7 Significant Advantages of Using PowerPoint for E-Learning

If you’re an average presenter, there’s no better tool than PowerPoint. In this article, we’ll round up the 7 significant advantages of using PowerPoint for e-learning.

In fact, it’s not that the industry hasn’t been able to come up with new concepts. But no one has succeeded in gaining a competitive advantage or substantial results from all of the attempts that have been undertaken thus far.

With a market share of 95%, PowerPoint presentations continue to be the gold standard for visually appealing information delivery to your audience.

Significant Advantages of Using PowerPoint for E-Learning

7 Significant Advantages of Using PowerPoint for E-Learning

1. Sophisticated and Elegant at the same time

PowerPoint is the only presentation software that comes close regarding features, effects, and animations. The phrase “death by PowerPoint” has been around for a long time.

It’s like being in the middle of a continuous stream of PowerPoint presentations from your team leader or business trainer. The opposite is true.

e-Learning and commercial activities don’t have to be limited to click-and-read presentations any longer. You only need to become familiar with the product’s advanced capabilities to develop engaging and dynamic online courses.

2. Functionality that can be scaled up and down

A wide range of third-party programs can be integrated with PowerPoint. Adding audio to PowerPoint presentations is free with Vidyard, for example.

Other PowerPoint add-ins, such as Office Mix, help you create and distribute interactive online videos. An excellent Gantt chart presentation tool is the Office Timeline, which lets you add stunning timelines and charts to your presentation.

Including all of these in a comprehensive list would be impossible, so here are just a few of the many possibilities. New plugins are developed every few months to help enhance the produced content.

3. Convertible and Shareable

You may easily convert a presentation to any common format (video, HTML5 to embed on your website, Word document, PDF). PowerPoint presentations can also be easily uploaded to the internet.

Why not create a video version of your presentation? You can go live on YouTube with just a few mouse clicks. Add-ons from Movavi or Wondershare can be used for this purpose, or you can directly convert content from the app (from version 2010 onwards).

Consider using HTML5 or Flash instead of PPT if you need something more flexible. Several converters are available, both free and paid, on the internet. Find an acceptable quality, convert your slides, upload them to a slide sharing/web hosting provider, and voilà!

The option to save the document as a PDF is also an option. You can’t go wrong with any modern gadget because of its lightweight and adaptable design. However, be on the lookout for problems with the product’s quality.

Some visual frills, such as animations and transitions, will probably be removed from the game. When you need more text editing or compatibility, you may compress your data to a text document. To produce a full-fledged article, simply import the slides into Microsoft Word and build on the bullet points.

4. Consistently Up-to-Date and Reliable

Only a few people have mastered all of the functions of PowerPoint. In the Microsoft family, this one stands out since it has been on the market for two decades and has undergone two decades of continuous innovation.

Using PowerPoint correctly allows you to stay up with new requirements, interacts effortlessly with major web services and social media, and allows you to develops stunning courses.

5. E-Foundation Learning’s

PowerPoint has everything you need to create a full-fledged course, whether you’re an educator or a business user. Some e-Learning systems enhance the PPT platform with features like quizzing, scoring, and analytics but the foundation remains the same.

There is no doubt that all writing tools, in some way or another, mimic the powers of PPT. There are a number of free apps that can be used to develop an e-Learning bundle.

6. A Huge Collection of Templates

A .potx file contains a set of slides that can be used as a template in future presentations. Templates let you customize everything from the colors, typefaces, effects, layouts, and backgrounds.

Create bespoke templates, save them for future use, or share them with others. There is a wide collection of free templates incorporated into the software.

A template that appears to fit your presentation or online course is all you need to do; just add your material and publish!

7. Quick and Easy Access to Instructions and Guidelines

Do you have a specific project in mind? Do you like to rely on the opinions of others for guidance? There is a vast amount of knowledge available on the internet.

To save time, just Google “PowerPoint guide,” and a slew of results will appear in your browser window. There is a large and active user base for PowerPoint, which includes both novices and professionals from various backgrounds.

Advice and recommendations from Office.com, bloggers, and presenting specialists are freely available. After all, good content appeals to everyone, and the greater the pool of knowledgeable PPT users, the better.


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