Target Test Prep GMAT Review 2024: Is It Best For GMAT Prep? (Honest Review)

Are you looking for an unbiased Target Test Prep GMAT Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss if Target Test Prep is worth it and whether you should try it.

Most GMAT prep courses focus on problem-solving rather than teaching you how to solve them.

Target Test Prep GMAT Review

The study guide from Target Test Prep teaches students how to solve the problem and why it works. This learning method is far more effective because it allows students to apply their knowledge in new situations and adapt it as needed.

Target Test Prep uniquely teaches students the underlying concepts, making problem-solving easier and faster than ever!

Bottom Line Upfront: Is Target Test Any Good?

Target Test Prep is the best GMAT prep company in the world. They provide high-quality lessons that are easy to understand and will help you pass your exam with flying colors.

Target Test Prep Students Reviews

Thousands of students from all over the world have used the courses, so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to preparing for this difficult exam.

With their course, you can learn at your own pace without feeling rushed or stressed out by time constraints or deadlines. There is no pressure, and you can take as much time as you need on each lesson until you feel confident enough to move on.

Target Test Prep Students Review

And if any questions come up while studying, just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an answer. It’s always nice knowing someone has got your back!

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Target Test Prep GMAT Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Money?

Here is a detailed review of the Target Test Prep program:

Target Test Prep GMAT Overview

Target’s GMAT Quantitative Course is divided into 20 chapters. Some chapters introduce problem types and exam strategies, while others cover important mathematical concepts ranging from fundamental to advanced.

Each chapter contains several lessons, totaling over 500, each accompanied by practical questions supporting the lesson’s theme.

Target Test Prep GMAT Review

Target asks you to create simple, intermediate, and difficult questionnaires for review after a few chapters. These reviews reinforce what you’ve learned while also highlighting your weaknesses.

After finishing the 20 chapters, you will receive six GMAT practice exams that will serve as a cornerstone and indicator for where you should focus your final pre-exam study efforts.

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Why do I recommend Target Test Prep GMAT? 

Here are the top reasons I can easily recommend Target Test Prep to students.

1. Number of exercise questions

One of the most important factors in classifying GMAT prep courses is the number of practice questions each class provides its students. Learning occurs through the use of questions and information.

Many practical questions have a significant impact on your outcomes. The Economist and Kaplan are the top performers in this category, with over 5,000 questions each.

Target Test Prep-HD Videos

Target Test Prep provides students with over 3,000 practice questions. At first glance, this does not appear comparable to the competition, but remember that Target only teaches quantitatively!

This means that Target Test Prep does not contain 5,000 or 4,000 questions in all practice categories but 3,000 dedicated quant questions that will help you to deepen these difficult techniques.

2. Video solutions under the guidance of a teacher

Combine the number of practice questions in Target Test Prep with many of these issues, including teacher-led video solutions.

These videos are in the middle of each lesson and walk you through each step of determining the correct answer.

Regardless of whether you get a correct or incorrect question, the videos emphasize the best practices, mistakes, or pitfalls to avoid on specific questions and how to maximize your time spent.

Most GMAT preparation courses provide detailed explanations for right and wrong answers. The GMAT Economist Tutor stands out, especially in this category.

With Target Test Prep, however, you can see the instructor solve the problem by hand, giving you the feeling of being with the teacher. Target Test Prep makes every effort to help students learn from their mistakes.

3. Live support and private tutoring

The Target Test Prep website offers a variety of resources for students who require additional assistance, such as selecting the right product, searching for a course, or general GMAT testing advice.

The Target Test prep blog is jam-packed with helpful course material additions, and live help is available around the clock.

GMAT Prep-Course Graph

Read the GMAT tutorial on preparing targeted tests for more in-depth assistance and personalized instructions. You can choose the best training time starting at 275 USD/hour.

The target test preparation tutorial covers all GMAT sections (quantitative, verbal, and integrated thinking).

While tutoring is typically the most expensive method, it can be highly effective in learning specific materials. Consider this a supplement if you want to focus on quantity while providing a brief overview of other exam areas.

If you like the idea of Target’s specific quantitative approach but don’t want to disregard other aspects of the test completely, this is a good compromise.

4. Trial period of $1

Each student learns uniquely, and each preparation course teaches uniquely. Although we discovered numerous advantages in the best GMAT prep courses, there is no single solution.

That’s why Target Test Prepare courses are a great way to give students a trial period to see if the format, style, and tempo are right for them.

For $1, you get 5 days of access to Target Test Prep Quant, which includes a diagnostic test, lessons, and practice questions to help you evaluate your position.

5. Diagnostic tests and field tests

Run a diagnostic test first, then choose the quantitative score you want to customize. Choose between the learning modules’ easy, medium, and hard exam chapters. Select the duration per problem for each test to track your time per question.

The timers show you how much time is left.

The detailed analysis demonstrates how you and other Target Test Prep participants ask specific practical questions to assist you in determining how difficult or simple a question is and how well you measure your performance.

Once your practice exams are assessed automatically, Target Test Prep identifies the types of questions and topics that cost you dearly.

Learn Practice Review

You can also create custom tests. Choose between the simple, medium, and difficult questions for all modules or select modules.

A good feature is that you can choose to include only new (non-recurring) questions in your practice exams or create an exam that contains only the questions you have missed in the past.

6. More than 800 teachers conducted HD video solutions

In learning modules, video solutions are combined with practical questions. All course content answers include detailed explanations for questions (in written solutions or video explanations).

To respond to the explanations, use the links to the learning modules in Practical Test Revision to go directly to the chapter lesson that deals with the material most relevant to the question.

The link will open a new tab and window, allowing you to switch between the tutorial and lesson results easily.

7. Experienced tutors

Target Test Prep gives students worldwide access to highly qualified tutors.

Tutors and trainers break down the various levels of quantitative problem-solving and provide personalized instructions and strategies to assist students in solving problems quickly and accurately. Tutors communicate with students via Skype or WebEx.

8. High score guarantee and flexible pricing options

If your official quantitative GMAT score does not increase after using the GMAT Quant Target Test Prep, you can request a full refund of the purchase price. However, strict requirements apply: You must have passed a GMAT test before registering for the Target Readiness Test.

GMAT Prep Course Review

You must email a copy of this official earnings report to Target Test Prep within two weeks. More information and requirements can be found on the company website.

If you do not know how long you will be learning for the GMAT, you can choose monthly payments of $ 99. You can easily switch to a 4- or 6-month plan to save money if you choose the right course.

Prepare the Target Test in the GRE Program Format

Students are invited to a quantitative diagnostic test after enrolling in the math course. The questions are similar to those used by ETS, so students can be confident that their grade reflects their exam performance.

The course is divided into 36 modules and lasts approximately 120 hours. Lessons with slides describing mathematical concepts are followed by practical questions with video and written explanations.

GMAT Prep Course Overview

The instructors solve the problem in the videos, but you don’t see them; you only hear them. The videos are high-quality, and the audio is clear.

The course is divided into two sections. The first section is dedicated to the knowledge, content, and skills they need to get the best percentage in GRE math.

The second section is the practice test phase, where students repeat four GRE practice tests under realistic test conditions. It’s unclear if these exams are just math sections, but that will probably be the case.

Why You Should Try Target Test Prep?

Here are some reasons why you should consider Target Test Prep:

1. You need a flexible program

Because this program is self-paced, it provides flexibility for people with a lot on their plates who cannot attend a weekly class. Target Math Prep GRE Math is very well organized, but you must also be.

Because there are no scheduled lessons, you should plan the days and times when you can finish lessons, practice tests, and check your calendar for problems. Typically, I ask my students to plan each Sunday night for the following week.

2. Internet Access

Not only do you need good internet access to use this course, but you also need a device that can read and watch videos. Learning is difficult if the screen of your phone or laptop looks like a spider web.

Again, the math lessons are in text format rather than video. Although the problem explanations are videos, some students may be dissatisfied. If you struggle with math in a textbook, you may struggle with this program.

Target Test Prep GMAT Course Pricing Plans

Target Test Prep offers a paid introduction to its services for five days instead of the traditional seven-day free trial period often offered by the competition.

In terms of the actual costs of these quantitative programs, the plans are based on these monthly payment levels, such as:

  • The flexible presentation package for $149 per month with unrestricted access
  • “Dedicated Study” package for $449 for four months of unrestricted access
  • The maximum learning package is worth $499 for six months of unrestricted access.
  • This is a monthly fee of $66.50

The contact information can be found here with a typical form submission system, which promises a more individualized and personalized design after admission and payment of the student.

Effective personalization

The price is simple and based on access to course material. For maximum flexibility, you can purchase monthly access for a recurring fee of $149 or more extended access periods for a discount of $449 for four months or $499 for six months.

Flexible preparation

The flexible preparation course is Target’s main product offering. Students have full access to all course functions. This option offers maximum flexibility with monthly access and the ability to cancel anytime.

Notable features include:

  • More than 500 individual quantitative lessons.
  • Access to 3000 GMAT practice questions.
  • 800 lessons in High Definition Video.
  • Complete analysis to track your progress.
  • Very customizable practice test software.
  • Availability of courses from month to month.
  • Available for 149 USD per month with the option to cancel anytime.

Special study program

This course option offers students a balance between the availability of additional courses at a lower monthly price.

It contains all the functions of the flexible course.

  • Access to 4-month courses.
  • Cost of $ 449

Maximum Learning Course

The maximum price offers the lowest monthly price in exchange for 6 months of full access to the course. Students who require additional assistance with the quantitative portion of the GMAT will benefit the most from this course option.

Access to all course functions.

  • Six months of full access.
  • Cost of $ 499

Although Target Test Prep offers personalized tutoring on Skype and WebEx, it does not offer teacher-led math lessons, but only those that follow your pace.

You have three options for your program at your own pace, each of which differs only in access time: monthly access, four-month access, and six-month access.

The three options include:

  • More than 600 different GRE math lessons
  • Over 3,100 questions about the GRE practice
  • More than 800 GRE HD videos
  • Learning analysis in the goal
  • GRE custom practice engine
  • Life support

What Do Other Students Say About Target Test Prep?

Here is what other students have to say about the Target Test Prep GMAT Prep course:

Target Test Prep Student Reviews Target Test Prep Student Review Target Test Prep Testimonials

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How is target test prep?

Target Test Prep is an innovative test prep company that has been helping students break longstanding barriers to success on the GMAT. Target Test Prep GMAT Quant Course, a powerful web-based, self-study platform that is helping students earn impressive GMAT math scores.

Do they offer group discounts?

They do offer discounts to various organizations, universities, and businesses. If you would like to inquire about a discount for your organization, please email us at [email protected].

How long does it take to finish target test prep?

You could then estimate that the course will take you about five months to complete. Of course, this is just an estimate, but at least it's a PERSONALIZED estimate.

Are the course tests computer adaptive?

Course tests and practice questions are not computers adaptive at this time. The best location for experiencing super-realistic computer-adaptive GMATⓇ tests is

Do you offer a GRE score guarantee?

Yes! If your official GRE® quantitative score does not increase after completing Target Test Prep GRE® Quant, you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of your access plan.

How do recurring monthly billing work?

You will be billed $149 on the same day of each month unless your typical billing date falls on a day that is not included in shorter months such as the 29th or 31st. In these instances, you would be billed on the day prior: the 28th and 30th, respectively.

Conclusion: Target Test Prep GMAT Review 2024

With a solid background in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology, founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart launched his Target Test Prep program intending to assist students in quantitatively conducting GMAT testing.

Scott provides programs and personalized tutorials to those in need, with Skype and WebEx as the primary platforms for direct communication with users.

Scott and his small team of experts assist students in achieving higher quantitative scores on this exam.

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