Bookkeeper Launch Review 2024: Is It The Best Bookkeeping Course?

Are you looking for a bookkeeping course that can help you manage your business finances?

It can be tough to find the right bookkeeping course, especially if you’re not sure what to look for.

Look no further than the Bookkeeper Launch review. This comprehensive bookkeeping course is designed to help you learn everything you need to know about bookkeeping.

With over 12 hours of video training and lifetime access, this course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about bookkeeping.

Bottom Line Upfront: Are you looking for a new career?

Bookkeeping is an excellent career option for anyone who wants to be their own boss and have complete control over their earnings.

Our program will teach you everything you need to know about bookkeeping, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. You’ll also have access to our exclusive bookkeeping client directory.

Bookkeeper Launch Featured In News

You can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and start making a real difference in your community by assisting businesses with their financial management.

Our program also includes a money-back guarantee, so you can be confident that you’re making the best decision for your future.

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What Is Bookkeeper Launch?

Bookkeeper Launch

is a premium program that teaches you how to become a bookkeeper and establish a successful bookkeeping firm.

Bookkeeper Launch, formerly Bookkeeper Business Launch, is the only curriculum that teaches you how to establish a bookkeeping business professionally from the ground up.

Bookkeeper Launch Review

It teaches you from the ground up how to be a successful online bookkeeper. This necessitates more than just “debits and credits,” as well as the ability to evaluate data to assist clients in making decisions. Most importantly, it teaches how to grow and advertise a business to attract high-quality clients.

Because it is an online course, students can complete it at their own pace based on their schedules and circumstances. Many people finish it within three to six months.

Most people get their first client in less than six months (indeed, some people get their first client before they even finish training).

Why Is Bookkeeping Important?

Bookkeeping is essential for business owners because it allows them to track their income and expenses. This data is essential for making informed decisions about how to allocate resources.

Bookkeeping also gives a clear picture of a company’s financial health, which can aid in the acquisition of loans or investments. Bookkeeping is essential for all business owners, regardless of size.

Bookkeeping can help you keep track of your finances, and budget better, and make more informed decisions about your business.

Who founded Bookkeeper Launch?

In July 2015, Ben Robinson, the proprietor of an accountancy firm and an experienced CPA, began the course.

Ben Robinson - Founder of Bookkeeper

He started teaching how to start an accounting business in 2001, even before that. Since then, he has aided over 4,000 successful people from all over the world.

Bookkeeper Launch Review: Should You Try It?

Now for the content of this Bookkeeper Business Launch: what does the course include?

Bookkeeper Business Launches are divided into two categories:

  1. Bookkeeper Business Launch Pro
  2. Bookkeeper Business Launch Premier

Both Pro and Premier cover the same ground, but Premier also includes exclusive coaching sessions with the best bookkeepers to help students advance faster in their bookkeeping careers.

Students can take four free courses before committing to a full course to get a sense of what bookkeeping is like and whether it is a good fit for them. The following are the contents of the free classes:

The first class will teach you about the job of a bookkeeper.

The second class examines the tools and technologies that bookkeepers use to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

The third class will show you how to get your first paying customers.

The fourth class gives an overview of how to start a bookkeeping business.

Who Is the Bookkeeper Launch Course For?

The course is designed for those who:

  • Are looking for an online bookkeeping course that covers everything from A to Z
  • Desire to learn at their own pace
  • Wish to obtain their first bookkeeping client in less than six months
  • Seek a bookkeeping course with a money-back guarantee

Is Bookkeeper Launch the Best Bookkeeping Course?

Bookkeeper Launch

is one of the best bookkeeping courses available because it offers a comprehensive curriculum, flexible pacing, and a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Additionally, the founder of the program has over 15 years of experience in the accounting industry and has helped thousands of people start successful businesses.

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Which Course Options Does Bookkeeper Launch Offer?

There are three options for courses:

  1. Bookkeeper Launch Pro
  2. Bookkeeper Launch Premier
  3. Bookkeeper Launch Team

The three courses differ in the following ways:

Bookkeeper Launch Courses

1. Bookkeeper Launch Pro (58 Hours of Material):

As the student interacts with clients in the digital age who have a variety of goals and needs, the bookkeeping foundation should include vital, contemporary skills.

Methods and processes for bookkeeping businesses, including tried-and-true templates for completing tasks on time.

  • How to start, register, and operate a business, including licenses, tax structures, and other considerations.
  • How to price services and differentiate yourself as a high-value provider
  • How to market a business without selling anything
  • How to recruit high-quality clients (who value and pay) and create a pipeline of these prospects for future business
  • How to build a business that gives you the most bang for your money

Here are some further distinguishing characteristics:

Weekly live Q&A meetings with academics to obtain one-on-one help with any bookkeeping questions (which are recorded & available in their Education Center)

You can ask questions and learn about other people’s virtual bookkeeping experiences in our private support network with over 6,000 students.

Consultation with an attorney (A lawyer will be available by phone once a month to address any questions you have about forming your company as a legal entity.)

Anyone with an urgent question can contact us by email at any time.

2. Bookkeeper Launch Premier:

Includes everything in Bookkeeper Launch Pro, plus eight group coaching sessions with experienced online bookkeepers.

In general, there is more planning and accountability.

Bookkeeper Launch Premier is a faster method to get started as an online bookkeeper.

3. Bookkeeper Launch Team: Everything is included in Bookkeeper Launch Premier.

Excellent understanding of the process and people management, as well as inbound marketing and sales.

Access to a private members-only network of the world’s most successful online bookkeepers.

Two Knowledge Licenses ($1,000 value) to assist team members in understanding how the business operates.

Students who want to make the most money must be more efficient and recruit other online bookkeepers.

The Bookkeeper Launch Team provides students with everything they need to start and run their own online bookkeeping business.

Bookkeeper Launch Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

1. Bookkeeper Launch Pro

Options for payment include:

  • $2499 one-time payment
  • Payment Plan for 12 Months – $249 per month

2. Bookkeeper Launch Premier Bookkeeper Launch – Full Course with Group Coaching

Options for payment include:

  • $2999 one-time payment
  • Payment Plan for 12 Months – $299 a month

3. Bookkeeper Launch Team: Everything in Premier with The Marketing Machine

Payment options:

  • $4999 for a one-time payment
  • $499 for a 12-month payment plan

What  Bookkeeper Launch Course Content?

1st Unit

The first component of the course covers the basics of bookkeeping. Ben talks about her main responsibilities and a normal day in her life.

2nd Unit

The Basics of Bookkeeping module covers 18 major topics, including bookkeeping foundations and core components, liability, assets, and equity, the accounting equation, credit and debit accounts, and more.

This session includes quizzes to help you solidify your ideas.

Module 2 focuses on financial statements, journals, and ledgers. Balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, ledger posting, the accounting cycle, and other topics are covered in this module.

Unit 2’s third module is about professional ethics. You’ll learn about legal issues and bookkeeping rules, as well as large corporations and the Uniform Commercial Code.

3rd Unit

The Building Block is a unit made up of five modules.

This lesson will teach you how to use Xero and QuickBooks, as well as how to manage records, fixed assets, payroll obligations, accounts payable, credit liabilities, loans, equity, income statement data, cash flow statement data, and more.

This course includes many demonstrations that demonstrate how each concept works.

4th Unit

This unit is divided into three parts, each titled “Prepare, Review, and Present.” The balance sheet, financial statements, income, and financial statement preparation are all covered in this course.

This series of four lectures will teach you everything you need to know about the bookkeeping industry.

From accounting and tax preparation to invoicing and client relationship management, you’ll learn all you need to know about running a bookkeeping firm.

These four lessons are packed with information that has been broken down into sections for easy learning. Even better, you gain access to six additional units, allowing you to further expand your bookkeeping knowledge.

These six elements are as follows:

  • Infinity and Beyond have seven modules.
  • Business and marketing are taught in ten modules.
  • 1 Practical and Tactical module
  • Bookkeeping Practical is divided into four modules.
  • Bonus Training consists of eight modules.
  • Bootcamp Coaching consists of three parts.

After you pay for Bookkeeper Launch, you may access a wealth of useful tools and resources on their website. Some instances are as follows:

You get access to all of the program’s features, tests, case studies, and other resources.

  • Library of resources
  • Clients Advanced, LinkedIn for Bookkeepers, and Hacks and Facts are some of the extra tools available.
  • Become a member of a unique online community.
  • Updates and full access

You will also get access to all of the following features if you buy the Bookkeeper Business Launch Premium:

  • Bookkeeper Business Pro provides everything you need.
  • Sessions of Coaching
  • Sessions with an open mic
  • Recordings made in real-time
  • Consultations with professionals in the field of bookkeeping, and more

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What Are The Advantages Of Taking The Bookkeeper Launch Course?

There are several advantages to taking the Bookkeeper Launch course, including:

1. Learning from an experienced bookkeeper who has started and operated her own successful bookkeeping business.

2. Getting access to a private support network with over 6000 students.

3 Having a consultation with an attorney (A lawyer will be available by phone once a month to address any questions you have about forming your company as a legal entity.)

4. Anyone with an urgent question can contact them by email and we will answer within 24 hours.

5. You will have access to the bookkeeping software, which is used by bookkeepers all over the world.

6. The course includes a money-back guarantee so that you can try it risk-free.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Taking The Bookkeeper Launch Course?

The main disadvantage of taking the Bookkeeper Launch course is the cost. At $2999, it is one of the most expensive bookkeeping courses on the market.

However, if you are serious about starting your own bookkeeping business, the cost may be worth it for you.

Additionally, the course does require a significant time commitment as it is very comprehensive and detailed.

Bookkeeper Launch Success Stories & Testimonials

Here’s what students have to say about Bookkeeper Launch:

Bookkeeper launch Student Review Bookkeeper Launch Testimonial Bookkeeper Launch Testimonial 1 Bookkeeper Launch Success Story

FAQs Related To Bookkeeper Launch Review

Is Bookkeeper Launch Good?

The Better Business Bureau has given Bookkeeper Launch an A+ rating, with an average of 5 stars (400+ reviews). If you’re not happy with the course, you can get a full refund within 30 days. There were no questions asked.

Is Bookkeeper Launch free?

Bookkeeper Launch (previously Bookkeeper Business Launch) is an online curriculum that teaches bookkeeping skills to anyone with any degree of experience. It also enables you to build your own virtual bookkeeping company. It’s a little pricy, so try the free introductory series to determine if it’s right for you.

How do I cancel Bookkeeper Launch?

Click the Cancel button/link in the Profile area if you are unhappy with the quality of Bookkeeper Launch, Money Score, or TaxBiz for any reason. Any refund requests submitted beyond the THIRTY (30) DAY time limit will be ignored.

Is Bookkeeper Business Launch Accredited?

It has a BBB A+ grade, indicating that it is a reliable course. Unfortunately, it has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Are Bookkeepers In Demand?

Absolutely! The bookkeeping industry is growing at a rapid pace. There are currently over one million bookkeepers in the United States alone and that number is expected to grow over time. This growth is being driven by the fact that businesses of all sizes are increasingly outsourcing their bookkeeping needs to save money and time.

Is Bookkeeping Online Legal?

Yes, bookkeeping is a perfectly legal online business. The bookkeeping industry is one of the most regulated industries in the United States. This means that there are several laws and regulations that bookkeepers must comply with to operate their businesses.

Is Bookkeeper Launch Legit?

Yes, Bookkeeper Launch is a legitimate bookkeeping course. The course is designed by an experienced bookkeeper who has started and operated her own successful bookkeeping business.

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Conclusion: Should You Take The Bookkeeper Launch Course?

If you are serious about starting your own bookkeeping business, then the Bookkeeper Launch course is a great investment.

The course is thorough and detailed, and it will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to start your own bookkeeping business.

Furthermore, the money-back guarantee allows you to try the course risk-free.

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