20 Cool and Funny Google Search Tricks To Entertain: Amazing Google Fun Tricks & Tips

Looking for some cool Google Fun Tricks? Read this article further.

Google search engine is more than 20 years old now and we use it to get knowledge and explore things. But, what if I tell you Google is more than that!

Are you aware of the tricks and tips by Google?

If not then there is no need to worry about it.

Here is the list of the top 20 Google Fun Tricks which I am sure you will definitely like. So start your delight journeys of exploring Google with all your exuberance…

1. Google Gravity

Google gravity- google fun tricks

We all know what basically gravity refers to and in fact due to which the objects on the surface of the earth are attracted towards the bottom or ground below. The same principle has been followed here by Google where the effect of gravity will be on all the elements of the Google page.

2. Google Sphere

Google spher

This is an amazing Google fun trick where all the elements of the homepage of Google are whirlpooling around the text “Google” written in large font size. One more interesting trick inside it is that the rotation of the whole text varies with the position of the mouse cursor. Isn’t it sound interesting?

So why not experience it on your own… So, click the above link to read more and to experience it on your own.

3. Google Barrel Roll

Do a barrell roll on Google fun tricks

This is one of the amazing google tricks, which is available till now. As the name suggests, this is an easter egg in which the screen will do a barrel roll. I personally appreciate this trick a lot.

Type “do a barrel roll” into Google and then see the magic. You will see that the page will rotate twice and then come back to its original position. Do check it out!

4. Google Mirror

Google Mirror- google funny tricks

A mirror is a polished surface that gives a reflection of whatever comes in front of it. Similar is the case with Google Mirror. This Google fun trick shows the mirror images of all the things on the page that you would have seen in an ordinary search.

Just type in Google Mirror and hit search. The web page will appear in inverse look.

5. Underwater search by Google

Google underwater search boc

You can view all your search results and pages underwater. Just type ‘Underwater Google’ and hit search. Your web pages will appear underwater and the elements will float.

6. Google Rainbow

It is another website which is having no affiliation with Google. It shows you Google search engine in a colorful and pleasant way. Click the above link to read more and experience it on your own. There is another affair related to it that is Google’s Gay Rainbow which is also an interesting thing that you should know.

7. Google Chuck Norris

These were jokes based on the overstated facts of the hypothetical superhuman qualities of Chuck Norris. These jokes don’t have any similarity with reality but they are extremely good. Click the above link for examples of these and read more about them.

8. Google Tilt

Google tilt- best Google funny tips

As you must have guessed, this Google fun trick inclines the whole page by some degrees in right.

What you need to do is to type the word “tilt” or “askew” on Google search bar and you will then see the magic.

10. Google Pac-Man

Google PACMan

Inspired by a very popular game named Pac-Man, a google doodle was introduced on the 30thanniversary of the Pac-Man which was like a mini-version of the Pac-Man game. Click the above link to read more and experience it on your own.

11. Google My Way

This is a very fun oriented Google trick which I am sure will impress you. With this Google my way, you can set the logo that is “Google” in your own way that is the search engine with your own name.

Can’t believe it? Then why don’t you try it out yourself by clicking on the link above?

12. Google Hacker

This trick introduces the code language for coders. For example “lets speak” in language of hackers will be “1375 5p3@k”. Most of you have got the trick behind how basically language of hackers came. Yes! It’s simple, the letters are replaced by nearly analogous ASCII characters like ‘E’ becomes ‘3’ or ‘a’ becomes ‘@’ etc.

13. Google Ninja

Do you love Ninjas? Mostly the answer would be ‘Yes’ and de facto Google is one of them who likes Ninja. While using Google Reader feed, just press the following key sequence: ‘up’ , ‘up’ , ‘down’ , ‘down’ , ‘left’ , ‘right’ , ‘left’ , ‘right’ , ‘B’ , ‘A’ and get an amazing Ninja on your sidebar.

14. Let Me Google That For You

This is a tutorial search engine for all those who are tired of spending time in searching something or the other in Google just because of their friends or acquaintances that are incapable of searching on the Google search engine due to laziness or any other reason. Now be happy, you now need not to get into hectic hard work due to your friendship…

15. AnNoyIng GOOgLe

This Annoying Google fun trick is not much annoying normally in fact it’s literally is a fun… In this trick what happens is that Annoying Google itself changes the letters from upper case to lower case and vice-versa randomly.

Truly speaking I de facto really enjoy the messing up of the words done by Annoying Google.

16. God on Google Earth

Google earth once found a god like structure above a lake in Quarten, Switzerland via Google Street view and there is no exact and precise answer about the percentage of truth of those being god.

17. Google recursion

First of all what recursion means? Recursion means an expression which is obtained by repeating an operation again and again. Similar is the case here. If you will type “recursion” in the google search bar then it will recursively ask that “Did you mean: recursion” .

Click the above link to read more and to experience it on your own.

18. Google Flight Simulator

Never experienced the scene of our motherland through the window of the flight due to lack of money or any other reason?

Then there is no need to panic and be sad, here comes Google Flight Simulator which will transform your dream into reality. Google Earth is one of the most powerful inventions that brought a revolution around the Globe and due to this only it has been possible to stamp on the earth such an innovation.

19. Thanos Snap Trick 

Thanos snap- best Google funny tricks

Go to Google and search for “Thanos snap trick”. After you are at the search results, jump to Marvel’s supervillain biography on the right-hand side of the page.

Now, click on the “Gauntlet” icon just below Google Images and see Google disintegrate its page listings.

20. Epic Google

This is the Google fun trick that will take you to a world where everything is huge. In this trick, the homepage elements will continue swelling up until you search for something or it floats on the screen.

21. Google in 1988

Ever wondered what it was like to use google back in 1988?

Search for “Google in 1988” into the search box and you will see that there are only a few websites on the page. And, none of these website have any images.

22. Play Games on Google

Did you know that you can play games on Google? Just type in the name of the game and press “Play.” There are many different games to choose from, such as PAC-MAN, Minisweeper, Snake, Solitiare and Tik tac toe.

23. Google Animal Sounds

Google animal sounds- best Funny tricks on Google

If you want to find fun things to search, try searching for Animal Sounds. When you search for this, it will give you sounds from different types of animals.

You can play the sound by tapping on the volume button right next to each animal’s name.

24. Google Timelapse

Timelapse is a new feature in Google Earth. You can use this to see how different areas have changed over the past 37 years. It lets you watch videos of different areas changing over time, like the development of cities, when ice melts in Antarctica, and deforestation.

To use this feature go to Google Earth Timelapse website and choose where you want to see a timelapse before selecting an area and watching it change over time.

25. The Wizard of Oz

Google wizard of oz fun

This is one of the most fun things to try for Google. Type ‘The Wizard of Oz – Google Easter Eggs’ and click on the sandals on the left side of the screen.

You will see your screen rolling up, down, left, right and everywhere like a tornado took it away.

Conclusion: Best Google Fun Tricks and Cool Pranks 

So, this was our list of the Best Google Fun Tricks and Tips that you can try to kill your boredom and get entertained.

Just don’t get lost in the sea of so many adventures!

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