Study.Com Review 2024 – Best Online Learning Platform!

It can be costly and time-consuming for students to enroll in distance learning. That’s why the platform you choose for your online learning program must be carefully considered. is the well-known online education company reviewed here by our editors, who cover its features, pricing, customer support, pros, and cons.

With so many educational websites available today, claims to be the biggest and most comprehensive online learning platform. Does live up to its claims?

This comprehensive review will provide us with a clear picture of what is all about, as well as the services it offers.

In our up-close-and-personal inspection of the site, we will talk about critical components of in our detailed review. 

Furthermore, we will talk about Study’s current standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as some complaints users have made about

In short, we’ll help you make an informed decision about using this particular distance education provider.

Let’s start, shall we?

Study.Com review 2024 – Claim your Knowledge Here

What Is

It is essential that we gain a thorough understanding of before writing a review.’s purpose can be summarized in one word: What is it? The answer to this particular question is complex, which is unusual for basic questions. It’s because isn’t just another online learning website. has a bit of everything for online learners in an effort to be a one-stop-shop.It hasn’t always been that way, of course. The site has evolved greatly since it was created in 2002. This online education platform has become a remote learning powerhouse as a result of advances in distance education technology.Over 25 million students are reached by’s educational content monthly, which includes articles, guides, videos, and even online college courses.

Who Is For?

The platform itself claims more than 10 million of its 25 million monthly users are students or recent graduates researching academic and career options. 15 million people are still accessing the learning website regularly.How about the other individuals? provides resources for everyone, including homeschoolers, high school and college students, as well as tutors and teachers seeking learning materials.Due to its versatility, is a platform that attracts a wide range of users.’s learning resources can be used by students in any academic program, from K-12 classes to advanced college classes.There are 145 different lessons available for a high school student preparing for a geometry exam, complete with videos, syllabuses, and practice test questions. Furthermore, offers hundreds of different online college courses for current or prospective students. You can transfer these courses to any number of colleges and universities across the country once you have completed them.

How Does Work?

Video courses and text information comprise the majority of’s content. Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets can access this content.Obviously, how you use the site will determine the exact method of operability. Students, college students, and career seekers can all access On the site, you can access a variety of educational tools and learning materials, depending on the mode of access you learning platform different

Career Planning Tools boasts an array of tools and features for job seekers as well, despite its reputation as an online education platform. The website’s rolodex of career articles includes information about hundreds of different career choices and professions in fields like medicine, psychology, transportation, logistics, education, engineering, and many more.You can search the site, or browse the article directory, to find articles on a career or job of your choice. By doing this, you’ll be taken to an interactive article that provides plenty of useful information about the career you’ve chosen.The article will include important career information, including the skill set that you will need, the education requirements and knowledge that you will need to earn the job, as well as information on employment opportunities and job growth projections.Apart from providing this important information, also offers its job seekers interactive tools to help them locate resources they may need to get started in their chosen fields. We provide a list of popular schools that offer degrees and training in that particular field, as well as specific programs and degree plans offered by each of these also offers a tool called “Perfect School Search.” This simple tool helps users find schools based on their current education levels, their subjects of interest, and their desired learning format (online or traditional). In addition, the program allows users to customize based on their location; they can select to see only the schools in their area or in their state, for example.

Online Courses

The wide selection of online courses available through makes it a unique platform for online learning. There is a wide range of distance learning classes available for students of all ages, including K-12 students, college students, and professionals in the courses Over 84,000 different courses are offered on the online education platform to these online learners collectively.

Courses for College Credit (AKA College Accelerator)

Users may be able to transfer college credits from’s collection of online courses, potentially saving time and money on their degree. The education platform claims to have saved students nearly $132 million in tuition expenses so far through its College Accelerator. If true, that would more than make up for the cost of!College Accelerator allows students to choose courses from more than 200 different disciplines including statistics, business, criminal justice, psychology, chemistry, among others. Our courses contain video content that can be accessed through a computer or mobile device, so anyone can learn at any time. The course material can be paced to meet busy schedules since the videos are just five minutes each.

Microlearning is what calls its format.

Through, students have access to a wide range of online college courses offered for credit. But are these courses legitimate? 

As the education platform says all of its lessons are written by experts, the course material is likely to be accurate. Even the most challenging concepts are digestible thanks to the animated videos that accompany the content.

Flexible online courses

Study Tools

The online learning platform goes one step further to support student success, which is why it appeals to most students looking for an easy route to college credit.

There are numerous tools to help online learners succeed. Here are some examples.

Adaptive Learning

With’s Adaptive Learning tool, students can test out of course content they have already mastered at the beginning of every course. Students can use this tool to efficiently complete their online classes and save time by skipping to the content they need.universities

Practice Questions and Assessments

To complete courses and receive college credit for transfer, students must pass assessments as discussed later in the review. Students can practice these skills by accessing mock exams and quizzes provided by the education platform. Students use these warm-ups to assess their current levels of knowledge and improve their performance on the assessments that matter most.

Online Tutoring and Support

When it comes to completing course material, students are not on their own with’s education platform. When they need assistance, they can reach their instructors as well as subject matter experts that can help them with issues as they arise.Also included in this support is assistance with college enrollment, transfer credits, and career questions.

Making the Grade

In courses, students are required to complete assignments for which they will receive grades since they are earning real college credit. Every course is graded on a point system based on 300 total points.At least 210 points are required to pass the course, which is 70% of the possible points. However,’s transcript will not display a student’s actual score; it will only report a “pass” or a “fail” for each class.Students must pass all quizzes and the final exam in order to pass a course. Students have three chances to pass a quiz, and the highest score will be recorded. Third-party proctors oversee final exams. It is also possible to retake these assessments if a successful score is not obtained on the first attempt.

Earning college credit

Over 1,500 different colleges and universities across the country accept college credits earned through these college courses. The American Council on Education (ACE) and/or the National Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) have both approved the transfer of these credits, so everything is legit.The online learning platform lists U.S. colleges that accept transfer credit. Among them are:

  • University of Arizona Global Campus
  • Regent University
  • University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Purdue University Global
  • Liberty University
  • Indiana Institute of Technology
  • Bellevue University
  • Herzing University
  • Western Governor’s University
  • California Southern University
  • Colorado State University Global

There are hundreds of schools partnered with A user can also search on the online education platform for colleges or universities that accept transfer credits.

Pros & Cons of Study.Com Review


  • It’s a great way to study abroad without having the expense and difficulty associated with going into another country.
  • The courses they offer cover more than just English language arts; there are tons that allow you educational opportunities all over Asia, including India or China
  • You don’t have take any classes – just buy their lessons outright which cost between $20-$400 per episode depending on how often your child needs them (every week/month)
  • If you are looking for the perfect way to study, then this website could be just what your need.
  • It has features that will make learning easier and more engaging including video lectures from top universities around world


  • The lack of interactivity
  • You can’t do anything with your result unless it’s an instant decision, so there isn’t much room for improvement or flexibility Pricing Model has different subscription plans just like many other online learning platforms. There are two options for paying for each of these plans: monthly or yearly.   Basic Edition: $29.99/ $325 annuallyAll video lessons and transcripts of all lessons are available with’s basic edition along with technical support.

  • Lessons are available at any time
  • The Transcripts of the Lessons
  • Support for Technical Issues

Premium Edition: $59.99 per month or $648 per yearPremium Edition pricingWhen users upgrade to’s premium edition they gain access to all of the basic edition’s features as well as the following:

  • Support for instructors
  • Quizzes and tests (e.g., practice assessments)
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Coaching tailored to each individual
  • Tracking progress
  • Course materials customized to your needs

The College Accelerator costs $199.99 per month/ $2,160 per’s College Accelerator subscription plan is the most expensive. The only subscription that provides students with transferable college credits is this one. With College Accelerator enabled, students can earn college credit by taking the final exams for up to two college courses each month. 

  • Earning college credit is possible
  • You can take two exams per month
  • Access to remote exams. Alternatives

Though one of the most well-known, isn’t the only online educational platform for students looking for distance learning opportunities. There are a variety of options.These other online learning opportunities may be associated with lower prices, and you may even find an option better suited to your individual career or academic goals. Some of them include:

1. Coursera:

coursera viewUnlike, Coursera allows students to earn a complete degree directly from the site, not just individual credits that can be transferred. Coursera, however, does not produce its own content like Instead of hosting courses, it hosts online courses from reputable universities and organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan, and Google, among others.

2. Udacity: review udacityStudents and working professionals can learn online with Udacity. Unlike, which serves K-12 students and those seeking college credit, Udacity is focused on professional development and vocational training. The free trials are also available at Udacity, but not at

3. edX: 

edX is more similar to Udacity than EdX. offers custom content as well, but this is a host site where pre-made course material is available. The site offers degrees from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country, however, unlike Udacity.

Customer Support provides good customer support, as do most other online education platforms. Users can request this support by contacting [email protected] or submitting a support ticket online. A response will be provided within one business day after an online contact is made, according to the website.Quick Links 

FAQs of Study.Com Review

😯Is legit?

Certainly. The courses offered by are approved by the American Council on Education (ACE) or the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). The credit earned can be transferred to over 1,500 colleges and universities across the country. According to the Better Business Bureau review of, this business received a B rating on a scale of A+ to F. This rating is an indication of how the agency predicts the business will interact with its customers in the future based on its past performance as well as any customer complaints. Currently, has 244 complaints filed with the BBB

❗Is a reliable source?

Yes, in most cases. According to complaints sent to the Better Business Bureau by subscribers, the vast majority of complaints are related to billing issues rather than class or course material complaints. says that all the online courses on their site are written by college professors.

😱Is easy to use?

Certainly. It has a user-friendly interface. It has an intuitive layout, and there are multiple ways to locate desired information and features. Its online classes are also intuitive and easy to use. Members have 24/7 access to a dashboard that displays their enrolled classes, lessons completed, and scores on quizzes and tests.

💯 How much does cost?

Depending on the situation. Lessons and career articles are available for free on the platform. Members paying a fee can access premium features, which range from $29.99 to $199.99 per month. A ten percent discount is also available for annual subscriptions.

🤔What is the process for canceling a subscription to

According to the website, you can cancel your subscription to this online education platform at any time. Users can cancel their subscriptions by visiting their Profile page and following the instructions. In addition, users can pause their subscription to, which prevents them from being charged and restricts certain features, but does not halt membership.

❓Is able to refund money?

Refunds are available, but users might need to persevere to receive them. Unsatisfied customers claim that refunds were not granted until they filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Despite this, the company claims it follows its refund policy in a timely manner.

Conclusion about Study.Com Review 2024

This review finds that most of the claims made by this online learning platform are true. A variety of educational tools and resources are available for distance learners as well as traditional students of all ages and educational levels. In addition, it offers a learning experience which is convenient, accessible, and even enjoyable. This website and its tools have clearly been developed with care and time to ensure that they are easy to navigate and easy to use.However, this platform does have some shortcomings. Users with the largest wallets can earn actual college credits through the site’s pricing model, which limits most of its valuable features to paying users. A college student on a budget is unable to utilize most of the platform’s features.The numerous complaints about billing are perhaps most concerning. In spite of the site’s claim of “money-back guarantee,” refunds are not easily obtained, so if you are unsatisfied with your membership, you may find yourself without recourse.Overall, should be treated with some caution. The monthly membership is best, at least at first. Please note that there is no study com free trial. So, if you aren’t satisfied with, you can cancel your membership and lose just a small percentage of the annual fee.

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