Domestika Review 2024: Best Online Skills Development Platform?

A new platform for online learning has arrived. There is a large creative community in Europe called Domestika, with thousands of students and teachers spread across several countries.

Currently, domestic education follows a strong trend: studying at home.

Learn how to write movie scripts, make 3D projects, or make marketing plans with free online courses you can take whenever you want, anywhere, anytime.

This is already available on other platforms. Then, How is Domestika different?

Is there anything Domestika has that is better? If so, how? Is it reliable? These are just a few of the questions we aim to answer in this article!

Domestika Review 2024: What Is Domestika?

It is a platform of online courses designed to enhance the creative skills of people in certain professional fields where they are in demand or have a difference to offer.Domestika ReviewThe Domestika course catalog has photography, illustration, design,3D animation, video, and video editing as well as marketing, business, and technology courses that will make a difference.As an online forum for creatives, Domestika began in 2002 and is one of the world’s largest and most active creative communities today. Although most of the audience is Spanish-speaking (Domestika was born in Spain), participants come from all over the world.Courses are offered in the following areas:

  • Marketing & Business courses
  • Illustration courses
  • Craft courses
  • Photography & Video courses
  • Architecture & Spaces courses
  • Design courses
  • Technology courses
  • 3D & Animation courses
  • Calligraphy & Typography courses

The goal of Domestika is to encourage people to learn new skills, enhance their careers, and become professionals in their fields of interest, as well as share their experiences and knowledge.

Is taking Domestika courses safe?

In addition to a site’s reputation, data security and payment issues can generate mistrust as well. All course pages at Domestika use HTTPS, so users can feel confident.In the browser bar, this security certificate is identifiable by a padlock icon; it ensures that all user information is kept private when it is transmitted to the website.PayPal is also an option for making payments, adding yet another layer of security.

How does Domestika work?

Domestica offers 100% online courses. Most courses aren’t free, but they often offer generous discounts. Subscriptions or separate purchases are available.Sign up on the platform by creating an account. Simply choose a course or a subscription and pay online, as with any other online purchase. If the user registers, he can access the materials and classes whenever he wants.In a typical Domestica course, there are 2 to 4 hours of video content. Additionally, they can access reading material, templates, and spreadsheets. The courses are taught by creative industry experts.Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a professional to submit your course proposals and classes, which will be evaluated and curated by the platform. Domestika will assist them in producing classes and materials that meet the platform’s quality standards if approved.The instructor shares his or her knowledge and experience with students and guides them through content and exercises until the completion of a final project.Further, each course has a community that shares its projects and exchanges knowledge. Thus, even after taking the course, the student can continue learning with other professionals.Some courses are in English, but most are in Spanish. There is already Portuguese content (check the available languages on each course’s presentation page) or Portuguese subtitles. Translations are often automatic, which may result in errors.

What is Domestika’s Teaching Methodology?

The student can choose to learn at their own pace, wherever and whenever they wish, with the convenience of on-demand online courses from Domestika.Practice is a large part of the teaching methodology. Student skills must be developed. There are various exercises in the classes to help students learn. Students also develop a project at the conclusion to apply their learning and start building a portfolio.On the course page, the projects that were developed are available for viewing by the community. The users will be able to see what their options are after finishing the course.

What types of classes do you find at Domestika?

A major focus of Domestika’s classes is the development of knowledge, skills, and creativity. You can take courses ranging from beginner to advanced, no matter your level, whether you’ve never drawn before or want to become an expert with 3D.Here are some of the areas where you can find courses:

  • Illustration courses
  • Technology courses
  • Marketing & Business courses
  • 3D & Animation courses
  • Photography & Video courses
  • Architecture & Spaces courses
  • Design courses
  • Calligraphy & Typography courses
  • Craft courses

In a course, you will find that the material is dynamic and objective, focusing on practice and real projects. Our classes are very practical!

What are the best-selling courses at Domestika?

So, would you like more information about Domestika’s course catalog? To give you an idea of what you can find on the platform, we have selected the most successful students here. Find out more about the most popular courses below:

Illustration (Best Seller)

The Domestika Illustration courses cover a range of drawing and painting techniques, as well as digital techniques and programs. Listed below are some of the options for Domestika Illustration courses:

  • Hand-Drawn Typographic Portrait
  • Composition and Color for Creative Illustration
  • Modern watercolor techniques
  • Creative Portrait Illustration with Procreate

Online Illustration courses

Photography and Video (Best Seller)

You’ll find good options at Domestika if you’re interested in learning new photography techniques, tips, or learning how to edit videos. Check out these courses on Domestika:Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and retouchingWriting scripts for cinema and TVIntroduction to digital photographyIntroduction to narrative photographyPhotography & Video courses

Marketing and Business (Best Seller)

Business and marketing courses enhance students’ entrepreneurship skills and help them earn money. Business management classes teach how to establish a brand, build a website, and win customers on the Internet. Take a look at these classes:Instagram Strategy for Business GrowthCreating and editing content for Instagram StoriesVisual Storytelling for Your Brand on InstagramGoogle Ads and Facebook Ads from ScratchBrand strategy on InstagramMarketing & Business courses

Design (Best Seller)

You can learn about all of these aspects of design at Domestika – interior design, product design, graphic design, and brand design. These are the courses you can take:Introduction to Interior DesignDesign a Mobile AppIntroduction to brand strategyPrinciples of Concepting and Branding

Craft (Best Seller)

Courses in the Craft area will teach you handicraft skills, including carpentry, embroidery, sewing, and even tattooing. You can choose from the following options:Creating concrete furniture for beginnersCeramics at Home for BeginnersTattoo for beginnersPainting with Thread: Textile Illustration TechniquesOnline Craft courses

3D and Animation (Best Seller)

Cinema, games, art, and architecture can all benefit from 3D creations and animations. Domestika offers courses that teach you how to use the tools needed to accomplish this. Our top-selling 3D courses include:Introduction to Unity for 2D Video GamesIntroduction to SketchUp4D Cinema for character creationAnimation for typographic compositionsOnline 3D & Animation courses

Architecture and Spaces (Best Seller)

Courses in Architecture not only cover techniques like scale model creation and architectural photography but also teach how to use major project tools, such as AutoCAD and SketchUp. Take a look:Architectural visualization with V-Ray for SketchUpDigital illustration of architectural projectsIntroduction to architectural design in AutoCAD3D architectural design and modeling with RevitOnline Architecture & Spaces courses

Technology (Best Seller)

As part of the Technology courses, students will learn about programming, create websites and online shops, and delve into the IT area. Audio production courses are also offered. Click here to see the bestselling courses:Creation of an online store in WordPressCreating a professional website with WordPressIntroduction to JavaScript programmingIntroduction to Responsive Web Development with HTML

Calligraphy and Typography (Best Seller)

Students learn how to design and create professional letterings and typographic fonts, whether manually or digitally, that will add value to their design projects. Here are Domestika’s most popular courses in this area:The golden secrets of LetteringAnimation for Typographic CompositionsItalic calligraphy with brush penEnglish handwriting from A to Z

What is the Domestika free course system?

The platform has a collection of open courses for all its thematic areas. PRO users have access to these courses for free. Every month, there are new open courses on the platform.They are available to subscribers when they are released. As long as they wish to stay with the course, have access to the community, and receive a certificate, they will have to purchase them for R$ 39.90 each.Each course can also be purchased separately, but at a higher cost, if the user is not a subscriber.

What is Domestika PRO? Is it worth it?

The platform subscription plan is called Domestica PRO. It includes the following benefits:

  • Additional 20% off courses;
  • Every month, free online courses are available;
  • Obtaining course certificates (including those completed before PRO);
  • PRO members receive a newsletter exclusively;
  • The PRO ID appears in the community profile.

Domestika proAt present, the subscription costs $129/year, which is a discount of $249/year. Subscribers pay through the website, and their subscriptions are automatically renewed every year.The subscription typically pays off if you plan on purchasing several courses over the year. The subscription may also be worthwhile if the certificate is important to you.Furthermore, subscribers who are interested in learning about new content can take advantage of the free open courses.

Is Domestika a subscription service or can I buy a course?

Whether you are a PRO or not, you can purchase single courses. The amount that you need to pay can be checked on the course presentation page.Also, if you purchase three courses in a Pack, you will receive a 40% discount. Therefore, to purchase the courses you wish to take, you do not have to subscribe. The difference between subscribers and everyone else is that the subscribers get a discount on the price of each course, besides having free access to some classes every month, but not unlimited access to everything Domestika offers.

How much does it cost to study at Domestika courses?

With Domesticka, courses are already priced in local currency and start at USD 9,90.What to expect from a Domestika courseDomestika courses are 10% cheaper with Classpert. Find out more here.You can save money on the courses by purchasing the platform subscription ($59/year with the current discount), which is $ 34,90/year from the current discount.

Does Domestika issue a certificate?

Domestika PRO subscribers receive certificates of completion only. Each course unit must be completed for the certificate to be awarded. It is issued in PDF format, so you can easily download and print it. It includes your name, the course name, and the teacher’s name.

Is the certificate recognized?

Certificates are accepted by many colleges as complimentary credits, which are needed to complete training. In addition, you can mention the projects you have developed on your resume.

Domestika Courses: is the cost-benefit good?

The courses offer great value for the price, as discounts are usually applied. Only $39.90 gets you a course on lettering, creating a strategy for Instagram, and learning Photoshop.You can still request a refund if you decide to leave the course. If you paid with a credit card or PayPal, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase.Quick Links

FAQs : Domestika Review

Are Domestika courses worth taking?

The answer is yes! Our courses are well-structured, well-taught, produced with quality, and emphasize practical learning.

How does Domestika work?

Domestica is a 100% online course provider. Discounts are generally available. Separate courses and subscriptions are both available.

What is Domestika?

The platform Domestika offers Spanish online courses. Creative professionals from around the world attend the company's courses.

Conclusion: Domestika Review 2024

Those who wish to start building a portfolio and earning money from their talents will find that the Domesticka courses are well-structured have a good teaching method, are of high quality, and focus on practice.In this regard, Domestika stands out mainly as a community of creatives: it’s more than just a platform for online courses; it’s also a forum for sharing, and exchanging with professionals in the creative field. As a result, even after completing the course, you attend classes and continue learning.Those who subscribe get even more benefits, such as discounts on acquiring the courses, highlighting themselves in the community with the PRO profile, receiving free courses, and receiving certificates. Investing in a subscription makes sense if you plan on taking several courses.

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