LSAT Percentiles 2024 : Complete Guide To Ace LSAT

Are you planning on taking the LSAT? I know you’re a little nervous about taking the LSAT. What are your goals?

LSAT is a four-hour exam that tests your analytical and critical thinking skills. Although it is not an easy test, with some serious preparation, it can be passed. Our goal is to help you pass this test because we know how important it is for your future! We guarantee you will ace the LSAT with our LSAT study guide!


You won’t have any more questions about what topics are covered on the test or how they’ll be tested because we cover in detail about the LSAT exam and the best way to prepare for it.

Plus, we provide you with information about the test papers and how you should be studying, the tips and tricks. So, what are you waiting for? Read below to know the details. 

Action: Read the article to know about the LSAT percentiles in detail and how much is required to clear the paper. 

What is the LSAT?

Law school admissions in North America, Canada, and many other countries rely heavily on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The purpose of the LSAT is to assess the skills needed to succeed in the first year of law school.

What is the LSAT?
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The skills assessed include reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing, and the test results provide insight into law school readiness for both admission decision makers and candidates alike.

There has been consistent evidence that LSAT scores are the single best predictor of first-year law school performance, even better than undergraduate grade point average. 

There are two parts to the LSAT.

There are multiple-choice questions on reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning in the first part of the test. Since a substantial majority of test takers expressed an interest in taking the LSAT online, remote-proctored, through June 2022, LSAC will continue to offer the test this way. 

With the return to the pre-COVID practice in August 2021, an unscored variable section will accompany the three scored sections so that we can validate new test questions for future use. We are committed to equity and this validation process helps ensure that our questions continue to be free of bias for as long as possible.

You can choose the order in which the unscored section appears among the four sections of the test. Beginning August 2021, when the new LSAT will include a fourth undisclosed section, a 10-minute break will be provided between the second and third sections, similar to the break between the second and third sections of the traditional in-person LSAT.

During the second part of the test, you’ll write a short essay called LSAT Writing. Candidate’s own computer is used to proctor online LSAT Writing tests. The LSAT Writing can be completed up to eight (8) days before the multiple-choice test.

All ABA-accredited law schools accept the LSAT, and it is the only test that determines if candidates are right for law school. Other tests other than the LSAT may be accepted by some law schools for admission; however, students who wish to maximize their chances of admission and best prepare for law school should take the LSAT. 

How to get Free LSAT Classes Online for the LSAT Exam

Free LSAT Resources

Despite the fact that there aren’t many free LSAT prep courses available, there are plenty of great free resources available online that can assist with LSAT preparation. Often, free LSAT study materials are available on companies’ websites, including right here on our Odyssey Test Prep website, which provides practice tests, videos, flashcards, a PrepTest Analyzer, and a virtual LSAT test proctor for all LSAT students.Odyssey Test PrepIn Odyssey Test Prep’s PrepTest Analyzer, students can gain insight into how well they are performing on the LSAT, and identify their strengths and weaknesses. A student’s potential LSAT score is calculated if all of the student’s current testing weaknesses are rectified.YouTube is an excellent resource for students who struggle to understand why they got certain questions wrong. It would seem that there are YouTube explanations for almost all logic games and reading comprehension passages. Logic reasoning explanations are not readily available on YouTube and it can be challenging to find explanations for the LR section of a PrepTest; however, you can find several platforms that provide explanations for the LR section. Velocity LSAT offers students short videos explaining questions from PrepTests 30 through 80, while LSATHacks provides students with written explanations relating to PrepTests 29 through 38 and PrepTests 60 through 80.Lastly, there’s Reddit. LSAT students can find study buddies and discuss strategies on Reddit, the largest online LSAT community. Additionally, students on the platform sometimes give away their old LSAT materials for free, so if you’re lucky enough to be the recipient of one of these gifts, you will probably be getting the only free LSAT prep book of your life. Basically, it’s a wonderful place to meet other LSAT students, join a community, and stay motivated!

What Score Do You Need to Pass the LSAT?

LSAT scores range from 120 to 180. Around 151 is the average score. Since the range of scores is relatively narrow, it means that even small changes in performance can have a significant impact on your score. In addition, small improvements can significantly boost your percentile ranking (sometimes, a one-point improvement can boost your ranking by up to five points).


Tips & Tricks to score well at LSAT Exam (should include practice tests)

Tips & Tricks to score well at LSAT Exam
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 1. Realize the LSAT is not like other exams

The first step to conquering the LSAT is to understand how it differs from other tests.The LSAT cannot be crammed for. Not how much information you remember, but your ability to think critically and evaluate. If you have no prior knowledge of law, you can take the LSAT and pass.As long as you have a strong command of English, and you can process the questions, think logically, and choose the best answer, you will pass. A successful approach to tackling LSAT questions requires practice until it becomes second nature.

2. Understand what you need

When it comes to the LSAT, law schools have their own requirements. You need at least 170 points on the LSAT to get into a top-five law school. A law school ranked 5 to 10 must have a minimum GPA of 165.If you know what law school you’d like to attend, you can figure out what you need to score and how much work you need to put into it. You can also determine how much preparation time you need for the LSAT by using this information. A minimum of six months is recommended.What is the cost of preparing for the LSAT? That’s the amount you need to spend on books, tutors, prep classes, and other necessities. You may need from a few to several n, depending on your study strategy.

LSAT Percentiles - Lsat books
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3. Have a study schedule

Every day, set aside time for studying on your own for the LSAT and solving practice questions. Spend at least four to six hours a day studying for the LSAT by yourself.No matter how much time you give yourself to prepare, make the most of it. The more often you practice, the more familiar you’ll become with the test pattern, and the better you’ll be at providing accurate answers.Study in a balanced manner to avoid burnout or frustration by using self-study courses that include exercises, on-demand videos, study plans, and analytics that assess your preparation.The materials for LSAT preparation are not cheap. Princeton Review LSAT study materials and Kaplan’s LSAT study materials, for example, are expensive, but worth the money.It takes discipline and commitment to make the most of materials like these. You won’t learn anything if you don’t prepare with the materials and you won’t be ready to take the exam.Try combining books with tutoring if studying by yourself doesn’t work.Books will be available for review, in-person instructors will be available, and there will be a structured learning environment.You might also be the type of person who only needs to spend a few hundred dollars on books, which you study independently according to your own schedule. In order to succeed on your first attempt at the exam, you need to know what your options are, identify which one is best for you, and utilize them.

4. Choose an LSAT preparation course that fits your needs

You can prepare for the LSAT by purchasing apps or software. To prepare for the LSAT, most students spend up to thousands of dollars.The cost of joining an LSAT prep company can be high, but may be worth it. Paying for help is worth it if you want to maximize your chances of getting your desired score on your first attempt or if you find it difficult to study independently for the LSAT.

LSAT preparation course
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5. Give extra attention to LSAT logical reasoning

About half of the LSAT’s score is derived from its logical reasoning section. In addition, it may also be the part of the exam you are least familiar with. You are better able to score higher points if you pay more attention to this part of the exam.There is no substitute for actually tackling problems until logic becomes second nature until you get used to answering logical reasoning questions. The key is to work on enough practice questions until you become proficient at answering logical reasoning questions.Nevertheless, do not neglect the other aspects of the test. It’s just a matter of showing logic a little bit more love since it carries more weight.

6. Don’t neglect your weak areas

It may be easier for you to handle reading comprehension, and you have mastered logic reasoning. Let’s say, however, that logic games are a challenge for you. Keep playing logic games! Learning them is more difficult.Most people have difficulty with the LSAT’s logic games section. It doesn’t mean you should ignore logic games and focus all your attention on other parts of the test because we’ve said logical reasoning is what earns you the most points.There is a point system for each section of the test, and being a dud in any section could cost you a lot of points. Whatever it takes, be equally prepared to succeed on all the LSAT sections.You shouldn’t overlook the section on LSAT writing samples. Honestly, this section does not contribute to your overall LSAT score, but bad performance here may give the admissions committee a bad impression of you, which could hurt your chances of getting accepted to your preferred law school.

7. Prep for LSAT test day

In order to take the LSAT successfully, you need to complete as many questions as possible within the allotted time. Because the exam is timed, you need to manage your time well so as not to leave several questions unanswered. The more points you get, the better, since any unanswered questions are potential points you’ve missed.Practice LSAT questions while timing yourself to make sure you are not only learning to solve the problem correctly, but answering it in a timely manner, too. In order to pass the exam, you will need to be able to answer questions correctly within the time limit.

8. Practice makes perfect

Take away no other valuable advice from this article about how to study for the LSAT other than to practice, practice, practice.The only surefire way to guarantee you pass the LSAT is to practice it until you are over-familiar with it. The LSAT offers hundreds of practice tests online and offline that you can take, as well as actual past LSATs.There are several compilations of LSAT past questions available. You’ll find questions and answers in some, as well as explanations to help you understand the solutions. As you practice timed tests, you will discover how questions and answers are crafted to mislead you. Once you’ve mastered it, the trick will no longer work!Continuous practice also trains your brain to solve problems critically and isolate pertinent points, which is necessary not only for passing your law school exam but also for acing it. The LSAC will not surprise you when the test arrives.

How Long are LSAT Scores Valid?

Well, don’t worry. LSAC will keep your LSAT scores for five years after you took them. If you are testing on June 8, 2020, your scores will be removed from LSAC on June 8, 2025. LSAC will delete your records after five years from the date of each LSAT you take.

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What is a Good LSAT Percentile?

  • A score over fifty percent is generally considered promising since it indicates you performed better than half the test-takers on the test. The bottom 25% of students will find it difficult to get into any school, so the better goal is the 65th percentile. Scaled LSAT scores of approximately 155 to 160 are needed to score near this percentile.
  • How do you determine whether a score is above average? Most schools will accept students with scores in the 80th percentile or higher. An approximate raw score of 78 or 79 and a scaled score of 160 is required for this.
  • If you score above the 90th percentile, getting into a top 50 school should be easy. You can achieve this if you achieve a scaled score of 165 or higher, which is about 85 in raw scores. Therefore, if you want to be in the top ten percent, you need to answer 85 of the 100 questions correctly.
  • Let’s talk about LSAT scores that are average or below average now. A score around this mark isn’t discouraged by the fact that about half of all LSAT takers score below 150. Therefore, we recommend that those within the 40th to 60th percentile take the LSAT again unless their desired law school program usually accepts lower scores.
  • Typically, a score below 145 is considered below average, which is below the 25th percentile. Take the LSAT again when your percentile is below average and don’t let it deter you. Instead, use it as a motivator to study harder and to utilize better preparation materials. A perfect score is not essential on the first attempt, since you can retake it later.

For Top-Tier schools, what is the minimum LSAT percentile?

  • In the section above, we describe the various levels of achievement, from a percentile that is higher than average to one that ranks among the bottom quarter of LSAT takers.. Getting into a top law school can be more difficult if you rank in the 50th percentile or lower, whereas scores in the 80th percentile or higher will likely be viewed positively.
  • To get into a top-tier law school, what score should you aim for on the LSAT? Answering that question depends largely on what you consider top-tier. Most would consider Harvard and Columbia to be the top law schools in the country, so you will need to be in the 90th percentile or higher. A score of 160 on the LSAT is considered to be in the 80th percentile, but is still considered highly respectable by many programs.
  • Likewise, each program at a law school will have its own requirements. The LSAT results may be valued more strongly by some programs than by others, and some programs may weigh GPA and practical experience more heavily than the LSAT score.
  • It may be difficult for you to gain admission to your ideal law school program, or even to a top 50 program, if your score is below the 50th percentile, which is usually 150 or below. Don’t let this discourage you, because half of all who take the LSAT are in the same boat. Additionally, many of those who score in the higher percentiles didn’t perform well on the LSAT at first as well.
  • You have multiple opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge of law school programs by retaking the LSAT. Please consider making your next LSAT your last. You can feel confident on the day of your test knowing you prepared in the right way with TestMaxPrep over a period of several weeks, putting you in a position to be in a top percentile.

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FAQs : LAST Percentiles

🤔What percentile is a 165 on the LSAT?

90th percentile. Our understanding of LSAT score percentiles is based on the common thresholds (160: 80th percentile; 165: 90th percentile; 170: 97-98th percentile, and 174: 99th percentile).

🔥What is 95th percentile on the LSAT?

A score of 95th percentile, for example, means that you performed better than 95% of other LSAT test takers. If you score 173 on the LSAT, then you’ll be in the 99th percentile. In other words, you have scored higher than 99% of other test takers, and you are in the top one percent.

🤷‍♀️What is the 90th percentile on the LSAT?

Despite getting 25 questions wrong, you can still get a 164, or a 90th percentile score, by getting about 20 wrong. There is still the possibility of missing a question or two, even with a perfect score of 180.

👍Is a 155 on the LSAT good?

On the LSAT, 155 is considered a ‘between’ score. If you get a 155 on the LSAT, you will be able to find a decent law school at best. There is a 120-180 scale for the LSAT. An LSAT score of 180 is the highest possible, whereas a score of 120 is the lowest

Conclusion:  LAST Percentiles 2024

For those seeking admission to top law schools, a good score on the LSAT is essential. The LSAT isn’t the only factor college administrators consider, but it is an indication of how a student will perform in his or her program, so it is important that you start studying well ahead of taking the test.The LSAT will continue to be offered remotely proctored through June 2022 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to note that the scores will be equivalent despite the small differences in format between the two exams.You may want to consider joining a local study group or finding an LSAT tutor if you’re worried about your study habits or unsure of what to expect. A common adage states, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

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