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Looking for an unbiased Coach Training Alliance Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss whether Coach Training Alliance is worth it and whether you should try it.

If you’re a coach, you know what a difficult job it is. You deal with people’s problems and conflicts, and it can feel like you can never do enough to help them.

Coach Training Alliance Review

However, the Coach Training Alliance program will assist you in overcoming all of the challenges of being a coach, including professional skills, personal challenges, and business skills.

Coach Training Alliance will provide the knowledge and tools you need to become a more effective coach and advance your coaching practice.

Let’s get started with the detailed Coach Training Alliance review here.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Coach Training Alliance is my top recommendation for professional coaching ICF-approved certified coaching programs and continuing education courses. I’ve learned a lot, and it helps me to maximize my potential through life coaching, professional career development, and personal growth.


The main reason I’m a Coach Training Alliance member is that I get to learn from and coach some of the world’s smartest people.

Coach Training Alliance - Programs

To assist others in discovering their true human potential by developing strategic solutions to real-world problems by discovering inner capabilities within yourself.

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Coach Training Alliance Review 2024: About {CTA} Coach Training Alliance 

First, you should know that Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program will take around half a year to finish.

This program combines video chatting, intelligent programming, and online resources for participants to use every week.

Every week, the point of convergence is a live class, which is coordinated via teleconference.

Coach Training Alliance Review

Depending on the subject, these can last 60 or 90 minutes. Furthermore, the educational modules require each participant to complete five hours of self-examination per week.

Meanwhile, the maximum number of students is limited to provide a personalized experience.

Every participant has explicit needs and a moderately small class estimate, making it more unlikely for anyone to lose all sense of direction in the group.

The Coach Training Alliance is an organization that claims to help people maximize their potential by giving them everything they have to become certified holistic mentors or to continue their education as personal coaches.

How Does Coach Training Alliance Work?

Coach Training Alliance is a firm that proposes people’s access to the International Coach Federation with legitimate instructing programs.

The ICF, or International Coach Federation, is an organization that promotes the use of universally renowned standards for personnel trying to become life coaches or personal coaches.


According to their website, Coach Training Alliance’s various coaching programs, courses, and workshops are intended to “make positive change, regardless of the types of goals.”

Their main goal is to consistently help individuals change how they contribute their time and energy to better things.

To become a life coach, professional coach, or personal coach, read my complete coach training alliance review for more information.

They have a variety of projects that will allow you to begin, complete, or expand and update your preparation.

Individuals uncertain whether this decision is for them will approach a free test, just as some free classes, to enable them to begin.

They likewise offer a full educational module for individuals who have chosen to focus on turning into a life coach by offering them a wide range of projects and courses that individuals can take to refresh their past training and coursework.

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Why do I recommend Coach Training Alliance?

Here are 8 reasons why I can easily recommend Coach Training Alliance to anyone:

1. Coaching Philosophy

The coaching philosophy of CTA is based on the coaching philosophy of the International Coaching Federation. Coaching is a co-creative process between a coach and a client. Coaching honors the customer as a creative, resourceful, and complete self-expert.

During the coaching process, clients use their knowledge, wisdom, and vision to create new awareness, new intentions, and opportunities for success. Coaches work with clients to clarify the client’s agenda and listen deeply and effectively.

2. Training delivery

The Certified Trainer program combines live conference calls, an online program, an interactive virtual classroom, and a student forum. All training courses occur virtually and ask important questions that enable customers to discover themselves.

3. Unique Learning Model

Since the amount of information doubles every three to four years, giving up training is giving up life. Before that, he could go to school, graduate, and know almost everything he needed to know for the rest of his life.

Today, in their fourth year, 60% of what students learned in their first year is wrong or no longer applies. Can you imagine the applicable knowledge level if you graduated ten or twenty years ago? Lifelong learning is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

4. ICF Accreditation

The ICF has accredited the Coach Training Alliance since September 8, 2004, and meets the Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) criteria. ‘

Look for Their list on the ICF ACSTH website:

5. Certification

You can refer to yourself as a certified trainer and apply for the CTACC accreditation letter on your behalf. In addition, you can place Their Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach logo on your website and link it to Their website.

6. Reputation

CTA was founded in 2000 and has trained and certified over 10,000 trainers from 45 countries.

Recipient – 2020 Global Excellence Award Winner – “Best Life Coach Training and Certification Provider – USA. ICF graduate and one of the first to introduce ICF-oriented training A + from BBB. The Coach Training Alliance was named one of Silicon Review’s 50 Most Admired Companies.

7. Faculty

The Coach Training Alliance is a collection of the coaching profession’s best educators, mentors, trainers, and moderators. Over the past ten years, we have put together a team of proven professors – today, they are leaders in their fields and niches.

Their faculty members have published over two dozen books in their field, all of which are “real” trainers. Together, they have developed the best coach education programs offered most economically and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on their faculty being associated with CTA for an average of ten years. His passion for sharing the benefits of the coaching profession inspires us and will inspire you. All of their CTA mentor coaches are CTA graduates, ICF-accredited coaches, and successful.

Their faculty consists of executives, lecturers, and telex operators. Many have developed their specialized training offered by the CTA Graduate School of Coaching.

8. Center for Lifelong Learning – Graduate School for Coaching

Over the past decade, CTA has created a wealth of trusted and experienced resources to continue your coaching skills and practice growth and success.

Their selection of courses, ranging from in-depth niche-specific coaching knowledge to a variety of always useful coaching tools, has been selected and created for you, the active and practicing coach.

Coach Training Alliance Facebook Reviews

Here are the students’ reviews of Coach Training Alliance on Facebook:

Coach alliance testimonial

Coach alliance testimonial facebook

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Coach Training Alliance User Reviews & Testimonials:

Here are the students’ reviews and testimonials about Coach Training Alliance:

Sofia Abounnaim

It’s a great program that gives you all the tools and guidance to become a great coach! I gained lots of experience and knowledge from the Certified Coach Program! Def recommend it!

Robert Leung, CTI

Your seminars are a clear, concise, enlightening, and motivating blend of science and humanity.

Libby Stafford

I was so caught up in your presentation, I was not able to take notes.  I did not want to miss a word.  It is exceptionally helpful to have the replays available.

Kymberly Johnson MA, LPCC, PCC

Powerful, relevant, and exciting material. I have literally spent hours going over the recordings after the seminars.

Saint Teresa

“The life of God within us.” It is thought that our spirit resides in the center of our bodies near our hearts. Sometimes we refer to it as our heart, receiving messages from there that have the power to awaken our aliveness – “in my heart I know…”

Brenda Louis Kitchener

This is a fantastic program. You guys have all the bases covered. I loved that this program covered everything from learning how to coach to starting your own business and everything in between. No other course that I researched offered all of this.

Loree M. Paulson

Overall really has everything I was looking for. It is a good blend of handling the business and marketing aspects of coaching along with developing the right skills and tools. Of all the classes and investigation I did this course always came right back on top.

Coaching Career Transitions Graduate

Deborah’s teaching style is both engaging and open–she’s very willing to share her years of experience with all who will listen! The follow-up notes to her classes are extremely helpful and allow for full participation in the class while it is happening!

Leslie Horkin

Tonight was the first night of Dr. David Krueger’s 4-week Seminar …what a great seminar this is going to be. Some of it felt a little over my head…but the Quantum Physics part was really cool! It’s good to know CTA has more courses to keep us going when our class ends.

Warren Bennis

In the fields I have studied, emotional intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. IQ is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn’t make you a star. Emotional Intelligence can.

Lisa Velazquez

If you want to affirm and clarify your life purpose this is a wonderful class to take. Nan provides a safe and nurturing space to explore and share newfound insights with other participants and she gives excellent guidance throughout the course. I especially enjoyed doing the exercises, for example, a mind map, or a collage about my life, that showed me where I already am on track and where I need to make adjustments in order to be on purpose. Listening to the experiences of others also was very inspiring. I highly recommend this class.

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate

I looked forward to every class and really enjoyed them.

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate

I love the classes. I’ve received so much helpful information. Thank you!

Human Capital Consultant (IT)

The most impactful takeaway for me was..The tools on how to implement a formal internal coaching program for my organization; creating the undeniable benefit statement, and setting the stage.  Efforts are now in place to formalize our program, based on the tools we were given with this course.

HR Business Partner

I learned how to mentally prepare myself for coaching conversations…  I am a better coach when I do this, more connected to clients, serve them better.  The class also helped me start asking more powerful questions and reminded me to validate the client during the coaching sessions.. this was critical to my co-creative relationships.

Strategy Consultant

I now am able to “be encouraging and inviting to help others… instead of solving problems, I can guide others by asking questions which facilitate their own thought processes.  Biggest AHA and biggest challenge:  I wanted to try to help/solve – that is not the most effective way to do it.

Sr. HR Strategist

It was really helpful to practice the coaching sessions and to have others provide feedback.  It’s tough to learn something and then never get to really use it in a way where you can get real-time, meaningful feedback.


This course provided a template for having productive conversations which built trust and made possible a real exchange of ideas… makes it easier to identify blocks and overcome them more quickly… We respond faster to challenges and opportunities


“I set a goal of ‘selling 30 hours of pure coaching in the first year after this program.  I did it in a month.” ….Another unexpected benefit the coaching program provided me was to enhance my skills as a professional advisor… it has greatly elevated the relationship on all matters both technical and advisory.

Sarah Kirkish

“I got to experience many different styles of coaching and gained the confidence to achieve an amazing level of coaching mastery within a very short period of time.”

Sandra Harris

“I have had the opportunity and great pleasure of making many new friends and associations because of CTA.”

Ida Crawford

“My take away from the Certified Coach Program is that now I have the mechanics involved in being a coach. I understand the power of words more than I ever did. This course also allowed me to truly learn more about who I am; i.e. my strengths and weaknesses. I BELIEVE I can do this. I am so excited about my new career. Thank you, Nan. You are an awesome instructor.”

State Government

“My greatest takeaway was developing the ability to “ask better questions, having a model in my head that allows me to better structure my conversations, asking powerful questions.”

Managing Partner

Creating revenue for the firm, connecting better with clients, serving the client need.

As a consultant, achieving this “coaching state-of-mind” has gone against my natural instincts as I’ve been programmed to give advice.  The Human Capital Coaching program has allowed me to become a much better listener and focus on what my client is truly expressing instead of how I would like to respond.  I’m now…able to identify the real issues of a client at a deeper level.  …the HCC program enabled me to resolve clients’ issues and capture new business much more efficiently, ultimately creating greater revenue for my firm.

Rhonda Cimorelli

The CTA program is amazing. Very thorough utilizing Coach Training Accelerator audio program, small classes, and a mentor coach. I particularly loved having Nan Einarson as my mentor coach. It’s been 3+ years and my “coach the coach” buddy and I still connect every week.

Kevin W. Daley

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminars and found your insight both motivational and stimulating.  The reference material and exercises are a fantastic resource.

Phillip A. Callicutt, Ed.D., CPC

Since taking the seminar I have used your concept of change and transition as new stories with a number of my clients going through major life transitions.  It is like someone turned a light on in their heads.  The material was great and the delivery was excellent.

Ann Backes

I expected support and encouragement, but not at this high level. It has been very rewarding.

Coach Training Alliance Indeed Reviews:

Here are the students’ reviews of Coach Training Alliance on Indeed:

Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 1 Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 2 Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 3 Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 4

Coach Training Alliance Pricing Plans: 

The expense of their proceeding with training courses will shift as the courses themselves change; however, a large number of them are estimated somewhere in the range of $100 to $500, contingent upon your requirements and decisions.

The full educational modules to become a certified life coach are estimated at around $3,100 and payable in full or in three or seven sections. This cost will incorporate all you have to finish the course, with no further charges or concealed expenses.

The Refund Policy for this organization will rely upon the item you have bought since not every one of their items is equivalent. Be that as it may, they offer a Refund Policy for their entire affirmation course.

This approach expresses that the course enlistment expense is non-refundable, sadly, yet past that, as long as you drop your course enlistment no less than 14 days before the course starts, you will get an off of your educational cost installments.

What Is A Certified Coach?

A certified coach can help people identify their strengths, nurture them, and identify their personal and professional goals. His job is to help the person throughout the change process.

As you will find out, it does this in several ways. Part of the mentor’s focus is on compatibility with the mentee. They act as advisors and provide support, guidance, and accountability. Your job is to facilitate change.

The role of the certified Coach can be summarized as follows:

  1. Help to improve self-confidence.
  2. Follow through on commitments and also create accountability.
  3. Offer your unique perspective based on life experience.
  4. A Certified coach improved their relationships.
  5. Determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Support them in their efforts to discover clarity of purpose.
  7. Make the transition to a new life easier once you have achieved your goals.

Why Should You Become A Certified Coach?

Firstly, Certified trainers are in great demand. According to the International Coaching Federation, there is a growing and positive opinion of coaches among potential clients.

The data also shows a high return on investment for those who use certified coaching services. The industry’s growth rate is expected to be 13-15% between 2016 and 2026.

The labor market continues to evolve as we enter the 21st century. Many are giving up their traditional 8-5 jobs for more lucrative and rewarding businesses. The bottom line is that you can make more money working for yourself than for someone else.

Certified coaching might benefit you if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others.

As a certified coach, you are no longer tied to an 8-5 existence. Don’t be confused. You will put in the hours. It’s just that you decide when, where, how much, etc. But at the end of the day, you work for yourself.

Successful coaches do this very well. In the United States, the average salary in 2016 was 61,900.

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Become A Certified Coach

  • Becoming a Certified Coach allows you to become an expert in your life!
  • You desire to ‘listen’ in a new and innovative way.
  • You become the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of!
  • You can not only ask powerful questions but live them.
  • Best life coach certification Will Add Proven Tools and New Techniques

Coach Training Alliance Get SR 2020 Award

The Coach Training Alliance offers one of the best coaching education programs in the industry and has been Awarded as one of the 50 Most Admired Companies of 2020.”

Coach Training award


Congratulations to the Coach Training Alliance. They are doing a great job, And the coaches are doing great that comes from their programs.

FAQ About Coach Training Alliance Review:

Is Life Coach Training Institute legit?

Yes, the Life Coach Training Institute is legit. It is an accredited coach training program. It aims to train coaches.

How long is the program?

The training program can last from 16 hours to 100 hours depending on the program you choose. The courses are online.

How much does a Life Coach earn?

On average, a certified coach may earn between $27,000- $210,000. Life Coach in North America earns about $61,900.

What role does a Life Coach play?

A life coach helps its clients to improve their lifestyles, relationships, resolve issues, and excel in their careers. Life Coach helps their clients to move forward in life and achieve greater goals by guiding them.

Is Life Coach a therapist?

No, Life Coach and Therapist are two different terms. Therapists study the history and past patterns to help their clients, whereas a Life Coach analyses their client's present state and problems and works towards solving them.

What is a CTA Certified coach?

The Certified Coach Program is a course that helps you become a coach. You get to learn how to be a coach and start coaching before the course is over.

Is Coach Training Alliance accredited?

Yes, Coach Training Alliance is accredited. They are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF is the best accreditation body for coach training programs.

Is a coaching certification worth it?

If you own a coaching certificate, then you will more likely succeed. Many professional coaches say that. With that, there is more chance to become successful in your coaching business. And it is less likely that the coach will lose their jobs.

How long does it take to become an ICF certified coach?

On average, most coaching programs require you to do 40-160 hours of work. It takes between 6-12 months to complete the program. The time depends on whether you are getting a basic or advanced certificate.

What is the most prestigious coaching certification?

The International Coaching Federation is the best certificate in the world. They only give certificates to coaches who are considered the industry gold standard.

Conclusion: Coach Training Alliance Review 2024: Is Coach Training Alliance accredited?

Coaching is generally a new profession and can be ideal for anyone who appreciates working with individuals.

If you want to begin a vocation in this field, Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program is one of the best coach training programs.

The program gives an exceptionally expansive extent of preparation, considering every contingency. Since it is so incorporating, we trust it is keen speculation and a decent method to get your imminent training practice off the ground.

Over the most recent couple of years, the idea of life instructing and individual training has turned out to be mainstream, and the associations that offer coursework for preparing have developed and extended too, so if the Coach Training Alliance doesn’t address your issues, there is likely another provider that will.

Learn More About Coach Training Alliance

Want to learn more about Coach Training Alliance?

Their About page is probably a good place to start.

You can also follow their blog or contact them.

Have a question? Maybe the FAQ can help.

Or check out their socials on FacebookPinterest, and YouTube.

Visit this page for shipping info.

Coach Training Alliance is located in The United States

Coach Training Alliance on Youtube

Here are some of the latest videos from the CTA YouTube channel:

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