The TEFL Academy Review 2024: With Pros & Cons [What People Don’t Tell You]

Today, I will talk to you about The TEFL Academy Review. As one of the leading players in the TEFL world for almost a decade, the TEFL International Academy strives for excellence in the overall management of its programs.

From your initial request for information to the numerous questions you ask until your certificate is officially marked “Completed,” ITA’s friendly staff will be there for you.

The TEFL Academy Review

And, because ITA provides dozens of TEFL certifications, both online and in-person, all over the world, we wanted to know which ones were the most effective.

Thanks to feedback from dozens of ITA alumni on GoAbroad, we separated the wheat from the chaff and identified the programs most valued by current TEFL alumni/teachers abroad.

The TEFL Academy Review 2024: (Should You Buy?)

Whether it’s an online home course, a personal course at the TEFL International Academy’s Chicago headquarters, or even a course in Prague, the TEFL International Academy can help you and your professional career success.

You can certainly learn everything you need to know about the teaching profession for your future students!

The TEFL Academy Review

The structure of online education differs greatly from that of physical education. It is determined by the school’s learning program (which, in my opinion, is also the case for physical schools).

Open English students are divided into native language groups based on their English language skills (Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and so on) (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

The Tefl Acadamey Review

Students would meet the teacher in a virtual classroom in groups of 1 to 10.

The teacher will lead the class using slides on the board, beginning with a warm-up and then moving on to vocabulary, games, and questions.

Working with Open English has many advantages and disadvantages, just like any other school. The pay was not exceptional, the class structure left little room for creativity in the teacher, and the students, who did not often speak a word of English, were assigned a role to survive, making teaching difficult for them.

That would not please everyone. At the same time, the beauty of working with an online business is that you can work remotely anywhere.

With Open English, I visited all the countries of Latin America, saw volcanic smoke in the Philippines, and made one of the best friends of my life in Japan.

The TEFL Academy Review 2024: [Pros & Cons]

What English level is needed for TEFL?

For many people, teaching English as a foreign language can be the start of a new life. You can travel and teach wherever your feet itch with a TEFL certificate.

Unfortunately, many believe that a 120-hour TEFL course is not a “real” grade and that anyone can complete it.

The same people are likely to believe you can teach English well if you can speak English well. Those who have spent an hour in an English class will tell you that it is (to put it politely) an idiotic thought.

A TEFL course is a legitimate teacher qualification to teach English as a foreign language. As with any qualification, certain conditions must be fulfilled to be included in a TEFL course.

What are the requirements for a TEFL course?

For some TEFL courses, a bachelor’s degree is required; for others, only a certificate of completion is required.

All TEFL courses only accept TEFL students over the age of 18. You must know the specific requirements of the TEFL course you wish to attend.

TEFL Academy Course Review

All TEFL courses, however, are subject to a TEFL course requirement.

To effectively teach English as a foreign language, you must have a solid foundation in teaching and learning theories, a good understanding of the English language, and some competence in dealing with the TEFL course. As a result, the language level is required to enroll in a TEFL course.

Of course, native English speakers are above the minimum standard required for an English TEFL course, whereas non-native speakers must have a C1 level of English.

What does C1 mean?

A person’s English level is usually measured using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which describes language proficiency on a 6-point scale.

A1 is a student who measures at the beginner or elementary level. Advanced previous knowledge includes A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

To enroll in a TEFL course, students must have a C1 or advanced level of English.

This is similar to any other English-language study program.

Certain language skills are required to manipulate the course documents and texts. This is especially true given that it is a qualification for teaching English.

How do I know where I am?

Several language tests may be performed to assess a student’s level. A C1 after the GER is synonymous with:

  • Pearson English Test (PTE) General Level 4
  • Trinidad ISE III
  • Trinity GESE 10th and 11th year
  • Cambridge CAE (Class A, B, or C)
  • Cambridge Business Higher
  • IELTS score 6.5-7.5
  • Michigan ECPE
  • TOEFL score 95-120
  • TOIEIC Listen: 490-495 Read 455 Speak: 180 Write: 180

TEFL Academy

If you have not yet completed a formal test and want to assess your level, you can do a quick test on one of the following websites:

  • British Council
  • Cambridge English
  • English test

If you are applying for a TEFL certificate and are not a native speaker, you may need to prove your English language skills. This can be done with a certificate from one of the previous exams or through an interview with the TEFL School.

Is it a disadvantage not to be a native speaker?

Not. Do not let this requirement deter you from pursuing a career as a TEFL teacher. There is no reason why a native English speaker should be a better teacher than a non-native English speaker simply because English is his mother tongue.

Non-native speakers who have studied English as a foreign language believe they have an advantage over native teachers because they went through the same process as their students.

Unfortunately, finding a job as a non-native English speaker can be difficult, as employers prefer English-speaking teachers. There are numerous other options available, but you must seek them out.

More About TEFL Academy Review

Studying is an excellent decision, and many factors must be considered. Let’s be honest: investing all your time and money in a business is not the ideal situation to fail.

That is why we need to know exactly what we commit to be ready to face all the challenges ahead. Being prepared is just one of the ways you can learn to do your best and achieve your goals.

The situation is no different when it comes to learning an online course, although the learning method can differ greatly from what we are used to.

You learn, and the way you learn the material depends on you. The syllabus only affects the dissemination of this information.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of TEFL online courses.

TEFL online courses

Firstly, the benefits of online learning are obvious. The beauty of an online TEFL course is that you can learn early in the morning or afternoon, wherever and whenever you want.

This course’s timings are also flexible, unlike classroom lessons, which have set times set by the school.

However, if you want to study for an hour before dinner or lunch, you are welcome to do so. You can take a break during the week if you work very hard on the weekends. Whatever learning method works best for you, you have complete control over your schedule.

The disadvantages of an online TEFL course are professional. You learn independently, which gives you freedom, but it also means you must make the time to learn.

If you don’t have time to study, you must make time for it. After all, you’re your cheerleader.

Although there are tutors in the classroom to assist you when needed, you must motivate yourself to take your studies seriously.

Due to this, other aspects of your life may easily take precedence over your studies. When you are learning for a new job, it can be difficult to say no to your boss!

After all, one of the primary disadvantages of TEFL online courses is their online nature. This means that to visit the course website or download materials or work, you must have an internet connection.

The same thing could apply to a classroom. Nowadays, many courses require you to work online to prepare your courses.


1: Achieving a TEFL degree is usually available to all graduates

A job in TEFL allows many graduates to travel to and live in remote parts of the world, which is not normally possible.

Are you interested in the Far East and its culture? Or would you prefer to be surrounded by exotic landscapes you couldn’t capture on a postcard? That is precisely what TEFL work enables you to do.

2: Allows you to travel and work around the world

A job in TEFL allows many graduates to travel to remote parts of the world and live there, which is not normally possible.

Are you drawn to the Far East and its culture? Or do you want to be surrounded by exotic landscapes you couldn’t capture on a postcard? That is exactly what TEFL work allows you to do.

3: A rewarding career

Teaching English can be an extremely rewarding career if you are looking for someone who wants to see for themselves what difference you make in a person’s life.

Seeing their student’s progress as they start learning English changes their lives, as it can lead to better economic prospects and better employment.

As a teacher, you have played a leading role in this process, and TEFL teachers often cite the satisfaction that comes with it as one of the greatest benefits of their work.



While you may not agree with the price, the truth is that you are paying for a higher-quality education. You receive a lot for your money, including employment help and instructor evaluation.

TEFL Courses

Choose the option that best suits your requirements:

Our level 5 TEFL courses (168 hours) can be studied in two ways. You can study the course completely online, perfect for those with busy lives, or as a combined course with 20 hours of classroom training – for those who wish to gain hands-on classroom experience.

Combined Level 5 TEFL Course
(168 hours)

Online Level 5 TEFL Course
(168 hours)

Ofqual (UK government) is regulated & accredited by Qualifi.

DEAC-approved (U.S. Department of Education recognized awarding body)

Level 5 qualification (same level as CELTA/Trinity CertTESOL)

Free top-up course in Teaching Young LearnersTeaching Business English, or Teaching Online & 1:1

Internationally recognized

Qualifies you to apply for paid & volunteer internships

Free access to our international jobs board & help from our dedicated recruitment team

Specialist Grammar Unit

6-months access to the online campus

Instant access on enrolment

Tutor support from EFL professionals

20 hours of face-to-face training from an experienced ESL professional

Opportunity to practice all you have learned in the classroom

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Conclusion: The TEFL Academy Review 2024

One unique benefit of teaching English abroad at the TEFL Academy is that a foreign institution keeps the work interesting.

Meeting new people, trying new foods, and going on excursions will undoubtedly result in positive progress.

Living in a foreign country makes learning another language or dialect much easier. Most occupations do not allow for much downtime, so taking frequent vacations is not an option.

Furthermore, visit fees in another country are extremely high, and time is always limited. Finding a job that interests you isn’t easy, but a TEFL certificate will keep you interested in all areas.

We hope this review has given you a better understanding of who the TEFL academy is for and what they have to offer!

Have you ever used the TEFL academy (or one of their competitors) before? If so, we’d love to hear all your opinions, experiences, and comments in the box below.

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