11 Signs That You Can Become The BIG Online Entrepreneur

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Signs That You Can Become The BIG Online Entrepreneur

If you are a blogger sitting at your computer desk, and helping people with your blog, this article is for you.

You already know the potential of blogging.

You started blogging career because you wanted to do something different than others.

You know that building a brand takes times, a lot of hard work and you need to learn too many strategies to make your blog successful.

Starting a blog was either a hobby for you or you started it as a profession, but good thing is, you are here today, reading this article.

Internet has opened so many doors today, and the opportunities out there are too much that you can live the life which you want, you can have all those luxury things which you always dreamed.

So here I am going to tell you those 15 signs that you already have within you, which are more than enough to become an online entrepreneur or start an online firm.


1. You are passionate

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams. ~ Donovan Bailey

You started blogging career because you were passionate enough to work for your dreams. You were in love with blogging and wanted to help people with your tips.

All big firms in the world were started because people behind them were passionate enough to convert their dreams into reality.

2. You love blogging more than anything

If it’s 11:30 PM by your watch now, you are in love with blogging.

If the very first activity after getting up in the morning and the very last activity you do before going to bed is blogging, you are in love with blogging more than anything.

You are putting your efforts during the night when the whole world is sleeping. You are still working hard to add accurate information on the internet when people are searching the terms.

You are the man/woman behind this internet revolution.

3. You are ready to scarify

I have seen people who sacrificed their jobs, girl-friends, boy-friends, time or health to build something which can help people all around the globe.

You are sacrificing your precious time when you are working late night.

If you have guts to sacrify things in your life then you are on the path to become an online identity.

4. You are self-motivated

Such people don’t need any external motivation.

But still I recommend to read some self-help/motivational books, because they can always shape your thinking and make you a better person.

5. You are ready to learn

All multi-millionaires in the world are great learners.

Either they learn from the people in the industry or from the books… but they never stop learning.

Every day is a new life for them and they want to grasp each and every learning opportunity around them.

If you are investing your time to learn blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing and other online marketing stuff then you are on the right path.

6. You want to help people

Either with the help of your blog or personal coaching, you are always ready to help people.

You want to see people around you prospering and making their life much better.

All great entrepreneurs have helped people either by giving them some services or products. Bill Gates has given Microsoft, Steve Job Apple products and Mark Zuckerberg a great platform to interact with people globally.

So if you have your helping hands ready then you are on the right path.

7. You can do multi-tasking

Everyone in this world doesn’t have the capability to do multi-tasking.

As a blogger you are managing your blog, reading stuff on other blogs, handling your clients via Skype or Facebook chat and doing link building.

In short – you are great in multi tasking.

8. You cannot work for others

This was the biggest reason I quit my job and become a full-time blogger.

I couldn’t work for others.

If you are doing blogging as a student then you need not to worry, because most probably you are not going to do any job. 🙂

If you are doing blogging along with your job then chances are more that you don’t love to take orders from high authorities.

9. You have a big vision

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. ~ Gail Devers

Your vision is bigger than anything in this world.

Which no-one can steal from you.

You have the vision to make your blog one of the most successful blogs in the world.

10. You want to create your own identity

Have you ever seen a person getting fame/name by doing job?

I have seen only few.

You have something within you which no other human being in this world have. You can create your identity, you can write your own destiny.

If you are one of the guys/girls who is working hard to create his/her online presence then you are on the right path.

11. You love to work from home

This is greatest freedom and joy in the world when you have your office in your living room.

You love to work in casual wears and don’t want to waste your precious time waiting on the red-lights while going to your office.

All entrepreneurs faced this situation when they failed badly, but rather than quitting they tried harder next time and achieved their goals.

Final Words

Entrepreneur are born or made, this is still a topic of debate, but if you have these signs within you, you are on the right path.

Keep learning new things to help people and to bring change in this world.

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