Top 6 Best Proofreading Courses 2024– Improve Your Content Writing Skills!

Modern society is media-saturated, so proofreading is a crucial skill. Writing is a major part of our lives every day, even if you have no intention of becoming a proofreader.

It is critical to learn how to proofread, edit, or write a professionally edited text if you are interested in becoming a proofreader, editor, or writer.

That’s why we have curated a list of the best online proofreading courses.

There is bound to be something in this selection to suit your needs, ranging from in-depth programs to short overview courses available at various price points.

6 Best Proofreading Courses In 2024

For Beginners and Writers 

You might be a student who wants to make A*s on your final exam or a freelancer who wants to make sure all your submissions are flawless.

There may be a time or a resource issue preventing you from enrolling in an extensive program, yet you’re thinking about becoming a proofreader.

As a result, you are probably looking for a short course that will provide you with an overview of proofreading. This may be the case, in which case you might want to consider these two courses. 

They don’t get into specifics like how to collaborate on a document or format it. They do however cover basic grammar and editing in general, not only proofreading.

1. Masterclass on Editing and Writing

Best Proofreading Courses - Skillshare Proofreading Review

🎯 Perfect for: those who want a course that requires little time investment

💰 Cost: There is no charge for lesson transcripts.

The program goes beyond proofreading; there is a lesson on editing, proofreading, and writing structure at the end of three hours of lectures.

If you’re signing up for an optional test at the end of the 14-day free trial, you get a free Skillshare account. The course can be a good choice for those with limited time who want to learn the basics of proofreading. 

2. How to Find & Correct Writing Errors?


🎯 Perfect for: writers who self-edit

💰 Cost: $129.99. 

This course is taught by Duncan Koerber, who has experience working in newspapers and magazines. Besides teaching at the college level, he has created several popular online editing courses, including this Udemy course.

 A total of 19 lectures are available for you to watch at your convenience, including editing techniques and technical advice regarding formatting and styles. So even though this Udemy course isn’t certified, it will prepare you for proofreading your own work successfully. 

For Professional Proofreaders and Editors

Freelancers (as most proofreaders are) must master more than just the skills of proofreading – they must also understand the style used by each client, market themselves, and manage their finances.

In some courses, proofreaders themselves teach the topics. The following courses also offer completion certificates that can be used to verify your own proficiency once you’ve graduated. 

1. Becoming a Proofreader (Knowadays) 

Knowadays Review

🎯 Perfect for: Students who are looking to learn everything there is to know about proofreading

💰 Cost: $399 (a free trial is available for 7 days). 

Knowadays (formerly Proofreading Academy) doesn’t mess around – their flagship program covers everything from style guides to academic proofreading and how to maximize Microsoft Word.

It sounds strange, but getting to know the software and staying current with its features can be vital to your success as a freelance proofreader. 

After completing this course, you will be able to maintain a smooth workflow and build your professional reputation-all which are well worth your time and money.

2. Proofreading and Copyediting 101 (Universal Class)

Universal Class Homepage

🎯 Perfect for: Budget-conscious proofreaders

💰 Cost: $80.  

Check out Universal Class if you need something a little less expensive. There are 14 lessons in their assessment-based program, each with a test you have to pass to continue.

Proofreading and copyediting are both covered in the course, giving you a more diverse set of skills, AND you’ll earn a certificate upon completion (always a plus when seeking employment).

This is all for $80, which is quite a good deal.   

3. Essential Proofreading: Editorial Skills One (The Publishing Training Center) 

Publishing Training Review

🎯 Perfect for: UK-based professionals who are willing to invest in detailed training

💰 Cost: Roughly $550 (£405). 

These intensive proofreading courses are a great option if you’re ready to loosen up a bit. Because this program is intended for professionals, students are assumed to have a good understanding of grammar.

It explains standard publishing practices in the publishing world and offers guidance in the form of a mentor, instead of focusing on the collaborative and technical parts of a proofreading job.

In spite of the center’s location in the UK, it is able to apply its knowledge almost anywhere through this program. 

4. Proofreading Camp (Scribendi and Inklyo)

Scribendi ang Inklyo Review

🎯 Perfect for Hearing what corporations look for in proofreaders from the experts

💰 Cost: $199. 

This proofreading boot camp program was designed by Scribendi’s editors and managers, a company that hires hundreds of part-time editors.

In this course, you learn everything you need to know about being a proofreader, from linguistics to digital proficiency.

You’ll get a solid start to your career after completing the program, no doubt. However, it is in-depth, and it requires a bit of time investment. 

5. Kickstart Your Freelance Editor & Proofreader Career on Upwork 

🎯Perfect for: people who want to learn more about freelancing 

💰 Cost: Free transcripts of each lesson. 

Here are Duncan Koerber’s 22 bite-sized tips on how to become an edit and proofread freelancer.

While the course does not come with a certificate, it covers many issues related to freelance work, including how to find proofreading jobs, how to be paid, and personal finance.

In addition to philosophies and tools to learn about editing, he also offers nuggets of wisdom about managing your independent work. 

6. Proofreading Power Basics 

🎯 Perfect for: gaining an understanding of the technicalities of proofreading

💰 Cost: $99.99. 

Proofreading Power Basics can help you understand proofreading marks, choose your approach to a document, and notice details like capitalization and numeration.

There is no discussion of punctuation or homophones in this course, as with many other professional training courses.

The course is all about improving your proofreading skills, and it will be suitable for anyone looking to advance their career. 

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Conclusion Best Proofreading Courses 2024

No matter what level of commitment, career goals, or budget you might have, you’ll find these eight proofreading courses useful. 

What will you learn in these proofreading classes online?

From proofreading classes online, you can learn the following:

  • The course teaches basic proofreading skills.
  • Copyediting and proofreading your text will be explained step-by-step to you.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to become a professional copyeditor or proofreader with little practice.
  • Your newly acquired skills will be applied with the right knowledge.
  • It includes tips for copyediting and proofreading different types of writing, such as blogs, articles, and fiction.
  • You learn how to become a copyeditor and proofreader and start a business.
  • You will get a feel for how to implement your new skills through practice exercises.

Is this proofreading training online suitable for everyone?

In any case, these proofreading courses are open to anyone, regardless of educational background, experience, or experience with copyediting, so if you have copyediting and proofreading skills, then these courses will certainly improve your writing skills.

What is the process of becoming a certified proofreader?

  • Acquiring writing and grammar experience can help you become a certified proofreader.
  • An English language master’s degree can also be completed.
  • Learn copy editing and online editing through journalism courses.
  • Also available online are a wide variety of free copy-editing courses.

When proofreading, what should you look for?

Grammar mistakes, run-on sentences, punctuation marks, poorly written sentences, spelling errors, comma usage, splicing, capitalization, tenses, structure, readability, and audience appropriateness are some things that professional editors look for when proofreading.

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