Educative Review 2024: Best Online Learning Platform For Software Developers?

Educative Review


Educative is a platform designed to teach people and professionals the skills needed to become a software developer using online courses in many different programming languages and topics such as web development & mobile app development.

Out of 10


  • Organized written resources
  • Hands-on practice
  • Easy to learn
  • Well-designed lessons
  • Plenty of learning aids.


  • There are no video solutions


Price: $ 8.97

I’ll closely examine their course and learning routes in this educative review.

It is worthwhile to learn by yourself. But what if you don’t have the time or energy to prepare for your interview? Interview preparation tools such as, AlgoExpert, Leetcode, etc., become useful in this context.

Educative Review

You’re not likely to have a proper preparation structure when alone. You can hold your hand and guide yourself through an offer letter by looking at a predefined sequence of actions.

Before getting through an interview, a person should confidently sit in an interview chair.

I’ll assess their course and learning paths in this detailed educative review.

Educative Review 2024: What is Educative?

Learning technologies over time can be facilitated through Interactive text-based courses such as Grokking the Design Systems Interview are well-rated by students.

You need to brush up on your technical skills to ease the technical rounds of your dream job. Over 300 courses are offered by Educative, and the majority of course authors are former FAANG software engineers.

Educative Review

Practice is done right in the browser; no setup is required. According to Educative, you can learn two times as much coding in half the time. The curriculum emphasizes speed over accuracy.

After completing courses, especially grokking series, one may ask, “When did I learn this much?”. Since it was launched in 2015, it has become trendy very quickly.

The course covers core concepts such as sharding, CAP theorem, Web proxy, and NoSQL.To date, Educative has enrolled more than 850,000 developers.

What Does Educative Offer?

Over 300 courses are available on, all interactive and text-based. Among them are:

1. Here are some tips for cracking a technical interview

2. Enhancing your skillset

In one of the 300 courses offered by Educative, more than $1 million in sales were generated. Educative has maintained high ratings and customer satisfaction while competing with AlgoExpert and Leetcode to provide video solutions.

Educative Free Courses Topics:

Among the free courses offered by Educative are:

  • Learn Perl from the ground up
  • How to build a chatbot in Python
  • Flutter: Getting Started with Dart
  • The Algolia API in a nutshell

Please note that free courses don’t include free certificates. Certificates can be purchased and downloaded. Find my list of 18,000+ free certifications if you only want free ones.

Free Trial at Educative:

Rather than taking a free course, I suggest you take a free trial of 7 days instead. The free trial requires your credit card number.

Educative Free Trial - Educative Review

Make sure to cancel if you don’t like their courses; otherwise, you will be automatically charged.

Learning Paths at Educative:

A course is a collection of topics. Learning paths are collections of modules. I want to ensure you understand “What should you learn?” ahead of “How to Learn?”Educative has added a new feature to the user dashboard.

It helped me to achieve my learning goals as it was tailored specifically to my needs. To make you an expert on a subject matter, you will gain an understanding of a timeline that is universal and learnable.

Educative Dashboard Features

Let’s have a look at educative dashboard features:

1. Edpresso Community:

In Educative, Edpresso functions like a blog. Articles can be written and published on their website. They also offer a community timeline where you can post and answer topic-specific questions.

Educative Edpresso - Educative Review

Community features such as top contributors, requests for shots, and saving screenshots are handy. Peers cannot communicate directly with one another.

2. Slack Community:

A recent addition to the site. You won’t hear much noise. It doesn’t have anything to do with Educative. It is about learners’ desire to collaborate and discuss with peers.

3. No Setup Code Playground:

It is no secret that most online learning platforms require some setup to interact with their workspaces. Educative doesn’t operate that way. We run everything in the browser without setup, from code compilation to Kubernetes.

4. Create Your Course:

That’s right, you heard it right. You can learn, teach, and earn at Educative as well.

Educative Courses Creator - Educative Review

There are two types of courses you can create.

  • Complete course
  • Mini-course

Consider monetizing your expertise in course marketplaces such as Teachable or Educative if you are an expert on any subject.

Udemy’s low payouts and competitive environment discourage me from recommending it. For selling courses, I prefer Teachable and Educative. Teachable provides great commissions and has quality customers.

Educative Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Once the free trial ends, charges automatically. You should cancel your enrollment before the seven days if you don’t like the courses.

Its annual subscription plan costs $13.99 per month, which means you will be billed $168 if you subscribe for 12 months. You will need to pay $49 for Educative access for just one month.

Educative Pricing - Educative Review

Refer a friend and receive 10% off your subscription. Recommendation credits have no expiration date. Therefore, you can use your network to save money.

Their monthly fee is excessive since you can get a 6-month subscription at AlgoExpert for $49 instead. (Educative offers more than 250 courses, whereas AlgoExpert offers just one.)

However, I recommend taking advantage of the seven-day free trial. Take full advantage! Then, you can decide whether to continue with an annual subscription.

User Interface and Code Editor

The interface uses a bootstrap design; every click and scroll has a premium feel. The interface was simple, white, and personalized. On the left side of the dashboard, you’ll find the menu.

Educative Coding

Step 1: Sign up for free at

Step 2: Select the courses tab on the dashboard.

Step 3: Select Start or Continue Learning from the right-hand side of the screen 

Step 4: The course content will be interactive. There will be notes, quizzes, and hands-on activities.

It appears clean and neat in the built-in code editor. Each line will be explained in detail. Small chunks of information were given to make the explanation digestible.

What about the Quality of other Educative Courses?

A strict quality review process is performed before each course is published at Educative, co-founded by Fahim ul Haq. It is important to us that we post only accurate and informative content that you can rely on.”

Educative Courses

There are three reviews for each Educative course:

  1. Review of engagement
  2. Review of the technical aspects
  3. Revision of the language

How about Speed and Pace?

Approximately 9000 words are spoken per hour on average in a video. In a single hour, you could read 15,000 words at Educative io. Get productive! In preparation for courses, the authors keep in mind outcomes below target.

  • Cover as many topics as possible
  • Understand design choices (good and bad)
  • Understanding requirements, comparing approaches, and crafting solutions 
  • Be able to predict a design’s scalability
  • A look at the big picture

Technical knowledge is imparted to you through these rigorous quality courses.

Key Take-Away:

It would help to use Educative and Systems Expert when you are short on time. You should create a separate study plan for system design if you have enough time.

  • Learn the most in the shortest amount of time
  • Cover a broader range of topics
  • Just $120 for 300+ courses
  • Educative offers teaching opportunities as well
  • Learn how to tackle the coding interview with “Grokking the Coding Interview.”

Educative has now added a section called Assessments. Tests are available to determine your strengths and weaknesses. They will recommend courses based on your results.

Is Educative Worth it? My Experience

Educative is worth it for System design. Even though the content is text-based, these books have no extra fluff or fat. They are straight to the point.

That is precisely what the reader needs to know. 96% of learners praised the way the coursework was arranged. Educators and authors strive to simplify the tough nuts. The authors have achieved this at Educative.

Educative Worth It?

For skimmers, Educative is a visual feast. It is optimized and packed with knowledge for quick learning. Speed is the focus of the pace. Educative combines quality, speed, and coverage.

Each course is detailed and easy to understand, making it ideal for interview preparation. The following courses are recommended:

  1. Interviewing for the System Design position
  2. How to prepare for a coding interview
  3. Getting Started with Python

Educative Pros and Cons

Let’s look at some pros and cons of Educative:


  • Organizing content
  • (Core level) Super detailed
  • Efficacious (Annual Plan)
  • Free trial for seven days


  • There are no video solutions
  • The monthly plan is too expensive

Quick Links:

Final Verdict: Educative Review 2024

An interactive learning resource. This course is well structured, and the craftwork is impressive. This includes coverage, infographics, and editing. Educative courses are best for fast learners with little time to prepare for interviews.

I’m pretty satisfied with Educative and its courses from this review, particularly the support on the fly and the cost-effective annual subscription.

With this information, you should be able to select a suitable interview preparation platform.

Don’t hesitate to invest in a quality course, as it will be worth it in the long run. Feel free to leave me a comment below or to contact me directly if you have questions about online courses. My email address is below.

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