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Tai Lopez Discount Coupons 2024: 67-Steps Program (14-Day Trial)

This is a video class in which Tai Lopez (Investor, Entrepreneur, and Author) talks about 67 important lessons learned during his lifetime.

By reconciling your health, wealth, and social life, you reach a Eudaimonia state. Which is an elegant word for “excellent quality of life” or as Tai calls it; “The good life”

Tai Lopez illustrates each topic with personal life stories or ideas learned from reading books.

And he has read enough (5000+)

67 steps: Check the books of Tai López
The course was completely free and he even received an additional copy of “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker to discover his strengths.

This course is like gold.

Tai Lopez discount coupons Code

In this post, I will share the main lessons I learned from the course and how I would like to implement those steps in my life (which I thought was relevant at least).

Note: These are my personal interpretations of the meaning of your 67 steps. Other conclusions are always possible.

So, let’s start our review.

1) Be Worthy

Worth 67 steps to the Tai Lopez exam

To earn the life you want, you need to take the necessary action.

He says that most people are fooled. In a way, we think that we have the right to “live well” without making the effort required.

If you were to analyze your current life, would you objectively say that you deserve a better quality of life than others, depending on your work? Are you better than your competitors?

Look around your life, who do you want to win a million dollars? Do you want to bet on yourself? If not, what needs to change?

Application And Thoughts

Adopt a responsible attitude in your life. If you want a better quality of life, there are things that you need to do and things that you need to give up. In this way, you increase your chances of achieving the desired life (duh).

s, it has made me see my life and make a list of the essential habits necessary for a successful life. Then I broke them up into practical steps to implement them step by step.

2) Be Adaptable

This stage is based on the theory of evolution, which states that the person who best adapts to their environment is the one who will survive. “The good life” is not for people who do not notice the “change of season”.

A person with static abilities will never be successful in a dynamic environment. Look for changes and trends and use them for your benefit. Make long-term decisions.

My Thought

Be aware of your current actions and surroundings. Check your habits and see if your lifestyle is an SSE (Stable Evolutionary Strategy). This means that you quantify your decisions based on long-term thinking.

Tai Lopez Discount Coupon- Authors

Create a survival strategy for your life.

  • Is eating at McDonald’s a strategy that can be maintained?
  • Is spending money on clothing and dinner a strategy that can be maintained?
  • Is working with a job of 9 to 5 years without additional entrepreneurship a viable strategy?

For that, I am aware of the political, social, economic, and technological trends. I would not (only) see the news because they are very prone to taking notes.

Subscribe to various websites that tell you about events that can affect your life.

3) Be Humble

We all have a piece of gold that we can win. We find humility in what we learn from others, even those we believe to be of no value to us.

Be open to people who have achieved much better results than you. Are you looking for deep field experience (does he/she really have knowledge?) And references (do you have the desired results?)

Tai Lopez Discount Coupon- Countdown Timer

Many people are infallible knowing everything, they can not listen to people who know more than them.

My Thought On Tai Lopez

Spend more time learning from those who have gone before you and less from your own mistakes. Spend your money on books and seminars. Spend more time looking for mentors and getting in touch.

In this way, you can avoid many mistakes by clinging to the giants’ shoulders. In this way, you can access the collective wisdom of the great spirits that precede you.

4) Get A Mentor

Mentors will reduce their learning years and I recommend them to get one. Whether in books, seminars, or in real life.

Tai Lopez Discount Coupon- 67 steps program

Mentor also for others. Tai talks about the law of 33%, which states that you have to spend money;

  • 1/3 of your time with people who are under you (who lead you)
  • 1/3 of your time with people of your level (close friends, brothers in arms)
  • 1/3 of your time with people above you (your mentors)

Find people who are not full-time teachers, but who actually earn money with the things they preach. Remember.

Good mentors are busy (he mentions a story in which a man has tried 17 times before he is a mentor) where,

  • Some are burned
  • Build the relationship slowly (18 months contract).
  • Do not be a leech, give value by using the concept of mutual goodness.
  • Ask the people you admire on a self-created platform.
  • Buy and read your books.

My Thought

Make a list of 10 mentors and contact them. A great way to create a network spreadsheet is a free eBook by John Corcoran. I think it’s very valuable.

I do not necessarily believe that the 33% law is so relevant/practical. Learn from the big boys and teach them others (to improve your memory)

5) Ignore 99%

The opinions of most people only reflect social prejudices. Look for clues and signs of experience before seeking advice.

Tai Lopez Discount Coupon- author

Do not trust the health tips of an overweight personal trainer.
Do not accept the financial advice of someone who is constantly in financial trouble.
Do not listen to advice about the relationships of someone who does not have a boyfriend
Choose people who listen attentively.

Many people think they know what they’re talking about, but they rarely know it, including me. Go directly to the people who can advise you and reduce the average.

This is a big reason why I like books so much. This allows us to learn from the larger and copy their relative successes by adopting their thought patterns.

My Thought

See the difference between your “rich” friends and your “poor” friends in each area. “Rich” friends in health;

  • What are they thinking?
  • How do you eat?
  • How do you train?

The same goes for financially rich people.

How they handle their money
Your consumption habits
How much do you read?
What are they talking about?
How much television do you see?

The same goes for people who have excellent relationships.

How they treat others
How they behave in society.
Your body language

Invest in your behavior and see how it plays.

In general, be careful who you imitate. Observational learning can be used to restrict bad habits that keep you awake for a while (for example, your father who smokes, your friends’ habits, others and sometimes blinded, they’ve acquired it.

Find very concentrated knowledge, not just random people who do not know what they are talking about.

Watch and choose carefully the ones you learn. Cut the average.

6) Grind

Every (sustainable) success comes from “the routine”.

You’re less likely to win the lottery you have.

Be struck by lightning
Being eaten by a shark
Being hit by a piece of the plane

How many people buy lottery tickets every day? 

Think of your life as a good piece of marble and eliminate every day a little bit of imperfection. Tai calls this “the center of sculpture”.

Choose the direction you want to go and adjust accordingly. Most people look for “events” rather than “loops.”

Health, prosperity, and love do not come at events, but through carefully chosen actions every day. Do not think that others are easier than you, they do not do it.

It is often concluded that the happiness of others lies in a factor beyond their control, namely that their benefits are due to the circumstances.

This is because he has never seen the hard work, the doubts, and the pain associated with these achievements.

We do not observe the inner life of another person and therefore tend to attribute their successes to external forces.

My Thoughts

Set a realistic schedule to complete the experiment. Concentrate on planting and cultivating good deeds rather than waiting for events.

And never buy lottery tickets, that really makes you crazy.

7) Escape The Salary Mentality

We have been conditioned all our lives to feel helpless and dependent on others. Since we are constantly being cared for by our school, our parents, and later on our secure income jobs, we have become “unlearned,” meaning we have connected our brains, so we need a steady income / regular.

Stay away from this. Do not make payments for the time you spend in a particular location, but connect your brain to get paid for your performance.

This will make you responsible for your own financial support by actively seeking new opportunities that can turn you into profit.

When you integrate your brain into this pay-slavery mindset, you become blind to new possibilities.

My Thought On Tai Lopez

Ask your employer to pay you for your performance rather than your time. Tell him his reasons and ask him how he can improve his performance.

It’s a win-win situation. Second, analyze your strengths (see step 12) and the skills you can combine to create value for others.

Are you good at fixing? Fix some things you know
Do you know about health and fitness? Make an exercise program and sell it to your friends.

Tai Lopez Discount Coupon- Tai Lopez motivational review

First of all, it’s not about the profit you make, but about repacking your brain so you do not get caught up in the spiral of bad habits.


8) Lifelong learning

“Survival machines that can simulate the future are an advance in survival machines that can only learn on the basis of trial and error,” Tai recommends learning from others’ mistakes instead of just trusting yours.

Trial and error take time and energy. Common mistakes can even be fatal. Simulations (derived from books) are safer and faster.

Tai Lopez Discount Coupon- tai lopez books

It is priceless. The school has conditioned us to make learning boring and uninteresting, but it’s just not true.

In today’s information society, being an expert, let alone a generalist, is no longer enough.

Tai recommends everyone to become the so-called “renaissance men” or polymaths. Become highly specialized in a particular area and develop the depth of conversation in all other subjects.

Become so good in a particular area that they can not ignore you.”Be Impressive About Believing In Something”.

In this way, you can delete and combine in your mind other ideas that merge into great possibilities. Tai recommends learning science, music, language, history, and culture (literature, art, and poetry)

9) Be Tough

Tai encourages everyone to look at life more stoically. This means you have to sacrifice “today for a better future.”

“Adversity makes men and wealth create monsters.”
The Spartans learned stealth, cunning, fighting techniques, and mental resistance from 7 (!) To 21 years.

Today? There is nothing of that.

We suffer from a lack of models, an estrogen-producing diet, media propaganda, too much comfort, and many other things that make us a shadow.

My Thought

Here I am doing something;

Take a cold shower every morning
Eat a ketogenic or Paleolithic diet rich in fat to increase testosterone
Get up early every day (between 5 and 7 o’clock)
Make lifts, squats, and bench presses.
DO NOT watch porn or masturbate
Pay attention to your body language and your own conversation.
What really matters is not what you do but the mental resistance that creates discomfort.

10. Adapt The Investor Mentality

It is not enough to make money, it needs to be maintained and developed in large quantities. Take on the “investor mentality” and spend money on things that will bring you profits over time.

Most people buy things that rust, rot or depreciate, as Tai says; New furniture, state-of-the-art equipment, luxury cars that can not afford, etc. These are consumptions, not investments.

I see you in dollars as a small seed that you sow to create a better future.

Many people spend a lot of money. Not just money, but also time, energy and health. He recommends calculating the actual cost of something rather than just the price.

How many hours do you have to work to pay for this item?
How much of your health do you sacrifice when you eat “cheap” foods?
How much energy does this purchase cost?

My Thoughts

Information is your most valuable asset.

Invest in books, seminars, and mentors.
Invest in good food to have a clear mind (I recommend a paleo / ketogenic diet)
Study before you give your money to others!
Spend money on material goods events to do what Daniel Kahnemann calls “happiness of memory.”
Sell everything you do not use


11. Be A “Social Chameleon”

There are different types of people from different groups of people. Tai Lopez recommends becoming a “social chameleon” and adopting a suitable style of communication for the person you are talking to.

He developed his own “personality system” to classify 4 different people. (A bit like the Myers-Briggs-type indicator). He calls the system P.A.S.E .: practice, action, social and emotional. Representative 4 “styles” embody people.

Practical people are slower. They like to plan their work and need a lot of structure. They are incomparable.
Those who act are burned by things. These are types of practical types. They start a lot, but they do not really end them.
Social people are more people who follow the river. They are sociable and people-oriented. They can be scary at times.
Emotional people are like deep oceans. They are sensitive and intuitive.

My Thought

I do not like your system, but I like the purpose it serves. I am convinced that some personal characteristics are innate and that it is important to “speak the language of others” and to adapt to them. Be a social chameleon, as Tai says.

I personally like the MBTI test to classify people.

Talk to introverts calmer and deeper.
Be more sensitive/sympathetic to emotional people and more rational/relevant to logical people.
Read how to win friends and influence the people in Dale Carnegie (BIG book).

12. Be A Seeker Of Truth

Life is never black or white. It is not enough to see through your own eyes, but you should see the world through the “eyes of truth”.

What does that mean? Do not remain in any faith until you experiment intensely.

Do not let others blind you. Much of the “general knowledge” simply reflects social bias. Document your reality by reading the “obvious signs”.

Health: Take off your shirt and look at your body in the mirror. He is in good health? Exercise? Do you eat well?
Wealth: Open your bank account or check your financial model. Is your balance sinking? Do you know your strengths? Are you taking the initiative?
Social: Finally, check the relationships on your phone. Do you want more friends and/or more meaning in your relationships (breadth/depth)?
The closer we get to the truth, the better we will be in each area.

Be a constant experimenter of yourself and follow the progress of what you do. Here’s the process by which one has to go to adopt the mentality of the experimenter;

Ask a research question
Study and formulate a hypothesis (get expert advice)
Try it (1-3 months) – stick with it
Observe and note the process and the result.
Draw a conclusion
Implement / Throw

My Thoughts

The best way I’ve found is by experimenting with a diary. I have written one since the end of 2013. I have collected a lot of data and knowledge about my life. So I can see the recurring trends and results of my experiences. In this way, I can adapt my life to my needs.

I tried;

Eat 15 eggs a day.
Make frequent departures in the morning at 5 o’clock in the morning.
Go to the nightclubs and approach an x number of women in one night
Make sleep experiences
Keep a dream journal for lucid dreams.
2 days fasting

Discard unnecessary experience and implement what is beneficial.

13. Prioritize

Not everything is important. In your effort to juggle all things, everything becomes shortsighted.

There Are Six Big Lies in Productivity (One Thing by Gary Keller)

All things are equally important. Not everything is important. There is only one thing that really matters.
Multitasking is good and efficient. Multitasking is a myth, it’s just about changing tasks quickly. Do not let the workflow interrupt you with distractions (reintegration into a project costs much more time and energy)
Discipline in everything is necessary.

Tai Lopez Discount Coupon- Blogs

They must be selectively disciplined. Success is about getting things right, everything is not going well. Be selectively disciplined until habits have formed.

The will is always in the call of the will. Willpower is like a battery, it runs out over time. This concept is called exhaustion of the will. Think of it as the energy bar of your mobile phone, it runs out over time. First, do your most important job.

Balance is important. To achieve exceptional results, you must choose what matters most to you and give you the time you need. This requires extreme imbalance compared to other areas of life.
Big is bad. What size do you think he has? Our results directly relate to the breadth of our thinking. Think big. Now duplicate it.

My Thought

First, do your most important activities
Plan your “3-4 big rocks” the day before
Not multitasking
Make habits
Read Gary Keller’s “The One Thing”
Read my contribution to the topic “Concentration on the essentials”.

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Conclusion: Tai Lopez Discount Coupons2024

There were now some people who ask me if there would be more steps or if the 67 steps are really worth their money.

I will try to answer them as honestly as possible (although the bias is inevitable if I have a connection at the end of this article); I would say that if you have not attended many self-improvement courses, you will certainly learn a lot about new knowledge.

In this way, you can also think deeply about your own actions/life and become more aware of the actions needed for a better life. This can be a real revelation, especially for non-autonomous / non-autonomous people.

For me personally, the best thing was to “build my career on assets” and discover these assets. This allowed me to steer my career (web development) in a more favorable direction.

My goal was to gain wealth (money, money, money) through this course. That did not (yet) make me rich, but I took the right direction of my understanding.

However, I think that if you understand and integrate the lessons I have described in this article in your life, I do not think you should take the entire course. I found that this was widely known.

However, general knowledge is not always common practice, and it is often good to remember the essential truths that we forget over time.

Yes, he has a lot of marketing, yes, he speaks well. But he has the knowledge to secure it.

So, if you choose the 67-step course after reading this article, you should consider purchasing it without hesitation.

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