Mindvalley Masterclass Vishen Lakhiani 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype?

Looking for an unbiased Mindvalley Masterclass Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss if Mindvalley Masterclass is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

You want to live your best life, but you’re not sure where to begin.

There are so many self-help books on the market that it can be difficult to determine which ones will help you and which are just another scam.

Mindvalley takes a different approach than the majority of its competitors in this industry. They have an incredible team of teachers and experts who provide their members with high-quality masterclasses.

These videos will teach you how to improve your health, relationships, finances, and other areas. These classes are taught by people such as Vishen Lakhiani!

If you’re looking for new skills or inspiration in your life, I recommend checking them out!

In this article, I provide a detailed review of Vishen Lakhiani’s Mindvalley Masterclass. I have covered in this section,

  • What is Mindvalley?
  • The MindValley model
  • Mindvalley pricing plans
  • Is Mindvalley any good?
  • And much more…

Bottom Line Upfront: 

Do you want to find a new way to learn and grow?

Mindvalley has some of the best masterclasses available on the internet. They offer classes taught by experts in their fields, so you can be confident that what they teach is tried and true. You’ll find courses ranging from personal development to business strategy, taught by people such as Vishen Lakhiani himself!


More open minds are needed in the world. And we could all use a little more meaning in our lives. That’s why Mindvalley offers these incredible masterclasses: there’s always something new to learn and explore when it comes to your mind and your life, no matter who you are or where you are right now. So sign up for one right now!

Sign up here for Mindvalley Masterclass today!

Let’s begin the detailed review of the Mindvalley Masterclass by Vishen Lakhiani:

Mindvalley Masterclass Vishen Lakhiani 2023: Is It Worth Your Try??

Hack your past with forgiveness. Hack your present with mindfulness. And hack your future with ‘I AM ENOUGH’.- Vishen Lakhiani.

In-Depth Mindvalley Masterclass Review:

When you enroll in a Mindvalley Masterclass, your name, as well as email, has to be provided to have secure access to it. You get access to a lot of materials and classes once you enroll for the Masterclass and this can be found on the Mindvalley dashboard.

These are ideal for beginners who wish to begin their journey of personal growth.  


For example, once you’ve registered for the Masterclass – The Genius Formula, a preparation guide will be available in the Dashboard’s “My Library” section.

When you click on this guide, go to the ‘Contents’ tab and read through each chapter to learn about the teacher and gain insights that will help you understand the material provided better.

It will also include the workbook for the Masterclass in Chapter 1. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to proceed after registering for the free Mindvalley Masterclass.

Do you want to develop new skills and start learning from industry experts? Then you must check out this article on Masterclass Free Trial and get started with learning for FREE.

What is Mindvalley?

MindValley is a company in education that provides online courses, software, programs, as well as services to transform people into a better version of themselves which can help them improve their life.

The MindValley was launched in the year 2002 by Vishen Lakhiani who is a Malaysian–Estonian entrepreneur. Since the time of its launch, there are about 3 million students from different age groups across the world.


Many prestigious universities from around the world, as well as some of the world’s top transformational leaders, have collaborated with Mindvalley to create some fantastic courses.

They want to help people live happier and healthier lives by changing their way of thinking. This distinguishes them from their competitors.

Mindvalley’s courses assist individuals in developing their minds rather than visible tangible things. Every problem, whether it is related to money, health, lifestyle, or relationships, begins in your mind.

The MindValley Model

1. Global Campus

Being an education company that provides online courses, a person can learn courses with MindValley no matter where they live. It could be your home, or even if you are traveling. You can benefit from these courses anytime you wish.

The best thing about Mindvalley is that you can get an education from anywhere, at any time! MindValley organizes live local events on their university campuses. Every summer, their campus relocates to a new city.

If Mindvalley comes to your city, you can visit the university campus and learn a lot more about the courses in just 30 days. The courses are open to students of all ages.

2. Lively Curriculum

As the world advances, MindValley is pretty good at being updated on the curriculum front. The courses, as well as lessons, are available online and the content of the courses begs to differ from the very traditional education that has been a part of our lives.

The courses that have been included in Mindvalley’s curriculum give us lessons that can be related to the current era. MindValley claims to transform learning into a lifetime adventure. It also claims that the courses have outperformed the basic online courses by about 500%.

3. Expert Instructors

The courses that are offered by Mindvalley are created by experts like Emily Fletcher, Lisa Nichols, Neale Donald Walsch, and Vishen Lakhiani as well. You can check out some of the courses offered by them.


This is one such platform wherein you can find high-end education along with some of the brilliant minds who help inspire as well as transform others.

4. Course Offerings

Mindvalley’s curriculum concentrates on 5 important areas in one’s life. There are more than 30 courses in the English language – you will have to pay for a few courses, while you can also avail of some courses free of cost.


You can access the free courses for a specific amount of time. The paid courses can cost anywhere between $199 to $900. The pricing relies on the course length as well as the inclusion of a certificate of completion or not.

5. Career and Influence on People

The courses that fall in this particular category have been designed for those who wish to enhance their career as well as have a lasting influence on people. For instance, a course by Robin Sharma that focuses on these aspects would cost you about $545.

6. Productivity and lifestyle

Mindvalley has courses that will assist you in developing your lifestyle as well as a productive mind frame. Vishen Lakhiani has created courses in which you can learn the distinction between goals and means.

This course is available for free because he wants you to experience the Mindvalley courses. You can look into the various free courses to see if enrolling in a paid course is worthwhile.

7. Mind and Spiritual Connect

The courses in the Mind and Spirit category allow you to challenge various beliefs and eliminate all unwanted distractions. Check out the course by a transformational instructor, Jeffrey Allen, which can help you strengthen your relationships.


the spiritual bond and helps you connect with yourself. This course would cost you an extra fee as it also gives you a certificate of completion. So the course generally costs about $349, whereas, with the completion certificate, the cost would come up to $399.

8. Health and Fitness

Maintaining a very healthy, fit lifestyle is not as simple as it appears. For some, our cravings for all things sweet and savory almost push our healthy lifestyle to the sidelines. The various Health and Fitness courses aim to help you be conscious and live a health-conscious life.


The course on this aspect goes by the name – The Roadmap to Fitter, Healthier and Youthful You and is created by Ben Greenfield and costs $399 in case you want the certificate of completion, it would cost $449.

9. Relationship and Love

Not every person has a great healthy love life. For a few people, it can be tough to form some clean as well as non-toxic relationships. MindValley offers courses where one can learn how to be the best version of yourself when you have people around you.


There is a course on this subject offered by Psalm Isadora and it talks about Love, Intimacy, and the art of Tantra. It is available for $295. In case you require the DVD in addition to the digital access, it will cost you about $495.

Mindvalley Masterclass Refund Policy:

Honestly, the courses offered by Mindvalley are expensive. Also, if you want a completion certificate, it can add to the costs. Some courses are priced as high as $900.

If you have purchased a course and your fee is not helping you justify the cost of that course and is not worth it, you may request a refund. Refunds will now vary depending on the type, of course, you have chosen.

Many courses in Mindvalley offer a 7-day trial period during which you can experience the course and determine whether it is right for you. If you do not like the course, you can cancel it within the first seven days and you will not be charged.

Mindvalley runs quests in addition to all of the traditional courses that you can take. These are special courses that are scheduled on specific dates and can be taken concurrently with the rest of the students.

If you start the quest, you can request a refund within ten days of starting it. The paid courses have a 30-day refund policy.

Some students choose to join Mindvalley on an annual basis. In this case, the refund request must be submitted within 10 days of the initial purchase.

MindValley Pricing Plans: 

Mindvalley Pricing

MindValley Application

MindValley has an app called MindValley: Education Evolved that you can download. This app provides a variety of courses that can be completed in 20 minutes or less.

The app has a 4.6+ star rating and 100,000 or more downloads on Google Play. According to the Play Store, the app is a daily coach for goals, mindfulness, gratitude, productivity, and motivation.

The Affiliate Program of MindValley

MindValley is on the lookout for affiliates who will assist them in creating and shaping a new vision related to education as well as personal growth. In case you are not quite familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, the concept has a very simple mechanism.

Mindvalley Affiliate

The person earns a commission by promoting any product or service thereby making people purchase the product. So how can you get into the affiliate program of MindValley? You need to check their requirements. Mindvalley is on the lookout for 3 important things when they hire an affiliate.

(i) A well-established follower count: You must have at least 200,000 fans/followers. This is one requirement of Mindvalley.

(ii) You must have a highly engaged audience. They look into your popularity, the rate of interaction, and also the relationship you have with the followers.

(iii) you must have consistent traffic. The current, as well as historical traffic, is analyzed by Mindvalley. This helps them understand if you can reach the desired volumes or not.

Remember that MindValley does not allow paid advertising, which means you must rely on organic traffic. Once you’ve met these requirements, you can sign up for Mindvalley on their website and submit your application.

If you are accepted as an affiliate, you can access your affiliate dashboard and select the offer of your choice. You can choose the method you want to use to promote the brand and the tools you want to use from a variety of creatives.

They also provide you with email copy, social media copy, banners, and webinar or special offer links on the sales page. You will also receive your affiliate link to promote MindValley. This link can be added to your website, social media profile, or blog.

Furthermore, MindValley provides cookies with a lifetime of 30 days. This means that your affiliate must sign up within 30 days of clicking on the link. If the affiliate does this, you could earn about 30% commission.

Also, there is no cap on the amount of commission that can be earned. PayPal may receive the commissions earned. You must first collect a minimum of $100 before you can receive your payout. MindValley only processes commissions on the 15th of each month.

You should not be concerned if you become disoriented while working as an affiliate. You will also be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager who will guide you through the various campaigns.

Mindvalley Masterclass Customer Review:


Quick Links:

FAQs | Mindvalley Masterclass Vishen Lakhiani 2023

🤔Are Mindvalley courses worth it?

Mindvalley is the best educational platform focused on personal development. The quality of the courses is excellent as they are all taught by experts. The price for the All-Access Pass is $ 499. Mindvalley is worth it because the skills you learn there will help improve all areas of your life.

👉Do you have to pay for Mindvalley?

Mindvalley Products comes with paid Subscription: a subscription fee-based program, which gives access to all content. But, you may have access to a free trial period of the subscription program through certain promotional offers.

👉How you can cancel Mindvalley subscription?

To cancel a subscription, go to the Billing Section of your Mindvalley Account. Click on Cancel Subscription under Status

👉Are Mindvalley courses free?

Join the latest Masterclass and go deep into a powerful transformational idea with veteran Mindvalley teachers. All Classes of Mindvalley are free to attend and air for a limited time.

👉Is the Mindvalley app free?

You'll get FREE training when you download the Mindvalley app and begin your journey into an extraordinary life. Become the best that you can be and achieve all of your goals, backed by an amazing community of support and programs created by world-class writers.

👉What is Mindvalley all access?

Mindvalley Quest All Access gives you access to unlimited Quest (or courses) ever made by Mindvalley, plus first access to all new upcoming quests that Mindvalley creates.

👉How to download courses from Mindvalley?

To Download Meditation Audios on Mindvalley App: Login to your Mindvalley Account. Open the Program. Open the lesson. Find the Meditation Audio version in the lesson. Unfortunately, the videos are not downloadable. You will see a cloud icon in the top-right corner, click on it to download the audio to your app.

👉Is Mindvalley Real?

Yes Mindvalley is a real company run by Vishen Lakhiani. Mindvalley is worth it because the skills you learn there will improve all aspects of your life.

👉How much does Mindvalley a fest worth??

Adults which are above 18, first need to secure a Mindvalley Global Campus Membership for $995/year, which will then allow access to purchase an A-Fest ticket. A-Fest is a tiered ticket event with tickets starting at $3,295.

Final Verdict: Mindvalley Masterclass Vishen Lakhiani 2023

Thus, in the end, I recommend Mindvalley’s masterclasses from their experienced teachers. Give your mind some openness and give your life new meaning with these masterclasses.  Know more in detail about the kind of free masterclasses from Mindvalley by clicking here. 

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53 thoughts on “Mindvalley Masterclass Vishen Lakhiani 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype?”

  1. “Mindvalley offers some of the best masterclasses on the internet. They have classes from experts in their fields, so you can be sure that what they teach is tried and true.” You’ll find everything from personal development to business strategy ,with courses taught by people like Vishen Lakhiani himself! “A great way to change up your routine for work or home life while also learning something new.”

  2. The Mindvalley Masterclass: Vishen Lakhiani, creator of the philosophy and workplace training program “Gross National Happiness,” is a TED speaker and best selling author. I loved his class because it got you to start thinking about how we can each give more meaning to our lives by focusing on fulfilment rather than happiness alone. It’s important to start with personal growth before trying to grow your business or pursue any other goal!

  3. If you are struggling, trying to figure out where your life is going, or how you can improve it in any way possible – this is the class series for you. It won’t be easy, but I confident in saying there has never been a better time to start changing your life in small ways that could lead to big changes down the line. Not only do they have courses from experts on topics spanning personal development all the way up to leadership strategies and business methodology- each expert continually updates their course based on current techniques and knowledge so that YOU always receive cutting edge information. All of these mastery courses are taught by people who have actually gone through what YOU are facing today – just think about that for a second.”

  4. It’s hard to find a complete course on anything nowadays, just when you’re ready to take that step from being a novice to being an expert, the website is down. Thats what makes Mindvalley something really special- they offer all of their classes online and everything is completely free unless you want your certificate in hand right away rather than getting it mailed. The best part of this site though has got to be their teacher: Vishen Lakhiani himself! He brings his entrepreneurial knowhow and mindfulness habits knowledge (he meditates every day) into every course he teaches for this site.

  5. I loved the class from vishen. Tso about how to keep your relationship happy and healthy- it was life changing for me! I walked away with a lot of new ideas to try out, which is always good because you never know what’ll work without giving it a chance. The best part? He promised that even if I don’t follow everything he suggests, doing something in my marriage feels better than doing nothing. Being in the masterclass felt like having a sort of private therapist in your pocket, which is so much more valuable than that coffee date you were going to have anyways! It really made me see things differently after just one day.”

  6. I’m not ashamed to admit when I made the decision to embark on investing in my future, I didn’t have much hope left. Depression weighed me down, guilt imprisoned me back at home, and fear screamed at me every single day. It wasn’t until after I spent time with vishen sir that it all changed for me. You see, what he taught is that if you just stay patient enough, take enough steps each day towards your goals – eventually they’ll be within reach again! Trusting myself after a life destroyed by constant abuse? That was something worth fighting for! Ahh! The best thing ever.

  7. If you are struggling, trying to figure out where your life is going, or how you can improve it in any way possible – this is the class series for you. It won’t be easy, but I confident in saying there has never been a better time to start changing your life in small ways that could lead to big changes down the line. Not only do they have courses from experts on topics spanning personal development all the way up to leadership strategies and business methodology- each expert continually updates their course based on current techniques and knowledge so that YOU always receive cutting edge information. All of these mastery courses are taught by people who have actually gone through what YOU are facing today – just think about that for a second.”

  8. If you are struggling, trying to figure out where your life is going, or how you can improve it in any way possible – this is the class series for you. It won’t be easy, but I confident in saying there has never been a better time to start changing your life in small ways that could lead to big changes down the line. Not only do they have courses from experts on topics spanning personal development all the way up to leadership strategies and business methodology- each expert continually updates their course based on current techniques and knowledge so that YOU always receive cutting edge information. All of these mastery courses are taught by people who have actually gone through what YOU are facing today – just think about that for a second.”

  9. Wild, colorful classes from celebrity teachers with incredible life stories to tell. I always knew my skills needed a bit of polishing, so I took the business masterclass and learned invaluable skills that have already helped my business blossom! Pick a class based on what you need- master them all to see how they work together for your success.

  10. I thought I was doing well in life. But after taking the Mindvalley masterclass, I’ve realized that there are still many things that need to be tweaked. This course taught me how to take control of my business dealings and get ahead of the competition without sacrificing quality or creativity. I found this class extremely helpful and it’s helped set me up for success!

  11. Mindvalley has become one of my favorite things to do when I want to get out of my head and open up. Mindvalley offers a host of awesome classes that teach about mindfulness, how we think and feel, spirituality, and meditation techniques. Especially awesome is the fact they offer it in languages other than English! It’s never been so easy for anyone around the world to improve themselves with some quick classes.

  12. Mindvalley is hands-down the best investment I’ve ever made. Their content is real, it gets you motivated, and their teachers are like no other! The classes they offer range from public speaking to living with integrity. I can honestly say that the $3,000 per course is worth every penny because of how transformational each one has been for my life. Mindvalley offers some of the best masterclasses on the internet. They have classes from experts in their fields so you can be sure that what they teach will always be tried and true. You’ll find everything from personal development courses to business strategy at this online school with instructors like Vishen Lakhiani himself!

  13. The Mindvalley masterclass vishen lakhvani is one of the most talked about courses! And now you can experience it for yourself. You’ll learn how to grow your brand or business with clarity, strategy, and understanding. For starters, you will learn the pillars of self-development that are crucial for mindset transformation – which translates into harvesting growth opportunities in your life. Whether it’s an exam student struggling to balance grades with friendships or a director who wants their team to remain creative while also being productive – they all need the skills found inside this course.
    “I really benefited from spending time on my personal development.”

  14. Who doesn’t want to change their life? The answer is no one! And that’s exactly what the MindValley has done for me. It all starts by implementing a day-to-day routine and then getting into your zone of power, which concentrates on doing the research you need to do before understanding how powerful your decision will be.

  15. Mindvalley is a company that provides online courses for you! You can learn from the masters on how to improve your life through their programs. For example, there are some professions teaching you how to be a programmer and others teaching you on self-love and mindfulness…try it.

  16. Mindvalley is an excellent resource for learning new skills. It’s great because the courses give you access to experts in different fields who are often leading speakers in their own field, so they really know what they’re talking about. My favorite course that I’ve taken with Mindvaley has been “Building Micro-Impact Projects”. You can actually apply these lessons to your everyday life whether it’s school, co-founded projects, personal pursuits or just be more creative! With this course alone, I’m taking on my weight issues and have already reached a couple of goals that I never thought possible before. This specific workshop makes me feel confident that others will see me as someone going after being successful and building a good reputation for myself .

  17. MindValley is great. I am really enjoying this new program. The teachers are fun and engaging, the material always interests me, and I feel like it’s helping me develop my skills in various different areas. It’s also not difficult; it starts at the basics but quickly moves on to more advanced stuff so you’re doing things that interest you without getting bored or overwhelmed!
    i recommend this to everyone.

  18. I have personally taken many of the courses offered by MindValley and it’s an incredible platform. With a wide range of options, there is something for anyone willing to invest in themselves. The courses are really valuable and immersive and do require some time investment (that’s what you need to make everything valuable) but they teach life-changing skills like: how to be more efficient, how to learn anything faster, how to create innovative designs, etcetera; as well as tips on mindset habits that stick around with me every day such as the Six Hats theory or learning about neuroscience hacks. It also has valuable content related to personal growth like increases resilience or getting rid of limiting beliefs so I don’t feel held back by things.

  19. People’s interest in Mindvalley has been skyrocketing as they claim to help people change their life and transform them physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally. MindValley provides courses such as Mantra meditation as well as Inner Order chatting so that people can be more productive. They also offer various online programs which include Meditation Overdrive for those who wish to live a healthier lifestyle and Successify for those who want professional advancement. MindValley was founded by Vishen Lakhiani in 2002 after he studied “Iching” and thought it would be interesting if he could share this knowledge with others; what started out as an learn-at-your-own pace project turned into the hugely popular success story we see today.

  20. MindValley is a company that offers programs and courses to help people improve their lives. One of the newest additions to their lineup is a MasterClass in Entrepreneurship, which has been taught by some of the most successful entrepreneurs from across the world.
    The course can actually be taken alongside other class on our site for what we call “Blended Learning,” allowing students access to different perspectives in order to broaden their understanding in a specific subject or topic within a field. If you’re already an entrepreneur looking for new insights into your business, these classes might just do the trick!

  21. I loved it! This is what you’ve been looking for! I’m an introvert and the course really helps me come out of my shell.
    A must-have experience to motivate, energize, impress, and impact people.

  22. I can’t tell you how much I love this course. Before, my anxiety would get the best of me and I couldn’t face day-to-day life because it all seemed like too much. But after getting through these 3 modules on Mindvalley, now every moment is enjoyable! The lessons are transformational and it feels like there’s no mountain that has grown taller than what I’m prepared to do- go over (or under) any obstacle in our way with resolve and strength.”

  23. It’s about time! Unlike many other courses and classes, the MindValley has something for everyone. You can choose from a range of topics to learn which one will help you best in your life. From how to start a business, mindfulness techniques, spirituality and religion, entertainment marketing and more! With this course I was able to do my homework and go grocery shopping at night without getting robbed or killed just because I designed the day that way with mindfulness exercises before school so no one could tell me what I should be doing other than myself! The instructor is knowledgeable, dynamic and enjoyable while offering anything anyone would need to improve themselves mentally or physically.”

  24. Mindvalley has made it easier for people to pursue their own self-development. The unique design is helpful in both online and offline learning which makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Learning can be done through categories like bible study courses, personal effectiveness projects with the opportunity for coaching sessions. Even if you are already an expert, MindValley offers various masterclasses held by living legends around the world. Mindvalley Masterclass Vishen Lakhiani Worth It? Hell yeah! I’ve always wanted to unleash my creativity but never knew where to start . with just 15 minutes of work a day with this program in any one category the results have been AMAZING! No more dry spells in my creative life ever again.

  25. I can’t praise this course enough. This masterclass is the life changing experience that we all search for and need in our lives. The variety of videos and lectures were perfect and really helped me out with my goals to become a better version of myself. Officially changed my whole perspective on everything. It’s been about 3 days since I’ve seen it from beginning to end, but does it sound like I would take anything back? Have learned much more than ever planned for when popping open the video player!

  26. MindValley was a life-changing experience. I struggled to write texts but this course not only improved my writing skills, it also helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and understand why I became self conscious. One class is worth more than a thousand books on the same topic! Highly recommend for you alone or as a group with your friends.

  27. You can be someone else. Not just richer, prettier, or with a bigger office than your cube-mates.
    “Becoming something other than yourself is one thing people want to do,” says Lakhiani. And so he created Mindvalley as inspiration for how you could become something better. A company built on facilitating personality development through education and programs that inspires wellness, wellbeing and growth through everything they offer: courses of varied lengths on topics surrounding personal success; software solutions including Chief Entrepreneur Officer (CEO) Academy; community events like ShiftCon conferences around personal development; product launches like Totalee NUTRIENTS powder protein supplement for healthful nutrition and so on…

  28. First and foremost, this Masterclass is not your average 9-5 class. You literally get to set the schedule anywhere you want it. And who has time for anything these days anyway? The best part? I’ve got my boss on board with me taking these courses, so he knows if I skip a day at the office, there’s no way I’m skipping out on Masterclass tomorrow!

    Honestly though, that would be my best decision ever.

  29. Mindvalley is my favorite. I like everything about the product and would recommend it to anyone looking for help with their education life.

  30. Mindvalley’s Masterclass with Vishen Lakhiani has been a life changer for me. I used to have my day planned out from the moment I woke up, but now ive taken more time for myself and ive found my true passion in music ! The course takes you on an invaluable journey of self-discovery. In this Masterclass, youll learn how to live a better quality of life, develop your priorities and values – so that before long you’ll stop noticing the little things that bothered you so much before enrolling in this class !
    After all, if our mindset is healthy then no one can get us down!

  31. Mindvalley is a big name in online courses. They have courses that are based on the life coaches, teachers, investors, humanitarians which come with lifetime access to all their materials and sessions. There are also certification programs for coaching communities including training for marketing professionals so they can be more effective in the business world.
    “I have done CSN program offered by BCIE at Mindvalley. The certificate raised my profile considerably helping me get high investment rates when I offer my CDN to bank clients (IQ-1000). It made it possible for me to speak to VIPs who see that program’s designation ‘Program Certified by BSI’ logo next to my CV” “I am an entrepreneur successfully shining my paths and all because of this.

  32. I can’t say enough about this product. The packaging, the organization of the teachings… ALL top notch. I Bought this for myself as I’m starting my journey towards self-actualization and so far it’s not disappointed at all!

  33. I have been a big fan of Mindvalley since I started using their products. One thing that amazed me was the quality of tutorials and courses, which are always informative and engaging. The programs also help me improve my mind power by focusing on various aspects such as strength, creativity etc.
    try it if you want to make your life more happy.

  34. Now, I will not say this is an average course like any other. It was very different than anything I experienced or seen before. We learned that to improve your life you need to transform yourself into a better person which can help you do your best in all areas of life-relationships, work, business development and more. So the teacher told me about the three parts forms of transformation: mental, emotional and physical. The first one includes overcoming stressors with the practices of mindfulness meditation; second will be changing perceptions so it does not get caught up in our negative thoughts but rather look for solutions; third stage would be doing exercises so we become physically fit instead of becoming couch potatoes!
    feel the difference in myself.

  35. The MindValley review was formed by Vishen Lakhiani and serves as a useful and practical guide for people seeking to improve their lives. This course is mainly focused on getting down the skills which enables them to create, engage with others through relationship management, manage stress levels so as to avoid corrosive conditioning, maximise personal productivity, participate in meaningful conversations and events along with setting long-term goals all led by an elite team of mentors. The video lessons cover topics such as confidence training; resilience; vision board; marketing your services; connecting with potential clientele and communicating at the top level. I am grateful that this product came into my life because it has helped me a lot.

  36. MindValley offers a range of online courses and products to fulfill the needs of every individual. I’ve personally gone through some of their courses and can say that they are genuinely effective for self-improvement. MindValley is also excellent because there isn’t really any religious or philosophical preaching which is always nice, as many people like me meditate for this reason alone. From meditation to fitness, Mindvalley has you covered with consistent quality!

  37. MindValley is such an amazing course. I had been wanting to improve myself and my life, but I didn’t know where to start until someone told me about MindValley. When I sign up for the Masterclass it felt like a big commitment and in some ways was scared of losing myself in this process but in the end you come out with so much more than what you came in mindvalying with! You get knowledge that can transform your life if you just step out into the world that has opened its doors for you! The whole concept of mindvaling is very meta which makes it work so well because when they change themselves -they help others also succeed through how they share their experience on these courses!

  38. “MindValley is a company with an unbeatable reputation. This system changed me from top to bottom and it’s accessible for free.”
    “I had these burning questions in my head and I was on the verge of thinking about suicide. Mindvalley helped me find new meaning to life and put things into perspective.”

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