Top Typing Softwares 2024

If you increase your typing skills, you will be able to manage written communication substantially more swiftly and precisely. This may be useful in a variety of academic and professional settings where typing is required.

Using the available tutors, we attempted to construct a list of the top typing software for 2024.

Top Typing Software

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Top Typing Software 2024

1. Typesy Typing Software


, the industry’s most popular typing tutor, was built by touch typing specialists. You can improve your typing speed and accuracy by playing typing games, video tutorials, exercising,  and monitoring your progress in real-time.

The typing program, which is ideal for children, students, and adults, will assess your skill level and provide individualized goals to determine your starting point. Lessons and exercises for typing are based on credible website of information (i.e., Wikipedia). However, they can also be manually developed, shared, and modified to suit the preferences of individual students.

Typesy supports seven learning methods and provides a plethora of games and interesting activities to help you improve your typing speed. Users can monitor their progress and retain their motivation.

An easy-to-use parent-teacher admin interface is available in the homeschool edition. Certifications are recognized by employers.

Accessibility – Cloud-based Homeschool and Individual VIP editions of Typesy are available. It offers unlimited installations and operates on all platforms. Dictation instruction is provided. No more than five user accounts may be established (VIP). Typesy offers quality software, ergonomics, and productivity training as an added bonus.

Typesy is one of the best available typing programs in terms of usability, video instruction, amount of assignments and lessons, tracking of progress, and adaptive learning strategies.

Type VIP is effective for on-demand education. Family/Homeschool is the same product with a 5-year license, but it is a better value for long-term learning.

2. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Tutor Software

mavis beacon

Kids and adults can both utilize the user-friendly typing tool Mavis Beacon. It is powered by UltraKey and follows a simple 7-step process to succeed. Setting up individual goals entails concentrating on just one goal at a time. You should celebrate when a goal is accomplished before moving on to the next one.

Features: Mavis Beacon’s typing program teaches all the fundamentals of typing while providing step-by-step video tutorials. With over 100 skill check tools and timed testing techniques, the student’s progress is shown. To fit your time, speed, skill, and style, it has 12 styled interfaces and 18 tutorial videos.

Availability: This program was offered in a number of variants appropriate for both home and classroom use. You can order a sleeved CD, a complete bundle, or download it from the internet.

The Family edition offers the ability to create several user accounts. Despite being one of the best typing apps currently on the market, this is surpassed by Typesy and KAZ.

Family price: $29.90. For Personal, $19.95 For Keyboarding Kidz, pay $19.95.

3. Kaz Typing Tutor

Kaz Typing Tutor

With Kaz Typing‘s Accelerated Learning feature, students may learn to type in just 90 minutes. Science is behind this revolutionary breakthrough that uses the brain balance technique to enhance learning abilities.

This tried-and-true tactic uses 11 words in 5 short phrases to engage the senses of hearing, touching, and seeing. This teaches the brain how to simultaneously and symmetrically use both hands.

Advantages – It is possible to use typing tutor software as young as six years old. There is a Speed Builder module that allows you to type faster. By using the Self-Test tool, students can assess their skills and demonstrate progress

Accessibility – Any web browser can access Adult Online’s single-user license for the home edition. Families or parents who homeschool their children may find KAZ Family, which features 5 user accounts and a Junior version, to be a better option.

There are many different types of typing software available for businesses and academic institutions. We support all browsers and operating systems. GDPR is adhered to by KAZ.

The Dyslexia Edition typing program offered by KAZ is one of the few available for people with dyslexia.

Based on research conducted by Dyslexia Research Trust, this edition consists of filter screens that reduce visual stress, spoken keyboard buttons, appropriate background colors, and appropriate font styles and sizes.

Extras – KAZ was nominated for a 2019 Bett Award in recognition of its efforts to address a number of educational needs. There is also a City & Guilds version accessible for those who need testing and internationally recognized certification (CPD – Continuing Professional Development Accreditation).

Based on its incredible concept, features, and support, KAZ is without a doubt the best typing software trainer in terms of time management and efficiency.

Online adult pricing is $/£/€ 24.99, online family pricing is $/£/€ 74.99, and desktop pricing is $/£/€ 39.99.

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