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Despite your desire to pass your GED exam, you are unable to find the time to study. You’re in luck because UGO Prep has free GED classes online. Online GED practice tests provide the following benefits:

  • Become familiar with each topic quickly
  • A focused approach to learning
  • Here is a peek at actual GED exam questions

It’s hard to find free GED practice online. Do you know where GED classes are near you? We are here to show you a different way to study for the GED. Get a taste of the GED by taking our free online courses. GED Testing Service provides all the information you need on GED Testing in one place including practice questions, videos, expert articles, and newsletters. Get started for free by choosing the subject below.

What is the GED exam?

In the GED test, candidates are assessed on four different subjects to determine whether they meet high school equivalency. When passed, the GED can be compared to a high school diploma in the United States or Canada.The GED test can only be taken in a GED testing facility, so you cannot take it online. Scams that claim to sell GED tests or diplomas/certificates online should be avoided!While the internet does pose a risk to GED preparation, it isn’t completely worthless.

To prepare for the GED test, you can take online GED courses.

We recommend checking out courses offered by GED Testing Service, Kaplan, and UGO Prep as the best online GED classes. Union Test Prep offers free GED online study materials if you’d rather save some money.

Taking the GED exam can cost between $30 and $100, depending on what state you reside in.

How to get Free Online GED Classes?

It’s not as hard as it seems to prepare for this test. To assist you in this endeavor, there are many free as well as paid resources available. During this discussion, we will discuss how to prepare for the test and what classes and materials are freely available on the internet that pertains to such preparation.Free Online GED ClassesIn preparation for the test, the first thing you should do is study the exact syllabus. You can find all the information you need on this subject by going to http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ged/test/prep/The_Content_Area_Tes.htm. The syllabus contained on this site is 100 percent accurate since it is an official site. In addition to preparation books, you will require guidance on how to prepare for the test once you have identified all the areas to focus on. Below is a brief overview of the free classes.A student can prepare for the GED test by taking free online GED classes. YouTube, webinars, and other mediums can be used for these online classes, providing both the tutors and students with convenience. Many individuals and states sponsor online classes to help people.In this article, we have provided you with a list of free GED classes online with some factors to consider, so you can decide which ones are right for you.Nevertheless, we will give you some tips on how to stay focused in whatever GED online class you decide to enroll in.

Are There Free Online GED Classes?

Many GED courses require students to pay a registration fee, however, there are community colleges and adult education programs that offer free online GED courses. Residents can enroll in these programs if they meet the minimum age requirement (16 or 18 depending on the state) and go through an application process that may include an assessment. The schools listed below offer free online GED classes to qualifying students. Find out if your state offers free courses by checking with the department of education in your area.

3 Tests Free Online GED Classes:

A free GED class online is one of the most affordable and highly recommended choices. Students can learn at their own pace due to its flexible schedule.This class is also highly commendable as it allows you to select the particular subjects that you would like to study. In this way, the students can identify the subjects in which they do not do well, and they are then able to fully concentrate on improving them.Self-assessment quizzes are also available to help students identify their weak points. Besides receiving online classes, the students also receive information that provides them with useful tips on reading and comprehension, management of their time, and taking the test successfully.

1. Illinois Central College

Residents of the state of Illinois over the age of 16 can take free online GED classes at Illinois Central College (ICC) thanks to a grant from the Illinois Community College Board. You will be asked to take a reading test before you are enrolled. You have the option of registering at the beginning of the semester or midway through it.

2. Maryland Adult Education Online

Residents of Maryland who are at least 18 years old can enroll in Maryland i-Pathways for free, and the flexible online program allows them to study whenever and wherever they want. Reading and math pre-tests are required. Weekly feedback is also provided by online teachers.

3. South Bay Adult School

Learn about GED Information Live Webinars at this Los Angeles County school. After enrolling in a blended course, students have the option of attending classes in person or learning online. The laboratory must be attended at least twice a week when the campus is open.

Other affordable Free Online GED Classes:

Here are more free online GED classes that are not free but somewhere affordable to everyone.

1. Kaplan

Students can complete this online course at their own pace and leisure within 120 days. Classes are highly interactive and feature over 150 video courses with a lot of practice questions and tests to assist the students in getting ready.It is possible to enroll in live classes or record classes with a refund policy that is very emulating as it gives back to enrolled students if they fail.

2. Mometrix University

This is also affordable and comes with a guarantee of a refund of $29.99 per month. Its benefits include a variety of study materials, including practice questions, interesting lessons, and intriguing instructional videos. To make the materials as realistic as possible, they were scripted.

3. Ugo Prep

GED classes are affordable in this program. You can fit the classes into your schedule easily. Most students complete the program in about 14 days, but there is no free trial available.With the Ugo prep, the students can recognize their weaker subjects and improve greatly in those areas.

4. Essential Education

Essential Education offers a flexible study plan for a monthly fee of $19 to 23 dollars. Working tirelessly to improve one’s weak and strong areas to pass the GED test is one of the most laudable aspects of essential education.The students are provided with a variety of resources, such as webinars and propelling live coaching seminars. The platform is mobile-friendly, which means that students can access classes and tests from their cell phones.

Who is eligible to take the GED exam?

The following requirements must be met before a candidate can take the GED test:

  • Minimum age of 16 years*;
  • They do not possess a diploma or certificate of high school equivalency;
  • Currently do not attend a regular high school; and
  • Passport, military ID, or driver’s license are all valid photo IDs.

How many scores Do You Need to Pass the GED?

Each subject-area test must be passed with a score of 145 for a candidate to pass the GED test.GED test percentile scores are categorized into four groups: below passing, high school equivalency, College Ready, and College Ready + Credit.

1. Below a Passing Score: 100-144

If a student gets less than a passing score on any GED test subject, they will have to retake that test subject. They would have to retake each subject of the GED exam if they earned less than a passing grade on any of the subjects.

2. Passing Score: 145-164

The test is meant to determine whether a student is eligible for a high school equivalency diploma if they score 145 or higher on each section.

3. College Ready Score: 165-174

The GED requires a score of 145 or higher to pass, but anything higher than 164 is considered college-ready. Scores of 165-174 indicate that students are ready for college-level courses and may not need to take placement tests or college remedial (non-credit) courses. However, they may not be able to skip college entrance exams because of their score.

4. College Ready + Credit Score: 175-200

Students who earn a score of 175 or higher will have the chance to earn 10 college credits, or they can skip college entrance exams. Colleges determine whether these students are eligible for the benefits offered by GED Testing Service.

How can you study to pass the GED exam? 

Every individual is different, so the answer will vary. At a minimum, plan to study for three months before the test, and aim for one whole year. If you are answering questions about mathematics with a calculator, remember that you may use it.To find out what model will be used for your test, you may want to conduct some research or even contact your test center. It will be easier for you to get familiar with the functions and buttons on your calculator before test day.I wouldn’t recommend cramming or staying up late the week before the test. The lack of sleep on test day will exhaust you, and this will make you more stressed. This final week, create a study schedule and a sleeping schedule and stick to them.Remember that you cannot be penalized for wrong answers, so filling out every answer is important when it comes time to take the GED test. If you have to make an educated guess, try eliminating some answers so you are left with two options.

  • Get prepared for the GED by finding and enrolling in GED classes. A free online GED class that is also efficient is available, or you can sign up for a paid course
  • Practice GED tests regularly and stick to your study schedule. Sites like Free GED Practice Tests and many others allow you to practice online
  • Avoid social media and limit your time playing as they can cause you to stress
  • Work together in study groups to help each other and reason together
  • Whenever you face a difficult problem, do your research and find a teacher or tutor who can help you solve it
  • Stay confident and don’t let the pressure get to you.

FAQ on Free Online GED Classes:

When will I receive my scores?

About 3 hours after you complete your test, you will be able to view your results online.

If I don’t like my score, when can I retake the GED exam?

There is no waiting period for taking the GED test three times. A GED test cannot be taken again for 60 days after your third attempt. Retakes for the first two times will cost $20 only if they take place within 12 months. There will be a $40 charge for each additional retake.

When will I receive my GED transcript or diploma?

Generally, you will receive your results in the mail four weeks after your test date.

Can I take all 4 GED tests in one day?

There are many local testing locations that offer morning and afternoon testing. All 4 GED tests can be taken in one day, but this is not recommended. They are lengthy and can be tiresome. After each test, you should take some time to sharpen your brain.

How much time will I get to complete each subject on the GED exam?

You will need seven and a half hours to complete the entire GED.  The following table breaks down the time required for each subject:  Reasoning in Language Arts - 150 minutes (including a 10-minute break) Mathematics Reasoning - 115 minutes The Science class will last 90 minutes Students should spend 90 minutes on social studies

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Conclusion: Free Online GED Classes 2023

Our discussion of free and some affordable GED online programs has provided links to the official web pages of some of the platforms that offer these classes. We hope this article was helpful to you, and we also hope your questions were answered.

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