Top 9 Best Nail Tech Schools Online 2024: Become a Super Nail Artist

You can work from home as a nail technician or use your skills to start your own small business.

You will not only learn the artistic, business, and technical skills you need to succeed from these top online nail technician courses, but they will also get you on the path to employment or self-employment.

Some people’s days, weeks, or even months can be improved by a beautiful manicure or a set of beautiful nails done at a spa. If you want to be part of that experience, get creative and start today!

Top 9 Best Nail Tech Schools Online: Certifications & Training

Nail tech schools

1. Complete the Nail Art Course With Gel Painting

The first class I recommend is a nail technician class that’s free on Skillshare right now! This class might also appeal to more experienced nail technicians despite its focus on beginners.

Gabriela Cismas will be your instructor, and she is a professional nail technician with over 12 years of experience. Gabriela has also earned fifteen diplomas during this period in areas such as acrylic, gel systems, painting, and more. The course has a deep focus, so don’t hesitate to enroll!

It covers topics such as nail decorations, using color gels, types of brushes, filing techniques, creating simple designs, and how to practice your skills.

The course is 3.5 hours, and students can take it at their own pace. Video modules are available in all formats and can be viewed on PCs and smartphones.

Try the free Skillshare trial link below for two months with no strings attached! Nail technicians can also take a number of free online classes.

  • All levels are welcome 
  • A rating of 4.4 stars is very high
  • The instructor who has worked as a nail technician for 12 years
  • The same tutor offers other courses
  • You can do anything you want

2. Nail Technician – (International Open Academy)

A certificate program in nail technology is offered through the International Open Academy. You should take this course if you’re interested in starting your salon or working in a multi-billion dollar beauty business.

Customers who are happy with your service will return very frequently, so you won’t have a problem finding repeat customers.

Individuals can also learn skills they can use for personal use and reduce salon fees by taking this course. Taking it might even inspire you to start a blog.

nail tech schools

During the course, you will learn both manicure and pedicure techniques and how to take care of your hands. Next, you’ll learn more advanced nail art techniques, shellac, and gel manicures.

You must pass quizzes as you progress in this course to earn an official accreditation.

The International Open Academy’s mission is to provide affordable access to accredited courses in various disciplines.

If you want to take multiple courses – including Extensions and hair Styling, Eyelash Technician, and Makeup Artistry – then the 1-year or lifetime all-access pass is better.

  • All levels are welcome
  • 12,495 students have taken this course
  • Reviews on Trustpilot give the platform 4.5 stars
  • ICOES accreditation in full
  • Money-back guarantee for 14 days

3. Expert Nail Technician Course – Become a Superstar Nail Tech

I will then recommend a great Udemy course, designed especially for nail technicians who want to upskill in this field. The course is geared toward beginners, but there are a few gold nuggets for those with experience.

Students will be instructed by Liliya Saxon, Alex Saxon, and Vitali Fedarchuk, all talented instructors. A lot of real-world knowledge is imparted in this course.

become superstat nail tech

Classes include the fundamentals of being a great nail technician, applying gel manicures and gel nails, gel nail sculpting, gel nail designs, advanced nail tools, and design theory. In addition, students will receive handy tips on avoiding common mistakes.

Students will learn marketing strategies in 6.5 hours along with nail art and manicure techniques. Without clients, nail techs can’t survive!

Online nail technician courses like this are among the best! There is no reason not to. You will also receive a certificate upon completion.

  • Each section of the course is rated by difficulty to suit all levels
  • A very high rating of 4.9 stars
  • Trending! Students are 930
  • Three instructors teach the course and focuses on marketing
  • Certificate of completion of the course

4. The Complete Nail Art Tutorial – Step by Step Manicure Guide

Shortly, I will take a class on nail art mastery online, which is a must-have for any serious nail technician. No matter how inexperienced you are, don’t worry – this course is designed for absolute beginners!

Students should find this Udemy course useful for nail artists of any level since it teaches how to do a basic manicure with GEL UV and how to apply it properly.

udemy course

The course introduces essential nail art techniques and applies different nail designs step-by-step.

As students watch the 18 video lessons, they should also be able to practice the techniques for themselves. As a result, students will require some basic equipment and nail tools like buffers, files, acetone, primers, nail clippers, etc. We’ve got polishes in all the colors you love too!

This is a great course for nail technicians interested in nail art! Not to be missed.

  • 4.6 stars on average
  • The Nail Art Academy teaches this class
  • Dedicated to nail design and art
  • Course materials are accessible for life
  • Certificate of completion of the course

5. Create Your Own Nail Salon From Home

Is it appealing to you to work from home? As a result of this course, you will better understand what a nail business could look like for you.

salon at home

In addition, this online course teaches nail technicians the skills they need to succeed and is suitable for all levels of experience.

During this compact 42-minute course, beauty expert Michelle Donaldson shares her 30 years of experience with students. During 18 video lessons, she will discuss topics such as manicures, hand massages, and UV polish application and removal.

Additionally, she provides advice on how to set up a salon and discusses the business side of things. Following the training, students will have unleashed their creativity, painted beautiful nails, and started building their nail salon!

Overall, it is a fantastic course that also offers a completion certificate to students!

  • Low time commitment
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Course completion certificate

6. Gel Polish Decorations, Step by Step for Nail Artists

Moving on is another excellent course for those interested in nail art. Artistically stunning techniques will be introduced that will impress even the most discerning customer.

get nail polish

In addition to learning how to work with nail polish, this course teaches users how to work with so much more!

The first few videos will teach students how to create basic designs simple patterns, and how to decorate gel polish step-by-step. Also, students will discover the timeless and classic French manicure technique using gel polish.

Afterward, students get to play with some exciting new materials and have some fun!

In addition to magnet gel polish, there are tutorials on mirror powder, transfer foil, nail stamps, 3D sculpture gel, nail stickers, velvet powder, color change gel polish, and others. Also included are modules that explain how to do cool effects like the marble and sugar effects.

This course is designed for professionals, so students will learn tricky techniques. Anyone is welcome to take the course and challenge themselves. Udemy’s course is lifetime access so students will receive a certificate of completion once they have completed the course.

  • Low time commitment: 2h46m
  • Professionally designed
  • Course materials are accessible for life
  • Certificate of completion of the course

7. Nail Technology Course (Beauty Courses Online)

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about maintaining salon standards as a nail technician. You’ll be able to gain insight into all of the stuff that goes into being a nail tech behind the scenes when you take this course.


Salons and home salons take health and safety seriously. Did you know that certain diseases and disorders of the nails may be passed from client to client?

The course will provide prevention information through good sanitation and hygiene practices.

Then, you’ll explore various nail art techniques with a wide range of materials after learning the anatomy and shape of the nail. There will be topics such as applying extension tips, using the quick dip system, using acrylic (both liquid and powder), and using UV gel.

The book also covers basic topics like polishing and buffing, repairing a broken nail, removing artificial nails, and applying a UV gel topcoat. A great online course for nail techs!


  • With a payment plan, you can pay $380 in total.
  • If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get your money back within 30 days
  • Training manual provided as an e-book that can be referred to in the future

8. Diploma in Nail Technician Online Course

As another excellent option for people interested in working professionally as nail techs, this is another awesome course. We’ll teach you all the skills you need to become a smart, savvy technician!

This course teaches you how to start and manage a successful nail technician business. As well as nail and skin conditions, the text discusses nail anatomy and skin allergies. Then she moves on to more glamorous subjects such as UV gel nails, shellac, acrylic nails, and nail art.

technician courses

Be sure to pamper yourself while you’re there! You will learn how to perform a full manicure, pedicure, and paraffin wax treatment. Customers will notice that you know what you are doing!


  • Up to 150 hours of course content
  • It is self-paced
  • After passing the final assessment, a certificate will be awarded
  • Throughout the course, you can receive online support and help
  • Organize your learning into 10 modules
  • Each module ends with an assessment

9. Nail Artistry Certification 

When considering opening your salon, this is one of the best online courses you can take. As a result of this course, you will be able to interact with your clients effectively, perform spa procedures, and deliver magnificent nails to your customers.

Topics covered include client consultation, communication with clients, and client preparation. You will also learn how to properly prepare your work area so that you can work efficiently and quickly.

new skills academy

The following modules teach you how to do a manicure and pedicure, apply artificial nails, do basic nail art, and care for your nails.

It has it all because you will also be coached on maintaining a salon’s cleanliness and spa procedures such as hand/arm massage.

The most important thing you will learn is how to manage your salon financially and how to manage your employees. Also included are some tips on salon decoration, effective marketing, and handling your salon’s finances.

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to run a salon with confidence!


  • Extensive content: 25 lessons, 20h
  • Upon successful completion, a certificate is awarded
  • Learn at your own pace
  • All modern browsers and devices are supported

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