility and Sellers Friendly Design:

A crucial factor for those who value their time and labor. Anybody, even novices, may use Sellerboard. No matter if you are just beginning your Amazon journey or have been doing so for years. You may follow the business’s growth in real-time and using actual indications and numbers.

There is also no restriction on the size of the company, since it may be modest or have millions of dollars in income, and it is simple to use and accessible for all categories of sellers.

Thousands of satisfied Amazon merchants have been using Sellerboard for many years.And if you are not among them, you may begin immediately!

You need only select the service package that best meets your needs.What can be better than such a service that fits our specified requirements and is pocket friendly?

7. AutoResponder:

In addition to being a routine task, responding to customer messages is also common.Sellerboard Autoresponder FeaturesUsing AutoResponder, sellers can send Automated Messages to buyers and receive feedback and testimonials. As a consequence, satisfied consumers and less stress for the vendor.

8. Follow-up Email Campaign:

It can conduct entirely digital email follow-up campaigns. Therefore, the user needs only specify the required parameters. This degree of automation frees up the seller’s time.Sellerboard Follow-up Email Campaign FeatureIt removes certain repetitive tasks, allowing them to make better decisions and concentrate on the most crucial aspects of their Amazon company.

9. Customer Lifetime Value Dashboard:

Have you ever considered how much money you earn each client throughout their lifetime? This new element of the Sellerboard has the solution.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) computation is based on consecutive orders. When a consumer returns and makes further purchases, your net income increases relative to the first order.LTV is the value a client delivers to your company for the whole of their relationship’s lifecycle.

Understanding the LTV of your clients improves your ability to estimate and plan Customer Acquisition Costs.You can afford to incur more marketing expenses per unit than the first selling margin.

This additional cash may be spent on advertising, promotions, gifts, and more, increasing and growing your Amazon company.

10. PPC Optimization and Bid Automation:

The PPC dashboard on Sellerboard monitors the effectiveness of your PPC ads and optimizes them for more profit, sales, and ACOS via automated bids and keywords.Sellerboard PPC Optimizer Feature Based on your profit, Sellerboard computes break-even ACOS and bid suggestions. This is an excellent option for improving your advertising strategies!

11. FBA Error Tracking:

It can monitor FBA error logs. Using Sellerboard, you no longer rely on Amazon to offer compensation and refunds.

Sellers may monitor up-to-date information in real-time and even request refunds that Amazon may have overlooked.

Amazon has a solid history, although FBA mistakes are conceivable. It is preferable to be vigilant and cautious rather than regretful.

12. Compatible With Multiple Devices:

One of the primary distinctions between Sellerboard and other comparable services is that Sellerboard is compatible with all types of devices. Whether you utilize a laptop, mobile device, or tablet, you can monitor your internet company on the road.

13. Demo Version:

It does not matter whether you are simply planning to join the Amazon industry and are researching useful tools or if you are an experienced seller.

There is no need for a registered account or genuine Amazon seller status to comprehend how Sellerboard functions.

First, you may use the “Demo” mode to test Sellerboard, familiarize yourself with it, and determine whether it is the ideal Amazon seller analytics solution.

14. Interactive Live Dashboard:

This handy dashboard displays your Amazon fees (e.g., FBA charge, commissions), PPC ad spend, expenses of returns and refunds, marketing costs, and fixed costs.Sellerboard Live Dashboard Features

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Conclusion: Sellerboard Review 2024

Sellerboard provides a great quantity of information and data at your fingertips.There are also a few entertaining tools that I did not discuss in this article, such as Cashflow forecasting and other interesting reports.

As with any feature-rich platform, utilizing your Amazon account is the best way to explore Sellerboard.

When you add information such as the Cost of Goods and certain monthly expenditures and see how that affects overall profitability, it may open your eyes to opportunities to reduce expenses and increase earnings.

Sellerboard provides a 30-day trial period (no credit card required). For the community of The Selling Family, though, the trial period has been kindly quadrupled. If you join Sellerboard, you may try it out for sixty days. Starting at only $19 per month, the price is incredibly competitive (and lower than most similar services).

After creating an account, setting up Sellerboard is a breeze. As with any third-party service, MWS access needs a professional selling account.This enables Sellerboard to access your Amazon sales records and other data.

If you want to learn more about a specific function, video lessons are inside the Sellerboard.Give Sellerboard a try to see whether it may assist you with operating a more lucrative business, and let me know how it goes.

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