WildFit Review 2024: Best Program For Fitness And Healthier Lifestyle?

WildFit Review


WildFit is a three-month program offered by Mindvalley. You are free to eat anything you want. Understanding how your body reacts to food might help you make more informed dietary choices. Short-term and long-term health are also emphasized. This strategy is ideal if you dislike counting calories or exercising.

Out of 10


  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee with WildFit.
  • Your coach will make daily calls to make sure about your activity.
  • Recipes of different food will be provided.
  • Proper booklets of exercises and tips.
  • No exercise required during this program.
  • No need for expensive supplements


  • Some people might find Wildfit a bit expensive.
  • Not performed on a regular basis


Price: $ 699

Are you looking for a WildFit Review? If so, please read this article thoroughly.

WildFit is the ideal solution for anyone looking to establish healthy habits or improve their fitness. The program combines behavioral modification with nutritional information to assist you in making long-term changes.

I tested it out myself to help you make the right decision, and as a fitness enthusiast, it was easy for me to follow and give you an honest review on WildFit.

WildFit Review 2024: What Is WildFit?

Mindvalley offers a three-month program called WildFit. You can choose what to eat. Understanding how your body reacts to food will help you make better food choices.

A healthier lifestyle is also emphasized, both in the short and long run. You should try this program if you hate counting calories or exercising.

Introducing WILDFIT - WildFit Review

The program doesn’t promote weight loss, but you’ll benefit from it by losing weight for a more ideal waist-hip ratio. But that’s not all.

Similarly to Superbrain, it can improve your mental focus. Likewise, it makes your skin look younger, improves your sleep, and alleviates respiratory problems such as asthma.

Who Is Eric Edmeades?

In the past, Eric Edmeades has worked in the fields of wireless networking, film production, military research, and business coaching.

Similarly, he is a well-known speaker who has been associated with big names such as former President Bill Clinton, and Robin Sharma.

WildFit Review- Eric Edmeades Wildfit Founder

John Gray, Jack Canfield, and Richard Branson. He is now a behavioral change coach and the creator of the popular health program WildFit. He also facilitates retreats such as See You at the Top and Wildest.

Overview Of  WildFit Diet

WildFit Quest is a community that supports others in the recovery process from medical issues. To stay fit and eat healthily, you will need to follow a daily learning process.

You are also required to invest ten minutes a day to work towards your body goals under the micro-learning concept.

The program is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the development of his or her body. There are three parts to this program. Here’s what you need to know:

Part 1: Learn The Basics

You must devote the first two weeks to learning about the fundamental foundation of your future health. These include life coaching, video, group talks, and Q&A.

Using this section, you may be able to control and simplify your six human hunger attacks. It is intended to teach you about food and change your attitude toward it.

Part 2: Including a Natural Human Diet

This program is presented twice a week from week 3 to week 10. Following the video’s instructions will necessitate a slight modification to your diet.

This program includes Q&A in addition to live coaching, videos, and a group mastermind. In addition to better sleep and energy, you may lose weight, be happier, and have fewer mood swings.

Part 3: Rapid Weight Release

The program lasts between 11 and 13 weeks. You can lose all of your unwanted pounds by using the tools in this section, which will eventually lead to dealing with your health issues and losing a lot of weight.

There is also a bonus package of 19 live group coaching sessions.

How Does WildFit Work?

Through WildFit, the industry has undone years of damage it has caused. For the sake of profit, food has become an addictive substance. Aside from processing and preparation, there is also marketing and lobbying.

These companies’ processed foods are devoid of all nutritional value due to the use of refined sugar. Unfortunately, this increases cravings, which leads to overeating. Profits soar as a result.

WildFit teaches us how we feel before and after eating certain foods, as well as how this affects our emotional state. My favorite aspect of this show was how brutally honest he was from the start.

How WildFit Work - WildFit Review

The majority of health coaches paint a rosy picture of how doing ABC will help you achieve your goals. Many people give up halfway because they are never warned about the difficulties that may arise along the way.

He warns you about cravings, acne, and energy loss at first. Using this solution caused me some problems during my WildFit review.

However, if I hadn’t been mentally prepared, I doubt I would have finished the program. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.

1. Learning About Your Body’s Needs

According to a 2020 study, the majority of people try 120 or more fad diets in their lifetime. In a typical year, people try two diets. They are extremely popular due to their quick results. However, as numerous studies show, there is a problem with short-term gains.

This program teaches you how to be in control of your relationship with food in order to transform it. This program explains the science behind various foods. You will be able to determine whether the food you eat is beneficial to your body by doing so.

WILDFIT by Eric Edmeades - WildFit Review

Edmeades requests that you record your measurements in a downloadable guide before you begin.

This is an important metric for measuring your progress. This document includes your current weight, neck, BMI, shoulders, arms, chest, and waist measurements.

The fitness instructor will also ask you to stick to the same diet for about a week. He explained that he didn’t want to develop short-lived boomerang habits.

Only two changes are requested in the first week:

  • Drinking water daily
  • Breathing twice a day (5-5-5-5)
  • Daily 5-5-5-5 Breathing Exercises

You cannot change your life unless you breathe. When you breathe, you immediately feel less stressed. Furthermore, stress and lifestyle diseases like obesity are linked. There’s more to it.

According to a UK study, breathing exercises can help manage respiratory symptoms such as asthma.

The breathing technique taught by WildFit can help you improve your health. In a bonus video, the course instructor explains the 5-5-5-5 technique in detail by performing a practical exercise of the process.

2. Drink Water Every Day

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, water accounts for approximately 60% of the human body.

Drinking enough water is critical for vital bodily functions such as metabolism, cellular hydration, nutrient transport, and waste elimination. Eighty percent of Americans do not drink enough water.

While testing the program for this WildFit review, I discovered that the trainer recommends more than just drinking water, but also tips like:

  • Which type of water is at the top of the hierarchy
  • Depending on your body weight, how much water you should drink
  • Drinking water at the best times

3. Practical Exercises

Occasionally, the trainer will give practical exercises. You are asked, for instance, to assess their emotional connection with food.

  • Food/snack of choice
  • After eating it, how you feel

4. Eating Depending on the WildFit Season

The program defines different seasons to match human eating habits with the seasons.

Fasting is better in the winter while eating some foods is better in the spring. Because your body’s natural cycle corresponds with the seasons, you should follow it.

5. Learning the Meanings of Different Foods

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are all occasions for overindulgence. During your journey to a healthier life, you may come across certain habits and rules that will impede your progress.

He also discusses how some advertisers can manipulate your emotions. It is common practice to link unhealthy foods to special occasions, such as the Coca-Cola Santa Claus commercial.

6. Rules and Emotional Attachments

We’ve all done it at some point. We should reward diet adherence with rules that allow for cheating.

I noticed that everyone who reviewed WildFit said they were in great shape and didn’t crave unhealthy foods.

One of the reasons this course is so practical is that the instructor advises students against cheat meals or days. He claims that in the long run, they may work against your goals.

Eric Edmeades Sucesss Stories

While most people believe it boosts their metabolism, dieticians and mindful eating experts disagree.

There may also be a childhood attachment to unhealthy foods. When you were a kid, your parents might have given you ice cream or cookies if you did well in school or behaved well.

7. Different Types of Hunger

You don’t always need to eat to satisfy all types of hunger, according to the coach. You may feel empty in your stomach if you are dehydrated, so all you need to do to feel fuller is drink water.

8. Personal Coaches

Sometimes a little extra help is required. Perhaps you prefer one-on-one training. Furthermore, WildFit recipes may contain animal protein, which can be problematic for vegans and those with allergies.

From the standpoint of an expert, you can have a certified instructor recommend nutrient-rich alternatives based on plant sources.

You can find your ideal match by searching based on upcoming class dates, location, language, or the person’s name.

9. The Natural Human Diet should be allowed to take control

This section focuses on making small but long-lasting changes to your diet. WildFit will occasionally request that you change your diet.

In other words, you can improve the quality, quantity, and variety of fruits and vegetables you consume. You can change your mind about the course at any time.

As a result, you have the option of making changes right away or waiting a few days. You can also try some tasty WildFit recipes as part of the program. The following are some of the categories:

  • Analyzer: This is WildFit’s signature smoothie and is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. The diet starts in the second week and includes jalapenos, bone broth, cucumbers, and fennel.
  • Chicken dishes: The health benefits of chicken abound. When compared to curried, grilled, or steamed chicken, deep-fried chicken may cause more harm than good. There are plenty of recipes in this program to help you prepare delicious and healthy meals.
  • Comforting recipes: Many WildFit reviews demonstrate how much people enjoy eating revitalizing meals under this category. My own experience confirms this! Pad Thai, stuffed peppers, and Cardo Verde are some examples.

10. Travel Tips

While traveling, it is common for people to experience a variety of negative side effects, such as fatigue, stress, or insomnia.

Edmeades is a frequent flyer. Throughout his journey, he works 12 hours a day without tiring or becoming ill. How does he achieve this?

WildFit Mindvalley is what allows him to do this so effortlessly. He avoids certain foods by consuming the proper nutrients. His travel advice includes:

  • Processed sugar should be avoided
  • Participating in aerobic exercises
  • Two to three days before the trip, drink plenty of water
  • A few days before the event, eat well

11. Losing Weight Rapidly and Keeping It off

Significant weight loss will occur in the 11th and 12th weeks. You will receive coaching twice a week.

During the final week, your coach will contact you on a daily basis to ensure that you maintain your weight loss over time. Edmeades also discusses how to stay resilient after completing the program.

He recommends you read the WildFit ebook to help you make decisions about food in the future. Additionally, it will reinforce the core principles of the program so that you stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, he suggests a food test that will guide you in choosing the right foods. The following tips can help you evaluate your food so you know what to avoid:

  • Beans, grains, and anything else you have to cook to eat it
  • Food containing preservatives, chemicals, additives, etc.
  • Meals prepared in a processing plant

My Personal Experience with WildFit: Did It Help Me?🤔

This is the meat of the review. I’ve always been a fantastic foodie, and I still am. I had the least amount of control over my desire for food, and I knew I wasn’t making the best decisions.

The most difficult aspect for me was resisting the temptation to eat bad foods. This is when I discovered Mindvalley’s WildFit program.

I noticed a YouTube video where a YouTuber reviewed the program, which grabbed my interest. So I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t notice any significant changes in the first two weeks. Of course, this was the first phase, and we were instructed to maintain our current eating habits without making any adjustments.

However, as the program progressed, the compelling facts, very well-structured courses, and live coach calls gradually helped me adjust my eating choices.

Everything was described in length and supported by logical arguments, which helped me understand why I want certain things and how I can rewire my brain to believe that I don’t truly need them right now.

In addition, I learned about my ideal weight and how to maintain it without resorting to fad diets. The approach allowed me to eat anything I wanted without feeling restricted by the appealing packaged goods.

Now I can eat nutritious meals that meet my body’s natural needs without worrying about gaining weight. I’m writing this review six months after finishing my WildFit program, and I can honestly state that it was a life-changing event for me.

If you’ve tried many diet plans and gone to the gym, but they’ve all failed, you should give WildFit a go.

WildFit Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

There is a 100% money-back guarantee with WildFit. No need to send endless emails or make endless phone calls to get your refund. You can find the refund link on the Refund page.

The WildFit program cost is as follows:

  • A one-time payment of $895 is required
  • Payment in three installments: $399 each ($1197)

The 90-day challenge diet plan does not offer a free trial.

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Conclusion: WildFit Review 2024

WildFit has a lot to offer if you want to replace your unhealthy lifestyle with a healthy one. It takes 90 days, which is a significant disadvantage. However, because this is not a fad diet, you will most likely see long-term results.

The instructor will also repeat the material throughout. It was annoying at first, but it made sense once I started forgetting some of his lecture material.

One of the best aspects of this program is that no special vitamins, supplements, or exotic shakes are required. You can get locally available food at your local supermarket.

Furthermore, despite the fact that it may be costly, it allows people to pay in installments. The program also includes a money-back guarantee and no-hassle refunds. It can be launched at any time.

It only takes one click. There will be no emails or phone calls. If you want to change your lifestyle for better health, the WildFit program is well worth the money.

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