Reviewing Unleash The Power Within Seminar By Tony Robbins

I heard a lot about Tony Robbins and his event “Unleash the Power Within”. And since I was already following Tony Robbins and knew his influence, I went on to attend the event.  

In this review, I will be sharing my thoughts on the event while explaining my personal experience of the event. Later on in this review, I will tell you the pros and cons of the event as well as my opinion on what type of people should go and attend the event.

Bottom Line Upfront: Unleash the Power Within is now a live event with Tony Robbins which is designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. I have attended this event personally and it helped me a lot. Now it’s your turn to attend this event of Tony Robbins.

So let us start with the review. However, I will begin by introducing Tony Robbins to you in case you are a stranger to his influence.

Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins: Overview

Tony Robbins is a well-known life coach, personality changer, philanthropist, and businessman. He has hosted various different conferences all around the world. He has helped thousands of people transform for their greater good. He holds multiple events under his name and has a long list of attendees to it.

Tony Robbins - Overview- Unleash the power within

In addition to this, he is a very famous businessman with over 30 companies having him in an executive position. 

So now that we know about Tony Robbins let us know more details about how the seminar is laid out. 

The Event Schedule & What Will You Gain

The Unleash the Power Within event was a very vast experience with so many things to learn, experience, and understand. The whole Unleash the Power Within event is spread into four days. Each day brings in a new adventure and something new to learn with it. I will be telling you what I learned every day and how my experience went out.

Date With Destiny - Tony Robins- Unleash the power within 

Since I liked Day 1 the most, I will be explaining Day 1 a bit longer than others. So let us start without any further adieu.

Day 1 starts a bit later than all the remaining day

Day 1: Turning Your Fear Into Your Power

ys since it starts with the registration process and all the arrangement process. A good time is consumed in doing all that pre-event chores.

Overcome Your Fear - Tony Robins

One of the things that makes this day is the fact that this is one of the two days when you will see Tony on the stage. There will be other trainers for you on the remaining days; however, no one can excite you up and inspire you as Tony does.

And I do not think that any of the other trainers can make the attendees ready for the Firewalk. Yes, you heard it right, Firewalk! I will talk about the Firewalk later, but first, I’ll show you the other things which happened on Day 1.

I would really like to talk about the aura Tony emits with his presence. Each and every person from the audience felt the same as I thought. Having Tony in front of you rather than a video is truly amazing. 

Day 1 starts with a short introduction of what you will be learning throughout the course and what will happen in the next four days. Day 1 is really a long, long day. The actual event started around noon, and we didn’t finish till midnight. 

After the event timeline introduction, we went on to learning about Gratitude. The knowledge was so excellent and moving that I saw people being happy, hugging each other with no fights or anger or sadness whatsoever. 

Later Tony tells us how we can change our fears into our power. It was all going subtle and relaxed until Tony said to us that we have to perform a Firewalk next. Everyone was fearing it and avoiding it until Tony started to motivate us.

The next moment we knew that we all were lining up for our chance at the Firewalk. The Firewalk happened late at night at around 9 PM. I was worried about going for it and had a lot of fear inside of me. However, people chanting and cheering me up made it possible for me to do it.

The thing Tony wanted to convey here was that you could do everything. It is just your mind which fills you up with fear. However, you are just a decision away from overcoming your fear.

Day 2: Turn Your Dreams Into Your Reality

Day 2 doesn’t see Tony Robbins on the stage. Instead, we get the chance to meet Joseph McClendon III. I would admit that during the starting few hours, I was still thinking about why Tony isn’t here and wasn’t paying my full attention to Joseph.

However, I deleted that fact from my mind and started giving Joseph my undivided attention. For those of you who don’t know who Joseph is and what brings him in here on the stage of Unleash the Power Within. Joseph is a well-known motivational speaker and personality changer. Joseph was equally great at the event. I felt really moved by what he taught us, and if not better, he was not shadowed by Tony.


Joseph tells us that how can we turn our dreams and our ambitions into reality. It seemed so difficult for me, but after listening and getting guided by Joseph, I finally found the way that I can turn my dreams into reality and live them. 

Tony might have a better and more effective aura around him when compared to Joseph. Still, he will surely inspire you and will effectively convey what he wants to convey. 

Day 3 – Enter Into Your New Life

On the third day of the 4-day event and Tony once again blessed us with his appearance on the stage. In this part of the event, Tony will break us out from our beliefs which eventually limit us and hold us down.

These are the beliefs that ultimately make us fail in what we want to achieve. It happens very often that you think you are not capable of doing this thing and leave it without even trying. These types of beliefs are limiting beliefs.

Tony will demonstrate a technique that will help you out in getting rid of these limiting beliefs and help us achieve what we wanted. You will achieve your true potential after attending this event.

Tony made us all look into our lives. He made us analyze our values and ambitions. We had to understand the different aspects of our lives, and we identify which part of your life will affect you. 

Tapping into your new life is easy when you understand the factors affecting you and how you can eliminate them are. Thanks to Tony, this task is no longer impossible.

Day 4 – Pure Energy

After all the things we learned from our event, we come to an end with Day 4. Day 4 is more of a takeaway and departure note. It feels like the last day of college or your school where you spend such a fantastic time, and you have to finally say goodbye to all the fun, the knowledge, and the experience you had.

On the last day, we were taught about how we can make our lives better just by changing our daily habits such as eating better food, having a better environment, and all. We also learned the concept of pure energy, which comes by performing meditation and/or focus exercises.

Finally, in the end, I said goodbye to all the great people I met and to Tony too.

Some Points To Remember

There are some must-remember tips you should follow if you are going to attend an Unleash the Power Within in the near future.

  • Try to reach the venue on time, you have paid a lot for the event, so arriving there late is not very justified.
  • Try to forget any prejudice and attend the event with an open mind in order to enjoy the benefits of the event thoroughly. Do not hesitate to try out anything.
  • Take care that you perform all your tasks before the event starts. You really wouldn’t want to miss out on anything.
  • Pack in your snacks. The event goes on for long hours, so it is recommended that you take enough snacks for you to glide through the event.
  • Take care that Tony only does the first and the third day of the course. So be there for him otherwise you will miss the thing you paid for.
  • They do give breaks from time to time, take care of using the washroom and drinking water, eating snacks during that time.

Now that we know all about the details of the course, let us talk about the Pros and Cons of this seminar. 


  1. In my viewpoint, Tony is an incredible and astounding speaker. What makes him best is that he is pretty interactive with the audience he is speaking to and is dynamic as well as funny.
  2. In this seminar, you will come across a spectacular Question And Answer experience. He is excellent at reading the members of the audience quickly and gives insights which in my point of view can prove out to be pretty helpful for other members of the audience.
  3. If you ensure to go all out in this event and do every task in my opinion, it will surely live with you for months and probably the rest of your life as well. It can prove out to be an event that can be a life-changer.
  4. If you have read even one book written by Tony or heard an audio program, you will find it wondrous to see Tony live in person. 
  5. Even though I have listened to numerous programs held by him in all these years, I still came across some insights which I never heard or came across anywhere else before. You will, of course, come across some material that you have found in other audio programs as well. 
  6. Tony Robbins is gifted with an incredible gift of capacity. From the very first day, he was on stage for 13 hours non-stop without even taking a single break which sounds impossible for a 60-year-old man to do. 


  1. The program guide describes that Tony will not be present directly on two of the entire event of four days. I didn’t have a clue that we could see him in a video presentation. The reason he stated behind this is that his voice cannot take speaking straight for four days for such long hours. You will be able to sense this on the second day of his presentation but all in all, it isn’t very pleasant. 
  2. If most of the reviews are to be believed, they suggest that the choice of the place where this seminar is conducted is often not up to the mark. From uncomfortable seats to lack of hygiene and sanitization cleanliness, there are a lot of complaints usually about the choice of place. 
  3. It would have been great if the course has more breaks. Tony Robbins is known to be someone who goes all out with intensity in his events and seminars and also expects the audience to give in the same level of energy and enthusiasm. What makes it disappointing is that it means you will miss out on some portion of what is being discussed the time you go for a break to eat or use the restroom. 
  4. McClendon Joseph is the speaker who takes over on the two days when Tony is not presenting. Though Joseph is an incredible speaker too in his own arena, you cannot expect the same vibe coming in from what you get from Robbins. 
  5. Most of the reviews suggest that the seating arrangements for this seminar are really bad. According to them if you are looking for a great seating arrangement, then you should be paying for the Diamond tier or higher. 
  6. While most of the people wouldn’t have any issues with this but still can affect a few is that Tony brings into use a lot of coarse and obscene slangs which can detract the audience from the presentation and also slacked the effectiveness of what he says. 
  7. You might find the habit of Tony to upsell or hard sell his services and products in his seminar can be annoying for some. Any businessman might find it virtuoso and something which should be done, but from my point of view, it can be dampened a bit.  
  8. At the end of all what is erroneous is the format being followed in the seminar at not the seminar itself. The material provided is cavernous and intriguing. Even his audio programs are interesting enough, in my opinion, to be replayed all over again. It would not be a bad trade-off to purchase a DVD version of the seminar because there is quite a possibility of missing out on some vital details. You get the seminar book, and it does not have some parts of what Tony discussed in the presentation. 

You Should Attend Unleash The Power Within If You Belong To Any Of The Following 2 Categories.

  1. If you are someone who feels stuck or trapped in the cycle of boring and monotonous existence and even if you were successful in the past this seminar would help you get back the spark of the push you need and motivation which will help you move far ahead in life. The seminar of Unleash The Power Within will steer you in the direction which will work right for you if you are someone living and stuck with the same patterns of behaviors that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging or if you are in a marriage that is not working or a job you don’t really like. 
  2. Suppose you are someone who wants more in their life even when you are already someone who is successful with a 6-figure salary, healthy body, fantastic marriage, and a life that can be called above average.
  3. But despite all of the success if you go down to bed every night thinking you are not living up to the epitome of your potential and you are aware of the fact that there is a lot more to life, but you are not able to figure out what it is and how you can get it then Unleash The Power Within seminar will be helpful for you. Every person that surrounds you might find you like the utmost fulfilled and successful person but if your internal self makes you think that you can reach an altogether different level of an impact then Unleash The Power within can surely be of great help for you to discover the greater purpose of your life and also empower you with the relevant strategies that you require in order to bring about an improvement in how you perform in each aspect of your life so you can end up feeling like you are successfully living up to the potential which actually resides within you. 

You Should Not Attend Unleash The Power Within If:

Even though I loved this event, Unleash The Power Within will not work for everyone. 

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FAQs | Unleash The Power Within By Tony Robbins

👉 What is the charge of attending Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins?

The prices of this 4-day event range from around $1,495 to as high as $5095. The top tier ticket provides you with a private one-to-one session with Tony which is not available in any of the other ticket tiers.

🤟 What is the venue for the next Unleash the Power Within event?

The next Unleash the Power Within will be held via the online medium on October 22 of 2020 and will last four days.

🤙 Should I attend Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins?

Suppose you are determined to have a positive transformation in yourself and want to achieve success and happiness in the future. In that case, you should surely take the event. This event is truly transformational.

Final Thoughts: Reviewing Unleash The Power Within Seminar By Tony Robbins

All in all, I totally feel that it was an excellent event and really gained a lot from the event. I did feel that a few parts that they told us they would cover were missing, but in the end, I feel the event was successful for me.

The experience I gained and the chance to experience Tony Robbins in person was totally worth it.

For me, the event was one of the experiences of my life which I will remember.

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7 thoughts on “Reviewing Unleash The Power Within Seminar By Tony Robbins”

  1. Unleash the Power Within helps remove personal road blocks with people who have set high standards like myself.I found it interesting in this seminar. He adds a heavier touch of humor and has a wonderful personality. He was homeless, and is now an extremely successful coach.

  2. So when I say that I’ve never experienced anything like UPW before, you can trust that it actually means something.

    When I showed up for the first day of the event, I was shocked by the swarms of people fighting to get into the venue
    Whatever you’re struggling with, whether it’s your career, finances, relationships, health, or emotional well being, at Unleash the Power Within, Tony offers practical insights that will help you make the leap from where you to where you want to be.

  3. The Unleash the Power Within occasion was an exceptionally immense involvement in such countless things to learn, insight, and comprehend. The entire Unleash the Power Within occasion is spread into four days. Every day gets another experience and something new to learn with it.

  4. Altogether, I totally feel that it was a superb event and really acquired a lot from the event. I did feel that a few parts that they told us they would cover were missing, but in the end, I feel the event was very pleasing for me.

    The experience I gained and the chance to experience Tony Robbins in person was worth witnessing in person!!

  5. Unleash the Power Within is currently a live occasion with Tony Robbins which is intended to assist you with opening and release the powers inside that can help you get through any restrict and make the personal satisfaction you want. I have gone to this occasion actually and it’s anything but a great deal. Presently it’s your chance to go to this occasion of Tony Robbins.

  6. The upsell for his other seminars, products and services is slightly annoying. Also Tony uses obscure language which may decrease the effectiveness.

  7. I really liked the last day of Unleash The Power Within!!
    It instructed about how we can improve our lives just by changing our day by day propensities like eating better food, having a better environment what not. We likewise educated the idea of pure energy, which comes by performing meditation and/or focus exercises.


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