Tony Robbins Workshop & Business Events Reviews 2024: Is It Worth??

Tony Robbins Workshop Review


In this post, we have featured Tony Robbins Workshop Review that includes detailed insights of its pricing, working, pros & cons, and more.

Out of 10


  • Logical solutions
  • Great customer support
  • In-depth business mastery
  • 4 day Seminar program is held
  • Video lectures & books provided


  • Event is quite expensive


Price: $ 650

This is my review of the Tony Robbins Workshop. Tony Robbins and his seminars have changed my life.

I visited Date with Destiny last December and released the Power in a week.

I’ll tell you what you have to expect, the difference between UPW and DwD, my greatest knowledge, and also some tips if you would like to attend one of these events.

In this post, we have featured Tony Robbins Workshop Review 2024 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, working, pros & cons, and more. Let’s get started here.

Tony Robbins Workshop & Business Events Reviews 2024: Is It Worth??

About Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins spent more than 38 years figuring out what’s needed to make lasting change in an extraordinary life and achieve lasting results. When you visit our website, you’ve probably heard of the impact of Tony Robbins’ work on people’s lives.

You may have watched their videos or read their books, but nothing compares to a live event where you can immerse yourself in a powerful environment designed for maximum growth and transformation.

Tony Robbins Workshop Review-Tony-Robbins

Some of the most affluent people in the world, like Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, Bill Clinton and many others, have turned to Tony at this difficult time and you can do it now.

His work with people around the world has earned him not only the reputation of being a consultant to these film and sports stars, business giants, and leaders of our time but also the reputation of being the “World’s Best Coach”. “

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What are these Workshops?

It’s really about identifying our habits, our beliefs, our history, our values, and our conditioning. Then, when we look at the suffering and understand that these beliefs and all these conditioning can cause us, all the suffering we have been through.

The goal of these four or six days is to break these patterns and install a new comprehensive operational plan. Tony does it with meditations, strategies, and techniques. He is a master of neuro-linguistic programming and uses many NLP techniques.

But on top of that, Tony helps you to enter states where change or transformation is really possible.

There is a lot of dancing, singing, screaming, cheering, and hugging in Tony’s events.

Try to attract your audience as much as possible. Not only to keep thousands of people awake and busy for 12 to 15 hours, but dancing is also a big part of the seminar. It’s a bit of a rock concert, except it’s five million times better.

It really is that all this dance can put you in a state of trance. I studied that and he also talked about it a bit. All these dances take you from an Alpha or Beta state to a Tetha state. In this state, you are much more accessible to transformation.

It puts you very much in a state of high energy because the change takes place there and you can really do the job.

everything is really fun.

It’s very funny, he swears a lot, laughs a lot. You will never be bored or watch your watch. It’s amazing how fast 12 or 15 hours can pass because so much happens all the time.

You do not have time to sit down and browse your Facebook page unless you’re one of those who are not really interested, skeptical, cynical, and unbidden. This type of person is disconnected and the entire experience is lost. You may feel that they are not part of the experience and are not getting results.

Personally, I was both at both events. I gave everything I wanted and I have everything I wanted. It has changed my life and I have done many things, but the Tony Robbins events are extremely transformative when you are open to the experience.

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Workshop

Although the seminar will focus only briefly on the topic of money, it should help students to realize it. When you unleash the power, you can eliminate personal barriers to people who have raised the bar higher than me.

I found it interesting in this seminar, Tony spoke briefly about the recent 99% movement compared to the 1% movement (and it is clearly part of the 1% movement). How can we as a society grow economically if some of us are not highlighted?

By raising your own personal standards, you also help others to raise their standards. We are all unique and can be extraordinary in something. At least with personal finances, we can all manage our money superbly and become all winners.

The course lasts about 50 hours, although it usually takes much longer than the class hours described in the brochure.

It is not unusual to leave the first day at 2 am and start the next morning at 9:30. In my opinion, it is important to be prepared for this event.

Make sure you get enough sleep before you attend because you will be deprived of sleep. I think that’s also done on purpose. This resembles techniques with military camps to shape the soldier.

It is important that you attend and go to all parts of the seminar. Although some of these things may seem stupid or stupid, I think it’s important to enter the seminar with an open mind.

For many, you may do things that you have never done before because they are outside your comfort zone. The main goal of the program is to go beyond the previously conceived limits.

Bring food unless you pay for Diamond seats. In addition, clothe in layers, because the room is usually very cold.

The first day – transform limitation into power. The firewalk experience.

Second Day – Realize your dreams. The power of successful packaging.

The third day – move on to your new life. Transformation stage.

Fourth day – The power of pure energy. 12 basic principles of vital life.

Join Unleash The Power Within Event Now | Secure Your Spot Now | In Dallas  (July 11-14) 2024


  1. Tony Robbins is a great speaker and, in my opinion, one of the best. It’s really fun, dynamic and very interactive with your audience. For many, this is only worth the price of the ticket.
  2. The experience of questions and answers with the audience was spectacular. You can read the audience very quickly and come up with a vision that I think can help most other people in the room.
  3. This is the kind of event that, if you do everything you can and do the tasks, lives with you for months, if not for the rest of your life. For some, this could be a milestone.
  4. Even if you’ve heard one of his audio programs or read one of his books, it’s a good experience to see Tony Robbins for yourself.
  5. Even after listening to many of his programs over the years, I still have ideas I’ve never heard of before. Of course, you will find some of the materials that are included in other audio programs.
  6. Anthony Robbins is a machine and must have been derived from one of the T-800 Terminators. On the first day, he is on stage for 13 hours without a break.


  1. Two of the days when Tony called him. In the program guide it is described that Tony would not be presented directly in two of the four days, he did not know that we would see it with a video presentation.
  2. He explained that the reason was that his voice could not speak four days in a row. You can certainly hear that in your voice on the second day of your presentation, but that’s disappointing.
  3. The facilities in New Jersey, where the Meadowlands Exhibition Center was located, were terrible. The seats were uncomfortable, there were not enough bathrooms and they were not cleaned often enough. It was a big point of conflict with my wife and I agree with her.

In this 4-day live seminar:

  • Break the conscious and unconscious fears that hold you back.
  • Learn the simple steps to make changes permanently.
  • Create momentum in your life and make difficult things effortless.
  • Develop a clear goal for what you want in your life and your “WHY.”
  • Develop new powerful routines that produce maximum energy, health, and vitality
  • Benefit from innovative key strategies for wealth creation and be indestructible regardless of the economy.
  • or any other external force.

How Tony Robbins Created an Empire?

All of Robbins’ activities are based on his insistence that everyone can learn to trust themselves, but the fact is that trust seems to come from him.

At age 15, he decided to become a sportswriter in Glendora, California after not being part of the baseball team. But instead of taking writing lessons, Robbins printed business cards claiming to be a sports journalist.

By the tenth year, he had courted sports for the local newspaper, including sports commentator Howard Cosell, football coach Woody Hayes, and Hall of Fame member from Ohio Tommy Lasorda Baseball. and Leo Durocher. Even then, it was clear in his writings that he was ready to be an agent of courage.


“Pride!” Young Robbins wrote an article in The Azusa Herald in 1975. “It has been shown that the word that represents the strongest emotion that man knows does not have the same power, he can change everything!”

At the age of 17, Robbins attended a seminar led by motivational speaker Jim Rohn. He quickly found a job selling Rohn’s seminars and reached his calling at that time.

His rudimentary training, which included a half father’s revolving door, an alcoholic mother pursuing him with a knife, and a period of homelessness, became a compelling storyline that did not move during his time seminars decades later. ,

One of the first customers to put Robbins on the map is a young swimmer who won gold at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Mike O’Brien was introduced to 24-year-old Robbins after joining the US team.

The swimmer and his teammates had met many sports psychologists, and the sessions with Robbins, he says, were not so different except for the physical presence of Robbins.

“I’m 6’6”, and I felt a little bit by his side, “said O’Brien, so confident that” I believe in you “is said without saying the words, and they have the potential to be surpassed So you’re starting to believe it.

(However, O’Brien is more measured nowadays than some others in his praise of Robbins: “Would you describe your interaction with me as letting me win the gold medal? is it a useful tool?

It does not matter to Robbins. The state of mind is something that you always participate in. Your morning starts with a dip in a 57-degree plunge pool.

Before you go on stage, step on and off a mini trampoline as if you were connecting a charging station for human batteries.

He also participates in another ritual he has been practicing for 30 years: “I change my body slightly to put myself in an intense physical state, then I say,” Now I command my subconscious to lead myself, if possible to help as many people as possible. possible today. 


12 Tips to prepare you for your first Tony Robbins’ Workshop

  1. You will jump for hours. Leave your stilettos at home. The only shoes you should wear are Tennies / Keds / Flats.
  2. Do not bring only snacks. Bring meals. I’m talking about fruit, nuts, hummus, vegetables, biscuits, cereal bars, etc. If not, be prepared to compete with 7,000 others to be at the top of the food chain.
  3. Let yourself be surprised. Tony Robbins is the real deal. He is really incredible. His narrative skills do not suit anyone. Your ability to include a random person in the crowd and solve your problem in 10 minutes is legitimate. It is amazing to see.
  4. Tony will not be there every day because of the vocal cords. That’s good, because …
  5. Joseph McClellan (his compatriot) is spectacular. It’s the biggest opposite of Tony. As a whole, one foot shorter than the Tony and the Black.
  6. It’s funny and living proof of how to practice what you preach. We believe that you are between 40 and 45 years old. This guy is torn and he has 62 !!!! If you look at it, you almost do not believe it.
  7. Be ready to arrive early and spend a lot of time. Like 8 to 2 o’clock in the morning. But rest assured, it will be quick. As in whole hours, they had 20 minutes.
  8. Going on fire is incredible. Yes, it is scary, no, you will not burn yourself. You will be in the most amazing shape and cross this fire like LIKEABOSS. And you will celebrate in the end.
  9. Stay at the nearest hotel / connected to the convention center. This was by far our best option … it was great to walk to your room instead of walking another half hour on the shuttle bus to get to your hotel at 2 am.
  10. Subscribe to the SMS service. It’s on a card that you receive when you register in the morning. They inform you when the sessions begin. (Very helpful.)
  11. Bring your parka. It’s cold, sometimes it’s very cold.
  12. Prepare to message people. As if on foot, massage trains by rubbing strangers. It sounds funny. We feel really rejuvenated when we attended a seminar for 12 hours.
  13. Achieve your environment. Know where the nearest bathroom or the mysterious bathroom is located on the top floor that nobody else knows. So you do not have to queue if you keep it for hours as this is not the case. want a. to lose a thing.

More About Tony’s Workshop

Tony is by far the best speaker I’ve ever heard. He is enlightening, direct, but compassionate and very motivating. It is believed that everything is possible. Your language is often rude (I want you to re-examine it), but never doubt your commitment to yourself and your success.

And for the record, he is not one of those guys who will think and happen. While believing in the power of our stories and beliefs, he knows our dreams will not come true without hard work, discipline, and perseverance.

Tony is particularly effective in his individual interventions with volunteer audiences. We have seen time and again that it helps people either to break away from their thoughts or their feelings about things they have been following for years. His ability to do so is impressive and inspiring.

For Whom is Tony Robbins Workshop for?

We’re really glad that director Joe Berlinger created the Netflix documentary “I’m not your guru” because he has a very good idea of ​​what Date represents with fate.

If you watch the movie and it was not for you at that time, so much the better, then your life may be so amazing that you no longer need it because you have everything you want, you go with joy and love through life.


every day. I’m very happy for you if that’s the case. However, if you see it and relate it to certain stories, you think it might help you to have a perspective of your life and your problems, or if you are currently taking antidepressants, 100% will attend the event. anyway.

What happens if you have friends who are not happy in their lives if they are very successful, if they still are if they have problems with a couple, or you are often depressed, I suggest they see each other again, because this could change their situation. 

If you can not pay the 5,000 Dollars now to attend the event, or if you think that’s a ridiculous amount, I understand. Before registration, I felt the same way and a few years ago I would never have done it. But now that the event is over.

I do not regret it and I am very happy to have changed my way of thinking. I’ve learned how to increase my income and the tools and knowledge I’ve learned over the years and shared in my book Life Changes Quick to Power. Allow me such experiences and do the things that I know are good for me, even if they are expensive.

You even have a very generous refund policy, which in my opinion is currently fully refunding you the third night of the event, if you attend, try and decide that the rest is not for you. But among the thousands of people present, I think that 99.8% of the people have stayed.

I do not have a sponsorship or affiliation link to the event, but I think if you mention that you have been recommended by the Johnny Jen Assistant, you can save $ 500. I will update this message with a link if I can get one.

Anyway, I really think the event was worth it, and this meeting with men like Tony Tsaj, who decided to sleep in his car for five months to save enough money, told me it was worth every second.

Although it is not personal what I would like to do, your journey shows that there is always a way to do it if you love it enough.

About The Business Mastery Seminar

The Master of Business course is based on the principle that business is a spiritual quest. Your business grows only when you grow as a person. If you want to lead others, you have to direct yourself first.

In other words, “The biggest obstacle in a business is the psychology and the skills of the owner.” If you can change that, you can change your business.

Although Tony was the dominant speaker, he often spoke for several hours in a row, but he was not the only one.

We also listen to other people, including Keith Cunningham (my favorite behind Tony), Guy Kawasaki, David Meerman Scott, Cody Foster, and Josh Jenkins-Robbins, Tony’s son.

I have made pages and pages with notes. When I examined them on the plane, I went several times:

  • It’s not the facts that make you unhappy; It is your perception of the facts.
  • Everyone we are several personalities. We can change and manifest the personality that achieves the desired result in a given situation.
  • Life does not happen to you, it happens to you.
  • As a business owner, you are an artist, executive, or entrepreneur. It is important that you know your basic orientation.
  • You do not have to solve all business problems in the beginning. In fact, you will go bankrupt if you try.
  • Constant innovation will kill you. It does not need any further innovations, it needs strategic innovations.
  • When people get stuck, it’s often because they’re playing one or the other. That’s a dilemma. If you think you have only one option, it looks like a lawsuit. If you have two options, it is a dilemma. But there is always a third option. Realize that this is what it takes to go.
  • Most dreams die of tyranny. As it appears, if you know what you want. First, concentrate on what you want without thinking about how to get there.
  • Proximity is power. Find a way to get closer to people who can help you in your life and in your business. Be on purpose with your mentors and your peer group.
  • It’s never about your resources. It’s about his mind. If you are resourceful, acquire the resources.
  • The business is a game. Games have rules. There are winners and losers. To win, you need to know the rules and the language.
  • The financial goal of the companies is not rich. The goal is to get rich and stay that way. (You can get rich if you’re lucky, but you can not get rich if you’re lucky).
  • You can not achieve sustainable business success by becoming a better operator. Great entrepreneurs are tired. Great entrepreneurs get rich. [Note: This could lead you to believe that the seminar was a monetary matter. That was not it. This is just one aspect of success.]
  • People always act on the basis of what they believe in. If you want to change your actions (or yours), you need to change your beliefs.

Price Of Tony’s Workshop

As mentioned briefly above, a general entrance ticket costs $650. Then there are three more levels: VIP: $ 1,095, Diamond: $ 2,395 and Diamond Premiere: $ 2,995.



The stars who attended Robbins’ seminars included Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, TV presenter Maria Menounos, and Grammy-winning singer Melissa Etheridge.

What Customers Are Saying?


Quick Links:

FAQs | Tony Robbins Workshop

🙋‍♀️ Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a Life coach who conducts various seminars & events to add value to life of people.

🤷‍♂️ How much is Tony Robbins worth?

Tony Robbin's worth is $600 million dollars.

☝️ What steps are taken regarding security at UPW?

UPW makes an important note for the security of the attendees. People who are authorized can merely join the event. All the registered people and staff are made to go through screening when arrived at the event. Everything along with the person is been checked before it gets entered into the event. They at the first hand, do not permit anything with the attendees to be brought into the event for the security of the people. All attendees must wear the respected credentials upon entering the event.

💁‍♂️ What services are available in the diamond lounge?

The diamond lounge is reserved only for a group of selected people which serves a different atmosphere and provides a separate commitment to the best of the best. As soon as you enter the event, you’re greeted at the enrollment by the devout crew. They provide you with space for relaxing and have a way to priority events. You have the front seat of the main event. You are provided with all kinds of amenities.

🙎 What is the approximate cost of the workshop?

As we all know how worthwhile the workshop is, it cost $650 for a widespread admission ticket. Then there are three additional tiers: VIP is $1,095, Diamond is $2,395 and Diamond Premiere is $2,995. Once you attend the workshop, you would not repent spending the cost.

🤷 What are the advantages of the workshop?

You experience live one of the best speakers. It's absolutely enthusiastic and worth the cost. They interact with the audience and help you have some self-conviction. This workshop offers you to do several tasks which in turn stays with you till months and helps groom yourself.

🤟 Are their special seats arranged if requested?

Yes, they have many seating areas and you can choose one accordingly. If you want some other specific aid, you have to contact them before the event so that the required arrangements are formulated. You can visit customer service and the crew will lead you to the needful.

👉 When will I receive my e-ticket?

You’ll receive your e-ticket through an e-mail most presumably 2 weeks past the event. E-ticket will be delivered to each ticket holder and all must have a separate unique email for the ticket. Check the details and fill them carefully for if they don’t have them they would not send you the ticket. Moreover, every attendee must have it’s own ticket to attend the event.

👍 What do I need to bring to the registration?

Your ticket is must be present at the registration else you will not be permitted to register. Your ticket is the entry allowance to the event. You are requested to print the ticket and bring it along to the event. Nonetheless, if you have your e-ticket on your smartphone, it wouldn’t be an issue. They just need to scan the barcode from the ticket. You also require to bring a photo identification at the registration for you need to present it whilst the process. You can have a notebook and a pen to pen down the details you wish to be remembered. You can have some sweaters or coat with you and some food item according to the guidelines of the venue.

✌️ Can we take photos or videos during the event?

For their safety purposes, they highly restrict cameras into the event. Eventually, they also prohibit camera phones from the event. There is no cloakroom provided for the UPW. You have to leave your other accessories in your hotel room before coming to the event. Anything else than the mentioned things will not be allowed inside the venue.

Conclusion: Tony Robbins Workshop Review 2024 

If you want to attend this event, get general admission and come with a completely open mind. Perform all tasks at full speed without stopping. No doubt you will draw a lot. Depending on your emotional maturity, life can change.

If you have any questions about Tony, Date With Destiny, or Unleash the Power Inside, write them down in the comments and I’ll try to make sure you get them.

If you attended one of your events, share your experience. I would like to know.

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