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How we create best courses reviews?

1. We research

To put you with the latest deals and the best e-learning platforms, we research tons of user opinions and forum sites. You will only find the most genuine and top-rated education products to give you best learning experience.

2. We analyze

Once we gather the raw data, we put tests into action and personalize the learning experience for you. We analyze all the courses by considering factors like content quality, learning experience, certifications, etc.

3. We score

Our experts rate each course based on various factors such as quality, pricing, user reviews, course structure, and other factors. This makes it easy for you to evaluate head-to-head between two or more learning platforms.

4. We write

Our team of expert writers & editors gather all the metrics and curate an in-depth online courses reviews, advices & best deals for the users. We use simple, yet informative language to create the best piece of content.

Top Courses Deals of 2024

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Mindvalley Masterclass Free Offer
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Datacamp Free Courses
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Helping You Make Decision

Finding the right learning platform and courses for your skill development is no easy task. There are a long list of e-learning platforms offering all types of courses. How do you find the best one for you? Kawa College of Education is your one-stop solution to find the best e-learning courses on the top online learning platforms and make an informed decision on which platform is ideal for your skills. Take a look at our articles and decide which courses are the best for you. We use our experience & professional knowledge to help you reach the ultimate peak.

Top 5 Courses of 2024

Our list of Top & Best e-learning courses is carefully analyzed and curated based on various factors. We make use of data-based scores and gather user reviews to rate these top e-learning platforms. Do check out these features before buying !

1. MindValley
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Pros: MindValley programs are designed to profoundly affect human’s emotional life and bring out their inner strength to live a better experience.

Cons: Once you buy a free trial to their membership platform, it is applicable for a week. For availing of this offer, you need to give your credit card details.

2. Coach Training Alliance
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Pros: Best for professional coaching ICF-approved certified coaching programs and continuing education courses. Helps to maximize potential via life, professional, and personal coaching.

Cons: Connecting with company mentors cost extra. It would've been a much better valued if the package came with a mentor or coach.

3. GreyCampus
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Pros: GreyCampus offers more than 30 programs in the areas of data science, software development, project management, quality management, cloud technologies, and cybersecurity.

Cons: The demo of the course videos is not available.

4. GoSkills
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Pros: GoSkills helps you learn the necessary business skills to reach your personal and professional goals. With a GoSkills subscription, members receive personalized courses consisting of bite-sized and interactive content.

Cons: In some courses there are no actual study materials shared, instead you just get the recorded videos.

5. Edureka
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Pros: Edureka is a good place to start if you want to accelerate your career development and drive your career forward. You receive a valuable and useful certificate that you can even include in your resume

Cons: Edureka website does not mention to offer any exchange or return period for their courses.

How To Choose The Best Course Platform?

When it comes to choosing the right platform, the decision can be confusing for you. Our expert team is on the mission to give you the latest, fact-based courses suggestions and educational advice. We have developed and shortlisted various criteria to rule out the best courses for skill development. Sadly, Most online educational sites upsell the products or write fake reviews. That's what stands us out from the others. Before we write our reviews or present any deal, our team personally verifies and tests them so that you get the best experience. Our focus is to give you the most comforting and best e-learning experience.

Why do you need Kawa College of Education?

We offer our expert experience and knowledge. We analyse the top online learning platforms in the industry based on the data-score based. We seek advice from top professionals and educators to recommend only the best learning platforms.

Best Skills To Learn Online

Helping You Find The Best Courses

Finding the perfect online learning platform and skill development courses can be quite challenging. One cannot easily know the quality of the courses and learning experience that is being offered by an e-learning platform. With so many fake websites and reviews, it becomes almost impossible to judge if you will get what you asked for. This is where we come into play.

Our expert team does all the research for you and helps you filter only real and genuine platforms that you can trust with your time and money.

The Best Courses In Numbers

Online learning industry is a vast one and choosing the best one could be tedious. We at Kawa College of Education make use of the best insights to keep you updated. Here, you will be able to choose the best e-learning platforms and genuine courses. Our writers & experts love reviewing these courses and the number says it all.


There are tons of e-learning options in the market right now. To find the best one for you, we have gathered the list of top online courses and e-learning platforms so that you don't need to. We have carefully review these platforms and courses by taking the experts' and audiences' opinion. Want the best? Read the best!

E-learning Platforms

Real user reviews can tell you a lot about online learning platforms and courses. Hence, we consider it paramount. There are a number of fake reviews on the internet about these platforms. Our team carefully go through these user reviews and eliminates spam. We assure you that courses reviews on our site are expressed by verified users!


We filter out any information that makes false claims about any platform or course. We believe in delivering information as it is to our readers. Our review process includes analyzing every aspect of a platform that can aid or hinder your learning experience. We make sure that all our reviews are fact checked and verified.

Reviewing Online Learning Platforms

Wondering which aspects are the most essential while choosing the best online learning platform?
We cover everything you should know. Some of the learning platforms might look appealing at first but it is never easy to tell if it's a good fit for you. Take a look at some of critical factors we consider while reviewing an e-learning platform.

Course Content

Content structure and quality is the most crucial factor that we consider while researching about an online course and learning platform. The content of a course can determine how well you can grasp concepts and theories while understanding it thoroughly.

Ease of Use

User interface goes hand in hand with how your learning experience. The more user friendly and engaging the UI, the better your intuitiveness to learn. We analyze each platform for their ease of use while learning so that you have the best experience.

Learning Experience

Your learning experience does not only depends on the course content but on the additional features that you get. Our team verifies how much attention to detail has been given by each platform for you to have an ideal learning experience.


Price is always an important factor for every user. Different platforms offers different features, courses and certifications that makes the pricing vary as well. With top-notch content quality, the platform should offer the affordable pricing. If you are worried about the right pricing, don't worry, we are here to help you make the best decision.


Certifications gives you credibility that you have successfully completed a particular course and this is acknowledged by employers. Most e-learning platforms offer certifications with their paid courses that you can use to showcase your knowledge. You might also get FREE certificates from some platforms but they are surely not worth as much.

User Reviews

Real user reviews can tell you a lot about online learning platforms and courses. Hence, we consider it paramount. There are a number of fake reviews on the internet about these platforms. Our team carefully go through these user reviews and eliminates spam. We assure you that courses reviews on our site are expressed by verified users!​


How do we choose which online course to review?

Our team goes through various online forums and communities to find out popular courses and e-learning platforms that are in demand and users want to know if they are legit. We then select the top most requested platforms and courses to do our in-depth review.

How is Kawa College of Education different from other review sites?

Our aim is to provide you with the best and in-depth reliable e-learning reviews. We don't leave any stone unturned and give zero chance of uncertainty. We analyze, score and write our content based on personal experience, real user reviews and other crucial factors. You will only find only fact checked and authentic reviews here and that's why we eliminate fake sites and spams. this makes us unique from similar websites.

Which are the most important factors to select the best online learning platform?

There are many learning platform that offer different experience and features. Our team has narrowed down a list of critical aspects that help us review these platforms according to what's best for the users. Some of these factors are, learning experience, content quality, pricing, user interface, etc.

How much research do we do before publishing our reviews?

Our experts team carries out weeks of research analyzing different aspects of a platform, personally testing each platform, going through thousands of real user reviews before concluding our reviews. This surely takes a lot of time and effort, but this is the only way we know on how to deliver authentic and in-depth reviews.