List Of Top 5 Best TOEFL Prep Course In 2024 (Discount 50% Off)

Are you looking for the best TOEFL Prep course in the market? No doubt, with such resources and too many online course providers, it seems difficult to find a reliable test preparation provider.

But don’t worry, here we have listed Top TOEFL Prep Courses In 2024. We have carefully gone through these test prep providers and made sure that these platforms are reliable as well as affordable.

As a TOEFL aspirant, you know it well that a TOEFL score is one of the main criteria to get admitted for higher education. However, for international students, it is equally important to achieve a high score for TOEFL iBT because it shows in which university they can apply.

One who speaks fluent English can handle the hard work of graduate schools. But you have to go through the TOEFL.

In this post, I have carefully reviewed each of the best TOEFL prep courses online to help you find the perfect partner for your studies and to make sure you get the best possible score in your TOEFL exam.

Let’s get started here.

(Updated) List Of Top TOEFL Prep Course In 2024 

1)  Magoosh TOEFL Prep #1 Best TOEFL Prep Course

Improve your TOEFL® score with Magoosh TOEFL Prep. In fact, thousands of students have improved their TOEFL score with Magoosh.


And if you have already approved the TOEFL, they also guarantee that you will improve your score by at least 4 points if you use Magoosh; otherwise, you will be reimbursed the total amount.

Key Features Of Magoosh TOEFL Prep

  • More than 420 practice questions: Your practice questions have been carefully written and edited to provide you with the best possible accuracy. And this course generally comes with more than 420 practice questions.
  • More than 420 explanatory videos: Each exercise question has its own explanation in video with important ideas, strategies, and errors. If you somehow get stuck in b/w, then you can check out their videos and get your doubts clear.
  • More than 140 educational videos: Now, you can also learn the basics of English grammar with advanced TOEFL strategies with their library of videos. Just check out the video library to find your educational course video.
  • Simple design & UI: Easily learn online wherever you are. Its software is easy to use and facilitates learning important lessons! It has a very simple and straightforward design that one could easily access.
  • Friendly support: Help is always available. If you don’t understand something, send a message to the teachers for a clear and quick explanation. And they will be there to explain anything and everything.
  • Affordable: You don’t need expensive courses or private teachers. Learning online is easier, and you also save money. You can easily compare Magoosh with any other online exam preparation platform, you will find that Magoosh is the best affordable option in the market.

Pricing Plans:


1) 1 month ($79)

  •  Over 140 video lessons
  • Over 420 practice questions
  •  Explanation videos for every question
  • Study schedules
  • 1 month of access
  • Ask-an-Expert
  • +4 point score guarantee
  • 7-day refund guarantee

2) 3 Month ($99)

  •  Over 140 video lessons
  •  Over 420 practice questions
  • Explanation videos for every question
  • Study schedules
  • 3 months of access
  • Ask-an-Expert
  • +4 point score guarantee
  •  7-day refund guarantee

3) 6 Months($149)

  •  Over 140 video lessons
  • Over 420 practice questions
  • Explanation videos for every question
  •  Study schedules
  • 6 months of access
  •  Ask-an-Expert
  •  +4 point score guarantee
  •  7-day refund guarantee

Students Testimonials & Review 

“Magoosh helped me understand the format of the test and prepare better for the test in a phenomenal way. I can even predict any type of question in advance. Therefore, it reduced the chance of me being in panic greatly.”

Shuhua L. scored 109

“Magoosh provides excellent practice material with a broad-covering explanation of the answer-choosing process.

Great description of TOEFL logic and question structure helped me better understand the way I should look for the right answer and cross out the wrong ones. Lectures helped to get familiar with most assignments and sample answers.”

Kristina N. scored 105

“It was very helpful. I failed it twice before, but with Magoosh, I made it. Useful explanations, clear information, a lot of questions.”

Hassen A. scored 83.’

2) Kaplan TOEFL

The Kaplan TOEFL course will help you understand all the questions and types of tasks in the four sections of the TOEFL iBT while using Kaplan’s scoring techniques to make the exam safer.

They generally advise native speakers to improve their English language skills, listening skills, and responses in their section as well.


Also, their video lessons led by an instructor and editorial comments help you improve your writing and speaking skills.

Their online TOEFL exam courses are complete and contain the same material as a live course option. Here is an example of how to prepare for their online course.

How To Get started With Kaplan TOEFL Easily?

  1. Begin your course with a complete practice test to get a picture of your starting position. Find out where your weaknesses are so you can focus on them in your first grade.
  2. Then, watch the videos of the lessons, answer the practical questions and exercises as indicated, and read the contents of your TOEFL Prep Plus book.
  3. Use detailed evaluation reports to assess your progress and clearly identify the areas/types of questions you should focus on in your study.
  4. Once you have reviewed your problems and re-evaluated your skills based on practical questions and extensive tests, you will have the skills to get the highest possible score.

You will receive videos of lessons on exam content, chaplain strategies/techniques to identify and manage each question and type of task, and hundreds of practice questions to help you improve your practice.

The Kaplan Evaluation Checklist is also provided and allows you to rate your verbal and written responses. Your dedicated TOEFL review team can also review your written response with all their online preparation options.

They review each registration or submission text and provide detailed comments on where and how to improve it easily.

So these are the features that really makes Kaplan TOEFL a reliable option to try, Use our special links to claim your discount offer now.

Pricing Plans:

1)TOEFL Home Study (7000 INR)

  • 190+ Instructor-led videos covering all sections
  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • 450 extra practice items
  • Graded speaking (N/A)
  • Graded writing (N/A)
  • 3 hours of private tutoring (N/A)

2) 6 months’ access

TOEFL Complete Online Course (11507 INR)

  • 190+ Instructor-led videos
  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • Graded speaking
  • Graded writing
  • 3 hours of private tutoring (N/A)
  • 6 months’ access

3) TOEFL Premium Preparation (38520 INR)

  • 190+ Instructor-led videos
  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • Offers 450 extra practice items
  • Graded speaking
  • Graded writing
  • 3 hours of private tutoring [
  • 6 months’ access

3) edX TOEFL Review

With edX, you can easily prepare for the TOEFL® exam and find out how to easily improve your English language skills with the experts who created the exam.

This platform is actually developed by experts who generally create, administer, and grade the TOEFL exam. This exam preparation course helps English learners improve their skills easily and effortlessly.


The TOEFL test is the most recognized and widely accepted English test in the world. It has helped millions of people realize their dreams of studying, working, or living abroad.

More than 10,000 institutions of higher education, government agencies, and organizations around the world accept TOEFL results to make key decisions.

This course will help you understand what you can do to achieve your best TOEFL score. The instructors guide you through each section (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) and use archived test questions to explain the types of questions you can expect.

You will receive valuable advice on how to register for the exam, your score, and exam preparation as well.This course is very interactive and uses videos, sample questions with explanations, short tests, and common discussion forums.

They also have access to real test material from previous tests. During the weeks of speech and writing, all students can receive grades for their practice test responses.

Key Features:

  • 100% free!

The edX TOEFL course is 100% free! If you are trying to pass the TOEFL test with a very small budget, edX is definitely a good option!

  • Offers Step by Step Instructions

If you need detailed instructions, you will receive them along with the edX preparation course. This is especially important for pre-production Anglophones that require intensive TOEFL preparation.

  • Discussion Forums/Boards

You can chat with the community through the edX discussion forums. You will find the detailed information of the real TOEFL testers using the same preparation course as you!

Pricing Plans:

Actually, this course is 100% completely free. Do it, its definitely worth your try.

4) BestMyTest TOEFL Prep

Basically, BestMyTest actually offers TOEFL® online preparation at such an affordable price. Simply by visiting there, you can have a TOEFL tutor, a TOEFL preparation tutorial online, and more things.

Also, the best part about this platform is that it also includes more than 2000 TOEFL practice questions, TOEFL exam simulations, TOEFL lessons, etc.

The best online TOEFL preparation course BestMYTest is a reliable and affordable, TOEFL online course for all levels of English, with which you can easily score well in your upcoming TOEFL exam.


The TOEFL course at BestMyTest includes more than 1000 TOEFL practice questions, 20 TOEFL practice tests, and more than 1500 interactive TOEFL lessons and vocabulary as well.

With this platform, you can just set your goals, and the TOEFL Tutor will help you determine what you need to learn to achieve your TOEFL Objectives easily and effortlessly.

All TOEFL plans include detailed comments and ratings for both your oral responses and your essays too.

Key Features:

  • Complete the TOEFL Course

The TOEFL tutor includes more than 1000 TOEFL practice questions, 20 TOEFL practice tests, and more than 1500 interactive TOEFL lessons and vocabulary.

  • Guaranteed Score Improvement

Set your goals, and the TOEFL Tutor will help you determine what you need to learn to achieve your TOEFL Objectives.

  • Speaking and Writing Reviews

All TOEFL plans include detailed comments and ratings for both your oral responses and your essays.

  • Stress-Free Learning:

It’s easy to customize the TOEFL Tutor for your day. Learn anytime, anywhere with online exam preparation. TOEFL preparation without stress: no schedules, no lessons, and no travel.

TOEFL application optimized for mobile devices gives you the freedom to learn on any device.

  • Interactive Learning and Tutoring

TOEFL video courses included. Watch videos about TOEFL Mastery and TOEFL Improvement English. TOEFL interactive lessons improve your mood and your understanding of learning.

Ask difficult questions to TOEFL instructors with Questions for the Instructor option.

  • Increase of more than 7 points, Guarantee

At BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor, they will take your success very seriously. That is why they offer complete courses. If you opt for their six or one-month preparation plans, they basically guarantee that your score will increase by at least 7 points.

Pricing Plans:


1)Custom (4250 INR) (1 Month Access)

Gain access to:

  • 1000+ TOEFL practice questions
  • 2000+ commonly used TOEFL vocabulary words
  • 20 full-length 3.5 hour TOEFL test simulations
  • 200 TOEFL lessons organized into a study guide

This package also includes:

2) Premium  (11500 INR) (6 Months Access)

Gain access to:

  • 1000+ TOEFL practice questions
  • 2000+ commonly used TOEFL vocabulary words
  • 20 full-length 3.5 hour TOEFL test simulations
  • 200 TOEFL lessons organized into a study guide

This package also includes:

3) Last-Minute (2250 INR) (7 Weeks Access)

Customer Review

Hi, I would like to introduce myself as Santosh S Malagi from India. I enrolled in the weekly plans of BestMyTest and was able to score 110/120 in the TOEFL.

I appreciate the quality of study material and thank the institute. I wish BestMyTest all the very best and hope that it continues to help hundreds of students do well in the exam. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Magali, Santosh

Score: 110 / 120

I just received my TOEFL score, and I scored 109 with 28 in Speaking!! That’s pretty unbelievable to me, and I guess the complete credit goes to BestMyTest TOEFL preparation course for putting up such great and effective practice exercises.

Even the listening section was far too similar to the ones I practiced here on your website! 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ayan Halder

Score: 109 / 120

5) English Success Academy 

In terms of preparing for the TOEFL exam, you need the flexibility of English Success Academy! You can buy courses for the complete TOEFL exam, or buy sections of the TOEFL exam.

Users have unrestricted access! This is very important when you buy TOEFL learning material.

The preparation course includes online tutoring (for a fee). The practice of the TOEFL online course may not be enough. If you need a practical approach with a live tutor, English Success Academy will help you learn!


Take the interactive short diagnostic test to identify your weak abilities. Practice reading and listening with interactive tests that simulate the conditions of the real TOEFL iBT exam.

If you choose the wrong answers, you will get a brief explanation of why this is wrong. You will receive 35 lessons in reading, listening, speaking, and writing, as well as 5 complete exams similar to the real TOEFL iBT.

There are more than 11 hours of listening exercises. Audio files are embedded directly next to the exercise material. Transcripts (audio scripts) are right next to the playback files, so you can easily review unknown concepts and learn new vocabulary for on-campus talks and academic topics.

Depending on the intensity of your work, you will receive enough material for about 15 weeks of classes!

The Delta TOEFL iBT code was written by Nancy Gallagher, edited by Patricia Brenner and Linda Ames and published by Delta Publishing Company. The content of the digital version of the English Success Academy is identical to that of the fourth edition of Delta, which was published in 2016.

Key Features:

  • Clear Organized Platform

Enjoy quick access from anywhere in the world and on any device. Our navigation and our user interface are very easy to use. Just get your course access easily and effortlessly without putting any effort.

  • Embedded Audio Files

You do not have to find the correct audio track on a CD. Simply click on the “Play” button and focus on the task. This platform just offers embedded audio files that can really help you in preparing in a better way.

  • Interactive Quizzes

You can easily verify your answer and read a brief explanation as soon as you click “Review.”. They also come with interactive quizzes so that it can help you in scoring well in your examination.

Pricing Plans:

The pricing plan offered by this platform is a little bit complex. So I have found out that they have a plan for $47. Also, they offer some kind of free trial offer that you can use to try this platform for free.

Students Testimonials & Reviews:

Literally, 1 hour with Jaime is equal to 4 or 5 hours with other teachers regarding the amount of information. Because she knows what to do and where is the weakness, so she can diagnose the area of weaknesses accurately before she starts.

She fixes the problems directly, and she doesn’t waste any time in her class. She just focuses on the students’ needs.

L J, pharmacist (final score: S26, W24)

I’m grateful for the ESA team’s support. In the beginning, I was a little insecure about my speaking and writing, but we worked on them, and now I am better than ever.

Every lesson was thought to fit my needs, and that made all the difference for my progress. It was a fantastic experience.

Wilson, Brazil, Cardiac Surgeon (scored S26, W25)

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Final Verdict: Top 5 Best TOEFL Prep Course In 2024

As of now, you have got the list of 5 Reliable & Affordable TOEFL Prep Course that you should definitely try. From this list, I would recommend you to get started with Magoosh and Kaplan TOEFL Prep as these are the most reliable and affordable options available out there.

In the above list, I have also mentioned the free version. If you have a tight budget and you want to really prepare for TOEFL, then you can go with edX TOEFL as it is a 100% free option available.

We hope this list of top 5 TOEFL Prep Course suits your purpose well. And if this post helped you, then you can help others by sharing this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

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