Best 24-Hour Challenge Ideas for YouTube in 2024

People are often excited and look for various 24-hour challenge ideas from Youtubers or Instagram influencers. And, YouTube is the largest video community in 2021 with 2.3 billion users worldwide.

24-hour challenge is to do something for 24 hours in a row.

Thinking about it, here are some ideas you can use when doing your next 24-hour challenge on YouTube or Instagram! Though there are a number of ideas that you can try for 24 hours and take up the 24-hour challenge, we have the Top 10 best ideas to try in 24 hours.

1. 24-Hour Overnight in an Abandoned House

24-hour challenge for abandoned house

This is one of the best and top 24-hour challenge ideas.

The toughest part is finding a good abandoned house to do overnight in. So, communicate with friends and ask around for abandoned houses that you can use for this idea!

All you need to do is stay there all night long and see what you experience. This doesn’t need to be a haunted house necessarily, but there must be something paranormal that keeps the place abandoned. This challenge will be an amazing one to try!

2. The 24-Hour Challenge in Target

This is a very creative and fun idea, which you can do for your 24-hour challenge on Youtube!

What you need to do is go on an empty stomach to the local Target.

Then, you need to buy everything that you can use your money and credit card.

Once you are done with shopping, try to return all the items within 24 hours! That’s the game. This will be fun and creative idea for your 24-hour challenge.

The trick is to return all the items before 24 hours. If you can’t do that, then you will incur extra costs.

3. The 24-Hour Challenge Underwater

This is one of the best 24-hour challenge ideas, which you can try for yourself! All you need to do is go underwater either with scuba gear or without it.

If you are wearing scuba gear, then keep your eyes open and stay underwater for 24 hours continuously.

If you are not wearing scuba gear, then use goggles and try to stay underwater for 24 hours continuously.

To get inspiration, watch Mr. Beast’s video of staying underwater. In fact, he is the only guy who has stayed underwater for so long. This is surely the right challenge to get more traffic.

4. 24-Hour Eating Only Blue Foods

This is one of the top 24-hour

challenge ideas, which you can try for your next YT challenge. You must eat only blue foods within 24 hours.

You should make a list of all the blue food items available in your house before starting this challenge!

If you succeed in finishing all the blue food without vomiting, then that is an amazing feat. You can try this fun challenge to make your next 24-hour challenge engaging.

5. 24 Hours in a Toilet Paper Fort

This idea is funny and one of the best 24-hour challenge ideas. MoreJStu started this challenge a long time ago. There were not as many YouTube channels that could stay hidden for the whole 24 hours.

This is same as the 24-hour target challenge. You need to create a fort with a paper towel and stay inside the shelves of your local grocery without getting caught.

6. 24-Hour Bathroom Challenge

This is a really a good challenge for your next 24-hour challenge! All you need to do is use airplane mode and don’t leave the bathroom for 24 hours.

You can watch TV shows or movies on your smartphone while you are in the bathroom, all in airplane mode of course!

Grab some pillows, a laptop, and some blankets. You are now ready to stay in your bathroom for the next 24 hours.

7. 24 Hour Living in a Car

This is one of the hardest 24-hour challenge ideas for YouTube according to the people who took up this challenge.

Do you think that you could stay in a car with other people for 24 hours and not leave? That’s what, the 24-hour car challenge is about.

If you can do this challenge successfully, then there is a high chance that your channel will grow very fast.

The challenge comes from stretching out inside the car and how to be comfortable with other people. While you can move around the city and shop for what you want but you can’t get out of the car.

8. 24-Hour Challenge in IKEA

This is a fun idea for your next 24 hour challenge. The 24-hour challenge in IKEA is a really unique idea, which you can try for your next YouTube vlog!

All you need to do is go to the local IKEA and find everything that you want within a 24-hour time frame.

Once done with shopping, try bringing all the products back within 24 hours. You can’t return anything that you have taken after this time period expires.

The focus of the challenge should be to find everything in a given time frame and not to go overboard with shopping!

9. 24 Hours in the Pool

This is another one of the best 24-hour challenge ideas. All you need to do is just get into the swimming pool and spend your whole day swimming, staying inside the pool.

Don’t worry about food or the bathroom, especially if you are wearing goggles! It will be better if you have a friend who can give you food and monitor your time while you are swimming in the pool.

The 24-hour challenge underwater will surely make for an interesting video, which is full of fun! Try it out to see what happens when you stay inside a pool for so long.

10. 24-Hour Silent Treatment Challenge

Try to spend the next 24 hours without talking, only using your eyes and blinking! It will be an amazing experience when done successfully.

You can’t use social media or communicate with anyone over the phone or chat during this time period. You must observe every minute of the day to see how it feels to be silent for a whole day.

The point of the challenge is to do your regular activities and not tell people you’re doing the challenge. Try this on your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your parents and see how they react.

11. Saying Yes for 24 Hours

This is another fun idea with the 24-hour challenge. You need to say yes to everything that people ask you in a day, without saying no and trying not to break any rules!

You must listen and agree to anything that people ask you for an entire day and then document your experience. This can be a hilarious YouTube video when done successfully.

12. 24 Hours Pretending Someone Is Invisible

This is a really an amazing 24 hour challenge that you can try with your friends. You need to spend the whole day pretending one of your friends or family member is invisible.

You have to pretend someone else for a full day and keep reminding yourself that they are not there, so you don’t get caught up on accident!

This is a funny way to pass time and make some funny moments on camera. It will be an interesting experience when done successfully.

13. 24-Hour Prank War Challenge

This is another fun and creative idea for your next 24 hour challenge. The only catch is that you must prank someone every hour, whether it’s your friend or sister or anyone.

The twist is that the other person will also be pranking you every hour! You need to document all of this on camera and things can get pretty interesting.

Grab your friends and for one day, all pranks are legal. But be careful because if you prank someone really well, they could prank back. But it is fun to play around with your friends!

14. 24-Hour Kissing Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to kiss your partner every hour, all day long!

Do you think you could lock lips with your boyfriend or girlfriend for the next 24 hours?

Well, this is the real challenge.

In order to complete this challenge successfully, you need a friend or a colleague to stand next to you and make sure that each time you guys kiss each other for 24 hours.

Make sure to stay hydrated and do not get your lips chapped.

15. 24 Hours the Floor Is Lava Challenge

I love this game and I am sure you will love it too! You need to spend your entire day avoiding everything on the floor, especially cracks!

Get a friend’s or sibling’s help and create your own rules to take up this amazing challenge.

The point of this game is to stay on the floor and avoid everything that you think could hurt you. You cannot step on any cracks or tiles, as they count as part of the floor!

16. 24 Hour Handcuffed to Someone Else Challenge

This is another amazing idea that you can try with your friends or siblings. You need one of your friends to handcuff you and spend the whole day like that.

You will be handcuffed together for an entire day and it will be a fun, interesting experience.

This challenge will make for a good YouTube video and something different from the rest of the challenges.

17. 24-Hour Video Game Challenge

You must spend an entire day playing video games only, whether it’s Xbox or PlayStation.

You must document this entire experience and see how it feels to play video games all day long!

Let’s hope you don’t get too bored playing the same games over and over again.

18. 24 Hours Sitting in Slime

This is another fun idea for your next 24 hour challenge. You need to sit in slime for an entire day!

Get a bucket of slime and get comfortable, it’s time to start documenting this experience. It will be all worth it when you see the YouTube video at the end! But make sure you don’t fall in or else you will get dirty.

Conclusion: Best 24-Hour Challenge Ideas To Try

As we approach 2021, these 24-hour challenges will only get better and more creative. Use this list as your inspiration to come up with even better ideas!

The possibilities are endless and anything is possible.

Hope you guys enjoyed the article and will try out some of these 24-hour challenges for YouTube in 2021!

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