Thinkster Math Review 2024 – Grab Free Trial For Just $1

Is Maths a nightmare for your Kid? Would you like to help your child with their mathematics?

A math tutor can help your child understand mathematical concepts that he otherwise does not understand. Thinkster Math programs are designed to help students improve their math skills.

However, parents must consider a number of differences when choosing a math teacher. Not all children thrive with the same learning method.

Thinkster Math programs have therefore prepared a detailed guide to highlight the features that any student can grasp easily.

One of the key additional benefits of Thinkster Math is that a practical math teacher not only reviews your child’s work but also provides you with weekly information about their progress.

                     Thinkster Math Review In 2024

Who Can Benefit From Thinkster Math Program?  

Thinkster Math is the ideal choice for families who want their children to develop distinctive conceptual skills in mathematics.

The team strives to build mathematicians instead of arithmetic. To this end, Thinkster Math covers an extensive mathematics curriculum that focuses on word and logic issues.

In the meantime, students of all levels can get support and they can close gaps in their mathematical knowledge and also extend their knowledge beyond the classroom.

Thinkster is a combination of digital spreadsheets and individual whiteboard sessions with skilled math trainers, offering a personalized approach to young mathematicians of all levels.

The artificial intelligence behind Thinkster’s digital spreadsheets helps tutors track students’ mistakes and provide a curriculum to enhance each student’s learning outcomes.

Their experienced tutors then use the training to support Thinkster’s work, homework, or exam preparation.

Thinkster Math is a world-class program based on the US, UK, and Singapore program which supports young mathematicians by ensuring that they understand every mathematical concept and can work beyond standard algorithms by addressing the word and logic issues associated with each topic.

In addition, they help to master important mathematical topics such as geometry, data management, and measurements.

Thinkster Math Review: Features Overview

  • A Dedicated, Expert Coach
  • A Personalized Program
  • Free Skills Assessment
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Unlimited Worksheets
  • Daily Grading
  • Parent Conferences
  • Games & Rewards
  • Parent Insights App

Pricing Plans at Thikster Math

Thinkster offers 4 different price programs: Lite, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Program prices vary depending on the type of plan you choose.

Some involve more interactions with a trainer and your child’s class/year.

Thinkster has 3 programs run by tutors: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All three have a certified teacher who creates a daily learning plan and monitors / qualifies their child’s work.

Your child has unrestricted access to our tables. The Silver program receives 2 phone calls (10-15 minutes each) from parents and teachers each month.

There are no 1: 1 whiteboard tutorials.
The Gold and Platinum programs contain chalkboard tutorials. The Gold Package includes 1 hour per month (30 minutes every two weeks).

Platinum comes with 2 hours a month (30 minutes a week).

All pricing programs provide access to Thinkster video tutorials and a world-class curriculum.

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Free Trial Of Thinkster Math

Thinkster Math Review

Thinkster Math offers a one-week trial, which is definitely worth it if you have a child aged 5 to 14 years.

In this one-week period, you’ll know pretty well if Thinkster Math will adapt to your child’s learning style.

After the free trial, the plans for Thinkster Math start at INR 1350, but Thinkster Math grants readers of Maths Insider a monthly 10% discount on their subscription for the first three months.

Benefits Of Using Thinkster Math Review

1. Thinkster Math offers excellent value for money

Thinkster Maths is way better as compared to those of Kumon, Mathnasium, and private tutors.

This is a valuable tool for students who are less proficient in math as Thinkster offers each student a personalized syllabus based on their understanding.

2. Thinkster Coaches are highly qualified teachers

Thinkster actually uses qualified educators. The founder himself is a mathematics teacher at Cambridge University, and many Thinkster trainers have spent many years as teachers.

Kumon focuses on the experience of companies in comparison to educational institutions when choosing franchisees to manage their centres.

Thinkster focuses on the experience and teaching ability of tutors in mathematics.

3. Thinkster Math is genuinely active to teach your child

The Thinkster Math program contains integrated instructional videos for each subject, not just some written examples.

Step-by-step solutions are also shared when students receive incorrect questions.

Students regularly participate in individual tutoring sessions so that their coach can examine unproblematic questions and present complex concepts in the following worksheets.

4. Thinkster Math offers a complete and varied program

Thinkster’s first-rate curriculum is based on mathematics in Singapore and other educational programs. It is then adapted for each country according to state / regional standards.

As a result, it contains a combination of arithmetic, word, and logic problems to develop important skills for future mathematicians.

5. Thinkster takes Personalization Seriously

Thinkster is a US-based company. However, with instructors from around the world, the work is overseen by executives who can meet regularly online and remain available to trainers, parents, and students.

In addition, the university coordinators are responsible for connecting the new Thinkster families with the faculty according to their specific needs.

In rare cases where parents want to change teachers, they can do so quickly and easily.

6. Problem-solving is the core value of the Thinkster mathematics curriculum.

Most students come to Thinkster with little problem-solving skills, even though they are generally good at math. Problem-solving is very important in mathematics.

Computers can handle numbers much faster and more accurately than humans, and those with strong problem-solving skills are the ones who work.

Thinkster puts problem-solving at the heart of its curriculum, including basic problem-solving in its nursery worksheets.

7. Thinkster supports and expands school computers for children

Thinkster worksheets use mathematical methods and techniques that have deepened the understanding of mathematics.

With thousands of worksheets, coaches can create a personalized program to support and expand the learning of math.

How Thinkster Math App Works?


1. Your child begins with an assessment of his abilities

Imagine being able to understand what your child needs to be successful, participate in the Math Olympiads, or get help working at school.

That’s what Thinkster does and quickly creates a baseline. Thinkster starts by simply assessing your child’s abilities to identify strengths and weaknesses.

2. You can discuss the needs of your child with an education counsellor

Thinkster Education Consultant will call you to analyse the progress matrix your child has created.

Review the results of your ability assessments, guide you through areas of strengths and weaknesses, learn more about your child’s needs, and answer any questions you may have.

3. You can meet your elite math tutor

Thinkster will bring your son together with an elite math coach who is committed to the success of  your son. They are your partner for the academic progress of your child.

They are responsible for selecting the right tables, evaluating them daily, and organizing weekly one-to-one tutoring sessions.

4. Your child receives prepared worksheets in a personalized way.

Each table has been specially designed and prepared for your child. Thinkster expects your son to fill approximately 10 worksheets each week.

Thinkster’s goal is not only to speed up your child’s learning but also to provide a solid foundation for mastering mathematics.

And you can also request custom worksheets to help with your child’s schoolwork or other special test preparation.

5. Thinkster Child receives daily reviews and comments from the elite and their dedicated tutor

Once your child submits a complete worksheet, Thinkster Math teachers will read and provide helpful comments and notes.

Your dedicated teacher is there for you 7 days a week to assist you at the concierge level. After all, learning does not stop just because it’s a weekend.

6. Innovative artificial intelligence enables Thinkster tutors to achieve better student performance

Hellothinkster Review- Active Replay Technology

Your child’s coach can visualize the student’s thinking process and make specific comments on questions that have been answered incorrectly.

If the teacher can understand why your child makes mistakes, they can learn faster.

7. All math homework is supported by a solid world-class program

Thinkster complies with your child’s general standards and school curriculum. Thinkster constantly updates its program to make sure that it can engage its students in the real world.

8. Receive weekly 1: 1 tuition, including homework, exam preparation assistance

Gold and Platinum students communicate with their dedicated coach for weekly blackboard-led tutoring sessions.

You will receive 1: 1 tutoring to review Thinkster’s homework, get help with classroom or homework assignments, or prepare for upcoming competitions.

9. Timely help with Video Tutorials

In addition to the help of your special teacher, instructional videos are available for each table.

They explain various strategies to solve exactly the same mathematical problem and minimize the frustrations that your child would feel when solving mathematical problems.

Thinkster’s extensive video tutorial library is available to you and your child at any time to browse the collection by topic and concept name.

It gives your child quick access to videos that help them with their homework and exam preparation.

10. Thinkster wants you to trust us to improve performance, but see for yourself

Your dedicated tutor will not only send you a weekly progress report on your student but the ThinkStart Dynamic Progress Matrix, available to you at all times, will also do everything described above and more.

You will receive a constantly updated real-time account of your student’s progress over time. Get a performance improvement that you can seamlessly track!

11. You Can Earn Gift Cards With Thinkster Maths

Thinkster students can redeem their reward points for a gift card. For 1,500 points, you will receive $ 1 gift cards, but you can only receive $ 5 gift cards.

You can also collect your non-exchanged gifts and can change your selection at any time.

Advantages of Thikster Math

 Things That Make Thinkster Math A Good Alternative To Kumon Are:

  • The system automatically marks your child’s work
  • Easily accessible educational videos that your child want to see if they wish
  • Available at half the price of Kumon
  • You are not required to drive into a centre
  • Thinkster Math covers the entire math curriculum, including problem-solving. Mathematics is more than arithmetic and algebra.
  • The flexibility to discuss and change the curriculum.
  • A system that records the pace of work to show your child’s self-confidence for each question, just as the teacher watches the students in the classroom
  • An individual but flexible program based on the actual work and outcomes of your child

Thinkster Math Review Success Stories

Thinkster is a great math program for my 10-year-old son. The instant feedback and rewards keep him engaged and motivated to do more and more.I love the fact that the worksheets are tailored to match his skill level, so he is never bored. It is very easy to use and challenges him further at his own convenience.

Rina P New Jersey, US

My daughter started Thinkster this year and seems to like it more than Kumon. She does not require any prodding to work on the system and she usually does more than she needs to do every day.

Jesse TVirginia, US

We could not be happier with Thinkster. It has surpassed all of our expectations.

We were initially skeptical about the idea of an ‘online math tutor’, but after the two-week trial, we were hooked! It is genuinely personalized tutoring.

The Thinkster academic team is very responsive and has customized the lesson plans to meet our needs at all times.

The combination of sound academic guidance with the appeal of using an iPad has been fantastic. Our son has become increasingly confident in math and thanks to Thinkster.

This is one of those seldom customer experiences that are 100% positive.

Diana P Bruxelles, Belgium

Quick Links:

FAQs | Thinkster Math Review

😍Will this for me if I’m living outside the U.S.?

Right now, this program is only available to residents of the U.S. We will be expanding this elite program to the rest of the world in early next year.

👍Will this work if my child is struggling in Math?

Yes! Most students struggle in math because they have not been able to have the disciplined approach of someone personalizing a learning program to their needs. The second most important factor is for students to be committed to the rigor of completing the weekly activities with support from parents to move the student along the process.

👉 How much does Thinkster math cost?

Thinkster Math costs from $100 – $200 per month for plans which include one-on-one coaching.

😄 Is Mathnasium worth the money?

It may seem a bit pricey at first, but it is definitely worth it. It is much wonderful to see my kids love math, especially since I hated it as a child myself. The Mathnasium method has been in use over 30 years and includes over 5000 pages of material, and it's used at independent centers around the country.

😇 How do I cancel Thinkster math?

Cancelation You must provide a minimum of 30 days cancelation notice and may send in the request to cancel your Thinkster membership at any time. We do not provide refunds or credits for any unused or partially used membership periods

Conclusion| Thinkster Math Review 2024

In my opinion, go signup for the 7 days free trial on Thinkster Math and take a look at the course curriculum suitable for your children.

They come with their dedicated maths app which can end the nightmare of maths for your kids. It’s a great option to learn remotely as you are not required to visit the centre.

There are lots of highly qualified teaches available to support your child.

What’s your opinion and what you liked the most about Thinkster, let me know in the comments section below.

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