Tony Robbins Life Coach Training Review 2024: Should You JOIN IT?

Tony Robbins Life Coach Training Review


Tony Robbins uses a variety of DVDs, audio CDs, live events, and individual training programs. It focuses on five main areas of personal development: personal achievement, building exceptional relationships, improving health and fitness.

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  • Rigorous self-assessment
  • DVD and CDs provided
  • Workshops & seminars are held
  • One on one personal interaction possible
  • Worth the money
  • Business mastery course offered


  • Events are very costly


Price: $

In this post, we’ve done a detailed Tony Robbins Life Coach Training Review. According to a survey by Harris Interactive, only one in three Americans is “very happy” with their lives, which includes factors such as positive relationships, financial prospects, job performance, fun, and more.

It’s no surprise that caring gurus like Tony Robbins, who has helped more than Fifty million people lead an extraordinary life for Thirty years, is more popular than ever.



But can life coaching services really help you to realize your dreams? Mr. Robbins claims that he built his brand with real results. Is that what he can expect? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Tony Robbins uses a variety of DVDs, audio CDs, live events, and individual training programs. It focuses on five main areas of personal development: personal achievement, building exceptional relationships, improving health and fitness.

Managing time and life constraints and solving career and money problems. Therefore, these programs help you to answer three main questions about your personal development:

What do you really want? Realize your dreams and find fulfillment.

What’s stopping you? Get a clearer understanding of your goals, learn best practices to achieve them, and correct conflicts between emotions, desires, and beliefs.

How do you change your life now? Take advantage of the unique and comprehensive benefits of Robbins programs for an integrated approach.

Tony Robbins Life Coach Training Review 2024: Legit Or Scam?

What is life coaching?

Life counselors often define their livelihood by describing what life counselors are not.

Life coaching is not psychotherapy because most life counselors are not trained as psychologists.

Although life counselors can sometimes work with people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other more serious problems, they focus on the present instead of dealing with the past.



“The difference between life coaching and therapy is that psychotherapy helps people heal their wounds, and that coaching helps them achieve the highest level of satisfaction, happiness, or success.” Whether they are injured or not, said psychotherapist and life counsel Phil.

Towle reported The Spokesman-Review in 2007. Life Coaches can help the most successful people achieve a better work-life balance, improve relationships, or lose weight In short, they help clients figure out what they want and how they can reach it through weekly sessions organized by phone or e-mail.

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When did life coaching become popular?

Dr. Winthrop Adkins, a former professor of psychology and education at Columbia University Teachers College, introduced “Life Skills Training” in New York in the 1960s as part of the war on poverty and more. Later, he founded the Institute of Life

Adaptation Skills, Coaching of executives became more common in the 1980s, while personal coaching as we know it today gained momentum in the early 1990s, founded Coach U, an online training program for life and business coaches. Three years later,

Leonard helped found the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a nonprofit coaching organization offering training certificates.

The Internet has contributed to the growth of the sector and made personal coaching more accessible to trainers and customers.

The September 11 terrorist attacks, which caused some people to reassess what was important to them, increased the demand for life counselors.

Leonard, who died of a heart attack in 2003, told the New York Times in 2001, “It will be just as common to have a coach as a personal trainer.”

In fact, some employers have started offering training. to employees as part of their services.


Tony Robbins currently offers dozens of products and programs, but here are some of the latest (and most popular):

The New Money Masters Series: A monthly series of DVDs, CDs, and brochures that help you achieve financial freedom, step by step.

The Ultimate Edge: claims to be the world’s leading personal training program covering almost every aspect of your life, including health, relationships, emotions, finances, careers, and more.

Each of the three sections of the program will be tested on audio CDs, which can be completed in 17 days. More recently, Tony Robbins has released a Personal Training version of the Ultimate Edge Interactive program.

The Road to Permanent Weight Loss: A combination of DVDs, CDs, and other motivational materials to help you make a breakthrough in the fight against weight loss.

In addition to his products, Tony Robbins travels the world for a variety of live events aimed at releasing his inner strength, improving all the important aspects of his life, increasing his company’s growth and productivity, and much more. still.

Here are some highlights of the Course:

  1. Measures to maximize your energy and restore the natural state of health and vitality of your body.
  2. Approaches to developing deep and lasting relationships for deep realization.
  3. Techniques to train your mind and body so that your strongest emotions (your certainty, your faith, your passion, and your determination) are as automatic as your breathing.
  4. Methods to use opportunities to achieve financial freedom.
  5. Techniques to discover an inspiring sense of life that gives more meaning to everything you do.

In no way do I say that training CDs are a miracle pill, but I can assure you that you will receive lots of useful information that you can use immediately to improve your life.

What can you expect?

What can you expect from Tony Robbins Results Coaching? You will build a unique relationship with your chosen coach, but all results judges use the same strategies to help people achieve their goals.


They are simply modified to maximize their potential. The best personal trainer has a well-developed idea of ​​the challenges you face.

So you can design a workout for you that will “outperform” your goals in the right way. Your result trainer needs to be sure that you are prepared for all challenges. Your personal coaching system must, therefore, prepare you for your needs.

Just as the best sports coaches have the experience and intuition to understand the physical and mental limitations of their athletes,

Tony Robbins life coaches have the skills and the talent to have an accurate career and personal insight.

They use this sensitivity to train you to be emotionally, mentally, tactically, and technically prepared for any challenge on your list.

Beat the competition

With Tony Robbins’ life coaching services, you’ll develop your skills and learn faster than your competitors,

even if your competition is imminent! His personal trainer is already a recognized lifelong learning expert and undergoes an honest and rigorous self-assessment and professional appraisal.

This will keep your successful coach at the top of your game and keep you up to date.

Access to Tony Robbins ‘proven and exclusive strategies sets Tony Robbins’ best personal trainer apart from other coaches.

Another important differentiator is the philosophy of complete immersion, for example, the combination of coaching with live events and live event triggers.


These techniques ensure that every experience with Tony Robbin’s results coaching is personalized and tailored to your specific needs.

Tony Robbins Coaching will help you create a culture of excellence that will become the new foundation for every aspect of your life. If this commitment to your best personal value, which is not an established norm, but is constantly improving, is the foundation of everything you do, you will find that you are more successful than you thought.

Your personal trainer will help you to optimize your life step by step. He or she is a trained and trained listener, and you will find out what you do not say as much as you say. This process of life coaching will grow and evolve, giving you more and more processes over time.

When you’re ready to go up a gear, it’s time to push on the results of Tony Robbins. You will be surprised by everything that is possible for you, with the right advice and support. Do not wait another day to take this decisive step towards unbridled success and unlimited potential!

The Philosophy of Robbins

He has a lot of work online, be it books, seminars, or videos on YouTube. All of Robbin’s trainers receive training based on their program.

So you have everything from the unleashing of power within seminars to the date with destiny seminars. Robbin’s trainers attend all these programs and are very well trained.

I have to admit that I have had a fantastic experience with my coach. I am also a coach, but I think that I also need responsibility in my life, because I always strive to achieve the goals that I want.

How does it work?

According to its website, the Robbins Training Center has trained 4,000 certified life counselors in the strategic intervention method.

The SI method uses various lessons from many different disciplines, including areas of psychology, various therapeutic methods, negotiation theories, etc., to produce a consistent method of strategic action practice.


They promise all of their students that they will immediately begin to see improvements in their own lives and that this training will “change their ability to influence, guide, and bring about positive change in the people around them.

” Take the skills acquired through this program and use them as professional coaching to change individuals, couples, companies, and organizations.

Currently, they offer four different training programs, Basic Training 100, Basic Training 200, Board Certified Coach, and Total Breakthrough Training.

More About Tony Robbins Life Coach Training

I have searched for the best experts over the years. I have not yet seen anyone compare to Tony.

I think the main reason for his success is his modeling approach, which is to use proven techniques.

In other words, Tony’s work is based on his research on people who are already successful in their relationships, careers, finances, emotional health, mental health, and the tragedies that sometimes occur in life.

Proof of the success of Tony’s approach is his support: Deepak Chopra, President Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, the Pentagon, the Aerosmith Group, just to name a few. It is also the best option for companies in training for the personal development of employees.

Some time ago I bought some of your training CDs. Despite all the training I have done over the years, I still believe that it is important to take steps to improve my life.

However, I was surprised at how affordable audio CDs were and at the same time provided so much information.



I’m impressed with the training CDs, which provide hands-on and step-by-step approaches to tackling life’s challenges. These are not the same discussions or clichés of positive thinking that we see in so many other approaches.

I looked at the CDs, listened to them, took notes, and then looked at them again to record more.

Despite all my years of experience and training, I discover new techniques and perspectives that I’ve never seen before. The course is easy to complete and the application of the techniques does not require a degree in psychology.

Tony Robbins’ green drink recipe is easy to make and it includes plenty of bioavailable phytonutrients, just like you can get from a fresh smoothie. Read more about it here.

Tony Robbins Training Features

  • First contact

“Free Coaching Strategy Session” to “define your vision, set ambitious goals, create an action plan … and achieve exceptional results” with the “coaching consultants” charged with selling them in Tony Robbins Coaching.

  • Coaching qualifications

Robbins does not publish any standards or qualifications for the trainer selection.

  • Coach Connection Tony Robbins Coaching

Customers must sign a contract that binds customers for at least 6 months before opting for Tony Robbins Coaching and protects Robbins against any statements made prior to signing the contract to “indemnify Seller of any claims or promises” and “indemnify Robbins from advertising or prior representations.”

Coaching fees and guarantees

Tony Robbins coaching

The training programs of tony robbins coaching vary widely, ranging from approximately $ 4,500 to over $ 15,000 for a period of 6 to 18 months. There is no guarantee or assurance of 2

Status and Reputation

As a company that has trained thousands of trainers, the vast majority of reviews currently available appear to come from partner or partner sites, not coaches who have successfully completed this program.

However, the only disquieting assessment was that of a previous client who claimed to have requested a refund and refused to refund within the first 30 days of registration.

Customers wishing to sign up for this program can first contact the customer service team for more information on the application process and approval of the refund. Your bases are covered if you wish. withdraw.



Just as I used the questions to participate in dream training without paying in cash, you can use it to achieve the desired outcome in your life.

Here are the 5 steps to get the results you want …

  1. Identify the desired result.

Example: The result I wanted was participation in the coach education program.

  1. Create a question with the desired answer.

Example: The question I created was, “How can I participate in this training program?”

  1. Practice the question until you find an answer.

Example: I repeated the question every night before going to bed so that my brain would find an answer while sleeping. I did it for more than a week until one morning I noticed an answer.

  1. Respond with every reaction you observe.

Example: When they gave me the answer to work for Brooke, my brain was a bit scared, but I ignored it and tried anyway.

  1. Do not give up (take massive measures until you get the desired result).

Example: When Brooke said no to my first versions, I was sad, but I kept thinking. I did not let his response falter in my engagement. I went back to ask more questions.

Rinse and repeat

You can use the questions to get the desired result in your life. It works like magic. The more you get involved, the better.

It’s like the cliché that is ubiquitous on Instagram: “make decisions, commit, be successful”. It is true and it really works.

In addition, you will be surprised and you will have incredible stories to tell like this.

What is the basis for Tony Robbins? Do These programs really work?


A quick online search for Tony (or Anthony) Robbins will provide a variety of opinions, most of which appear positive.

In other words, it seems that thousands (or millions, according to Tony) of people have used their products and seminars to experience positive changes in their lives. During our investigation, however, we found constant complaints that you should think about:

First, as in other programs like FortuneBuilders and Scott Yancey, we’ve read countless reviews claiming that most of the information in Tony Robbins products contains lots of quality fluff to make you feel good.

Anecdotal evidence of success and lack of constructive and usable information. In short, you can hear many of Robbins’ success stories, though it will not help you reach your goals.

In fact, many of these criticisms have been used in their live seminars, which often include high tech and a very dynamic atmosphere to provoke their emotions and to be ready to buy additional Robbins products.

And according to the most negative reviews we have found, you will find many high-pressure sales everywhere.

Whether you choose to buy a product or a seminar, we’ve read countless reviews claiming that Robbins material is repeatedly recycled and presented in a variety of ways. Therefore, you may not expect to get the most from the additional products or seminars you attend.

So, what is the end result? Ultimately, Tony Robbins’ products and seminars make the process of personal transformation simple and straightforward, though the reality is that significant life changes are rarely made. If you do not get the results you want right away, you may feel you have failed and are more willing to buy extra products in a seemingly endless cycle.

Therefore, Tony Robbins products and seminars can give you exactly the “entry-level” you need to be personally successful, regardless of your definition.

And with its high prices, you might want to think twice before handing over your hard-earned money.

Five Tips for Becoming the Best Life Coach from Tony Robbins

  1. Relax. If you’re in a hurry and worried, take a deep breath and let it go. Clear thinking requires a clear mind, which is simply not possible when you are stressed. The first thing you have to do is stop and relax. That should feel better.
  2. Regroup. If you do not know where you want to go, you may not be able to go there. The fact is that you are here to lead the happiest and most exciting life you can imagine.
  3. It is holistic, integrates body, emotions, mind, and soul. And the best way to recognize the happiest and most exciting is to follow your heart, the seat of your soul.
  4. What do you really want to create? Write down a list of the elements of the happiest life you can think of and reduce them to about 3 to 5 goals. You can do it for one-day activities or for your entire life, for your best possible future.
  5. Reduce. After the regroup, ask what activities you can do to achieve the goal. If your life is too busy, you have to give something.

Do things because others expect you to do it? Are you doing things for others that you could do for yourself?

Finding areas where you can reduce is essential for effective training. Reduce your activities to the essentials to realize your dream to live with joy now.

  1. Refresh. Focus your thoughts and feelings on what you want, not what you do not want.

Here come right thinking and well-being into play. Most people quickly think about avoiding what they do not want instead of creating what they want.

It is soothing and exciting to know that it is best for you to focus on the wonderful things that are happening in your direction and going on. Live happily now to bring more joy into your life.

  1. Create a new one. Now, with your thoughts and feelings in harmony with your brightest future, you can purposely rebuild your life from within.

Understand every day that the best you can do to relax and enjoy life can be a great blessing. The soul is nourished. From a holistic perspective, focusing on well-being helps to improve the quality of every aspect of your life and health.

It is also the best you can do for your fellow human beings.

Cost/price Plans 

Customers who have never collaborated with Robbins Madanes Training Center can only register directly for their Core 100 training program.

To sign up for another program offered by this company, you must contact your customer service team. to speak with them in person. a member of the team.

We were also told that Tony Robbins’ training fees are being sold in packages of at least 6 months to 18 months.

The training fees for Robbins range from about $ 4,500.00 to over $ 6,000.00 for 6 months or 18 sessions or from $ 8,500.00 to over $ 15,000.00 for 12 months or 36 months. Sessions.

Refund Policy

This site acknowledges that all products and training are covered by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

This warranty states that all customers have 30 full days to test and evaluate their program.

If you can not find the most scalable training you’ve ever received, you can contact your support team. Request a refund without any problems.

The website points out that they ask their customers to take the first 30 days of their program very seriously, as there will be no refund for 30 days for any reason.

Registration form


Tony Robbins- the Coaching

Robbins assigns you a trainer. A contract with Tony Robbins Coaching (RRI) says it all: “By purchasing this program, you do not buy the services of a single coach.”

The RRI contract further states: “You are not eligible for a refund if the coaches assigned to take-off are unavailable.” The assigned trainer may not be available for one or all sessions.

Tony Robbins coaching states that he has between 20 and 70 coaches. The qualifications or standards of Tony Robbin’s trainers are seldom published or understood even after listening to Tony Robbin’s trainers.

It can also be difficult to turn coaches into robbins. You are often asked why you are allowed to change coaching.

And Tony Robbins coaches are qualified to keep their assigned customers. And how much they can sell other Robbins products and services. As reported by former coaches Tony Robbins.

What Customers Are Saying?


Quick Links:

FAQs | Tony Robbins Life Coach Training Review

👋Is Tony Robbins a certified life coach?

He is quite famous and results speak volume, Robbin's client trust him and his reputation in the market does make him a certified life coach

👏 Is the Life Coach School a pyramid scheme?

Yes, indeed, Life Coach School a pyramid scheme

🙌 What qualities make a good life coach?

the qualities like being friendly, personable, and helps make one approachable, life coaches should be patient and empathic will be an addon to the qualities.

👉 How much does a certified life coach make?

About becoming a coach, the average income of a life coach in the U.S. today is between $30,000 – $40,000. Only 10% to 20% or so make six-figure incomes, and many more life coaches don't make anywhere near $30,000.

🤷‍♂️ Can anyone become a life coach?

Life coaching is a fast-growing field. There is no licensing requirement. Anyone who wants to be a life coach can pursue the profession. Certification lets others know you have specific training and are serious about the career

🙎‍♀️ Is there a demand for life coaches?

The demand for life coaches has grown in recent years. Society places a huge value on self-improvement, and because of this, the demand for life coaches is likely to grow.

Conclusion | Tony Robbins Life Coach Training Review 2024

In general, Tony Robbins Life Training has many benefits for future coaches. Small classes and peer groups provide hands-on experience and access to teachers.

The Tony Robbins coaching and the models used have been in operation For many years. Numerous certification options are available, including professional coaching, professional development coaching, relationship coaching, and wellness coaching.

The program provides a targeted model, but many ways to achieve each student’s training goals.

Finally, the emphasis on social sciences in the program allows students without coaching experience to acquire coaching training skills that can be used in many different sectors.

Their website offers many tools and resources to help you choose the right path for you.

Have you ever used Tony Robbins Life Training, if yes then share your thoughts in the comment section below?

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