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A few days back, I read about a book somewhere. The advertisement stated that if you want to earn money and gain financial freedom, then choose this book. I became really excited and bought that book immediately.

The book was “Money Master the Game” by Tony Robbins. Having heard of Tony Robbins a lot and even attending one of his seminars sparked some hope in me that the book would be good and I said to myself that why not. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Money Master the gamebook is a masterpiece of Tony Robbins. This book contains 7 steps to financial freedom. In this, the author tells us how to become financially independent. I have read this book and I have gained a lot of insights and now you can also become financially independent by reading Money Master The Game Book by Tony Robbins.

I spent around a month reading out this book and even trying some of the things given in the book. And now I am writing this review to share my experiences and my opinions on this book along with the things I recommend of this book and some of the stuff which I don’t.

For those of you who don’t know about Tony Robbins, the review will begin with an introduction of Tony Robbins followed by the book review.

About the Author: Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, Top New York Times best-selling author, and No. 1 business and life strategist.

Over 50 million people from more than 100 countries have to date enjoyed his warmth and transformational power in personal development and business strategies for 4 plus decades. 

Money Master the Game Book By Tony Robbins Overview

Tony has a career full of multi-faceted success. From being the number 1 business and life strategist of the nation to being the author of a total of 6 best-selling books internationally which also includes the New York Times best-seller books like Unshakeable and Master The Game.

He also created the number 1 professional as well as personal development program of all time and 4 million+ people have attended his live seminars. 

Tony Robbins Money Master the Game Book: Overview

I read somewhere about this book, and then I went on to buy it. After completely reading the book “Money: Master the Game”, I have various opinions as well as I have some feelings which I would share with you that came to me after reading this book.

And so, I wanted to express my feelings for this book in front of you all with the help of this review. Be sure to read this review completely if you are thinking of reading this book.

Be aware that I am always a bit skeptical of Tony Robbins. I attended one of his events, and I hated how much he flaunted and how much he tried to sell his products. I get it that he is very inspiring and motivating, having helped millions. However, I still feel very skeptical about him.

The Unlimited Power - Money Master the Game Book By Tony Robbins 

Furthermore, you can never find out about his education in the field of life coaching. I feel like in this field, and you need to have some qualifications from a well-reputed source.

You need to be very well qualified when it comes to critical cases like talking people out of trauma, suicide, depression, etc.

No matter how much of a great, talented, charismatic speaker he is, he lacks a proper qualification for what he does. I cannot trust him as a therapist, no matter how much I have heard about him and read his books myself.

From the beginning, I was very much interested in reading about psychology and mental psychology. However, I recently started to read more and more about personality development.

Generally, it is considered as something scientific; however, it is not. It is something inspiring rather than being a scientific fact.

It is referred to as the study of happiness, human behavior, and satisfaction depending upon the studies of emotions, feelings, and relationships. This book tells me how Tony Robbins is a person teaching about personal development. 

The next thing I felt a bit skeptical about was the fact that a person who earns money by public speaking and hosting seminars is giving tips on the money. A person making a lot of money may not necessarily be good at providing investment advice.

However, reading the book tells me that I was wrong. It feels like Tony has interviewed various different investors and analysts and collected all of their advice into this book.

Tony has portrayed here that if you are not as good as others in a particular field, you can simply collect their advice and put them together.

This way, you can never go wrong with your advice. This is exactly what Tony seems to be doing in his book “Money Master the Game”. Still, checking up the advice provided in the book before using it is always a good option.

This book consists of more than 600 pages of knowledge comprising Tony’s financial advice and a guide on how to invest money. This book is focused on developing yourself in order to earn more money.

The book tries to assist the readers by simply adding the required steps and tools that are useful in becoming financially independent and free. According to Tony, the book took a few years to complete as the book is a result of extensive research.

Tony interviewed numerous financially successful persons and took their advice to put in this book. Simply written, this book debunks all the myths made around money and helps you steer clear for success.

According to the book, making money is easy, and almost everyone can do it. However, saving up money is a real challenge. Various celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Elton John were very successful but ended up bankrupt in the end. This book completely helps you in saving money. Tony tells you how you can save your money.

Tony clearly tells you that the first step towards attaining financial stability is to set up a percentage of what you want to save and what you want to spend. Sticking up to this percentage makes you climb the step of the ladder of financial stability.

If you are a new investor and scared of investing your money in the wrong place, the book helps you out there too. Tony shows how most of the investors, such as Warren Buffet and all use mutual funds to invest their money.

Mutual funds are the best option as it has a very less rate of loss, and eventually, you are getting something better than the stock market, which is more stable and reliable. In addition to that, for longer terms, Mutual Funds are great and are considered one of the best investment options.

Tony will also guide how you can use mutual funds to increase your profits and safely invest your money. The book will guide you on how you can invest many in mutual funds and how much should you invest.

However, this is definitely not the only option you have in order to save money. There are various other things which you can use to invest your money on. As written before, saving money is the biggest challenge.

Hence, every decision you make and every action you perform in order to save money must be well-calculated and well thought of before going for it. Time won’t come back for you if you make any mistakes.

Investing all of your money in a single place has a high-risk factor involved. What if your method fails? All your money is lost then. Hence, the book will also tell you where and how much you should invest.

Volatile markets are something that only seasoned investors should try, according to Tony, as they have a high rate of both risk and failure.

All in all, the book helps out people in deciding what and where they should invest in order to gain financial security as well as a money-making machine that will work automatically without your interference.

With all that, let me show you my opinions on the book with all the things that I liked as well as all the things I hated about the book. I guarantee you that the review following this will be a non-biased review. Furthermore, I will also tell you if you should read this book or not.

So let us continue then. Tony Robbins Money Master the Game Book.

What Is This Book Teaching?

Here I will tell you what each lesson will teach you.

Lesson No. 1: Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Compounding Interest.

Most people fail in understanding the importance of compounding interest. As exponential growth is so tremendous, it gets hard for the human mind to grasp it. But to give you a fair idea of how great and immense growth compound interest can offer here is an example. 

Invest Your Money Today

In the year 1790, when Benjamin Franklin died, he left $1000 for both Philadelphia and Boston cities. But the condition was to invest it and not touch it for another 100 years. After which they can withdraw a portion out of it and for another 100 years had to let it sit.

Philadelphia withdrew $500,000 in order to build Franklin Institute (a museum) after 100 years. After 100 years in the year 1990, the final balance was $2 million. 

Boston did a much more incredible job in investing and turned $1000 into a whopping $4.5 million which is insane. 

Now I hope you know why you should not underestimate the potential which compounding interest holds. 

Lesson No. 2: Show Yourself How You Can Attain Financial Freedom By Picking A Goal From Five Goals.

Suppose your investments can get you the amount equivalent to your average annual spending you will never have ever to work. Reaching your financial goals is pretty easy.

All you need to know is how far you wish to go and have specific goals in order to be realistic about how much you can achieve in how long. 

Financial Freedom

The following are the 3 of the goals that Tony suggests:

  1. To make money from your investments which is enough for paying costs of basic living like utilities, food, rent, transport, and potential mortgage. 
  2. To make money from your investments which is enough for paying costs of basic living plus travel, fun, going to movies, shopping for new clothes on a regular basis, etc. 
  3. To make money from your investments which is enough to become independent financially, so you don’t ever have to work again. 

Even if you are someone who thinks they cannot make a million dollars in your lifetime, you can still attain the point where there is no need to work ever again.  

Lesson No. 3: Put Into Use The 3-Bucket System By Tony In Order To Bring About A Diversification In Your Investments.

You can easily allocate your investment money which can be just 10 percent of your income but has the potential of taking you really far pretty quick without causing damage to your spending.

Diversify My Investments

Tony Suggests The Following 3 Buckets. 

  1. Security Bucket
  2. Growth Bucket
  3. Dream Bucket

Security bucket is all about safe investments like some bonds which might not get you high returns. Still, the chances of you losing that money are negligible. 

The growth bucket is about some investments which are comparatively risky like stocks that have often the potential to take over the average return in the long run but are very volatile in the short run. 

Dream bucket consists of a share of profit from the other 2 buckets, which for instance can be 10 percent of your portfolio value by the end of each year. 

Making a lot of money is of no use unless you use it to lead a life you really want. Without a dream bucker, the other two are of no good. 

Things I Really Liked About Money: Master The Game

Money Master The Game

Ease Of Reading

The book is really long with 616 pages excluding the index and acknowledgments. But still, it was great because the book was pretty easy to read. The book is divided into many chapters and further into subchapters which makes it easy to read at least 10 to 20 pages on your busy days.

The book also has quotes and many different sections which are piled up with information that breaks the chapter, thus making it easy for you to skip a few parts if you wish to.

The language is pretty easy, despite the fact that the book is about investments and money. The book, in my opinion, is written in such a way that an average reader can read it and understand it. In my viewpoint, he succeeded in doing it. 

The Motivation Feels Sincere

In his book, Tony Robbins mentions that his main motive behind writing the book is to help an average American to earn more money and thus gain freedom financially. He talked about 2008’s devastating economic crisis and how people lost all their fortunes.

The Motivation Feels Sincer- Money Master the Game Book By Tony Robbins 

His focus was on providing people with information that they can use in order to invest their money in such a way that they can retire when they need or want and can still lead a decent life without any financial worries.

It is pretty easy to just write a book with the motive of making money, but it is great to see someone writing a book that can help people lead better lives and make money. 

Interviewing Successful Investors

The best part about the book is that it has some incredible interviews from pretty victorious and triumphant investors like Carl Icahn, David Swensen, Ray Dalio, and many more.

The advice and information these investors have to offer to make this book a lot more reliable and valuable. As we all know if you wish to learn about how to invest, then learning it from the most seasoned and revered investors can prove out to be the best way to do that. 

Interviewing Succesful Investor - Money Master the Game Book By Tony Robbins 

Ray Dalio offers very useful and practical advice if you are someone who wants to start with investment. 

Money And Value

Though the book is all about money, Tony makes sure that you come across the fact that money is not the only thing that matters in life and is not the ultimate goal.

He also states that you should focus on the fact that you can make money when you bring about value in the life of other people.

Money and Value Tony Robins

In this book, he also talks about how to enjoy life and in order to bring about a positive impact also donate some money. 

Things I Do Not Like About Money Master The Game 

Talks More About Investment And Less About Money

Probably the biggest letdown of this book that I consider is the thing that it talks about investment way more than talking about how to earn money. As mentioned earlier, for Tony, it is easy to make money but hard to save it.

Hence, the book becomes completely useless for all of those who want to learn how to make money. I read it considering the advertising in which they said that the book would help you in learning how to make money and how you can learn financial independence. However, the book is all about investing your money.

I am fully agreeing with the fact that investing money is considered one of the best methods to save your money and earn a little too. However, to invest money, you need to have enough money. You cannot invest money if you are unable to pay out your expenses with the money in hand.

You can also lose money that you have invested, and in case that you hardly manage to take out some money for investing, it will bite you hard.

In the end, the book does feel like they falsely advertised it by saying that it will help you make money when, in reality, it tries to save our already earned money.

Book Was Written For Americans

Book Was Written For American

The book mostly talks about things that can be applicable to the American Society alone like the fiduciaries, Roth IRA, 401(k)s, and so on. He also mentions the options and services that are legal and possible only in the US. 

A Lot Of Information Is Unnecessary 

The book seems to be unnecessarily long with some parts having too much technical information. Tony Robbins kept telling us about what we will be reading next because of which there was a lot of space wastage.

I found that very uninteresting and also unimportant. There was also a lot of repetition which felt like beating around the bush. 

Questionable Information

The book has some good information and some great tips to look at. However, I am really skeptical of the information provided.

Tony always says that this thing is important, this thing is fake and such things. However, Tony never mentions where it is taken or discloses the credibility of the source.

And this book was written by Tony Robbins Money Master the Game Book is one of the best books to manage your money and understand the value it.

We all know Tony didn’t use these methods to achieve what he has achieved today. So, it is very important that he mentions the source so that you can determine if the information provided is worth it or not.

There Could Be Some Improvement In Outline

I always think that this book should’ve come with a different subtitle. It says “7 simple steps to financial freedom”. However, I can never explain those simple steps, nor I can show them. 

The book never portrayed the subtitle clearly. Instead, you would have to find it at various places in the book. 

Who Do I Recommend This Book For?

This book is for all those who want to learn to invest and want to save their money for the future. If you are one of those people who have money more than what you need for your basic needs and want to invest the rest of the money so that in the future you can use it in case of any emergency or any need, then you must surely read this book.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and wants to earn money, then do not take this book. This book does advertise itself that it will help you in earning money. However, it won’t.

Tony Robbins Customer Reviews

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FAQs | Tony Robbins Money Master the Game Book

👉 How much does Money Master the Game Book cost?

The book costs around $21, and you can find it on Amazon, eBay and all such e-commerce sites or your local bookstore.

👉 Should I read Money Master the Game Book?

If you want to learn how to invest money and all the tips and tricks related to it, then you should probably read this book.

👉 Is Money Master the Game Book worth the price they are asking for?

The book is definitely worth the $21 price tag it has. However, it is only worth if you are looking for investment tricks. If you want a book to help you earn, it is not worth the money.

Final Thoughts: Tony Robbins Money Master the Game Book

Overall, the book is very good and does stand on every ground it wants to convey. However, it doesn’t teach you what it is advertised for. 

Tony has put a great emphasis on telling you where and how to invest, and the book does that job perfectly, but however, you cannot see ways to make money in this book.

That is all for my review of Tony Robbins. If you want to invest your money, this book is a must-read.

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  1. Totally thankful that this book exists. Information as contained in this book has a worth much past the thing is being charged to us for the book…..Tony is a world-changer,and this book is a living demonstration of that.This book is something beyond about cash, however about the key to riches and appreciation.

  2. Cash The Master Gamebook is a show-stopper of Tony Robbins. This book contains 7 stages to independence from the rat race. In this, the creator discloses to us how to turn out to be monetarily autonomous. I have perused this book and I have acquired a ton of experiences and now you can likewise turn out to be monetarily free by perusing Money Master The Game Book by Tony Robbins.

  3. Tony Robbins’ Money Master the Game is a game-changing book that will help you to take control of your money, get rich, and stay wealthy. In this innovative, research-backed guide, Tony reveals his personal strategies for investing in stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

    You’ll learn how to master Wall Street’s most sophisticated techniques from one of the country’s leading financial experts. The book also contains interviews with some of today’s top hedge fund managers and economists who share their views on what it takes to thrive in turbulent economic times such as these.

  4. This book comprises in excess of 600 pages of information containing Tony’s monetary exhortation and an aide on the most proficient method to put away cash. This book is centered around creating yourself to bring in more cash.

    The book tries to help the readers by simply adding the required steps and tools that are useful in becoming financially independent and free. According to Tony, the book took a long time to complete as the book is a result of deep and profound research.

  5. Money The Master Gamebook is a gem of Tony Robbins. This book contains 7 phases to autonomy from a futile daily existence. In this, the maker uncovers to us how to end up being financially self-sufficient. I have examined this book and I have gained a huge load of pieces of information and as of now you can similarly end up being financially free by scrutinizing Money Master The Game Book by Tony Robbins

  6. It’s quite a lengthy book. After reading for sometime I started losing interest in the book. He has not clearly explained about the financial freedom not focusing on it but rather talking about different things.

  7. I’m a fan of Tony’s previous work and have attended an Unleash the Power Within Seminar. This book is in a style similar to his other books.
    For the most part, the advice MONEY Master the Game is solid, well tested and better than what most have — which is no financial plan. The book has a lot of filler and self-promotions, and some expert interviews are contradictory.


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